I’ve been meaning for some time to write up a post about photography. It’s an art form that, if done right, can elevate even the mundane to the sublime. It takes a skilled eye and the proper equipment. Most of all, it takes talent. Patience. It takes respect for the subject, the process, and the moment. It takes magic.

These photos come from Una Williams, a wonderful photographer in Great Britain.
una1 una3 una4 una6 una7 una9
Her work is a delight. With setting and composition, she captures a scene with a patient, artistic eye. I love her photos.

These photographs are from Ben and Priscilla photography. They’re a small, family owned business, and their work is nothing short of amazing. Their pictures are a pleasure.
dsc_2576dsc_3168dsc_3297 dsc_4367dsc_0332
I think they said it best on their site: “We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

This, my friends, is photography done right.


5 thoughts on “Photogs

  1. Maybe I ought to let sleeping dogs lie, but …
    [snark] The photograph of the lady in the field of flowers reminds me of lovely photos of exquisite model Raven Blackwood surrounded by flowers, one of which was used as the avatar of “Ember Ravenwood” who signed off as “Ember” and “Raven”. After it was pointed out that the “Ember Ravenwood” avatar was a photo of Raven Blackwood, “Ember” claimed she paid to use that stock photo and posted receipts for a couple of photos from the agency (but not one for the avatar photo “Raven Blackwood.jpg 7/5/13, 5:01 PM”). Coulda been worse, I suppose: “Ember” could have used as her avatar a stock photo from Phoenix Effect Photography. [/snark]

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