Kinship and Tab 101

Guest post by Cindy Franks White:

Ok y’all. I need to fill you in on some things. After finding out that Jackie was closing Kinship, I requested my book thongs back. They were property that belonged to me. I sent them to her as promotional materials to go along with my book. If Kinship was no more, I wanted them back. They were mine, after all.

Keep in mind that I have EVERY text, private message AND phone call. She’s aware of that. So when I say she told me something, I can back it up, and she knows it.

Instead of my book thongs, I got texts full of excuses of money not in the bank, marital issues, including her telling me that her husband threw her and her daughter out of the house so she was homeless.

OK, I texted her Thursday evening, and she said she was at the hospital getting an iv transfusion for a medical condition. Health comes first, so I waited a few days and texted again to check up on her.

This time, she said she was in the hospital, this time for yet another health problem. I told her I understand and just would appreciate knowing what to count on.

A few hours later, I got a text, a heads up if you will. She claimed to have attempted suicide by way of an overdose. If she was after sympathy, she didn’t get it from me. I informed her just how stupid and selfish she was to try and kill herself when she has a daughter that needs her.

But, as the evening went on and I kept texting to check up on her, things weren’t adding up. For example, she was supposed to be in the hospital after trying to commit suicide, yet she had her phone and was active on Facebook.

Today, I called her local police and explained that she has items of mine in her possession that she refuses to return to me. I also told them about how she was supposed to be in the hospital after a suicide attempt. The officer knows the family, so they called her house to find out what was going on. You know, the house she said that she’d been thrown out of. They called the house landline, not her cell. And low and behold, guess who answered.

She IS NOT in the hospital as she claimed. And she has not been thrown out of the house.

After talking to her, the officer called me back. He confirmed that she is at the house, not in the hospital. She told him that she had my book thongs and assured him that they would be in the mail certified Monday.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Not even 30 minutes from my last conversation with the officer, I got a call from a family member of Jackie’s. This person was mad at me at first for calling the police and didn’t mind saying so. But after hearing my side of the story, including the fact that I have everything either in writing or recorded calls, that person’s demeanor changed and they were willing to listen.

This person told me that EVERYTHING concerning Kinship Press WAS THROWN AWAY. MONTHS ago. All my book thongs are gone, long since..

And, dear authors, so are all of your writings. GONE. There is nothing left anymore. So if Jackie has been promising to help you, or if you’ve been told that your work is supposed to come out in a book, she has been lying to you. It was thrown in the trash months ago, external hard drives, EVERYTHING. She has been lying to you. She has been lying to me. She lied to the officer that contacted her today. She has been lying PERIOD.

She has told me many times that she would to prove that she valued my “friendship”. And, dope that I am, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt when she told me all of this was going on. You’d think I would have learned after being lied to so badly by Tabetha, but no. Jackie was supposed to by my real friend, unlike Tab who only ever lied about it. And I believed her.

So if everything including my book thongs was thrown away months ago, how the hell is she going to put them in the mail to me on Monday?

As I have previously stated, I did owe her for helping me out with van repairs. I was more than willing to accept the come back that I owed her. When this person asked me about that, I explained that Jackie was supposed to keep all of the royalties from publishing my book until she was repaid for the van. Only then would I start accepting royalties for my work. That was the agreement. By not publishing my book, Jackie was in breach of our agreement.

In the background (again, at the house she had told me she was thrown out of), I heard Jackie saying over and over that she was sorry.

Since I owed Jackie for the van, and she owed me property that was long since thrown away, I agreed to call it even. I no longer owe Jackie a dime. She, however owes me a few explanations. And she owes YOU an explanation, too, if you’re one of the authors she says she’s helping, or promising to publish.

If you need proof of all of this, just ask me. I can provide it, and she knows it.

Who else do we know that avoids questions by telling sob stories about her health and lies through her teeth, including fake suicide attempts? Yeah that’s right. Tabetha Jones. It looks like Jackie tears all kinds of pages out of Tabetha’s book to use herself.

Kinship press is gone, has been gone for months. And if Jackie has said anything different, if you’ve heard those sob stories about her being homeless or in the hospital, SHE IS LYING TO YOU. Just like you know who.

129 thoughts on “Kinship and Tab 101

  1. I can back a few of these claims up myself. I’ve got texts from Jackie telling me she got thrown out of the house and was homeless.

    Please keep in mind, dear readers, that nobody’s trying to humiliate or destroy her. All we want is to expose fraudulent publishers. And a publisher that lies so profusely, and no longer possesses authors’ work while still claiming to act as a publisher in any capacity qualifies.

    When kinship came about, I was hopeful. Hell, I helped come up with the name. I am very sorry to see that it did not end up being the saving grace that Tabetha’s former victims deserve. I can only stress that these authors should publish their own work. They can do everything for themselves, for free, the same way (all of) Tab’s (many) companies, or Kinship could. And for free. And they keep their own royalties.

    Either find an established trad publisher or SELF PUBLISH, people. Getting involved with a small, unestablished press is likely to bring you nothing but grief. There are good ones out there, but, sadly, there are too many like these. The waters just aren’t safe.

    • She didn’t. Someone else in the house did, to put a stop to the nonsense. Probably got sick of living with a Tabetha clone. If she keeps it up, I wouldn’t be surprised if she really did get thrown out.

    • Book thongs are the metal crook book markers, or page holders.

      The ones that I had made and sent to Jackie to promote my books were handmade. They were made from Tibetan steel, I had precious stones, and rare beads added as a tassel design.

      I asked Jackie to send 32 of the 33 back to me. The one I had told her to keep had the only jade stone and I had gifted it to her, as a thank you.

      Yeah thank you for showing me not to trust. Thank you for using me as a pawn. Thank you for lying behind my back, but more so for lying in my face. Thank you for not having the balls to be honest about something that I put time and money and thought into. Thank you for lying to your family so I could tell them to truth.

      My stuff, all the authors stuff, GONE. And you kept lying to us, WHY? Were you so desperate for friends? Did you want to feel important? Why didn’t you even tell the officer the truth? You knew enough of my attitude and character to know that I would find out the truth. I just don’t get it, I would have said ok, yes I’m pissed but we could have called it even.

      Another thing it was brought to my attention, thanks to the call yesterday, so I’ll ask. Does your family members know that you are using their names and pics to promote a book that I am sure that they didn’t write?

      • She HAD friends. She had you. She had me. She threw away 2 of the best friends she would have ever had. And for what?
        Well, I hope he’s happy with her choices and the consequences that come from them.

      • I never told you what my real names was — within an hour of telling Jackie, Tabatha had me blocked. There is no thing as coincidence.

      • Why isn’t she at least trying to make you new book marks by hand?
        She could at least own her fuck-up and try to make it right…
        Everybody can mess up – at least apologise and try to fix it, that’s not hard to do…

      • There are more stories floating around now. First, she still had the book thongs and would put them in the mail. Then the works was thrown away months ago. But now, the story is that they “went digging” in the trash and VOILA, they do have them after all.
        It’s a lie wrapped up in a fib, basted with fabrication, hatched of deceit.

        I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that apology. It looks like they’d rather tell lie after lie than fess up and truly seek absolution. You’ll get excuses and sob stories, but no admission of wrongdoing or apologies.

  2. I am fed up with lies, bullshit and manipulations. I was willing to say even Steven, but you know what? HELL NO. Why keep up with more crap. It’s funny how the story changes with the day. Even more funny what a follow up phone call from the police can produce.

    • One minute, they’re long-gone in the trash. The next minute “Oh, no. We went digging and got them out of the trash” and they’ll be in the mail on Monday. How can you trust anything said by somebody who switches up the story every ten minutes?

      • I just wish people would tell the damn truth. I mean really the police call her and she had them. Family member calls me says thrown away. Police call for a follow up, I tell them what was said about them being thrown out. Police call again and not an hour later Jackie calls, and surprise, surprise they are found and will be shipped out on Monday, certified mail.

        It was made clear that the family member and I agreed we were even. So what does it mean? Is she going to try and screw me more? I hope she realizes that by her not putting my books out she cost us both money. No matter what side agreement we had. She screwed herself. I am under no obligation to pay anything back.

        Will see ….

      • It’s amazing how Jackie behaves exactly like tabby! I hope she doesn’t treat her children the same way – I’m getting close to bursting an aneurysm because I feel awful for not doing anything to get the child away from tabby… I think I got an ulcer already! I hate this situation!

      • There are a LOT of people that see what’s going on with that child, and none of them are picking up the phone. So don’t burden yourself with that responsibility alone. There are people to this DAY that still see the same things going on that turn a blind eye to it. Or, like her sister, who enables it. I truly feel sorry for that kid.

      • If something goes wrong, e.g. The kid could eat some of the drugs that are laying around tabby’s house or the kid could get killed when tabby is drunk driving with her – the people that have witnessed these things personally will be partly responsible for the tragedy!
        I’m quite sure something along those lines will happen sooner or later!
        Why exactly won’t social services investigate if someone reported the problems in that house that has not been present personally? I think I’m going to try talking to the local child protection agency tomorrow morning anyway, they don’t really have a reasonable excuse not to follow up on my concerns. They could at least give me the courtesy of sending a social worker over to that house for an interview! Does she live in the city of Waco directly or somewhere in the countryside?

      • She’s in Waco. And before she pisses down her leg screaming that I’m putting personal information online, she needs to realize that she’s got Waco on her FB profile.

        I’ve talked to her local CPS myself, after seeing some concerning photos and videos. But I was told that unless I saw something myself, with my own eyes, there was nothing they could do. Not at that time, anyway.

        Since, there have been incidents that are being investigated as not only child endangerment, but other crimes as well.

        You wouldn’t be the first, second or third person that’s spoken to them about her, if you do decide to call. And, if things continue the way they have been, you wouldn’t be the last.

        I only hope more people that HAVE seen these things with their own eyes DO call. That kid deserves better.

      • I think I have to call and ask them to investigate if that child is safe with that tramp…
        Maybe they will get annoyed enough by all these ppl calling with their concerns to start an investigation, if just to shut us up.

      • Certainly, if enough people are concerned, they’d have to realize there’s a reason why.

        But by now, Tab’s picked up the house. So there probably wouldn’t be anything to find if they looked NOW. But there are people they can talk to that have seen these things. Tab can pick up the house, but she can’t change the past.

      • You wouldn’t catch me showing that much skin, little or large. But if I did, you can bet I’d do it with class and style. Not just shameless attention whoring.

    • Oh dear.

      Not that you’d ever get me shucking my clothes off for any camera (let alone my sister’s – *shudder*) – and that’s not the only difference between us. She can cut her hair as short as she wants, wear it as curly as she wants, and try as hard as she might, she will never be me.

      She couldn’t be Salena, no matter how many glass gems she glued to her face. She couldn’t be Jamie, no matter what color contacts she wears or “arc” angels she claims to have protecting her.

      And she’ll never be me. She could run out and get a gastric bypass to lose a couple hundred pounds, cut her hair short and curly, she could even start wearing specs. But she’ll never be me. I try to help people – she hurts them. I don’t lie – she does nothing else. I try to be kind – she doesn’t know how. I’d go to the ends of the earth to defend my daughter – she uses hers in headgames and schemes. The list goes on for miles.

      Isn’t it a shame that her own identity sucks so bad that she has to pretend to be so many other people?


      • All I see is a beautiful, very intelligent, very caring & wonderful lady all the way around! I have nothing but respect for you Lepplady ❤

        Tabetha has no idea what her "true" self is if it bit her in the damn ass! She takes on whom ever she is running around with.

        As for things that went on in her house, she fails to forget I was there a lot, I heard a lot & I saw a lot. She does not shelter her child from anything…ANYTHING! The child knew about everything & she used her daughter as a gopher for everything & the child did it without blinking an eye.
        I heard & witnessed Tabetha threatening to slit her wrists in front of her daughter when fighting with her sister. Telling her sister to take her daughter to her father & she will slit her wrists & die & it would be all her sister's fault! I witnessed Tabetha making her daughter relay messages back & forth to Tabetha's sister about some guy putting a bullet in her mother's head! I mean, WTF Tabetha?!! As for the pill popping, yes, I know your daughter would bring them to you. Even her sister told me the child went & got her grandmother's pills & took them to her mother.
        Now….tell me I am lying….call me a liar!

  3. Please tell me how I am supposed to be doing all these drugs and drinking when I have been on probation for 18 months which I made it through free and clear as I did with all my UAS? Yes I have admitted in the past of addiction but those days no longer exist. I have been clean since April 3rd 2006 the day my dad died.

    As for my daughter she is well taken care of. I have doctor documentation every time she was sick and why she was there. It took us fighting insurance for 8 months to finally have her tonsils taken out. But go ahead CPS and when it comes back to bit you in the ass that there is nothing harmful or deadly around MY child I’ll have the last laugh.

    She is number one. You say I always bring her up who’s talking the shit now.

    As for the picture it is to promote body positivity. Or did you miss the news of Yes a Holiday who weighs almost 375 pounds and is a size 28 the new world supermodel? I am not ashamed of my body and thick and curvy is in. Bigger models are getting more work these days than the skinny ones.

    If you hate my pictures so much make it easy don’t fucking look at them. Seems no one else has a problem with any of my photos. In fact I have a body positivity shoot this Sunday in Dallas. It’s to showcase that bigger girls can be body confident. And again if you don’t like them don’t fucking look.

    • Let’s take this paragraph by paragraph.

      Please tell me how I am supposed to be doing all these drugs and drinking when I have been on probation for 18 months which I made it through free and clear as I did with all my UAS? Yes I have admitted in the past of addiction but those days no longer exist. I have been clean since April 3rd 2006 the day my dad died.

      HOW? By popping pills in your mouth, according to witnesses that have seen you doing it. Your own pills (that you doctor-shopped to get prescriptions for?), some that people said they saw you buy and others that people SAW you send your little girl into her dying grandmother’s room to steal. Their words, not mine. They could be completely wrong, for all we know. Or they could be spot-on accurate. Is that why you’re so ticked off?
      Or did you mean “how did you get away with it?” Who knows how much drug testing they did while you were (are still?) on probation? Could have been none, for all we know. Just because you didn’t get caught doesn’t mean you didn’t do it. But for somebody that’s got a clean conscience, you sure do protest a lot.

      As for my daughter she is well taken care of. I have doctor documentation every time she was sick and why she was there. It took us fighting insurance for 8 months to finally have her tonsils taken out. But go ahead CPS and when it comes back to bit you in the ass that there is nothing harmful or deadly around MY child I’ll have the last laugh.

      Do you really think that a few doctor’s notes mean that a child is well taken care of? There’s a hell of a lot more to taking good care of a child than going to the doctor. There’s putting her before all else, making sure she is physically AND EMOTIONALLY healthy. Somehow, I don’t think that sobbing about some bone-breaker named Bo putting a bullet in mommy’s brain would fit that bill, or hearing mommy say that she’s going to kill herself. Neither would having to listen to mommy rant and rave about this blog every single day, getting kept up all night for modeling sessions (at graveyards or anywhere else), or missing so much school. None of your drama is good for that poor kid. And IF controlled substances are being handled by your child, or if they’re left within her reach, then yes. That’s absolutely wrong. Morally, ethically and criminally. IF she sees you popping pills (only she and you know if it’s true, or the extent to which you’ll take it in front of her) then she needs to be removed from you.

      She is number one. You say I always bring her up who’s talking the shit now.

      Bitch, please. She doesn’t come first for you. She didn’t even come first in this comment, did she? No. Your first and last concern in this reply is YOURSELF. Save it for somebody that might believe your bullshit.

      As for the picture it is to promote body positivity. Or did you miss the news of Yes a Holiday who weighs almost 375 pounds and is a size 28 the new world supermodel? I am not ashamed of my body and thick and curvy is in. Bigger models are getting more work these days than the skinny ones.

      There’s nothing positive about you or your pictures. You’re not promoting anything but yourself, as ever.

      I find it both hilarious and absurd that you’ve got the nerve to compare yourself to Tess Holliday – that’s how you spell it, BTW. You’re comparing somebody whose name you can’t even get right. But that’s just like you, to try and copy somebody else who’s fabulous when you’re not, without even bothering to get the details right.

      Yes, she shows some skin, and some ink. But she shows a lot more than that. She shows a thousand things you do not. She shows beauty, heart, courage, character, empowerment, confidence and sensuality. Her face is bright and open, and beautiful. In my opinion, all you show is snide, sleazy trash. It shows through your sneering expression, trashy posturing and complete lack of professionalism. Stripping down and having your sister take trashy pictures of you does not make you a model. When you get signed by Milk modelling and appear on the cover of vogue, THEN you can compare yourself to that wonderful, brave example of body positivity. Until then, You’re just a wannabe. By all means, keep reaching for your dreams, if you think you’ve got what it takes. But until it happens, stop calling yourself something you’re not.

      If you hate my pictures so much make it easy don’t fucking look at them. Seems no one else has a problem with any of my photos. In fact I have a body positivity shoot this Sunday in Dallas. It’s to showcase that bigger girls can be body confident. And again if you don’t like them don’t fucking look.

      There are those true colors. Tact and diplomacy right out the window, replaced by crass profanity. There’s the Tab we all know.

      No you don’t. You don’t have a “body positivity” shoot this Saturday, or ever. That’s a catch phrase you stole from somebody that really does represent it. As usual, unable to create something of your own, you rip it off from somebody that really does personify it. All you promote, all you EVER promote is Tabetha Jones.

      Let me TRY and make this clear, since the million times it’s been said before haven’t sunk in.


      If you put something on the internet, you leave it open for commentary. If you can’t handle that, then you shouldn’t post them. I put my picture right up there to show my short, curly hair. Doing so, I’m fully prepared for anybody to say that my grey hair makes me look old. I’m too bony. I’m too old. My glasses look stupid. I’m ugly. Whatever. I don’t care. But if I did let it bother me and got all pissed off and defensive, I’d expect somebody to say to me the same thing I’m saying to you. “IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT FOR POSTING IT.” If you can’t handle getting called on your sleazy attention-whoring, don’t post it.

      • I raise my glass to us bony girls that need their glasses! We are just happy without dangling boobs and sloppy bums. No need to be cheap and trashy!

      • Well, I droop and sag here and there, but I’m happy with that. Most of all, I’m healthy. That’s what’s really important. And my man is happy. All is good. 🙂

      • I don’t even want to comment on tabby’s statement up there, it just emphasises the urgent need of calling up Waco CPS.
        I will get that done in the morning, before I start work.
        I’m so terribly unglamorous with my normal job and boring life, I don’t even call myself model, author and biker-bitch. I don’t prance around the local train station like a half naked buzzed-out hooker. I don’t dress up little girls and slap a ton of snapper make-up on them. I am so uncool because I have to come by my money the old fashioned and legal way. Nobody is scared of me, I must be a failure… I don’t steal like tabby, I don’t even RIP ppl off by telling them bullshit lies!
        I should copy tabby and have an easy life and leech of others…
        She is such a role model, everybody should look to her, she is perfect!

      • We all droop and sag a little, that’s normal once you get past 40.
        No reason to show everybody our private parts! You can have a positive body image without sexually assaulting the world with terrible photography!
        That stuff should be kept private…

      • Well, it can be done tastefully, even with a lot of skin showing. Models do it every day and make a good living at it.
        Problem is, she just doesn’t know how to make it look good. I’ve said it a million times: It’s not her size that makes her ugly. it’s her attitude.

      • Her stuff is painful to look at, not a trace of good taste anywhere near that! She is just showing unfortunate rolls of fat, shapeless tits and that disgusting sneer on her arrogant face!

  4. No actually Saturday I have a birthday bash to attend, I said Sunday I have a shoot in Dallas at the Mosaic with a wonderful photographer that I met at the model meetup on Sunday the 6th. He spent two hours shooting with me and wanted to do a one on one shoot. I’ll be picking up my pictures on a disc from him Sunday the 20th and they will be posted that night for all you stalkers that just have to go see. And once the other body sculpture pics and body positive pics are done he will send those.

    I was on my Kindle and so sorry grammar Nazi that it choose to fix Tess Holiday. I was making a a statement about how larger woman can be a huge influence on models starting out like myself. I have many different sides to my personality. Some days I’m the rocker chick others I’m the laid back country girl. I grew up being taught that you don’t have to be just one type of person.

    I am just me.

    As for my daughter she is well loved. She was my miracle. I thank God for her everyday. No I don’t shelter her from the real world but the allegations you make are completely false. To think I would do such things in front of my child is absurd. Yes I do have prescription medication that I take. When my mother was alive she did too. But my daughter has always been taught to leave things alone that do not belong to her and if the medications were dangerous then they were put up even though knowing she would never touch them. I did teach her lessons in life whether you believe it or not.

    But keep on with you fabricated lies and stories. Keep making me the center of your world but leave my 7 yr old daughter out of it. You have no right to talk about her.

    Funny I thought this blog was supposed to be about helping authors and such. All I see are pointing fingers and shit talking. You aren’t helping authors, you are letting ppl hate on others. I haven’t talked to Jackie but whatever she’s going thru is her business not for Cindy to post on this blog for ppl to read. You talk about trust. She trusted you to tell you what she was going thru and all you did was run back to your all mighty leader and blab your big fucking mouth. It works two ways sweets.

    You can watch me, hate me, love me, whatever the fuck you want. But I am going to keep doing what is right for me and my child. My modeling, my company, my writing, is really none of your business. But go ahead think what you want. As you do kiss my ass cause I dont give a FUCK!!!

      • Not only does she not see how selfish and disgusting her comments are, she doesn’t care.

        What I find funny is that while she haughtily claims that her typos were the Kindle’s fault, she makes more errors. What a joke.

      • She never reads what she says & I laugh how she calls herself a writer!

        A reminder, I have the Wicked Enticements book in hand. Do you need reminding how much of an embarrassment it was I was a part of this piece of shit?! You don’t know how to edit, write or run a legit business Tabetha! Those of you that are with Tabetha’s publishing company, just take a look at my guest blog post “Wicked Enticements” it shows proof of what kind a publisher Tabetha is. Hell, read all the blogs & comments & see how she is!

        As for her child, I even tried telling her father what was going on. What does he do? He calls Tabetha to see what is going on & of course, Tabetha plays her little song & dance & the idiot takes the child back to her damn mother!


      • I really hope I can get through to cps about checking up on the poor kid, at least it will be on file that plenty of people asked them to protect the little girl from that mess of a “mother”. Cps won’t be able to weasel their way out of the responsibility once a tragedy happens! They can’t then say: “we didn’t know, there were no warning signs.”

      • Usually I’d never support parental abduction by the father but in this case that’s what would be best that could happen for the little girl!

      • He’s been made aware of the situation his daughter lives in. If he wanted, he’s got everything he needs to take her to court for custody. Ball’s in his court for that. It would be a slam dunk.

      • She keeps pointing out that she doesn’t care about you but devotes more time to your blog than to anything else… 💩

      • Absolutely. For somebody that doesn’t care, she sure spends enough time on this blog. Even when she’s not posting, she still looks. Just about every day. Sometimes every hour, from the look of it.

      • It’s 4am and I’m so wound up about that poor kid that I can’t sleep! Tomorrow will be awful and full of coffee!

    • Tabby, no “wonderful” photographer wants to do a one on one shoot with you! That is obviously a lie! Just let yourself keep a tiny whiff of dignity and tell the truth, just this once!

  5. I rang DFPS on herring avenue (that’s where she stole the name for her non existent lawyer that represents her law”suite”) and family protective services on Austin av. – the lady I got at the first phone number was just annoyed and crabby but the latter was a little more helpful, they wouldn’t give me the name of the social worker assigned to her or confirm if she is even being investigated but the switchboard operator/ receptionist, or whatever his job is, suggested to send a letter by recorded mail and write everything down I feel they should know about because they would have to put that in with her file. He also said that this means there is a record in black and white that I voiced my concerns…
    So I’ll do that now and just keep sending letters in the hope that they will feel shamed into protecting the little girl once they see that I won’t stop bothering them!
    This didn’t really bring any results, but at least I’m trying so I can tell myself that I didn’t turn a blind eye when that child was in trouble…
    What a horrid situation for the poor child!!!! Tabby and dee should be ashamed!

    • Here. Let’s do this. If you’ve got any concerns about a child that lives in Waco, here’s the contact information for the appropriate authorities:
      You can file a report of suspected abuse at the Depardtment of Family and Protective services either online, HERE or you can call them. 1-800-252-5400
      You can also write a physical (snail mail) letter to them by way of certified post.
      1711 Herring Ave.
      Mail Code: 3230
      Waco, Texas 76708
      This creates a paper trail. That way, if anything happens to that child down the line, the department cannot deny that there were previous concerns regarding that child. They will be held accountable. Knowing that, they might be a little more willing to take a look at what’s going on with this child.

      That’s the office on Herring. Here’s the information for Austin Ave.
      There’s a contact form you can fill out online HERE. This one is not an official report of abuse. It is simply a way for you to leave a message at the office.
      Here are two physical addresses where you can write a physical (snail mail) letter.
      701 W. 51st Street
      Austin, Texas 78751


      P.O. Box 149030
      Austin, Texas 78714-9030

      You can, at any time, call the 800 number above to report concerns, and you can do so ANONYMOUSLY. You don’t have to give your name or any of your information. You can simply state any concerns you have for this child. If you’re within the continental United States and you’re aware of any alarming circumstances affecting a child now, or which have affected a child in the recent past, call the hotline. It’s not just for emergency situations. They take information about children and determine whether or not further action is needed.

      One thing I can tell you is this: They are aware of this blog, and statements made on it about one child’s care, made by others – and alarming statements made here by the mom with regards to what said child is being taught. So, smile kids. We’re being watched.

      • Why are you so damn selfish Tabetha? Don’t you realize how you sound? Miracle baby? Loved and protected? By whom? It sure as shit isn’t you or your sister. The only one who gave a rats ass about the child YOU put in the grave, and then had the balls to request a pauper’s funeral. That there is class I tell you.

        Notice me til the end isn’t that your motto? Just have to tell all what a fabulous model you are and how highly sought-after you are. You don’t have any idea of positive anything, let alone body positive. Unless you are giving lessons on how to be a failure. Yeah, you got that down to a science.

        How about showing how much of a real mother you are. What about showing that you can actually publish something without a million screw ups in it. You don’t steal? Really??? How many personas have you stolen? How much from people’s lives?

        Get over your damn loser self you ain’t shit. You have told me of several times you have gotten drunk and had to lie to your child due to falling and getting bruised up. You don’t shelter your INNOCENT child, she needs to see the world for what it is??? You are a true window licker aren’t you.

        A child needs guidelines, guidance AND for the cheap seats protection. But coming from the mother who shows her kids pic to strippers and says things like she (the child) isn’t 18 “YET”, just shows how deplorable you really are. Are you grooming her to be your next meal ticket?

        Poor thing, I hope she sees your true colors and runs, runs so far away from you your head will spin. You calling her “mini me” is disgusting, considering what I know about you. You don’t have it in you to be a good mother. Honestly I went to jail to protect my children, can you say the same? No because you haven’t the slightest clue what love is. You are nothing but a user. And once that angel gets tired of you, your bullshit and manipulations you are going to be more sorry then any court can wish upon you.

        I noticed that you again are all about you, but Jackie is your friend, bestie even. Yet instead of defending a friend who’s ass do you cover? Yeah yours as usual. Always center of attention huh twit? You could care less about anyone but you. The rest are just fucked up accomplices to your puppet show.

        so take your fantasy of a glamorous modeling life, Uber publisher and mom of the year stick it in your glass chug it down or put it in your pipe and smoke it. You entire world is a lie, so might as well piss it away or let it go up in smoke.

      • I’ve started my letter, I will post it to Austin Avenue though, the guy on the phone was more friendly and helpful than the woman at the herring av. Office. She got really annoyed with me when I mentioned that i live in the UK and that I know tabby through the internet. She probably thought im some crazy woman that’s bored with life and inventing stories 😦
        I’m also sending my report letter by snail mail because that looks more official and I will get a paper receipt with the recipient’s full address – I want to keep that as proof!
        I think it’s great that CPS know about this blog, that should make them aware that there are several normal people that have concerns about the child. We are not some crazy bored old ladies in their midlife crisis but professionals from all walks of life with a variety of careers, so we should be taken seriously!

      • They were really helpful on the phone with me, too. They took down all of the information that I had to offer, they listened to all of the concerns that I voiced, and were extremely interested in the statements that involved actions on the mother’s part that could cause severe emotional trauma to the child. For example, the claims about some guy putting a bullet in mommy’s brain, the threats of suicide on Mom park, and the multiple bizarre religious claims. They were also extremely interested in statements made by witnesses who have seen her potentially abusing prescription drugs. Just because drugs are prescribed, that doesn’t mean they aren’t being abuse. Especially if they are obtain from multiple sources. Again, there might not be anything for a visiting officer to see right now, but that doesn’t change the past. So statements about a child handling, being around, or being sent to get from another room, potentially hazardous substances are being taken very seriously.

        Tab says that an officer came to the house today to check things out, I find that comment to be curious. I’m not sure how it works in Texas, but in most of the places I know of, it’s not a police officer that comes to the house. It’s a social worker. So that alone makes me wonder how truthful her statements are.

        I’m also pretty sure its not Jamie that made one of those other calls. That sounds like Tab calling people out. Maybe she’s worried because she knows that Jamie is a first hand witness to things that she would rather not have revealed. That tells me that perhaps Jamie should call. And if there are things that Jamie knows about that CPS should hear, I hope she does call. Same thing with Josh. If he saw things that could potentially constitute a threat to the physical or emotional well-being of a child, he should make that call too.

        Basically, anybody with information about a child whose possibly in a situation of being physically or emotionally damaged, they should make that call.

      • JT, i remember tabby making a radio show with some of her mates, she was making really crude threats against you like, sending violent biker gangs to your house and feeding you to crocodiles…
        I want to mention that in my official report letter, that should give them an inkling about her character.
        Do you by any chance remember who she did that radio interview with and to which website I could point them to prove that I’m not making things up?

      • That was Jaimie’s radio show. I posred about her threatening me with gators that creep in the night, and having her biker buddies show up to handle her business for her.

        Which reminds me. One of the questions they asked me today was: Does the mother have any gang affiliation?” I answered that she has on multiple occasions proudly claimed to be affiliated with the Bandidos. I told them I don’t know if it’s true, but she has claimed it.

        I’ll nose around and see if I can find some links for you.

      • If we can find it I want to download the whole show onto a USB stick and send that over to them so they can listen themselves. Would I need to get permission from the ppl on the radio interview? I’m not sure how copyright would apply in this case?
        I’m not using it for broadcasting or entertainment, just to report my concerns but I’m not sure if I’d have to buy the rights?

      • Is an MC classed as a gang? I thought gangs are bloods and cribbs… I’m totally uncool and out of the loop with stuff like that.

      • I don’t know, so I’m uncool, too. But I think they might be. Either way, since she claims it so proudly, CPS should know about it. They asked.

      • Sonja “Is an MC classed as a gang?”
        An MC (Motorcycle Club) can be just a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts. Only 1% are criminal gangs, like the Hells Angels, often involved in illegal trafficking of drugs, guns, porn, etc. There has been blood shed between Bandidos and Hells Angels, the Bandidos warning HA to stay out of Texas. Bandidos MC is a one-percenter club self-identified as an outlaw MC. The FBI agrees with Bandidos MC on that evaluation and Bandidos is on their watchlist. Claiming any association with a one-percenter MC is pretty serious.
        (For the record I’m so uncool I’m tepid.)

  6. As I said I am having the last laugh. Funny thing an officer came by my house today and checked everything and guess what. My daughter is still with me. I am calling CPS tomorrow morning about all you screwballs. I am also letting her father in on it so if anything happens to me because of this blog he will know who to hold responsible for his daughter’s mother nervous breakdown.

    In fact this is the second officer that has come out except the first one was nice enough to tell me who the complaints were from Jt Larson and Jamie Mills. In fact he was supposed to contact her.

    So keep trying you will never win this fight. My daughter is my everything!!! I bust my ass modeling, setting up paid shoots to ensure she has what she needs. I don’t ask her father for anything. But I can promise that he won’t be happy how you keep tormenting his daughter and the mother of his child.

    • You are so full of shit. They do not reveal who files reports. That alone reveals what a liar you are.

      I’ll say it myself. In fact, I already did say it. I called. There were facts revealed yesterday that I haven’t heard before. I couldn’t, in good conscience, sit silent in light of this new information. So, if you think you’re dropping some shameful bombshell by saying I called, sorry. You’re not. I am not ashamed of showing concern for a child living in conditions that could leave permanent damage.

      If you think this is some kind of fight against you, it only shows how selfish you are. It’s not about you. It’s about a child that deserves a safe, healthy childhood. You’re the only one looking at it like it’s some personal thing against you.

      Setting it up to make it look like we’re responsible for some breakdown you’re planning to blame on us and try to sue us for? That just shows yet again how selfish you are, scheming on your own behalf rather than your daughter. Always scheming on who to blame for your shortcomings and how to bank some money off of somebody else.

      Got news for you. They don’t process casework that fast. If you’ve already had two visits, they’re from reports made by others. You’re still likely to get more visits resulting from my report, and others, I’m sure. So be sure and keep that house tidied up.

      If all that happens is that you’re forced to maintain a safer, healthier environment for your child because you know they’re watching, that’s great. That’s what she deserves.

    • Tabby,

      “So keep trying, you will never win this fight”
      Seriously? Who is fighting, aside from you?
      This is not about winning you dozy bint! It’s about the safety and future of your child that you can’t properly care for!!!

      The social worker came over today? Bullshit! I only called this morning and the guy said that procedure is for non emergency cases to have a meeting with a senior staff member and develop a plan of action and start an investigation. Also, if they wouldn’t even tell me if an investigation is already ongoing into your case they will definitely not tell you who reported you! They have strict confidentiality guidelines.
      You must think we are all stupid, think your lies and bs stories through a little better, you are embarrassing yourself!

      I think you are threatening me with the child’s father not going to be happy… as if I care about him! I just want to support your child and make sure the abuse you are piling onto her stops. It is not fair that she has to take part in your atrocious lifestyle at her age, you are taking away any chance at a good future an education she could have had. You are really upsetting me with the way you destroy the poor girl. Think about her for once and stop threatening “mental breakdowns”. You just grab your mate the “slip’n’fail herringlawyer and try taking me to court! Good luck! Have fun!
      But for real, please think about the child, just this once, forget your own greedy ass and be a mother! Change you ways, apologise for your backstabbing and thievery, make right what you did to all these people and then stop scamming and become a woman and mother! PLEASE!

    • No more lies!
      Nobody pays money to take pictures of you!
      Please tell the truth, I am sure if you stick to the mantra “no more lies” you will get used to it and it won’t be so hard and painful anymore to live without lies!

  7. Tabetha,
    You beat your daughter for telling the school councillor about the fights you have with you sister? You physically punish her for being worried about the poisonous atmosphere at home?
    That tells me all I need to know about you and that makes me frightened for the child’s wellbeing!

  8. Ok, I’ve been on the road so yes I haven’t said much. As a MAN and a FATHER I will say this, your ex won’t say anything won’t do a damn thing. Why because you fill him with lies. If he could remove his balls from your grip maybe he would do what is right by the kid. He is nothing more than a sperm donor, any real man would have your sorry ass in court fighting for his kid instead of allowing her to be raised by the likes of you Tabetha. Knowing how you “roll” is enough to make me feel dirty. I can’t imagine any real dad allowing you to run rough shod all over your kid and him. But like I said he has no balls. If my wife treated my girls like what I have read by your words alone, she would be history and my girls safe. But then again I am a real man and was raised by a great man. Kind of hard to picture you being anything but an attention seeking trashy ass pretender. You will never be anything until you admit that you aren’t perfect, that you have used and destroyed many people’s lives their hopes and dreams. Admit just once a whole truth, and not that recycled line of “I’ve learned from my mistakes, I am ready to do more, I’ve risen from the ashes”. Save that for the ones that don’t know you, your schemes, or just what a piece of work you are. For once show some compassion, pretend that you have a fucking heart. Pretend that you are that bad ass you so desperately want to be. You are a coward. Even now you are all about you, and your friend is hanging out on a limb. Dealing with shit above her pay grade because of your teaching. BUT, you only give a damn about yourself. How do I spin this to my advantage and get attention put back on me, right Tabetha? You took a blog about a totally different publisher and made it about you. Way to go there shit for brains, instead of being there for a friend, you got put back on the radar. If the way you behave on this blog is any way like you are in real life, it’s concerning that you haven’t been given a special coat, you know the kind that can remind you of how great you are as you hug yourself.

    • Maybe that’s HOW she has her buddy’s back, by making it about herself to take the heat off.

      Nah. You’re right. She’s just that selfish.

      Either way, we haven’t lost sight of Jackie and her duplicitous ways. And, now we know that she’s got yet another company coming out, even amid the drama of the last one. Hubby threw everything in the trash, but then – a miracle! She went dumpster-diving and found it all!

      So is hubby on board with a new company? Does he even KNOW there’s a new company? Or is he just cruising on what the wife tells him? I feel bad for that guy, living with Tabetha Jr. THAT’S her true mini-me, an apprentice that’s taking notes from Tabetha’s school of how NOT to legally/properly/morally/ethically run a publishing company. It’s a shame, too. I thought she was much better than that. I mourn the loss of what I thought was a good friend. I’m kind of ticked at her for taking that away. But if Tabetha is the company she wants to keep, it’s her choice, and she’ll have to live with that.

      As for Tab, she’s DAMN lucky I’m not related to her kid. She would have lost custody a long time ago, and she would only have supervised visits. Normally, I don’t like the idea of keeping a child away from his/her mother, but if that mother is toxic or harmful in any way, then it needs to happen for the welfare of the child.

  9. Here in Waco they send police officers out to do a welfare check on the child. Both officers found nothing. The one today said he would hand in his report as soon as he got back to the station. So, I called CPS afterward and the lady I spoke with said yes an officer was sent out and once they receive his report they will either dismiss or investigate. But as for all of you she recommended that since this is an on going thing and its the same ppl reporting is all she could say, that I needed to contact the DA’s office for harassment against my child and myself. So bright and early tomorrow I will be calling CPS back and then going to talk to our DA here in Waco. One way or another all this will be stopped.

    My daughter receives everything she needs both from me and her father. And there were times he failed but he has proved that he has changed and I see it clearly. We have a healthy working relationship for our daughter and me and the stepmother get along perfectly.

    Keep digging that grave.

    Again isn’t this blog supposed to be about helping authors but again all I see is hate. This blog isn’t here to help authors its here to cause hell to others. But karma is coming and she wont be after me.

      • Notice how it is the father that has fallen short, and has seen the error of his ways. Fuck Tabetha can’t you take the blame for ANYTHING your sorry ass does. It is everyone but you. Where did you get your degree in victimology? Finally one damn thing you are good at. Way to go asshat.

    • Funny thing about that hotline. It’s open 24/7. I just got off the phone with them for the second time today. They tell me that a police officer would most likely be sent out for a “welfare check” if there’s a report of immediate concern, but other than that, CPS handles their own investigation. So it’s HIGHLY unlikely that a police officer was sent out to the house to check on the child as a result of my call. The nice lady suggested that if such a visit was made, it could have been from another concerned party calling in concerns of a more immediate nature, if there were more people concerned about this child. I assured her that there are.

      Another thing she assured me of is that they are, BY STATE LAW, not allowed to give out the names of people who phone in reports.

      So, again, for her to say that the officer told her who called, BULLSHIT.
      Who’s holding that shovel now?

    • Tabby,

      You only see hate? Really? You can’t see that several people have enough heart and concern to try help you child?
      What is wrong with you?
      Talk to the DA, what do you expect to happen? Do you really think that the DA will start prosecuting people for looking out for an abused child?
      You should be grateful that somebody cares enough to want to help your daughter!
      I don’t understand you behaviour, you are digging yourself deeper into a pit here. Why can’t you just put your hands up about your mistakes and start changing? You are only human and have the right to make mistakes, you only don’t have the right to keep getting away with the same ones unpunished.
      You could still make this right and I can assure you that life will get better once you get used to living like an honest human being with your dignity intact. People will start respecting and trusting you again and you will feel better for it. You just need to learn that you can’t have everything in life for free!

      • The only hate here is hers. She hates that there are people willing to step up and tell the truth about her, starting with that first brave soul that talked to Emily Suess and the many that have come forward since. Right up to the newer victims that keep coming forward to warn the world against working with her. She’s changed, she says. She’s learned from her mistakes, she says. Everybody deserves a second chance, she says. Over and over. People fall for it, and then within months, those same people end up here, saying “You guys were right. I wish I’d listened.” They’re either out of pocket, or they’re emotionally bruised and battered, disenchanted about publishing… or all of the above.

        She keeps making new companies – or simply changing the names on the accounts of the old ones. We keep warning people about them, and she keeps right on hating us for exposing her. She wishes we’d just go away with our tails between our legs so that she can keep on being dodgy, stealing people’s dreams and pocketing their money. She hates that we won’t. She hates that we warn more people than she scams these days. I can’t begin to tell you how many people write me on the sly thanking me for this blog. They’re grateful for the warning. Some of them are names you might recognize if you saw them on the covers of books. I won’t reveal them, as they don’t want their names associated with that scam artist on any level, and I honor that.

        She’ll never fess up. She’ll only make (crocodile) tear-stained proclamations that “I’ve made mistakes! I’ve learned from them! People should move on.” As part of an act, to wrangle in new victims. She’ll never admit what she’s done because she refuses to understand that it was wrong. She feels perfectly entitled to get whatever she can out of whoever she can, and it’s their own fault for falling for it.

        She’ll never apologize and mean it. She’ll never be honest about it. She doesn’t care about respect or friendship. All she cares about is money. That’s it. All other considerations are secondary.

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  11. “Your not supposed to be talking about what a crap mum I am your supposed to be talking about what a crap publisher I am!” Chuffing idiot do you even hear yourself? I don’t see your running your fat gob now Scabby Assy now that other people are talking that can prove what a crap mum you are where’s all your big talk now? You should go to jail I hope they lock your fat ugly ass up.

    • She is too deluded to even consider the only way out of this mess that is still open to her. She could just own her fuck up, apologise and start making real changes in her life. She would have to, obviously, prove that she is serious about fixing what she did by keeping people updated on her progress of paying back what she stole etc but that should be worth it for her. Wouldn’t it be better to accept she needs help and therapy than lose her child and freedom? I’m sure social services would help her if she was prepared to change the way she treats that poor child.
      But since this is scutty tabby it’s not even worth on expanding on that thought, she will never do anything for her child or anybody else. She is just too selfish!

    • I honestly don’t know how she keeps getting away with it. Tab has ripped people off for YEARS but goes untouched. Either nobody was willing to press charges, or they simply weren’t geographically close enough to do it. I see the same thing happening with Jackie’s business. There’s already an author that has a criminal case against her, but isn’t able to travel hundreds (thousands?) of miles to testify. I hope that author investigates the possibility of Federal prosecution, since the crime took place over state lines, and on the internet.

      If Tab had been prosecuted back at the start, she wouldn’t have this wake of victims. It’s also quite probable that her child wouldn’t have lived in such dubious conditions for these last three years.

      Someone who knows the truth steps up and Tab falls silent. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

  12. It’s quite difficult to write this letter, there is so much, I feel, the DFPS needs to know about but I also would like to keep it reasonably short so I don’t lose their interest on the second page…
    I really didn’t think it would be this hard, I’m nowhere near finished and it already needs to get edited, big time, to shorten it.
    I am just listening to that terrible radio show again to make sure I remembered everything right. Tabby is completely oblivious how nasty and grim she comes across to other people – her voice is almost as evil as her disgusting sneer.
    On the recording you can easily figure out when the others cringe on her behalf…

    • I have to pause that radio show now, it’s bloody endless and it’s making my head hurt! I can’t listen to her nasty voice any longer, I need a break. She just talks nonsense and all the sleazy sexual innuendo is unbearable!
      She is a useless piece of meat!

      • I listened to it once, back when they first did it. Her sleazy demeanor clearly makes everybody else uncomfortable, including the (then) host. They followed her lead because she was the boss lady, but you can hear how uncomfortable they all are. It’s obvious. And it’s painful to listen to. But Tab’s oblivious. She talks for an hour about sleaze, an hour about me, and about 10 minutes about books. She just doesn’t understand how inappropriate that is.

    • Don’t shorten it for the sake of brevity. If there’s a lot to tell them about, then say it all. I’ve found that breaking a page up into spaced paragraphs helps hold interest. That way, it’s not just a wall of text. With breaks, they know a different subject is coming up. Or at least a pause to breathe. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

      • I’m almost done with the letter, it’s five an a half pages long! I just want to go over it all once more and make sure there are no errors… I thought I’d be done days ago! I feel like a bus ran me over… My friend just came over to read through it, just to make sure I don’t sound like a crazy witch! This was really hard work! Feels like having a traumatic psychotherapy session, incredible!

      • It’s a lot to go through. Imagine what it’s like for a child living it every day.
        I initially forgot to add how proudly mom proclaims affiliation with a %1 motorcycle club, and threats made by her that they’ll ecact revenge on her behalf. I had to include that in a subsequent email, with links to where she said it. Everything else made it into the first email, with links to where either she said disturbing things about what she teaches her child, disturbing ways she’s presented her child, or statements from people who have been inside her home and witnessed these things personally.
        One of the beautiful things about this blog is that she can’t change it. She can’t edit her past here. She can’t change it up to weasel her way out of it. She can’t change up her own words, both here and capped from her own sites. This blog holds silent witness to her crimes againts man, woman and child. And much as she wishes it would, it’s not going anywhere.

  13. If you look on my community page you will see where I worked with Amy Browning and Mark will be doing my pictures on Sunday as he did them on the 6th.

    • I did a search and found an Amy Browning, photographer. In Victoria, Australia. Nobody in Texas. Is she another amateur, like your sister? Using the name of a real photographer, perhaps? (Think Ivy Sinclair, a real author, not to be confused with Tabetha’s alt of the same name.) Or does your Miss Browning have an online presence? Hit us up with a link. I’d love to look at her work.

      Mark who? There’s no mention of him on your “community” page.

      What I do see is this:

      Translated: you took it to the club and begged them to let you publish your treasured memoirs. Again. You’ve been trying to peddle this piece of crap for EVER, including a botched attempt to publish it to coincide with the La Bare movie coming out.

      First, you tried to slide it under the radar, but got caught when the owners of the club were informed that you were publishing it without their consent (which you SWORE you had). Then you changed the name on the cover from Tabetha Jones to Zoey Sweete, hoping to slide it under the radar that way. No dice. Then you tried to say that it was about some OTHER club. No-go. It’s too obvious, right down to the unauthorized use of a photo of a La Bare dancer on the cover that you stole from the La Bare facebook page (which is where I found it) – shaded out to try to hide his identity. So now, you’re trying, yet again, to say that the owners are on board with this POS? Somehow, I doubt that.

      But if they did read it, I have no doubt they laughed at it. That’s the reaction I have any time I read your work. That, or nausea.

    • Another thing I find amusing is that you accuse me of being some stalker, yet you have to come here and TELL me to go and look. Do you even realize what a contradiction that is?

    • And, wait. Here are the comments to that post where you brag about the owner being all on board.

      The guy gave you permission to use the club name BUT YOU’D RATHER NOT? Seriously? That’s why you use the name in the title, and use font that’s so similar to the club’s? Who do you expect to believe that?

      And I’ve already explained the picture. It comes from the La Bare FB page. It’s a La Bare dancer named Trent.

      You altered it so that the guy’s face doesn’t show, but it’s funny how identifiable tattoos are, isn’t it?

      All of this was already covered in a post called The Bare Truth. So, for anybody watching that thinks this is something new, it’s not. Go have a read for yourself.

      If they keep begging for more, it’s probably for evidence.

      For anybody that doesn’t know, Zoey Sweete is Tabetha Jones using a fake name.

  14. The owners have seen the cover and they have know about this long time. The manager has no say that is who you talked with. And yes they laughed because it brought back good memories for them too. Amy Browning does photography on the side here is her link but dont go harassing her like you do the rest. When Marks photos go up his full name will be listed on my personal page community page and personal page.

    She didn’t take many because I was working with Mark. And the reason some of my pics are the Phoenix Effect page is because those are the ones Dee took. I don’t put other photographer’s work on her business page.

    And exactly I was going to write Bare it All under Emerald, but decided Zoey was more well known and the owner agreed. I never publish anything under my real name never have and never will.

    • I would beg to differ. I did a search of Tabetha Jones on Amazon, and her name pops up a lot. Most of those books aren’t in print anymore, but the history of them remains. Mostly because she’s too unprofessional to yank ’em after her publishing company closes down. (Translate: She changes the name on the accounts without actually closing anything.)

      She’s treading a fine line when it comes to saying she’s never published under her own name. Some of her earlier incarntions of the Draven Witch series has her as the “Creator” of the series.

      This one claims Tab as the creator and Zoey only as an illustrator:

      If the “Creator” of a series isn’t who wrote it, I’d like to know the distinction. This might fly if somebody else wrote it for her as a ghost-writer, but since she did actually write it, this lame-o attempt at hiding her own name doesn’t even get off the ground. Especially since she is, in fact, Zoey Sweete. I don’t know who she’s trying to fool by slapping another name on it – three names, so far, at least – but no matter. Whatever name she puts on it, it’s crap writing.

      There’s this little tidbit:

      I am the Mariest Sue of a long line of Mary Sue’s. My foremothers before me were Mary Sues so potent that only the sexiest and most special Marty Stu of their generation could hope to woo them, in fact my own father is an immortal vampire who was the Stuiest Stu in 18 out of the previous 20 generations. However all is not roses for the house of Sue, generations ago a sexy evil Marty Stu discovered he could feed off our Sueness to augment his special Stu powers making him so Marty Stu that the name of God could be read in his chiselled abs. Thus upon my birth when all the stars in the heaven came together to spell out my Mary Sue name I was taken away to a realm of gods who recognised my innate Sue perfection and helped protect and raise me until I was ready to confound the evil Marty Stu with my unique and sexy Sue abilities.

      Which just amuses me to no end.

      • You know, funny I haven’t read any of her books except some poetry. And I usually don’t comment on anyone’s writing unless asked my opinion. I honestly have to say that that is actually humorous. Is that for real?! It reads like something a kid would write. I really cannot get over how funny that is!!!! Is that really her writing??? WOW!!!!!!

      • I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t been able to find which of her “works” it came from. It may be a knockoff paraphrasing of her Draven Witch magnum opus. Or it could be real. Let’s see what she says. She reads this blog just about hourly.

        Even so, that about sums it up. I’m not being cruel when I say that her writing is really awful. It really is awful. All you need to do is take a “look inside” any of her stuff on Amazon. Her writing reads like it’s not edited at all. It looks like she writes it out in one pass and slaps it on Amazon, thinking it’s great. No real writer does that. And no real writer should sign up with a publisher that does that.

  15. Tabetha has more shit with her then Carver had peanuts.



  16. I have been researching publishing companies and had an author recommend I look up your site.

    My writing skills are not the best but I am working on improvements. I do not know the history with this Jackie or Tabetha, but this blog is horrid.

    I was told by the author, she knows you well, that this blog was published to warn authors, give advice, and give tips for people like myself just starting out.

    I am afraid I do not see any of that listed here. It is a dead end. Curiosity got the best of me by the words spoken about this Tabetha’s modeling. I did a search and found a page with all her pictures posted public.

    I weigh roughly a 175 pounds and I am 5’6. No I am not skinny but seeing this woman put herself out there actually made me feel empowered.

    It takes a lot of guts to do what she does and you rag on her? Have any of you ever met her personally? If the answer is no then what and why should it matter what she poses in or as. I applaud her.

    Then, how can you say all of those things about her child? One woman is in the UK. I would think logically if something was wrong with the child the officer would have taken the child into custody.

    I find it insulting talking about other’s affairs on a public site. If that poor woman Jackie has gone through all that who are you to tell her personal business.

    I find this WordPress blog insulting to new authors. All you are showing, teaching, and promoting is hatred. It is disgusting.

    I say to Jackie and Tabetha keep doing what makes you both happy.

    • I love it when she sends her alts out to play. More than anything I could possibly say, it demonstrates her duplicity loud and clear, for the whole world to say.

      Just look for yourselves.
      Note the new guy’s IP:

      A quick search through my comments shows…
      You guessed it.

      Here we go again. The truth is too damning, so the alts come out to play.
      Seriously, does she not realize how transparent she is?

    • A friend told you that this blog warned writers, and now you are appalled? Obviously if this alleged friend said anything you would know a lot more. Therefore I call bullshit on your sensitive nature.

      I am sure this is either Tabetha or some fool she conned to use her pc to defend her. Trust me after reading all of what Tabetha has posted, after forbidding me then demanding I defend her, I read ALL. Oh, and my name was used by people I NEVER heard of, spoke to I could have hit them with my truck and not know them. Somehow they knew of me.

      Tabetha has her own self to blame for me kicking her to the curb. As for Jackie, I haven’t said anything about her that I can’t back up. Either by text, private message or recorded calls. She should have let sleeping dogs lie. But she learned from Tabetha. The sad part is with Tabetha I kept it mostly business, she only knew what I wanted her to, Jackie I thought of as a friend.

      Jackie used that friendship to hurt her own family. So why put it out there? Because what they do is wrong. How they treat people is sick. Yes people need to be warned.

      • You can back up everything you’ve said about both of them. And, like you, others have said that Tabe either conned or demanded that others post in her defense. Mostly, though, she pops up with all of these alts (Shirley, Red Queen, so many others) to defend herself. And then treat us like we’re supposed to be stupid enough to fall for it. Who does she think she’s kidding?

        Both Tabetha and Jackie are mothers. Neither one of them seems to realize the impact they have on people’s lives when they lie. Does neither one of them stop long enough to think of how they’d feel if somebody treated THEIR daughters that way?

        Come to think of it, Tabetha DID treat Jackie’s daughter that way, using that poor girl to lash out at us, telling the kid that I accused her father of having an affair with Tabetha. I never said such a thing, of course. Tab said it so that the girl would come on here and attack me – which she did. And JACKIE KNEW ABOUT IT. At the time, I thought Tab did that behind Jackie’s back, and I was puzzled as to why Jackie would continue to defend and ally herself with somebody who would tell such a horrible lie to her child – about her husband. But she did. Jackie continued to defend and associate with Tabetha. For all we know, she still does. The only explanation I can think of is that she already knew about it.

        I don’t know about you guys, but my child is more important that any friend that would do something so cruel to manipulate the emotions of an already troubled minor.

        Yes. People need to be warned about people like this. If they’ll treat CHILDREN so horribly, they’ll have no problem running roughshod over strangers.

        Steer clear, people. Steer very clear.

  17. I don’t send anyone out to play. I don’t have time for the games. I have other things to worry about. Also that pitch about that paragraph being my writing is not mine I have never used my real name to write. My series is under Zoey Sweete as are most of my works but there will be a piece in Fearotica under Ivy Sinclair which is due out any moment from J Ellington Aston Press.

    Done lying yet Lepp?

    • I don’t need to lie. That’s your department. And, no. I’m not going to chase this last lie down, either. I’VE got better things to do. It’ll show itself soon enough. You just keep dropping these names and thinking you’ve got anybody convinced you’re fooling anybody. Have fun with that.

    • “there will be a piece in Fearotica under Ivy Sinclair which is due out any moment from J Ellington Aston Press.”

      That’s interesting, since JEA isn’t even accepting submissions right now.

      And your name does not appear on their authors list.

      But thanks for the chuckles.

    • The main question should be ARE YOU DONE LYING YET, TABETHA? I can prove with your own words about how I was forbidden to go on Cussy’s blog because it was hate. But when you needed to be defended or need back up you told me to defend your company and my name that was being trashed. So again for the cheap seats, ARE YOU DONE LYING TABETHA?

    • Here’s what she’s babbling about:

      She sent that to my email as PROOF that she’s going to be in a book. A little birdy tells me that she’s telling people I won’t dare post this because it “puts me in my place” and proves that she tells the truth and I’m the liar, after all. It’s been hinted at that I “broke” the link when she posted it so that it wouldn’t appear.

      Wrong. On both counts.

      I tell the truth, even if it (rarely, remarkably, incredibly) comes from Tabetha Jones.

      This appears to be a digital proof of her submission to JEA’s upcoming release. Tab’s not clear about what it’s called, throwing the name “Fearotica” out there. I’m not sure if it’s the title or genre of the book. She can’t even proclaim victory clearly. And, when she does (finally, unbelievably) get something published (by somebody other than her own bogus companies), she doesn’t even put her own name on it. But, whatever.

      It appears that Tabetha Jones has a story set to be published in an upcoming book being published by JAE. Good for her. I honestly, whole-heartedly wish her the utmost success. I really do. Maybe if she discovers an audience as an author with somebody else publishing her “work,” she’ll give up publishing HERSELF and no more authors need fall victim to her shoddy, dubious business practices.

      Being an advocate for all authors, I have to say that I would view this upcoming publication with caution. A table of contents should formatted so that at least the author’s whole name appears on the same line. I’d be pretty pissed if I opened my brand new book and saw my name broken up like that.

      Another thing to note is her tabs. There, as ever, is my blog open on her computer. She calls ME a stalker? Yet she trolls this blog, hanging around here more than I do. It’s just too bad we can’t believe the one on the far right. New Tab? If only.

      • JEA Fearotica turns up postings by authors (I checked FB listings by Christina Engela, William Bove) with cover illustration and same editors listed on cover as in that ToC.

        I hope thats not a final proof of the Table of Contents for Fearotica. I worked at Kingsport Press book manufacturer from 1969 to 2003; that JEA ToC style (Folio, Title quad left, Fill leaders, Author quad right) is a new one to me. But the random author turnovers quaded left under folio looks like unintentional formatting errors. I would hope it does not go to print like that.

        Tabetha Jones using as a nom de plume the same name as Ivy Sinclair (author of “Cupid’s Cupcake” and a series of werebear paranormal romances: ) could cause confusion.

  18. After quite a few phone calls, the one saying that my book thongs were thrown away. I had a call from Jackie, saying that she had them and would be sending. Mind you this was AFTER a police officer went to speak with her and she lied to him.

    I was contacted by the officer as a follow up, I told him what was said concerning them being thrown out. I guess he went to speak to her and she sent me nasty texts. She v then called saying that they would be in the mail. I find that strange since they were to be tossed.

    The officer again contacted me and I tell him again what was said. And then Jackie texts me demanding that I repay her for the GIFTS she sent me, and she is sending my thongs certified mail. I informed her that after speaking with her family member and an attorney if she sends them I owe her nothing. Seeing as she was in breach of contract on the 4 books and our agreement.

    When I sent them to her I sent 33 thongs. I told her that 1 was a gift for her, it had jade stones on it. I am happy to say that 18 of the 32 were sent back. Still 14 missing and 1 was broken. But I will count it as a win that the few did make it back. And as far as I am concerned my owing Jackie is a done deal.

    And if she is unhappy with that sorry because she promised me more than my thongs. I won’t go into detail as to anything, but as per my attorney a verbal contract is legal and binding. I could go to court and demand all she promised, but I am leaving it as it is. I seriously hope she does the same.

  19. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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