Meetup Mayhem

First, Tabetha Jones proudly proclaimed that she was part of a model meetup set up by Surreal Studios in Dallas – gushing that she’d spent two hours getting photographed by a wonderful photographer who wants to do a one on one shoot with her next weekend.
Then pictures from the model meetup showed up on the Phoenix Effect FB page, with Tab’s sister Dee as the photographer.

Tab hastened to insist that photographers Amy Browning and “Mark” were there, too, and that it’s Mark that wants to do a shoot with her one on one. She refuses to give out Mark’s last name, insisting that it’ll be on the album when she posts it. Since, you know, photographers are SO shy about putting their names out there. It’s not like they want their names advertized to try to drum up business or anything.
The name Dewayne Davenport leaps to mind. He’s the photographer that Tabetha convinced Salena they were doing these shoots for, even though it was Dee snapping the pictures. Dewayne was calling the shots, telling Tab what kinds of pictures he wanted Dee to take of Salena and Tabetha. Never showing up in person, nothing but a voice on the phone. Seriously?

And then, when Salena backed out, realizing that she’d been lied to, it was Dewayne that Salena owed money to for backing out of a contract with Sanctuary magazine, I think it was. That’s when Bo became involved. You know, the leg-breaker that Tab said (in front of her daughter!) was going to put a bullet in mommy’s brain unless Salena paid up. Bo had paid Dewayne off, you see, and now he wanted his money back.

Neither Dewayne Davenport or Bo ever existed. They were fictional characters Tab fabricated out of thin air to scam Salena. Sanctuary magazine does have contracts, sure. But no money changes hands. Salena didn’t owe a dime. Here’s Sanctuary’s website. Read the terms for yourself.

So now we have these two other photographers, Amy Browning and “Mark” something, who appeared at this model meetup event, who spent HOURS taking photos of Tab and these lovely models, but whose photos appear nowhere. The only photos I can find are taken by Dee and appear only on her FB – and Tab’s page. I don’t see them associated online in any way with Surreal Studios, and I don’t see any of the girls’ names posted anywhere. Just Tabetha and Dee.

I also don’t see any photographer named Amy Browning. The Amy Browning she steered me at works at a medical center in Dallas. There’s not a single thing about photography anywhere on her page. So, your guess is as good as mine how a research coordinator at a medical facility in Denver showed up in a muddy river bank somewhere in Backwater Texas with Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber as a photographer.

I’ve got to tell you, I feel bad for those girls. In half of the photos, they look like they’re perplexed, looking for professional direction that they’re not getting, or they’re looking at somebody off camera like “You want me to do what?” In the rest, it looks like Tab’s taking a dump in the river. In others, classy as ever, Tab had to be edited because she let her nipples show and she knows they’d be reported. Those two are the height of unprofessionalism, and I feel bad for those girls that got caught up with it. I’m guessing we won’t see any future shoots from those two with those lovely ladies in it. I’m betting they’ve learned their lesson. Just like all of the other professional models they’ve worked with once or twice, who have learned their lesson and moved on.

We’ll wait and see what materializes of this “body positivity” shoot with the mysterious “Mark” next weekend, or what new wonders Tab will spin out of thin air to try to portray herself as this sought-after supermodel on the verge of breaking into the world’s stage. Until then, all we can do is shake our heads at the folly.


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  1. Actually, Devanport only spoke through emails that came from Tabetha’s IP address. It was DeVour magazine Tabetha said that had a backing out fee of $125 when I told her I couldn’t do a photo shoot because my sister was in town & I wanted to post pone it till after she left. That is when Tabetha got her panties in a bunch & told me this crap about the fee. Then she told me since her name was on it she would have to pay the $125 backing out fee.. I get a phone call later & she told me that I owed this guy named Bo (doesn’t exist) the money because she borrowed it from him. Next thing I know is the story switched to Dee’s name being on it & I owe her so her name doesn’t get tarnished. I get an email from Bo (Tabetha’s IP address) stating I need to own up & pay the money for backing out. The dollar amounts kept changing & I kept getting emails from Bo (again, doesn’t exist) about the whole situation. I have all the screen caps & emails to prove it!
    The thing with Sanctuary magazine, I filled out the consent forms for the photos & because I dropped everything with Tabetha, she made up this bullshit story about JT contacting the magazine threatening them. That is why the photos never got printed in the magazine according to Tabetha. The real reason…she decided not to send the forms in to get back at me for leaving her & her company.

    To the ladies or whomever that are currently doing photo shoots with Phoenix Effect Photography, you need to RUN from them, get as far away as you can! If they told you let’s do some photos for fun..DON’T DO IT! If you do & things go south, she will go after you for those photos shoots! She will say you owe all this money, try to scare you by threatening to go after you for copyright infringement if you post them. The company is NOT legal, they CANNOT go after you for anything! Please, do your research & run away fast from anything associated with Tabetha (Hoover) Jones or Dee Jones!

    • Here are the expanded headers from an email “Bo” sent me.

      Took me all of 2 seconds to prove that it came from Tabetha.

      To make the sorts of threats Bo Tabetha makes in these types of emails, it comes awfully close to asking the question of what constitutes terrorist threats, combined with fraud for using a fake name, with a few Federal offenses thrown in for using the internet to make them.

      That and threatening to have a 1% biker club exact revenge on her behalf.

      She skates a very thin line when she makes threats like these. One of these days, these types of legalities might just come back to bite her.

    • Honestly Tabetha is about as Jekyll and Hyde as it gets. Really? Don’t look at my pages but YOU BETTER LOOK so you can see me attempting to get my lies straight. How fucked are you in the head Tabetha? If anyone dares look, on your behest, then you can bitch, moan and groan about haters and stalkers.

      You surely are the weakest link. And darling I think I am going to get some pictures taken, so you see what a REAL body positive full figured woman looks like, and how they present themselves with sex appeal not sleaze. Trust me sweetie those outfits you are attempting to look cute in, I would use as rags to wash the mud off my truck. Yeah you’re a model all right, not.

      I would love to tell you EXACTLY every thing you are doing wrong in style, color and the lot. I just don’t have that much time. And before you get pissy pants, remember bitch I was the one sending you lingerie selections when you were with Eric. And you both said that you loved my choices, because I got the right look and color for you.

      Good luck trying to be again all you are not.

      • I know, right? She calls me a stalker, yet she has to come onto my page and give me links to go look at all the shit she accuses me of stalking. Nobody pays attention when she does these pitiful photo shoots, so she comes on here and pitches a fit. Maybe the traffic from this blog is the only attention she gets. Because, honestly, I don’t see anybody else beating down her door.

        I’ve long since stopped telling her what she’s doing wrong. She uses it as advice, a tutorial of how to TRY to get it right. Try, not succeed. But I’m done trying to tell her how to get it right. She’s just going to fail anyway. Instead, I’d rather just let her errors show for the world (and the authorities) to show. If she really cared about getting anything right, be it modeling or publishing, she’s had plenty of chances to figure it out. The fact all she’s got going for her are unsubstantiated delusions of grandeur says more about her than anything I could make up. The truth is better than fiction.

    • Did you ever get confirmation of this debt directly from DeVour magazine? Or did these claims come strictly from Tab and Dee?

      I wonder if you could still contact them to find out about it?

      • Oh they came from Tabetha’s mouth. I went to DeVour’s website myself to look for the “submitting photos” qualifications. Nowhere does it state a backing out fee at all! You submit your photos according to the type of theme & IF they get picked, they are put in the magazine. That’s it, no fee!

  2. Here is the link for all model meetups in Dallas you will have to find the one for Sept 6th. Anthony Reinhart was there and about 7 other photographers.

    You may have to register to find the ones you want to prove there was one but you can wipe that egg off your face now. My sister only posts pictures that she takes, not ones the other photographers. Why do you think I separated Amy’s from Dee’s? Just as i will Mark’s. Go trolling and you will see once again you are wrong. It may say a darker fairytale meetup.

    • Ah. It makes more sense now.
      This wasn’t some private event that was created for Tab and Dee. It was a public event posted in a public group and they just showed up. Might have even paid for the honor.

      No. They haven’t been accepted into the photographic elite. And those models weren’t even there to work with these two jokers. They were there to work with the REAL photographers. These two crashed the party.

      It’s pretty remarkable, looking through the photos. All of the photographers took pictures of the same girls on the same day at the same place, and the others – the real photographers – came up with some pretty amazing shots. The girls look lovely and comfortable. Beautiful photos. One glance at the album by these two and it’s more than obvious that they’re amateur hour.

      I feel better about the models, though. They weren’t stuck posing for just these two wannabes. They got to work with some real professionals that made them look wonderful in gorgeous photos. So it wasn’t total torture for them.

  3. We didn’t crash the party any photographer or model could come and was allowed to be there. I never said we were personally invited. I was sent an event invitation and we signed up. And I think Dee took some damn good pictures of these models. And Amy did wonderful with me. As did Mark. And once I get my pictures on Sunday they wont just be posted on facebook but my website as well. Unless you know what you are talking about then keep your mouth shut. All the photographers had to pay the models including myself was free.

    • Do you even hear yourself? You contradict yourself in the same breath. We weren’t invited but we were invited. IT WAS AN OPEN CALL. Even after I posted a screen cap of it, you’re still trying to call me a liar.

      Your problem is that you dangle out tidbits of semi-truths that are so weighed down with grandiose innuendo to try to make yourself seem so great. But all it does is make yourself even more obvious. And when you get called on it, you get all pissed off and say “I never said that.” But you went miles out of your way to make it LOOK like that. When you went to that opening party, you made it seem like you had a personal invitation, and photo session on the roof. That was an open call, too, and your photo shoot was your sister taking pictures of you flopping around in the pool with her cell phone.

      You took great pains to make it look look Bo died in the Waco shootout, lamenting that you lost a great friend that day. I could provide a screenshot, but we all saw it. Then when you got called out on it, you smugly asserted that you never actually SAID he got killed in the shooting. Just that he died that day. Thinking you’re all clever. But all that does is sink your flagging credibility even lower, if you’ve got any left. And you never did answer the question of how he really did die, then. Because you know that any answer you give will get checked out. There is no answer you can give, because he never existed. We’ve already proved a couple times over that you sent those emails. And yet you still play around with semantics.

      Like this open call mass photo shoot. You made it look like some great thing that featured you and your photography, when in fact, anybody could show up. And, incredibly, you provided the link yourself that proved it.

      You couldn’t just say “There was an open call photo shoot. We went and had a great time.” You had to make it out like you were the star, just like you always do, because the world revolves around you.
      If you learned a little humility and ditched these insane delusions of grandeur that you shroud yourself with, you’d look a lot less like a lying, scheming fraud.

    • Didn’t crash? Just because your sister takes smut pictures of you doesn’t make her a photographer, anymore then you stealing personas, plastering on makeup and taking pictures of what looks like you’re taking a shit, searing at the camera makes you a model. In your ever so sneaky fashion you go to these OPEN events and think that you are someone. News flash, YOU’RE NOT, YOU ARE A NOBODY. It even appears that even the real models were like WTF. My sister is right you have no style, in fact the clothing you had on reminds me of the moomoos that the old ladies used to wear.

  4. This is like Jones’ tale of the sinister biker boyfriend “Bo” who, she later claimed, was no longer around because he was killed the day of the Twin Peaks shootout between Bandidos and Cossacks M.C.s and the Waco TX P.D.. In answer to the question, which of the nine dead was he? her answer was, she didn’t say he was shot in the shootout, she said he was killed the day of the shootout.

    So the whole story of Tabetha and the Model Shootout is like the whole story of Bo and the Twin Peaks Shootout: no quite what Tabetha’s piecemeal version would lead one to believe.

    If she ever told the whole truth up front, rather than half-truths that appear calculated to deceive, there would not be so many questions raised over the stuff she rubs in everyone’s face.

    Tabetha Renee Jones is like her soulmate, Nickolaus Albert Pacione: her own worst enemy. By the way, I would ask what is the status of that “Sinister Souls” project of hers that Nickolaus took over for her? Eh, any answer she would give would be with her fingers crossed behind her back.

    Why should I care about Tabby Cat or Nicky Retardo? I don’t want other aspiring writers to mistake Lake Fossil or any reincarnation of Phoenix Fire for legitimate open writers’ markets.

    • Well, gee. Maybe this one will get properly edited, formatted published and promoted.

      Nah. It’ll get slapped on Createspace and any real authors (if there are any) that contributed will wait for answers about where their royalties are going. This is you we’re talking about.

      • Bo died in a fight with another member of another biker association. His throat was slit. Any other questions? And no it wouldn’t be in local papers because he isnt from Waco.

      • Yes. I have another question. Couple of ’em, actually.

        WHERE Did he die? In Texas? Or overseas on some covert op, as people were told he had been assigned when you couldn’t produce him?

        Your answer implies Waco, because you went out of your way to say it wouldn’t be in the news because he wasn’t from there. But we all know how slippery you TRY to be with wording. So let’s nail it down with specifics, shall we?

        And, do you really expect people to believe that such a brutal slaughter wouldn’t be in the news because of where he’s from?

  5. Let me clear something up. I was at the model meetup. Here’s how it worked. Photographers paid to attend, models didn’t. Photographers picked up to five models we wanted to shoot with and we went off on our own and shot for about twenty minutes. Then we went back to the staging area and switched it up. Dee didn’t “crash” the party, she paid to get in like everybody else, and Tabetha showed up like every other model did. So they aren’t making anything up about that but you are right, online they made it look like the shoot revolved around them and it didn’t. As the day went on, the models started to complain about how unprofessional those two were. Old news to me. Dee doesn’t know what she’s doing as a photographer and Tabetha doesn’t either, she’s too bossy and acts like she knows everything when she doesn’t. None of the girls wanted to work with them after a couple of hours so from the look of it, Dee spent all her time photographing Tabetha. Amy is a real person and photographer by the way, so you can stop ragging on her. I think she took some pictures of Tabetha but I don’t think anybody else did. I know I didn’t. I photo curvy girls but she just didn’t look good. Her clothes were backyard barbecue, Hickville, USA. I couldn’t believe she showed up to model in clothes like that and neither could any of the other photographers. She changed into a blue dress, I don’t know if she brought it with her, I think one of the girls said she borrowed it. But after one dunk in the river, you could see right through it and she walked around like that, acting like she was sexy with her tits showing through her dress. It was really uncomfortable for everybody. I’ve worked around Tabetha before so I wasn’t surprised. I don’t know who Mark is that she’s talking about, I didn’t see anybody working with her but maybe Amy and Mark isn’t any photographer I know of. All I do know for sure is that there are more models now that won’t work with Tabetha and Dee, adding to the growing list of models that avoid them like the plague. Every model I know can’t stand them. Dee doesn’t know what she’s doing and Tabetha acts like a bossy slut. The only people she photographs is people she knows or if there’s a meetup like this they show up at. We try to leave them out but they keep showing up. I wish they’d get a clue and fuck off. They make the rest of us look bad.

    • Mark Giesing works with Anthony and does some photos here and there helps Anthony out at least that is what I was told. He works a day job and photographing is his passion and hobby. He worked with me about two hours. He was the one that worked with me and is working with me tomorrow. He was in charge of the reserve down by the water while Anthony was up top. So everyone knew who he was. Anthony left him in charge. I even told Anthony I enjoyed working with him and thank you. Ao “Tony” maybe you need to go back and pay attention or just are another alt created by this blog to make others look bad.

      • Alts are your thing, baby. It looks like you’re just pissed off that somebody called you out.

        So, this Mark guy isn’t a photographer after all? He’s some part time assistant? That explains it. Way to keep dropping names, though. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled that you throw his name under the bus to try and cover your own ass. Like you throw everybody under the bus. Those true Tabetha colors, shining through, as ever.

        As for Tony, here’s his visit:

        Make of it what you will.

      • Looks like others see your true colors Scab. Maybe it’s time for a new line of work. Haha, I am laughing all over the place.

        Tabetha you are a true DD, double dumbass.

        Tony I don’t know who you are, but kudos to you for putting it in the proper perspective.

        2 hours my ass. As usual Tabetha can spin a lie quick.

      • Oh, I believe she just might have spent two hours pestering this poor guy. If Tony’s account is accurate- and it sounds like it is – photographers picked who they wanted to work with. So, if Tab had HOURS to spend with some photographer’s gopher, it’s because none of the REAL photographers picked her to work with, aside from her own sister (and Amy? We have yet to see those photos). I notice Tab doesn’t try to argue anything else Tony said. She just pissed down her leg jumping on to insist that Mark is real. HONEST!

        Yet again, with her own words, she proves that every word is true. SMH.

      • To be clear, I’m not dissing this Mark guy. If he really does exist, I feel sorry for him, getting dragged into Tab’s grandiose bullshit, having his name bandied about by her to cover her own ass, and unwittingly (I’m sure) getting sucked into her delusional machinations on any level.

        Up until now, she’s suckered would-be models by pounding sunshine up their asses, promising to make them a star. I guess it’s not a stretch for her to do the same thing to a would be photographer – promising to get their work exposed, preying upon their passion for the craft and their desire to do it for a living. Just look at what she’s done to her own sister. If Dee weren’t such a willing co-conspirator, I’d feel sorry for her, too.

        I hope this Mark guy can extricate himself from her quickly and painlessly.

      • Panties in a bunch Tabetha? Didn’t expect someone to punch holes in your story? You do love name dropping don’t you? Doctors, models, strippers, photographers, authors and truth be told, they don’t know that you even exist. Does Anthony know that you trolled his friends and are now using someone who again probably doesn’t know of your existence to feed your fantasy. All under the guise of “as I was told”. Making you innocent of any lie, because you can say that is how it was told to me or how you understood it to be. Love the play on words but it is getting stale.

      • Ah but this isn’t “as it was told to her.” These are things that actually HAPPENED, according to her, and will happen again tomorrow. This guy, Mark, “worked” with her for 2 hours at the meetup, and is supposed to take photos of her tomorrow, according to her. I hope for her sake that these things really did happen, because if she’s name-dropping about things that didn’t happen, or that she’s exaggerating to make herself look good, these REAL people might just bust her happy little, delusional bubble.

  6. Mark Giesing is on Anthony Reinharts page as a friend and he is photographer. All the pics he took have been posted. On both my personal account my Zoey Sweete account and community page. They do not go on the Phoenix page because Dee did not take them. Amy’s pictures are on there as well. But as for my personal and Zoey account that you have to friend you cant see them without being a friend. And Mark is tagged in the pics. And he is marked as the photographer on my community page as the copyrights belong to him. As they will with the pictures he took of me on Sunday at Surreal Studios. And yes Anthony was there and asked about the Tony guy. He said there were no photographers there at that meetup by the name of Tony and he only goes by Anthony. So whoever it was must have that nice little free IP address link and you can put in whatever location you like.

    • Pitiful, isn’t it, that she has to come on a blog full of people that can’t stand her because she cheated them, and beg them to come look at her pictures.

      “Anthony was there and asked about the Tony guy.”

      Who here wants to bet that Anthony only heard about “Tony” because Tabetha bent his ear about it. These people don’t give a shit about this blog, but she forces them to listen to her bitch about it, loudly and endlessly.

      She really got her nose out of joint, didn’t she? After being called out on how she acted at the meetup. The louder she bitches, the more you know it’s true. Am I right?

      And notice how she mentions some free IP address link where you can put in any location you like? That must be something she looked up after she got busted for posting as all those people in defense of herself.

      SMH. What a sad, sad little world she lives in.

  7. The pictures are up all you have to do is go look since you like being such a nosey bitch. And as soon as I get my disc with my other pics he took of myself and another model Lisa I’ll be sure to post them. In fact I am getting ready to post new ones that Dee took for magazine submissions. Embrace your curves, black n whites, and we still have to take the Halloween ones for the magazine. Oh and its Gray Mode Magazine if you must know. Seeing you think you know everything yet you just make yourself look like an ass. And let me clarify something I asked Anthony about the Tony guy. I asked him straight up if it was him and two totally different IP addresses. His studio isnt just a studio its his place of living. Its an all in one building. Quit assuming makes you look like a fool.

    • Nosy? Bitch, please. You come here and BEG us to come look at your sleazy smut. Newsflash: nobody cares. I haven’t gone to look, and I don’t plan to, so quit begging. It’s all the same. You sneer at the camera and try to look sexy, when all you accomplish is looking like you’re taking a dump. I’ll pass.

      So you did go bug Anthony about comments on this blog, in direct contradiction of your earlier statement that he asked you about it.

      Keep right on proving with your own words what you accuse us of fabricating.

  8. Go look, oh but you can’t unless you are a friend. Way to twist in the wind Tabetha. You just want to appear popular and we’ll liked, truth be told not a damn person who meets your sorry ass cares on bit for you. Keep up cons, lies, half truths and manipulations, it’s all you are good for. Love how a violent crime wouldn’t make it to the news. Bullshit, but good try. Maybe think more before you let shit run out of your mouth. Needs some scope to get the vile taste from your lips, nah you’re used to that.

  9. Tabetha do you even listen to the bullshit you spit out? Me, me, me is all you care about. Notice me, pay attention to me, you are a joke. Look at me parading around, tits hanging out, you are nothing but a pig.

    A true model shows inner beauty not sleaze. But then again you will NEVER be a real anything. You are so desperate for attention you beg and demand it from people who despise you. You are not even porn worthy. Your pictures need to be on a bathroom stall with the words for a good time call.


  10. You know you can visit and see the Model Meetup pics from Mark Giesing and Amy Browning, even the ones Dee did. But I’ll do you one better I’ll make those specific pictures that Mark took and the ones he recently took that should be arriving to me any day public for you stalkers to see. But then after 48 hours they go back as only friends can see them. So you can see for yourself that he is real and he did take some amazing shots of me. He captured everything perfectly. I am quite excited to see the new ones he just took of me last Sunday.

    • Begging for attention again? Don’t you get it? Nobody cares. You call us stalkers but have to post your links and beg us for attention. You don’t even understand how pathetic you are.

      • No I’m tired of you saying people dont exist or I didnt work with this person or that person. I am making a point to prove you wrong!!!

      • You didn’t prove anything. Getting some gopher to point a camera at you for a couple of hours because nobody else would pick you doesn’t constitute the photo session you tried to build it up to be. You take an ordinary situation that could have been great fun, make it all about you, plop your saggy little tits out, making everyone involved uncomfortable, and exaggerate it to make yourself seem so great. And you’re just not. You force yourself into these situations, acting like a slut, completely unprofessional, and think it makes you a model. It’s embarrassing, and you’re the only one that doesn’t see it.
        Putting wheels on my granny doesn’t make her a wagon. Putting perfume on a pig doesn’t make it anything but a pig.
        But as long as you’re running around embarrassing yourself trying to play model, it’s less time you’re scamming authors. So I say go for it. Reach for those dreams. Flop those sad little boobies out to everyone in Dallas that can stand to lok at them. Have fun.
        Just don’t come crawling to us when reality slaps you in the face. You won’t find any sympathy here.

      • And, by the way, we’re still waiting to hear where Bo died.
        And where the money for the domestic abuse book went.
        And why your Mystic Press authors never got paid.
        Ignoring these questions doesn’t make them go away. So let’s have some answers.

  11. They say curiosity killed the cat, well this cat is blind. It seems again Tabetha is a liar. Putting the pictures of the special model shoot with a new fella? Then please tell me why every damn photo is giving credit to big sister Dee. Before you start more lies I looked on your Zoey page and every single group of pictures say photographer is who? Any one? Yes of course dear sister took them. Tabetha you parading around in a bra with your fat a flapping isn’t being a model for any empowerment, it is you desperate for attention. Daddy used to say why buy the cow when the milk is free. You can clearly see not only is the milk free but everything about you is. You leave nothing to anyone’s imagination. You flop around like a landed grouper fish and think that is sexy. By the way how is that college education going, being as you are so busy being the whore of the ball? Not getting much studying done when you are pawing ever guy you meet. Speaking on that has anyone noticed that Eric, Josh and this new guy look so much alike? Hopefully the new guy bleached his lips after putting them on you.

    • Really? Not a model that is why I am with Rosanna Booking agent and Modeling Organization and have my first model video out. And speaking of my man he looks nothing like any of those you named. He’s actually a man and knows ho to act like one. I can see the green all the way here in Texas. You know Envy is one of the seven deadly sins, so I bid you all a farewell to hell.

      • If the only thing a Google search shows up about any company is a Facebook page, it’s probably not the uber elite star shot you’re making it out to be. If anything, it’s a booking joint you’re paying to TRY to get you REAL work. Good luck to them with that.
        But, hey. More power to you. The more time you spend rolling around on your couch naked with your sister taking sleazy pictures of you, calling it modelling, the less you’re scamming authors. Have fun. I hope you hit it big. Up until the IRS puts you away for tax evasion, anyway.

      • And how funny is it that she’s dating a guy who looks do much like Josh? Saying “he knows how to treat a woman like no other.” If anybody here knows this Troy guy, tell him to read this blog so that he can see that’s what she says about every guy, verbatim. Until he realises what a lazy slob she is and quits giving her money. Like the last guy that she conned into taking out a loan to pay off her probation. Any bets on when he’ll see that money back? This poor sucker might think its cute to let her use his name to play head games with her former victims now, if he even knows she’s doing it – wouldn’t be the first time she used somebody’s name without their knowledge or consent, would it? *coff* Cindy Carlo *coff*
        But it’ll be a different story when he finds out that:
        1) she’s a heartless bitch that’s only using him for whatever she can get.
        2) she’s lying to his face about, well, everything.
        3) she’s bat-shit crazy, talking about dragons, demons, angels, voodoo, witchcraft, revenge and whatever other belief system she can rip off from someone who really believes it.
        4) he sees how she treats her kid and can’t stomach her piss poor parenting anymore.
        5) he gets sick to death of hearing her rant and rave about this blog.
        6) finds out that most of the people she talks about don’t really exist.
        7) he realizes that she’s involving him in crimes. (Theft, fraud, tax evasion, terrorist threats involving a 1% motorcycle club, probation violation, quite possibly drug trafficking -either buying, selling, or both, possible child neglect or endangerment, or both… etc)
        Did I miss anything?
        The only question is how long it’ll take this guy to catch on.
        And when he does get a clue, her claws come out and she accuses him of abuse. Every. Single. Time. About every guy she’s screwed. One day, she’s going to accuse the wrong guy, and he’s going to call her on it.

      • And look the attention whore is naming names and hoping she won’t get caught. She has no idea of what she is saying. Booking agent is just a headhunter, they attempt to find you work, only. And you PAY for that service.

        And sorry to say no real modeling company wants pictures of a “model” whose only looks are sneering into the camera or looking as if they are taking a huge shit. I am laughing my ass off at you Tabetha. Can you hear that all the way in Texas?

        Jealous? Awww bless your heart. To be jealous you’d have to have something I’d want. Seems to me it’s the opposite, you covet all that I am, have been and will be. Keep dreaming though.

        Sorry but being a lying, cheating, manipulative, thieving, deceitful, rude,obnoxious, and abusive cunt isn’t in my life goals.

      • She’s confusing a booking agent with a modeling agent, or she expects us not to know the difference.

        Either way, I think it would be hilarious if she got scammed as an aspiring “model” the way she’s done to so many authors. That’s what I would call karma.

      • And, since I’ve been happily domesticated with the same man for more than a decade, just like many of the ladies you’ve victimized have been married for a LOT longer than your short-term relationships seem to last, it looks like you’re the one that’s green with envy, along with your little green fairy friend. Have you introduced her to the new guy yet? Or have you got him convinced you’re not a party girl any more. Does he know all your dirty little habits or do you still manage to play it straight with him, in many phrases of the word? Or does he party down with the whole club? Got him thinking you’re the “sweete” little housewife? Or is his idea of a hot catch a woman whose lazy ass sleeps all day? If that’s what he calls a catch, more power to him. He’s found the perfect mate.

        You snag a guy for a few weeks and act like you’re hot shit, while those of us that can keep a man with honesty longer than you can with lies just shake our heads. You can’t turn a whore into a housewife. Someone with no respect for herself will never really respect a man. Just string him along with lies until the truth is too big to ignore.

        Shout out to the new guy. I know you’re looking. Take this as a warning. That chick you’re with is lying to you. We’re not haters. We’ve known her a lot longer than you have. Take our word for it or not, as you choose. Sooner or later, you’ll find out we’re right. So do yourself a favor. Read this blog. Read her own words. Learn. Better sooner than later.

        You’re welcome.

      • Poor delusional Tabetha, not. So exactly how much begging did you have to do to get any attention from this agency? And it is amusing to see your “bi lover” on the site but not you. Always the bridesmaid never a real bride, huh Tabetha? How do you keep a straight face with all the lies you tell? Also it isn’t that we don’t think some of the people you like to claim association with are real, we just find it humorous that you feel the need to name drop. You know my sister knows some interesting people, but you don’t see her name dropping to get attention. Guess that’s why she is real and you will always live in her shadow. You will never know greatness because you are the epitome of a wannabe, hanger on and poser. What do any of these women have to be jealous of you about? That you go through men like most women sexy lingerie? That you have been rode hard and put away wet more than any horse in the Kentucky derby? Please do enlighten the masses of what about you deserves envy, inquiring minds want to know.

      • Poor, delusional thing. She thinks that sharing a bunch of links makes her part of the industry, somehow. It’s paiful to watch, really. But I’d rather have her doing that than scamming authors. So, more power to her.

  12. I was hand picked by the modeling organization. And all those things you listed is defamation of character. And Troy knows my religion beliefs and is very okay with it. He doesn’t try to change me. And he looks nothing like Josh. Josh was a kid Troy is a man big difference. He supports all I do and sees I am a damn good mother. Again green with Envy that all the shit you talked about my pictures got me into one of Texas’ best agencies specifically for plus size models. But it’s okay because when the time comes you’ll be wiping more than egg off your face.

    • Hand-picked? Translated: You pestered them until they shared your Zoey Sweete album. So far, that’s all I see them doing for you. Making a glint of delusional hope into grandiose posturing. As usual. But, like I said, more power to you. Have fun. Best of luck.

      Airing out that lame ass defamation threat you dust off any time someone new comes into your life? Playing the victim, as ever, hoping it’ll get the new guy to run to the defense of his lady fair? Might work, until he finds out that it’s just tired old rhetoric that you recycle over and over again, just like you recycle your compliments. Those are the same things you said about Josh when you moved him in, and it’s the same thing you said about Randy when you got him back on the hook. The same thing you whisper into James’s ear when the wife isn’t looking? The new guy will find out, just like all the other guys did. They always do.

    • Seriously he is a real man? Knows how to treat a woman? That has been stated about EVERY guy you have managed to bullshit since I’ve known you and that goes back to 2012. So if ALL these men know how to treat a woman, and you can’t hold on to them must be you aren’t much of a woman. Just saying.

      What do I have to be jealous of, been with the same man 28 years, married for 22. Two beautiful children who are strong minded, one is married and has been for longer than ANY of your pathetic relationships. So again what does that say about you Tabetha? My daughter tends to her 2 kids better than you with your one. At least she is mother enough to get up and FEED her kids, and they have a respectable bedtime. She is more concerned about their wellbeing then parading around in graveyards half naked.

      Jealous? You are so off base you are in the ozone. Do you hear the stupidity coming from your words? Really??? You are a special kind of stupid. You lie and bullshit your way through life. You will NEVER be anything but garbage. Truthfully you can’t polish a turd!

      Whatever you are smoking you need to put the pipe down, seek counseling and get some fucking help. And for the new guy I suggest you be careful or you will be accused of beating her, abusing her and her child. Or WORSE. Dude R-U-N. The pussy ain’t worth it. She will use you and throw you away.

      Just ask Randy and Joshua, she posted the same meme to each one. She can’t even be original when professing her so called love. And yes the same shit she says about you, she has said about Eric, Bo, Randy and Joshua, and of course the shadow man, the one she lusts after but can never have.

      • That’s right. I forgot to include that in my heads up to the new guy. When they see the light and kick her to the curb (in the gutter, where she belongs), she accuses every. Single. Guy she dates of abusing her. She tells a tale of her daughter’s father kidnapping the two of them by locking them in a room and only letting them come out to eat and use the bathroom. She says she’s been raped, beaten, abused, you name it by every guy thats broken up with her. Ask any of them. Read it from her own words right here on this blog. Yet there has never been a single police report. And she’s never sicced her 1% biker buddies on ’em to avenge “one of their own.” Though she is liberal with her threats to send them after strangers on a blog who have never done anything to her except tell the truth.
        Funny how that works, isnt it?

        You can expect the same. You’ll be her king, her dragon, her warrior in shining armor. Right up until you catch onto her shit, and then the claws will come out. She’ll accuse you of beating her, or some other horrible thing. Be ready, bud. It’ll happen. She played rough in the bedroom with the last guy and proudly posed for photos sporting the bruises. We warned him that she’d use those to prove that he abused her. And, sure enough, she tried. But he was a step ahead of her, with texts from her consenting to rough play. Smart guy. You should do the same. Cover your ass, dude. If nothing else, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

        Up to you. Believe what you want. We’ll be here when reality sinks in. Best of luck to ya.

  13. You know by the now I figured you would have found something else to blog about seeing this blog is supposed to be for helping authors in need but instead you have made it your personal vendetta hate blog against me. How charming one would say? But let’s be honest, you despise me, you really do because no matter how hard you try to prove I am this and I am that you get shut the fuck down every time. Each time you accuse me of this and that, the proof comes floating in the wind. I didn’t have to beg to be apart of anything. Unlike some ppl in this world I am lucky to have certain ppl in my life that believe in me and support what I do in the modeling world and publishing world. And that just burns your panties doesnt it? You can’t stand the fact that after three years I am still going strong never failing never allowing you to win. Because we both know this is your little game. You say I need medication sweetheart before you cast the first stone you might want to look at yourself. You want to come to my playground and cause a shit storm, go ahead but you’ll be stomping your fucking feet when you are proven wrong again and again. Hatred is an ugly thing. And the last time I checked God doesnt like ugly. You say I have no soul but am I the one that degrades a woman on a daily basis, allowing ppl to talk shit about someone they barely know? You do all those things.

    You haven’t started a new chapter. You are stuck in the last. I would say I feel sorry for you but that is giving you too much. Let’s play a new game shall we? Let’s see how long you can go without tossing my name in the dirt without a single shred of evidence to prove what these ppl are saying is true.

    I have my proof. Every single shred. Do I have to show you no I don’t but it’s going to be a lovely thing when I do because again it will be more than egg you wipe from your face. All of you will be praying that you don’t burn in Hell for the things you have said and done to me. And trust me that day is coming. Coming soon…

    • Tabetha you forget I know so much about you. I say if you have proof Don sing it bring it. And STOP STEALING MY SAYINGS!!! ” God don’t like ugly” bitch please you know that is something that I have said MANY times concerning MY Grammy’s sayings.

      Your sorry ass WILL NEVER BE ME, so stop fucking trying. I know EXACTLY who and what you are. Don’t play. Just because you haven’t faced the music, YET, doesn’t mean that the band isn’t warming up to play your tune. You haven’t been busted by the right person.

      Yet every fucking lie you tell can be shown for what it is point blank a damn lie. Stop posturing and walking around like your shit doesn’t stink because it does. And you will pay for your sins, it’s just a matter of time.

      Keep saying that you have this great protection, keep claiming certain affiliations, sooner or later you will get entangled in your HUGE web of lies. It happens to the best, just remember one thing, the longer karma waits the more HELL she brings. I seriously hope you are ready for the fire.

    • If you’re not playing the victim, you’re posturing about filing a law “suite” to sue my ‘ads’ for defamation. You keep forgetting, sweet cheeks, that it’s only defamation if it’s a lie. And every single person that’s bravely stepped forward on this blog has shown proof of what you did to them. So go ahead, honey. Sue away. I’d LOVE to see you explain away your crimes in front of a judge.

      Still going strong? Is that why you have to change the name of your so-called “business” so often? Why your authors leave you? Why you make up so many fake names? Sure. Sell that to your new man, if he’ll buy it. I’m betting we know you alot better than he does. But he’ll find out. They always do. Then you’ll be back where you always end up. Alone. But, by all means, talk tough for big daddy to back you up. Play the victim and throw around those legal threats, like you’ve been doing years and never follow through with. Because you know you can’t. A crook can’t call defamation if somebody calls them a crook. Doesn’t work that way, toots. And you know it. But keep on prancing around about it. Put on your little show for the new guy. You and I both know it’ll end up the same way. He’ll see the truth about you and hit the bricks. It’s just a matter of how long you can pull the wool over the eyes of this guy. And the next. And the next one after that. An endless line of suckers you’ve duped.

      Well. I guess I shouldn’t say endless. There will come a time when potential marks look at you in horror and you won’t be able to seduce them with smut or flesh. You’re not getting any younger, and gravity isn’t getting any kinder. You’ll have to find somebody else to use up, then. Maybe another family member, if there are any left that can stand you. That’s your future to sort out when you get there, with karma keeping pace with you every step of the way. Good luck with that.

      Since you can’t seem to grasp the concept, I’ll repeat it yet again. This is MY blog. I’ll put whatever the happy hell I want on it. If I choose to inform the public about a scam publisher that continues to defraud the public, misrepresent authors and lie through her teeth about, well, EVERYTHING, there is exactly fuck all you can do about it.

      Let’s do play a game, dear. Called “Get a life.” One that doesn’t involve lying, scamming, hurting people, or being a toxic narcissistic psychopath. Get that licked and there wouldn’t be anything to write about. Would there?

      You come here because it’s the only real attention you get. Admit it. If your life was so fabulous, you’d be out living it. Not trolling us.

      So go ahead and call it hate all you want. You know you love it.

  14. Little girl you are the one that seems not to have a life. IF you were out doing all these great things and people seen “how kind and special you are” your ass wouldn’t be trolling this blog and crying from the rooftop of how mean we are. Your mother wouldn’t have died with such hate on her lips, and your child wouldn’t be a mini you anything. A decent daughter would not scream and throw a fit when she KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT, that stress would harm the woman she claimed to love. Your child would have a set bedtime and be around KID FRIENDLY environment and people. Every man you get involved with hears about this blog, and every damn one of those men come along and ask us to play nice, give you a chance and let you learn from your MANY REPEATED mistakes. When are YOU TABETHA JONES going to stop the stupid games? When are you going to grow up and be a real woman. Honestly bedding a man doesn’t make you a woman, being supportive, showing respect and taking care of your child does. Don’t you dare lie and say that you do, others have proven otherwise. You do the same bullshit time after time and use the same line of “I’ve learned from my mistakes”, exactly what have you learned but to do the same fucking shit and how to get away with it? If you were doing so great and had such a perfect life, this blog and your victims words wouldn’t phase you. The very fact that you can’t stay off of it, and feel such a need to defend your lies, and you FORCING others to take part shows exactly what you truly are about. You are low class, high maintenance and full of shit. If your life wasn’t filled with lies and hatred your mother may be alive to this day. Get mad all you want the REAL FACTS speak for themselves. You are nothing more than a glorified bag of waste. I am just wondering how long it will take your new guy to come on here praising you to the highest, as all your others have. If not him it will be you using his name like you did the others. He is already secretly contacting people as I type this, so I am guessing it won’t be long. I feel sorry for any man that attempts to have any life with you. You are a leech, a parasite, you use them and toss them aside when they have no more worth or they see your true nature. These boys need to realize that you have teeth outside your mouth. If they don’t understand I will gladly enlighten them. Grow up troll, you brought all this on yourself. This blogs wouldn’t write a fucking thing about you if you were legit. Get that through your fucking thick ass skull.

    • A loving daughter doesn’t heap a ton of stress on a dying parent. Period. Then again, a loving child doesn’t try to pawn dear old mom off with a pauper’s funeral paid for by the state, either. Or try to figure out how to keep cashing the old girl’s pension checks after she’s gone. Only a true shit stain would do such a thing.

      Giving birth does not a mother make. That’s just biology. Any cow can drop a calf in the dirt. What makes a mother is love, care and dedication. If anyone that’s got a child cares more about what strangers are saying on some blog, then that’s what I’d call piss poor priorities.

  15. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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