Pseudonym means, literally, fake name. Theodor Geisel had three. Lawrence Block had six. At last count Dean Koontz had eleven. Sam Clemens only used one, but then, he only needed one. Same thing with Stephen King.

There are a lot of reasons why a writer would choose to use a pen name.

Career complications. It might be problematic for a doctor or lawyer to write erotica, or even horror. If a writer’s work might cause complications in other aspects of his or her “real” life, they might choose to use a pen name. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Different genres. If a well-known author of children’s books decided to try something more risky, or horrifying, his or her fan base would probably be quite shocked to discover that they’ve bought something that wasn’t what they expected. If you’re used to seeing an author write about butterflies and kitty cats, you might not be prepared for a gore-soaked tale about legions of the blood-sucking undead. It would make sense to use a different name to publish such a different subject matter.

Mathematician Charles Dodgson wrote fantasy novels under the pen name Lewis Carroll, for example. Those are vastly different topics and is therefore understandable.

Keep in mind that I’m talking about dramatically different genres. If, for example, a self-supposed author who writes smut decides to write smut with a werewolf in it instead of a witch, that does not constitute a different genre. Smut is smut. No other names are needed, unless there are duplicitous intentions at play.

Another author already uses your name. This is what happened in my case. If you Google Jeanne Larson, you’ll find a whole lot of people that aren’t me, including a couple that write books about self-help and sundry other topics. So I use the initials JT with my own, real last name – Larson. Please note, I don’t have dots after the letters. It’s a little thing, but it bugs me when I see people writing it out that way. Especially if they’re trying to insult me in some way. I mean, if you’re going to diss me, at least use the right name to do it with.

Cultural or gender bias. Unfortunately, this does still exist. Some people, consciously or not, will think less of a book if they see a woman’s name on the cover. “They can write children’s books or recipes, but leave literary fiction to the men.”  Rubbish. There’s a whole roster of female writers that would beg to differ. I’m one of them. But I go ahead and use the initials to avoid gender bias. I don’t want gender bias to factor into my work in any way, so I avoid it all together. I don’t hide who I am, and neither do many authors that don’t use their exact names.

Stephen King just wanted to know if people would buy his work without his own name on it. They did. A lot.

So, yes. There are a lot of legitimate reasons that authors do use pen names.

When is it NOT okay to use pen names? The short answer is: When it becomes fraud.

False information. If an author makes up  fake identities, that’s fine, as long as the backstory is the same as the original author’s. It becomes fraud when someone not only makes up fake names, but also creates false backs-stories for them. When they create information that doesn’t exist or gives an alternym attributes or achievements they have not earned and do not have in reality, it’s not okay.

It’s fraud if an author gives a pen name experiences or areas of expertise which s/he does not possess. Someone who has not earned a degree in criminal justice can’t claim that a pen name has. An author that hasn’t learned to speak French cannot claim that an alt is a French scholar. A person who isn’t gay, a different ethnicity, older, younger, or abused in any way can not make claims of these characteristics for an alt. When this happens, it’s not only fraud, it’s offensive.

One example is an author who claims that she or one of her alts has been domestically abused in order to seem sympathetic to a reading audience, or even to raise money for a domestic abuse charity – only to keep the funds for herself. That’s not just criminal, it’s an insult to any real woman that has, in fact, been a victim of domestic abuse.

Don’t do it.

Identity theft. Tabetha (Hoover) Jones writes under multiple identities. She claims that it’s because each one of them represents different parts of her personality. That’s not okay. Pen names are about writing, not about dissociative personality disorders. If the alts exist so that each can write in different genres, that’s fine, like I said before. But when they’re all different names that write the exact same crap, then it’s very not okay. Especially if one of those alts is given the name of another, existing author.

One of Tabetha’s Alts is Ivy Sinclair. That would be fine and dandy, but there’s already an established author named Ivy Sinclair. Using the same name could (and probably should) get Tabetha sued by the existing author. Especially if the real Ivy Sinclair doesn’t write smut, and doesn’t want her name associated with that genre.

There’s a whole list of reasons an author makes up fake names. Their own name might be so tarnished, for example, that to use it would negatively impact upon their ability to generate sales. Their reputation precedes them.

To avoid Taxes.

To avoid breach of contract.

To avoid defamation suits.

Deceit in general.

To sum it up: if you see an author that uses one or more pen names, it’s entirely possible that it’s an innocent, professional act. If, however, you see someone that’s got different names under which they make fake claims, or display underhanded motives of any kind (including the use of a name another author already uses), chances are that that it’s not innocent or professional at all.

Don’t be that person. Keep it legit. Do your homework. Be professional.

52 thoughts on “Pseudonymity

  1. Each of my names I use for a completely different genre. I believe I have that right, But you always have to beat around the bush and do a post that in some form or fashion relates to me. Hater!!!

    • You only have one genre. Smutty crap. Sell your bullshit to the public if you want, but nobody here is buying it. Your writing is self-serving Mary Jane spank. No editing, no formatting. Crap. Always has neen, always will be. No matter how many names you slap on it, since your own is tarnished.

    • Tabetha you can lie to yourself all you want, but fucking stop lying to people who know your bullshit. Are you kidding me? Every damn thing you write is the same cheap garbage.

      You write cheap smut nothing of substance. And as for your so called poetry it sucks. You try so hard to be like others and you just don’t have the goods. You are so lame you steal a real authors name. Then you make alts to attempt to slap people in the face with the similarities to either their name, nickname or life’s experience.

      If you weren’t so damn pathetic it would be laughable.

    • There has been no “beating around the bush.” You were directly called out – or does your reading comprehension matches Nicky? I wouldn’t be surprised, as you share the same delusions of grandeur.

    • Who’s beating around the bush? I’m saying flat-out that you’re using the name of an existing author’s name. And that you only have one genre. Crap.

      In case you missed that part, giving your alts different life stories, claiming experiences and/or achievements that you haven’t in what passes for your real life, is FRAUD. I mean ALL your alts, not just the ones you admit to so that you can blink innocently and pretend you’re being honest about the rest. Including the ones you get others to make up. Skylier Wickerson, anybody? The drop-dead gorgeous model that doesn’t exist that both you and your sister date say she (your sister) dates in real life.

      Destiny Rane? You know, the name you ADMITTED making up to defraud not only the public but the United States government by running an unregistered company under a fake name? Good luck explaining that one to the IRS and attorney general when they ask.


      The only hate going on here is yours. You hate that we call you out so you can’t get away with your schemes.

      • Don’t forget that Zoey Sweete was to be written up in 17 magazine at the tender age of 12 was it? Seriously, how is that possible when this particular alt didn’t exist until 2012 or 2013? FYI, I checked, yes dumbass you can do that. It’s called research.

        Keep up the lies Tabetha, we will ALWAYS live in the truth.

    • Beat around the bush? No, you ugly minger. I hate you right up front. Your a fat lazy slob that steals from people and neglect your child whilst you pop pills and whore around after strippers. There’s nothing about you to love. If only you would choke on the offal you shovel the world would be a better place. I only hope you have a trial for me to testify at soon so you can be put where you belong and the world can celebrate your removal, you vile cunt.

  2. I didnt write under Zoey Sweete for the piece I submitted to Seventeen magazine. The story was called a Gamble for Love and it was under T. Renee Jones

    • You are such a LIAR Tabetha. I have got proof. Your Zoey Sweete alt with your picture. Do take note of the last sentence of the first paragraph. Readers you will have to click on the more portion. And before you go scrambling to change it Tabetha, I have already screen grabbed it.

      I do remember telling you that you should keep notebooks on your lies. Might be a good idea to start.

      • That’s about as busted as it gets.
        I’ve seen the screen cap of ZOEY saying she was written up in 17 magazine at that age. And here she is saying thar she wrote it under her own name. After insisting that she doesnt write under her own name. Lie on top of lie, laughing as we prove each one, thinking she’s so clever, getting us to chase after all these wild geese. She thinks she’s one step ahead of us with all these (not very) clever machinations when in fact, she’s two steps behind. We see what she’s up to. Just because we don’t post it here doesn’t mean we’re missing it. The people that need to be made aware already have been. And so have the authorities. All people need to see here are her lies. And there are many.

      • Also I would like to add that where Tabetha says she kept journals of her writing, lie. She was amazed that I had a binder filled with all I have written in my life.

        And funny how the words fell to the paper, hmmm. Isn’t that just about the EXACT words used in my first book in MY bio? Get a FUCKING LIFE BITCH.

      • She won’t. She’ll just ignore it, change the subject or do something outrageous to divert attention. Just like how she’s ignoring the question where Bo died. Bad enough she expects people to believe that a biker getting his throat slashed wouldn’t make the news, especially on the same day of the Waco shootout. Ehe knows she can’t come up with anything because IT NEVER HAPPENED. So she simply ignores it, hoping we’ll get distracted by the next lie (this time about Zoey Sweete) and forget about the last lie. We won’t forget, of course. And it won’t go away. It’ll be right here in black and white, waiting to be read by her victims, past, present and future. And they are.

      • You can put your previous writing history on your bio is that a crime now? I was young back then I didnt know anything about pen names and such I just sent in my story. And no I dont write anything under my real name but come on I was fifteen then I wasnt thinking oh well in so and so years I’ll write under Zoey Sweete so I’ll use that. You dumb fucks. I was waiting tables going to school and learning new things about the world by finally spending time with my father. I had no plans of what I wanted or who I would be in the future. I was enjoying the time I had then.

      • Crime? No. Lie? If you say it…yes.

        You never write using your real name. That’s what you said. Zoey Sweete wrote a piece for Seventeen magazine. Again, you. You get busted on both counts and yet you still have the nerve to show up here and spew even more crap to TRY and cover your lying ass. Un-freaking-believable.

      • I’m not any good at writing iOS; They are all “So-and-so lives in this general location” but even I could write a more believable bio than hers, if I actually care to do so

    • It’s obvious you didn’t apply any common sense to this lie, Tabetha. Like most magazines, Seventeen pays for articles – and, by way, they couldn’t have published a twelve year old. Twelve year olds can’t make contracts. Just because the magazine is called Seventeen doesn’t mean the law changes. And, before you go there Horse Lovers magazine isn’t written by horses, either.

  3. Sonja, honestly she has been copying me from day one. From some of the people I associated with to things that happened in my life. I do believe the Bo and bullet thing came from an incident that occurred when I was 16. She is so desperate to be someone she is willing to add their pain to make her look better.

    Honestly if she wants my past, she can have it. But it would only make her weak. Only the strongest survive my real hell. No embellishments, straight fact. I wouldn’t wish my past on anyone, not even someone as low as Tabetha.

    Just remember Tabetha they are my scars, it’s my pain and you could never be what I have become from this hell. You will always be a shadow dweller.

    • Tabby is one of those that would steal your clothes from your closet if you invited her over for tea but then when you catch her later in your dress she’d shamelessly lie and claim to have bought the same dress by coincidence…
      What a creepy bitch, without any style or redeeming qualities!
      Doesn’t it bug you that she is copying you and stealing your ideas and your history?

      • You have no idea of how livid I am over her stealing my life. I mean if she did it and it took all the scars, emotional, mental and physical, HELL YEAH, more power to her.

        But what she has done is make a mockery of my pain. I am waiting for her to use things from my second book to add to her life. No lie but if she does, y’all will be taking up a collection for my bail. And I don’t give a rats ass and have to walk every damn mile to show her every ounce of pain she wishes to covet.

        No threat so don’t start pissing down your leg, yet, Tabetha. Plain fact. You have read the book, hell published it so you know. If you fucking DARE attempt to use that to gain any type of sympathy it WILL be your last lie. And JT knows 1 thing I shared to assist in a situation, so she knows that I am not lying. Unlike you Tabetha, I can back up everything even from my past.

        Fuck you, you lying cunt. I am not the one to mess with. I am a nightmare that will haunt you until you draw your last jagged breath. I am evil personified, I have walked with death. And I am still here to tell the tale.

      • Stealing the clothes of somebody’s back is already low but using someone’s suffering to steal sympathy is… I don’t even know, what is that?

  4. Tabetha Renee Jones’ pseudonym “Zoey Sweete”‘s bio claims she was published in Seventeen when she was 15 years old. Since “Sweete”‘s bio included details cribbed from the bios of other authors, there is skepticism about her claim she was published in Seventeen.

    Jones has also claimed she has never published her fiction under her own name. She claims she has only been published under one of her pseudonyms. After questions were raised, Tabetha Jones claims her story was published in “Seventeen” as “Gamble for Love” as T. Renee Jones. What a clever pseudonym; that took a lot of thought.

    According to H.W. Wilson Company, publisher of Readers Guide to Periodical Literature, their indexing on “Seventeen” started 1 Jan 1983. This is the kind of research guide that only a large library can afford (full year $495). Jones born 1981 would have been fifteen in 1996; given lag time between acceptance of a contribution and actual publication, I think we are looking at 1996-1997. In Tabetha Renee’s father’s obit, her name was listed as Tabatha Rena, so any search should include variations of her name.

    BTW, “Seventeen” turns 71 years old this year, first issue Sep 1944. Happy 71st, “Seventeen”!

  5. For the cheap seats there Tabetha, you can put previous writing history down “IF” it is true. Unfortunately as with everything you do there is more fabrication then truth. Your alt Zoey Sweete didn’t exist when you claim to have been written up in that magazine. Therefore it is a blatant lie. So again do you even know what the truth is? In fact didn’t you come up with the name Emerald Le Fluer because you claimed that you man at the time was jealous of the attention your Zoey personna was getting for the “gag” erotica that you were writing? Funny that your Emerald alt wrote erotica as well. So please explain to me as if I were a 6 year old how these alts are different and they write different genre? I’ll be sitting here eating my popcorn waiting for your next batch of lies.

  6. I do love how when faced with FACT our dear bad ass Tabetha runs and hides like the cur dog she is. Why is that? Are her lies becoming more transparent? Is the great mind slipping? Or is it that she has spewed so much shit she is up to her eyes trying to waddle through the muck?

  7. Y’all want to know something? Now I may be a lowly trucker, just like the dearly departed father of Tabetha, but I’ve observed something very interesting. Tabetha avoids every topic and question, but it seems to me that she is using this blog to obtain attention. When she wants people to notice how ghetto fabulous she is the twit comes on here with feathers ruffled screaming and stomping her fat foot about how wonderful her life is. I got a new man, again. My career is perfect. I am mom of the year. I am going to be on sports illustrated top model choice, now that was an exaggeration but so is everything that dumb twit says. If she didn’t have this blog she would probably see exactly how pathetic she really is. She has no concept of just how low she is and how her attention whore mentality is just as disgusting. She shows with every sentence she writes just how uneducated, illiterate and vile she truly is. Any man who would read this sees it for what she is. She just doesn’t get it. I would feel bad for her if she wasn’t so damn nasty.

    • I don’t think she’ll ever see it. She’s far too impressed with herself to ever realize what a sad and pathetic train wreck her life is. I know that she revels in the attention she gets from this blog. It’s likely the only real attention she gets (since we all know that her grandiose posturing comes straight out of her imagination).

      But this blog isn’t for her. It’s for the people she’s cheated, abused and scammed. It’s for them to have a voice. And it’s for present and future victims. So they can be informed and avoid being so badly used.

      And it’s for all of the above. So they can see that there’s hope. There’s life after being scammed. There’s a whole world of possibilities. Authors, including my daughter, have published successfully without that reprehensible fraud. Anybody can. It doesn’t have to hurt. It can be a joyful journey.

      If that two ton cow wants to play model and convince herself what a great beauty and sought-after supermodel she is, more power to her. She can roll around naked while her sister takes smutty pictures all day long if they want. The more they do that, the less authors are getting abused.

  8. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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