Ripoff Report

On Thu, September 05, 2013, I filed a report on the website called Ripoff Report. I titled my report:
ripoff title
Here’s the report itself.
It pretty much sat there for the last couple of years. It did get some attention, and quite a few authors dodged a bullet after reading that and thanked me for posting it.

Then today, I got notification that there’s been a rebuttal submitted to my report.
Nutbag Nicky had this to say”
I don’t know which is more pathetic, the fact that he’s deteriorated into utter and complete delusional paranoia, or that a self-proclaimed publisher has such piss poor writing skills. The poor nutbag can’t even spell my name right, let alone string together a sentence that makes any sense whatsoever. If this is any example of his writing skills, one can only imagine that his publishing efforts lack what it takes to represent any writer (including himself) properly in the literary world. I would have to include him on the list of publishers to avoid at all costs.

As ever, he blames anyone he can think of for his own shortcomings, refusing to accept responsibility for his own failures.

Just for giggles, he included this picture, with the caption:
This would be me if you want to know who is behind this rebuttal.
All I can do is shake my head.

And, for the record, the Ripoff Report still applies to Tabetha’s endeavors. Just add more new names to  the list of bogus companies. Silver Fang, Destiny Storm, Sweete Sinz.

Did I miss any?


New Blood

Looks like Tab’s hooked herself a live one. New blood.

Aradia Wadjet.
Tabetha Jones promises you the moon, both as an author and a model. But the truth is far from the promise. Authors as far back as 3 (4?) years, as recently as this year, have come forward with horror stories about stolen royalties, ripped off story ideas, lies, abuse and nightmares. She charges for services that the author could do for him /herself. Like publishing on services like createspace and lightning source. She’s ripped off both the author and the artist for cover images, and it’s been proven time and time again that her company’s books go to print without any editing or formatting. She simply screws them over.

Same thing from models. She tells them that she can get them into magazines, when all she delivers is lucky shots in vanity magazines that the models could have submitted pictures to themselves.

Sensing the pattern, here?

There is nothing she does for an author or model that they can’t do for themselves.

The problem here is that she gets her hooks into authors and models by getting them to sign a contract. It looks great up front, but when the model/author starts asking the hard questions, when the numbers and promises don’t add up, the claws come out and those contracts become battle weapons. The model or author stops being “family” then, and all of a sudden, they’re haters and liars. Where do you think all of the people on this blog came from? The people she’s telling you right now are “haters” and “liars” were originally authors and/or models with her companies. They didn’t appear out of thin air. They got screwed over by her and have stepped forward to tell their stories so that you won’t have to suffer the same abuse they endured.

They were “Family” too, when the signed up. They were promised stardom, too. And, look. They didn’t get it. Tab will say that it’s THEIR fault. that they weren’t any good, or that they screwed HER over somehow. Be very careful when you listen to both sides, here. Who has a motive to lie? The scam artist trying to get her hooks into you? Or her former victims that are trying to protect you from her? Can they ALL be liars? Keep in mid that they were told the same promises you’re being told right now. They were told that the victims that spoke up before them were liars and haters, too. They had to learn in their own time, but they did. You will, too. It’s just a matter of how long it takes you to see it.

She uses her contract as an excuse to keep exploiting models and authors, doing her level best to make them believe that they are powerless. If they say they want to leave, she tells them that they’re bound by the contract. And that she’ll sic her lawyer on them if they try to walk away.

YEARS after the fact, she’s still got works by previous up for sale around the world, and with images of former models on her various, assorted websites. In some cases, she’s stolen not only their images, but their belongings.

Work with Tabetha Jones (Hoover, Willis, Saulters, Henley, Olejnick, Simpson, whatever) at your own risk. And make no mistake. You will regret it. Save yourself now. Wipe your ass with her contract and walk away. There is NOTHING she can do to you. She can’t sue you. She can’t touch you. If a company doesn’t exist legally, neither do its contracts. They aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, or the blips of light they show up as on the screen.

I’ve read a bit about you. It looks like Third Eye wisdom is something you really believe in. But be warned. Money, dignity and goods aren’t the only things she steals. She also assumes and exploits the belief systems of the people she uses, because they’re so much more interesting than she is. Just ask those who originally believed in Voodoo. Just ask Salena, a REAL goth beauty. Tabetha not only adopted a bloody persona (which she showed no interest in before Salena, and which she’s still dabbling with), but she also copied her makeup, glued glass gems to her face like Salena, and she stole her stuff. Just ask Jamie, who really believes in angels and demon theology. She’s exploited their beliefs, just like she exploits everything else about them. You get the idea.

I also see that you’re previously published, both as a writer and as a model. This is an important factor. Other models she’s worked with have been previously recognized as well, with pictures appearing in magazines and on websites, enjoying a measure of their own fame before she jumped on their coattails.

She might be promising you the moon and the stars right now, but you need to be very aware. She’s not concerned with what she can do for you. All she cares about is what she can get FROM you. She’ll rip off your beliefs, and she’ll count on you to get HER into magazines, not the other way around. And when you realize that you’re being used, not promoted, she’ll spit you out without a hint of remorse.

All we can do is put the facts in front of you. It’s up to you to take heed or not. It won’t change the outcome – you’ll find out. The only difference is how long you’ll allow yourself to be lied to and exploited. It’s up to you.


One of the projects I pitched lately got the green light. Holla!

I can’t say what it is, but I can tell you that I’m freaking STOKED. I don’t mean to be cryptic, but sometimes, a  little discretion is called for.

If I’m not around much, don’t worry. I’m not ignoring you. And I’m not letting her lowliness slide. She’s still getting tripped up. Hell, she does a good job of doing that all by herself, with stupidity and ineptitude.

If you don’t see me every day, it’s because I’m dong something Tab et al can’t claim. I’m dong REAL work out here in the REAL world.

I’ll be happy to share when it’s done. Until then, wish me luck.

Oh, look.

Tabetha’s a public figure now.
Or, Zoey Sweete is. I know, same thing. Either way, it’s funny as hell.
Self publishing some illiterate spank-smut and rolling around naked on the couch so her sister can take pictures makes her a public figure.

And I am the queen of Sheba.

Let her have her delusions. She got a picture into a vanity magazine, so of course she’s the next morbidly obese supermodel of the world. More power to her. At least she’s not pretending to be a publisher anymore. And that’s a good thing, because she still hasn’t learned how to spell. There are several faux pas in her ego-stroking write-up of her involvement with a local model-broker.
Wouldn’t her new boss be proud, having somebody with her literary skills in their corner? I know I would be. Not.

Wait… what? She’s still playing publisher, too?

Well, it is true that she’s still got books out there by former authors victims on sites like Amazon UK, among others. And I hear whispers that she’s quietly planning to re-release her entire “catalog” of books by authors that have long since cut ties with her.

I hope she does. I hope she keeps every third party sales going, and has the nerve to re-publish work she has no legal right to use. And, unlike before, I hope the authors nail her ass to the wall. The only reason she’s still out there ripping people off is because they get so sick of her that they walk away. They simply don’t want to deal with her anymore, even if that means letting her get away with it.

I can understand that. I’m sick of her, too. Nothing would make me happier than if she fell off the face of the planet tomorrow. No lie. But I guarantee that if I had the grounds to prosecute her, I wouldn’t walk away from it. I’d be too worried about the next person she hurts. I couldn’t have it on my conscience that somebody else got hurt after I could have stopped her. That’s why I still blog about her: to let people know what sort of person (author, editor, whatever) she is, so that they can be warned going in.

Whether it’s the next lover, model or author she suckers in, people have a right to know who they’re dealing with, so that they can avoid the lies and abuse.

Troy, you don’t see it because you’re new to the game, but you’ve already fallen into her pattern. She’s got you suckered in with whatever lies she’s told you. She’s got you playing her internet games for her. Is she using you for money, yet? She got the last guy to take out a loan to pay off her probation fines for her, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts he’ll never see that money again. What about you? Got a job? Contributing to the household bills yet? She’s already got you entwined into her drama. Has she got you contributing to her habits, too? Or has she still got those hidden? Has she got you thinking she’s little Suzie homemaker? Or have you caught her partying all night and sleeping her lazy ass in all day? Hey, if that’s your idea of a hot catch, more power to you. But make no mistake. Whatever story she told you about herself (that she’s some emerging superstar model, publisher writer, whatever), whatever she’s said about us (that we’re all liars and haters, whatever), whatever she said about anything, IT WAS A LIE.  We’ve known her a hell of a lot longer than you have, and we’ve seen it all before. Repeatedly.

Every single guy before you – and the last one was RIGHT before you, by a matter of days, maybe weeks  (she called him her king dragon, too, in case you didn’t know) – has discovered the same thing: That we’re right about her. It takes them a while, because she does lying to people’s faces really well, but sooner or later, they all see it. If you’re a smart man, do what I invited you to do in the first place. Read this blog from the oldest post to the newest one. Read. Learn. Save yourself the time and pain of finding out the hard way.

As for the rest of you, I hereby challenge you. If you’ve got any legal action that you could take against her, do it. I know a couple of her former authors that are cooperating with local, Federal and international authorities to investigate her crimes against them. And that’s a beautiful thing. If the rest of you would step forward as well you’ll not only be reclaiming your own destiny, you might be stopping her from doing it to the next person.

Same thing about her kid. If you’re someone with knowledge of any actions or circumstances that present any sort of unhealthy situation for her child report her to CPS. Imagine if you were a child living like that. Wouldn’t you wish that somebody had advocated for you? It’s not about “getting” Tabetha. It’s about doing what’s right for a little girl that can’t fight for herself. One that deserves a decent life.

Stop letting her skate just because she’s so detestable you don’t want to deal with her anymore. Put a screeching halt to her path of destruction. Once and for all.

Then we can dedicate more time to pointing and laughing at the little femme, Nikita. Won’t that be fun?


Nick Pacione had the ill-advised notion to start a verbal war with my daughter. Somehow, he’s got it in his itty bitty brain that I’m in on the conspiracy to get his books yanked – as if his own lack of talent and abrasive demeanor aren’t taking care of that for him. The guy’s on a rapid decline, devolving quickly. I can only guess that he’s off his meds, careening head-first into a psychotic break.

Whatever the reason, he thought it would be a good idea to harass my daughter to lash out at me. I guess he’s never been accused of being too smart, has he?

This is part of a conversation he started at mid-day today:
thea1 thea2 thea3 thea4 thea5 thea6

My mama-bear instincts bristle at the thought of this lunatic even thinking of my daughter, let alone contacting her. But I needn’t have worried. Thea handled him easily.With skill and grace, she razes him to ground level, refusing to engage him on his level. Truth is, he never stood a chance. Not only is Nikita lacking the spelling or grammar skills to compete with Thea, but he doesn’t have a fraction of the wit he’d need to back it up.

Funny thing is, I couldn’t care less what he does. He’s only on my radar because he got involved with the second worst publisher in the world. Are those two still hooked up, anyway? Either way, Nicky-poo has only himself to thank for getting himself thrown off of just about every site he frequents – including publishing sites like Lulu. His profane lunacy spills forth as he attacks people, and he should apologize to the world for his disjointed “writing.” It’s as illiterate as he is insane.

Watch out for this guy. Not because he posts any threat – he doesn’t. But because he’s nuttier than a fruit-basket. If you’re a writer, that’s not what you want associated with your name. My advice: steer clear.

You’re welcome.

Goodreads, Google

I was updating my profile information on Goodreads a few minutes ago, and it occured to me to take a quick glance at Zoey Sweete and Tabetha (Hoover) Jones profiles. I’m glad I did. I found something interesting.

As we all know, ZOEY SWEETE IS TABETHA JONES. She likes to treat the two of them as if they’re separate people, but they are, in fact, both Tabetha (Hoover) Jones.  And it looks like she’s been so busy being America’s next  super-plus sized model that she’s neglected to update her many, many online presences.

Under both names, there are a lot of the old anthologies still advertized, still displayed as if they’re current works. That’s a no-no.

These books contain the names of many authors that have defnitively severed ties with Tabetha (Hoover) Jones, many of whom vehemently do NOT want their names associated with hers in any way, shape or form. The books might have been removed from Amazon, but there they still are on Tab and Zoey’s respective Goodreads profiles.

Here are some of them:

A Rose in Darkness by Zoey Sweete (Goodreads Author), Ryder Cole, Cindy Franks White, M.K. Hensley, Faith Bloom, Tryxie Lynn, E.W. Bonadio, Jennifer Oneal Gunn(Goodreads Author) , Punya Mohopatra, Diana Nixon (Goodreads Author)

Misery Loves Company by Misty Burke (Goodreads Author) (Editor), Zoey Sweete (Goodreads Author),Eris Kelli (Goodreads Author), Anna Lovelace, Cindy Franks White, Jewels Moss, Faith Bloom, Karrie Hensley , Tabetha Jones (Editor), A.J. Stewart.

Lead me to Temptation by Tabetha Jones (Editor), Zoey Sweete (Goodreads Author), Anna Lovelace, Karrye Angello, Cindy Franks White.

Scarlet Sins by  Zoey Sweete (Goodreads Author), Anna Lovelace, Karrye Angello, Carlie Rose(Goodreads Author), Willsin Rowe, Katie Salidas (Goodreads Author), Brittany Hiester (Goodreads Author)

Beautiful Disasters by Zoey Sweete (Goodreads Author), Nikki Palomino, M.K. Hensely, Punya Mohopatra, Melina Turner (Goodreads Author), Ryder Cole, Eris Kelli(Goodreads Author), Faith Bloom , Ronald Edward Grifin, Jennifer Oneal Gunn (Goodreads Author), Cindy Franks White.

When Light Fades by Tabetha Jones (Editor), Cindy Franks White, Zoey Sweete (Goodreads Author), Jennifer Oneal Gunn (Goodreads Author), Ronald Edward Griffin(Goodreads Author), M.K. Hensley, Jewels Moss, A.J. Stewart (Goodreads Author).

Bloody Kisses by Zoey Sweete (Goodreads Author), Carlie Rose (Goodreads Author), Karrye Angello

Wicked Enticements by Charolette Ondac, Mistress Thanatella, Kim Stevens, Zoey Sweete(Goodreads Author), T. Fox Dunham (Goodreads Author), Martin Smith Huey Musselman, Lance Shonberg, Kate Monroe , Ivy Sinclair Emerald Fleurs, Joy Fulcher.

There are also books that we all know were originally published with content from authors that are no longer with her – only those names no longer appear on the listing. Books like Beautifully Broken, which now only displays Zoey Sweete as the author.

Here’s a list of books credited to Zoey Sweete with various and assorted titles that you might want to look into if you were once published by Tabetha (Hoover) Jones, any of her fake names, or any one of her dubious “companies.” Check to see if your name is still on books that you pulled out of.

I don’t know if you’d rather talk to her about pulling your content, or contacting Goodreads directly. Or if you’d rather just press charges for fraud. But if you’re one of the many that have disassociated yourself from Tabetha (Hoover) Jones, and no longer want your name associated with hers in any way, you should check to make sure it’s not.

Also, Google yourself. A lot. Make sure that not only is she still using your name directly, but also that your books aren’t being sold by any mysterious “third party” sales where the vendor isn’t named.

It’s your name. It’s your reputation. It’s your career. Protect  it with diligence.

You’re welcome.