Nick Pacione had the ill-advised notion to start a verbal war with my daughter. Somehow, he’s got it in his itty bitty brain that I’m in on the conspiracy to get his books yanked – as if his own lack of talent and abrasive demeanor aren’t taking care of that for him. The guy’s on a rapid decline, devolving quickly. I can only guess that he’s off his meds, careening head-first into a psychotic break.

Whatever the reason, he thought it would be a good idea to harass my daughter to lash out at me. I guess he’s never been accused of being too smart, has he?

This is part of a conversation he started at mid-day today:
thea1 thea2 thea3 thea4 thea5 thea6

My mama-bear instincts bristle at the thought of this lunatic even thinking of my daughter, let alone contacting her. But I needn’t have worried. Thea handled him easily.With skill and grace, she razes him to ground level, refusing to engage him on his level. Truth is, he never stood a chance. Not only is Nikita lacking the spelling or grammar skills to compete with Thea, but he doesn’t have a fraction of the wit he’d need to back it up.

Funny thing is, I couldn’t care less what he does. He’s only on my radar because he got involved with the second worst publisher in the world. Are those two still hooked up, anyway? Either way, Nicky-poo has only himself to thank for getting himself thrown off of just about every site he frequents – including publishing sites like Lulu. His profane lunacy spills forth as he attacks people, and he should apologize to the world for his disjointed “writing.” It’s as illiterate as he is insane.

Watch out for this guy. Not because he posts any threat – he doesn’t. But because he’s nuttier than a fruit-basket. If you’re a writer, that’s not what you want associated with your name. My advice: steer clear.

You’re welcome.


6 thoughts on “Nickles

  1. He does have a thing for stalking his perceived enemies’ family members. Bear in mind, he considers it off limits for anyone to oeven mention his family members, yet thinks it fine for him to stalk and harass theirs.

    • They height of hypocrisy. HE can do whatever he wants and feel perfectly justified, but everybody else has to play nice.

      Sorry, Nicky-poo. It doesn’t work that way.

  2. Seems to me darling nikki needs to take his issues up with the trash he aligned himself with instead of trolling and stirring shit. It was Tabetha that whored him, let him down and if I am not mistaken stole the grand anthology he was promoting and attempting to get funding for. But he is a quack so, I guess that is his lame excuse.

    Yes, I can call him a quack, being as the idiot not only never read one thing I have written, but demanded my writing to be EPIC, before he signed me. First off I never asked secondly the idiot couldn’t understand normal thinking when I told him several times, I will NEVER work for or with anyone associated with the likes of Tabetha.

    • He can demand EPIC, but he couldn’t write anything epic to save his life. His writing was never very good to begin with, but as his psychological disorders have progressed, his “writing” has deteriorated into disjointed, illiterate drivel. He tries so hard to mimic the styles of those he considers his “mentors” but he can’t even rant and rave his way out of a wet paper bag. Just like his speech, his writing has dissolved to the point of gibberish. I only hope that those he threatens turn him in to his local authorities so that he can be forced to get the help he so desperately needs before he hurts somebody, or himself.

      • Until he actually does something, like harm himself or someone else (which he can’t really do since he doesn’t leave the basement) he won’t be forced to get help – the only other way is for a relative to get a court order for psych admin, and I don’t think anyone cares enough to do it. My predication is that he will die from a heart attack, rather sooner than later. No one to blame but himself.

      • I was thinking a stroke might do him in, since he gets himself so worked up.

        Harassment is a crime, too. If the people he pesters report him for that, he could get picked up for it. If they get orders of no contact and he violates them, he can certainly get put away for it. Then he’d get help. At least until he gets out and goes off his meds again.

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