New Blood

Looks like Tab’s hooked herself a live one. New blood.

Aradia Wadjet.
Tabetha Jones promises you the moon, both as an author and a model. But the truth is far from the promise. Authors as far back as 3 (4?) years, as recently as this year, have come forward with horror stories about stolen royalties, ripped off story ideas, lies, abuse and nightmares. She charges for services that the author could do for him /herself. Like publishing on services like createspace and lightning source. She’s ripped off both the author and the artist for cover images, and it’s been proven time and time again that her company’s books go to print without any editing or formatting. She simply screws them over.

Same thing from models. She tells them that she can get them into magazines, when all she delivers is lucky shots in vanity magazines that the models could have submitted pictures to themselves.

Sensing the pattern, here?

There is nothing she does for an author or model that they can’t do for themselves.

The problem here is that she gets her hooks into authors and models by getting them to sign a contract. It looks great up front, but when the model/author starts asking the hard questions, when the numbers and promises don’t add up, the claws come out and those contracts become battle weapons. The model or author stops being “family” then, and all of a sudden, they’re haters and liars. Where do you think all of the people on this blog came from? The people she’s telling you right now are “haters” and “liars” were originally authors and/or models with her companies. They didn’t appear out of thin air. They got screwed over by her and have stepped forward to tell their stories so that you won’t have to suffer the same abuse they endured.

They were “Family” too, when the signed up. They were promised stardom, too. And, look. They didn’t get it. Tab will say that it’s THEIR fault. that they weren’t any good, or that they screwed HER over somehow. Be very careful when you listen to both sides, here. Who has a motive to lie? The scam artist trying to get her hooks into you? Or her former victims that are trying to protect you from her? Can they ALL be liars? Keep in mid that they were told the same promises you’re being told right now. They were told that the victims that spoke up before them were liars and haters, too. They had to learn in their own time, but they did. You will, too. It’s just a matter of how long it takes you to see it.

She uses her contract as an excuse to keep exploiting models and authors, doing her level best to make them believe that they are powerless. If they say they want to leave, she tells them that they’re bound by the contract. And that she’ll sic her lawyer on them if they try to walk away.

YEARS after the fact, she’s still got works by previous up for sale around the world, and with images of former models on her various, assorted websites. In some cases, she’s stolen not only their images, but their belongings.

Work with Tabetha Jones (Hoover, Willis, Saulters, Henley, Olejnick, Simpson, whatever) at your own risk. And make no mistake. You will regret it. Save yourself now. Wipe your ass with her contract and walk away. There is NOTHING she can do to you. She can’t sue you. She can’t touch you. If a company doesn’t exist legally, neither do its contracts. They aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, or the blips of light they show up as on the screen.

I’ve read a bit about you. It looks like Third Eye wisdom is something you really believe in. But be warned. Money, dignity and goods aren’t the only things she steals. She also assumes and exploits the belief systems of the people she uses, because they’re so much more interesting than she is. Just ask those who originally believed in Voodoo. Just ask Salena, a REAL goth beauty. Tabetha not only adopted a bloody persona (which she showed no interest in before Salena, and which she’s still dabbling with), but she also copied her makeup, glued glass gems to her face like Salena, and she stole her stuff. Just ask Jamie, who really believes in angels and demon theology. She’s exploited their beliefs, just like she exploits everything else about them. You get the idea.

I also see that you’re previously published, both as a writer and as a model. This is an important factor. Other models she’s worked with have been previously recognized as well, with pictures appearing in magazines and on websites, enjoying a measure of their own fame before she jumped on their coattails.

She might be promising you the moon and the stars right now, but you need to be very aware. She’s not concerned with what she can do for you. All she cares about is what she can get FROM you. She’ll rip off your beliefs, and she’ll count on you to get HER into magazines, not the other way around. And when you realize that you’re being used, not promoted, she’ll spit you out without a hint of remorse.

All we can do is put the facts in front of you. It’s up to you to take heed or not. It won’t change the outcome – you’ll find out. The only difference is how long you’ll allow yourself to be lied to and exploited. It’s up to you.


47 thoughts on “New Blood

  1. Aradia, honey, take a look at the back cover copy on that book. Punctuation is missing, the left margin isn’t lined up, and the grammar is horrible. The sentence “Of course as we reach certain ages Aradia drifted from her connection following a dark path until she realized the universe had more to offer her” makes no sense at all. And in the next sentence, “Once she opened herself back up to the third eye, the presence of other beings were intense, this leading her to journal her astral projections,” the subject is ‘presence’ not ‘beings.” It should be ‘was’ intense. Not ‘were.’ Any decent editor would have caught that. Add to that the fact that the word ‘and’ should be written out rather than using the ampersand. The editing and formatting are sloppy and incorrect, and that’s just your back cover. Do yourself a favor and find a real publisher.

    • Exactly so. Or self publish. Anything but publishing with that fraud. If you let her get her hands on your work, she will forever tarnish it. By reputation, by exploitation – because she’ll continue to sell it long after you come to your senses and leave her. Beth Wright’s “Devil’s Pet Kitten” is still on the market, even though she left in favor of a real publisher years ago. Since the other (REAL) publisher died, Tab put Beth’s book back up for sale, and there it’s been ever since.

      Same thing with Cindy. She left Tab around 2 years ago, and is STILL fighting the legal battle to force Tab to stop exploiting her work.

      For Cindy, her books aren’t just words. They’re her life and soul put onto the page. They’re very personal expressions of herself. So when Tab continues to exploit Cindy’s work, it isn’t just legal, it’s personal.

      And, Aradia, I get the feeling that your work is very personal to you as well, reflecting your beliefs and values. I’d hate to see you fall victim to the same exploitation that Cindy, and so many others have suffered (and continue to suffer). We’re not dragging your name into this to harm you in any way (as I’m sure you’re being told). We want to help you avoid the heartbreak that we know is coming.

  2. I am just wondering how long before Tabetha is using this ladies belief as hers. Hell she has stolen enough of my life and others, this young lady will be no different. It is sad that Tabetha’s life is so pathetic that she has to live vicariously through others.

    She has admitted to receiving royalties from my books up to a year ago, yet I’ve not seen a dime, AND I left Phoenix Fire almost 2 years ago. So , HMMM what does that tell all you future hopefuls? I welcome any of you future authors and models to contact me if you don’t believe me. I have all emails, text messages along with private messages.

    You can find me on Facebook, or I will gladly give you my email. I have no reason to lie. Read through this blog, there was a time I defended Tabetha to the hilt. Until her lies didn’t add up. I openly asked people on this blog questions, not behind her back and she turned on me. She will do the same to you if you dare question her and her lies.

    • You guys really should talk to Cindy. She was involved with Tabetha as an author and a friend before the truth came to light and she realized that she was being lied to. She defended Tabetha staunchly (often at Tabetha’s request) and she was told the same lies you’re being told right now. If there’s anybody that can set you straight about Tabetha Jones, it’s Cindy.

  3. Thank goodness! Some people that should have read this blog long since are FINALLY taking a look. And I don’t just mean at the front page. Two models, an author and more than one government offices are going back through the archives. FINALLY!! The legal process is moving forward. Those wheels might turn slowly, but justice is certain.

  4. You know I don’t know what makes you think steal anyone’s beliefs. I have had these beliefs introduced to me at a very early age by my father Larry Willis. It the way our family has always been. But if you just feel that you just have to keep attacking me over and over when I am doing everything right nothing illegal then that is on you.

    You don’t want to believe the pain and suffering I have been through fine, tired of trying to convince you. Don’t want to believe my daughter is very well taken care of, fine keep calling in on me and each time the officer laughs and walks away.

    Oh, and I can’t wait to hear the chatter about the new pictures. I am sure I will be called a whore or slut, fine, whatever word suits you.

    But while all of you roll around in the past I am looking at a very bright future in publishing and modeling. I am a good mom and no reason to worry. As far as my love life its just fine. Things are in place and its just sad that you people have nothing better to do than sit around in misery but I guess someone has to keep it company.

    I do hope you all have a blessed day.

    • Listen to that. The crickets you hear are the sound of people out there living their lives, publishing books and being happy now that they’ve gotten away from you.

      I don’t know which is more hilarious. The fact that you purport to be an author, editor and publisher when it’s clear that you don’t even have the literary skill to write a single sentence, let alone a book. Or that you think you can come here, blink innocently and expect anybody to believe a single word you say. New victims might buy your bullshit, briefly, but the rest of us know better.

      What we believe is the pain and suffering you inflict upon others, stealing their beliefs, belongings, hopes, dreams and royalties. If you’ve managed to snare any new authors (that actually have a pulse), they’ll find out sooner than later that the numbers don’t add up. They’ll buy your excuses for a while, feeling sorry for you when you come up with hardships in your real life as excuses why they aren’t getting paid. But only for a while. Pretty quick, they’ll start to ask the hard questions, demanding proof of why they’re not seeing any royalties. And, if they’re smart, they won’t won’t fall for those doctored “sales reports” that you fabricate.

      And they’ll come to realize, just like the rest of us, that your “It’s all in the past, I’ve learned from my mistakes, the future will be better” crap is the same tired, old line you throw out to hook new fish. Every time you get busted, you try to erase your misdeeds by saying “It’s in the past. I’ve learned from my mistakes. Everybody deserves a second chance.” But you’re not interested in learning from your mistakes. You’re just looking for new victims to fall for them.

      After the first time, it’s not a mistake. It’s a choice. And it’s not in the past. You’re still up to the same old schemes. You slap a new name on your company and pick right back up where you left off, trolling Goodreads and FB for victims to approach. Either that or you just make up more names. Look at your roster right now. At least half of those names are fake, and you’re at least half of those. Pathetic. Still, somehow, you manage to get your hooks into an ambitious new author that doesn’t know any better.

      But sooner or later, they find this blog. They read about what a liar you are, and they’ll learn who you really are. Then you’ll have to start over with some new bogus publishing company name. Again. You’re up to what, three of them this year? And not a single one of them legal. Not one. Not Phoenix Fire or Dark Storm, which we know you’re still operating, by the way. And not Sweete Sinz. You tell your authors that you don’t have to register with the state, and they fall for that. For a while. But your operation isn’t legal and we all know it. They will, too. I’d explain why, but I’m not going to give you a blueprint to explain it away. I’ll just let the IRS deal with you. I know you laugh at that notion, telling your fresh fish that if they had anything on you, they’d have got you by now. And that’s fine. Keep saying that. Keep believing it. That’ll make it all the sweeter when the hammer falls.

      The only miserable wretch around here is you, chasing after a bit of attention from your former victims. You like to cry victim, claiming that we stalk you, but look at you, coming here begging for attention. Well, you’ll get attention soon enough. From all of the various authorities that are watching you. So enjoy your “very bright” future while you can. Soon enough, all you’ll be modeling is a pretty orange boiler suit tailored by Omar, the tent maker. Be sure and post pictures of THAT online. We’ll put it up right next to your mug shot.

      I swear. I love it when you come around, talking about how great your life is. You usually do that right when your life is on the verge of falling apart. Often shortly before your current catch of the day hits the bricks. What’s the matter? Has mister perfect come to his senses? If not yet, he will. They always do. After all, the men you snag into your bed with your sleazy demeanor and superficial charm are nothing more than victims, too, aren’t they? Being lied to and taken for whatever you can get out of them before they come to their senses and scrape you off the bottom of your shoe.

      Snag ’em while you can, hon. The clock’s ticking. You’re not getting any younger. Hell, you’re already having to import ’em from out of state. Before you know it, there won’t be any victims left. No authors will fall for your lies. Your modeling “career: is already a joke. And no more men will look at you twice, no matter how sleazy you are. They’ll see your sagging, wanna-B boobs and bloated flesh and gag with disgust. You MIGHT find a life partner, if you had any real substance. But you don’t. There’s nothing genuine or joyful about you. Nothing beneath the surface but selfish, conniving lies. That’s all you are, in a word. Selfish.

      Before you know it, your poor kid will be old enough to fly the coop and get as far away from you as she can – despite your best efforts to turn her into you. So that what? You can live off her in your advancing years? You won’t have a man to leech off of and your sister isn’t always going to be there. Is that the plan? To keep the kid around and live off her? You two can go clubbing and lust after strippers together? I wouldn’t count on it. If she’s half as smart as you say she is, she’ll see right through you and run away as fast as her feet can carry her. To college, maybe. Or to move in with some guy. That’s what you’re teaching her, isn’t it? To use guys? To lie, cheat and steal?

      One of two things is going to happen. Either she’ll be knocked up before she’s 16 and be stuck with you as her party pal for the rest of her life, or she’ll escape your trap like the rest of your victims and hit the ground running. I hope for her sake, it’s the latter. She deserves better than you. If you had half a heart, you’d know it.

      And when she’s gone, who will you have? Nobody. You’ll be all alone, a sick, sad sack of flesh with nobody left to leech off of. Nowhere to live but some crappy welfare apartment because there’s nobody left to pay your bills for you. That’s the future you can look forward to, if you’re not still cooling your heels in jail. So live it up while you can. The clock stops for no-one, and you’re already skating on thin ice.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got two novels and a children’s book that deserve my attention more than you do.

      See ya around.

    • Must be something up. Why else after all this time of keeping you big mouth closed you come on the blog TabbyTramp. Oh right new pictures of you wallowing around like the pig you are, you want an audience. And what better way to get attention then to boast here.

      JT I do believe you need to start charging her for using your blog for advertising purposes. Seeing as the cunt can’t get anyone else to look at her pathetic self.

      Sorry Tab dear but I just ate and really don’t care to lose such a scrumptious meal. But if I ever need to force myself to be sick thank you for giving me a place to look to induce vomiting.

    • You do know that old saying there Tabetha, don’t you? The one that says ” IF YOU REPEAT A LIE LONG ENOUGH IT WILL BECOME THE TRUTH”. You have claimed so many times that you have changed ,learned from your mistakes, and so on. So please let us know when the truth comes from your many REPEATED lies.

    • Poor Flabby Assy such a sad minger sucking up to your Lepmummy for attention, look at me mummy look at me! Nobody wants to see your fat naked arse especially after they eat but at least you gave up trying to convince us that you have DD knockers – with so many naked pics anybody can see that one’s an A and the other one might be a B if you hold your breath, you don’t even have cleavage unless you mash them together with two or three push up bras talk about false advertising. If youre love life is so great what are you doing trolling around on a blog instead of living your ab fab life? Your a liar and a troll. I bet Leppy’s right and your world is falling apart at the seams just like anything you stuff our fat bum into. Piss off and go blow your sister.

  5. Thank you for this blog because it has brought a lot attention to ME and made models authors and photographers flock my way. At first I believed you were damaging my career but as I cashed that nice check for my last photo shoot I realized he only contacted me because of you.

    So keep writing and I will keep cashing my modeling checks. And keep getting gigs and offers to be official models for certain magazines.

    Sorry I haven’t been around but being so busy from one gig to the next plus interviews. I’m not saying I’m making thousands of dollars but because of you these photographers are very curious about me which is making me a nice chunk of change that I didn’t have until you started posting links of my pics belittling me for my pics.

    As for my authors they are well taken care of. But it’s funny that a blog that is supposed to be an advocate for authors is strengthening my modeling career.

    Thank you keep blogging and I’ll check in when I can.

    • Cashing paychecks from vanity magazines? That’s funny.

      If you heard from half as many people from this blog as I do from people who are infinitely grateful that they dodged the bullet of working with you, then you’d be SWIMMING in offers instead of begging people for cigarette money. I suspect that your gloating is just more of the same false bravado you shovel around when your world is about to fall apart.

      But okay. We’ll sit back and wait to see your mug in all these magazines.

      Dazzle us.

    • Well then bitch you can pay me what the fuck you owe me. And you sure as hell will be able to pay for the attorney fees and debt you owe to every author you stole from.

      And MAYBE you will be able to buy your own lingerie instead of stealing other people’s lingerie and funking it up with your stench.

    • Alright Ms. Jones I’ll bite. Since you are all about the proof and showing your massive ass. Put up or for once in your entire shitty existence shut the hell up. Let’s see proof of those major checks. As well as those extensive modeling contracts. Let’s see all the agencies real letters to you, not something you whip up on your PC, “begging” to use their wide angle lenses to take your photos. Also not that doctored crap you tried to pass off to my sister.

      I’ll wait…….

  6. Where to start. First of all I will say that I was told about Mrs. Jones and her publishing company by someone singing her praises. And I thought why not, I write erotic horror and I thought she may get me. But another ( better friend) suggested I try and Google her as well as check into business history. I must say thank goodness for real friends because if her attitude towards people who she knows is so disrespectful I definitely don’t wish to do business with the likes of her.
    I found this blog, and honestly I am aghast as to her disrespectful business practice. Really isn’t there any laws to stop her from changing a business up as much as she has? Do any of these authors stand a chance of stopping her from stealing from them?
    It took me quite a while to muddle through all the blog posts. I have to say thank you to Mrs. JT, sorry not quite sure of the last name. You could have given up after I seen your daughter was paid off for what Mrs.Jones had stolen from her, but I did read quite a bit of the agreement Mrs. Jones failed to adhere to. So kudos to you Mrs.JT.
    Mrs.Jones, it seems to me you have some severe issues, I strongly suggest that you seek counseling. With just your comments on this particular post it seems to me that you are fundamentally lacking in many skills and humility. You take great pleasure in rubbing the noses of your claimed success while there are many you have harmed. Sadly it goes beyond theft of works and money.
    You have stolen hair styles, upbringing, religious beliefs, lifestyle choices, associations, and clothing, now that is low. I know that there is much more than that I am just touching on the few things. You seem to believe that if you say it is true then of course it must be.
    I am so sorry to bust your bubble Mrs. Jones but in the real world it does not happen that way. I did peruse your pictures and sadly to say I wish I was blind. How do you even consider what you say is modeling as any type of art? I have seen classier photos in a girlie magazine. Mrs. Jones I have to say that you definitely need a lesson on how to be a lady. You are a disgrace to any woman on the planet.
    I do not see how having your sister, is it, taking pictures like that makes you any kind of model. Let alone your claim to all these magazines clammering to have you in these magazines. And honestly if I were an aspiring model, which I am not, and it were true I would be making it readily available to smack the doubters in the face with it.
    But as far as I can tell your modeling is just as much a joke as your professed being a great publisher. Your grammatical errors are atrocious, your word skills are quite lacking. I actually feel sorry for anyone who dares align themselves with the likes of someone who is this illiterate.
    May I inquire what level of education you have that gives any credit to your business and ability to publish anything beyond Dick and Jane books? Also who is your accountant? Do you have any idea of what you are doing or are you in so deep with your fairytale that you don’t care as long as you are taken care of?
    It seems to me Mrs.Jones that your haughty attitude and desire to be better than anyone else has clouded your fundamental judgement on how to be a respectable human being. You are so willing to shove it in the faces of the people who have finally seen you for who truly are that you are willing to make up any lie. Just so you can look better by comparison.
    Do you not have a soul? Do you not see the damage caused by you and your lies and deceit? Or is it you could care less as long as you stand out from the crowd? Are you so desperate for attention that you will continue to harm people in such a callous fashion?
    Again I am appalled by you Mrs.Jones. I would not consider you a lady in any use of the word.
    It is such a shame that people like you take the easy road and use people as you do. I will keep watching this blog in hopes that one day you develop a conscience. I highly doubt that you will mores the pity. Because from what I can tell you lost some great talent from your own greed and lies.
    Good luck to all the writers who are still trying. Thank you Mrs. JT for continuing to help these battered authors and not giving up. As for you Mrs.Jones I will pray for you that one day karma goes easy on you even though I feel that you deserve all it decides that you receive.

    • First and foremost, its not Mrs Jones. She’s not married. she keeps insisting that she will be soon, but we’ll have to wait and see if that happens. She gets engaged every few months, moves some new guy in (the day she met him?) and makes her kid call him daddy. Reinventing not only herself, but her kid as well, into whatever persona she thinks will keep this one around for a while. For Randy, she was a sweet country girl, wearing gingham and plaid, maybe even a cowboy hat. Yee HAW! For Josh, she became a biker chick. So did her kid, sporting the leathers, boots and bandanas. Who knows what she’s pretending to be for the new guy. Maybe a modelling guru, promising to make him a star. That’s how she got her hooks into Salena. Or maybe she’s an heiress, only living in squalor until her big Inheritance comes in. Didn’t she already brag about her daddy’s estate getting settled? Or maybe she’s counting on the windfall she expects to get from her law ‘suite’ against me. Whichever. It’s just a race against time to see if she can drag him up the aisle before he realizes that it’s never going to happen. She can’t make him a star, and she isn’t coming into any money. We’ll have to wait and see if he figures it out in time. For his sake, I hope so.

      My last name is Larson. I originally started to blog about Miss Jones because, quite simply, she scammed my kid. But in the process of exposing Tabitha for the pain she inflicted upon my daughter, I met many other authors that had been dealt with similarly by Tabetha, and they, like my daughter, deserve better. so I continued to blog about her for them. To give them a voice for all of the wrong things that she’s done to them. She tries very hard to sweep them under the rug by saying that “it’s in the past,” and it’s not. these people still exist. What she did to them is still wrong. She owes them royalties that she never paid, and never intends to. And just because she celebrated the fact of the statute of limitations ran out, that doesn’t make it any less theft. She eventually paid my daughter back because her ass was over a barrel, but there are still a lot of people out there that she owes money to, and they don’t go away just because she wants them to. she doesn’t get to rewrite history and expected to become the truth.

      But as much as those previous victims, I blog for present and future victims. There are people out there right now that she’s scamming. And they deserve to know it. And there are always knew, eager authors hopeful about getting their books published, ripe to be plucked by a skilled con artist. And that’s exactly what she is. A con artist. She’s proven it time and time again by getting people’s hopes up, and then making excuses when it’s time to pay royalties. Like with anthologies. Every now and then, she’ll rope in some real authors to contribute stories to her anthologies, insisting that the royalties will be split evenly between all the authors. She’ll even magnanimously insist that the publisher won’t even take any royalties. but what does real authors don’t realize, is that out of ten authors that contribute to the book, she’s probably 8 of them using fake names. So not only is she taking royalties, she’s taking up to 80% of them. Not so magnanimous now, is it? And not only does she use a bunch of fake names, she encourages her authors to do the same, telling them that if they make up fake names, they can Write more freely, without friends or family finding out about it. So that they can explore the boundaries of their talents, or whatever line she’s feeding them. But what she’s really doing is creating more names so that her so-called publishing company looks more impressive than it really is. She got Josh to do it (Johnny Reb) and the new guy’s doing it too (James Holliday). It’s a tactic she’s used since before she scammed my daughter with mystic press. These are the things that new authors need to know about. That’s why I still blog. New and existing authors victims deserve to know who they’re dealing with. Models, photographers, editors, and artists as well deserve to know exactly who she is and what she is about.

      Every so often, she snags a live one. Saving even ONE from her clutches is worth it. And this blog has done more than that, thanks to the brave people that have had the guts to stand up and tell their horror stories about her. But I guarantee, we’ve saved more than one. Dozens of people find out about this blog from sites like Absolute Write, and from friendly hints sent to would be victims. They come and read, learn the truth, and give her a very wide berth. Some of them have books out there that you’d probably know. I won’t mention their names out of respect, but you can be very sure they’re happy not to have their names associated with Tabetha Jones.

      No. She’s no lady. And she’ll never never stop. All we can do is hope that those authorities that are breathing down her neck finally MAKE her stop. There are enough victims in her wake already.

  7. Funny I never mentioned I was getting paid for magazines I just said I had paid gigs. Now I’m stealing hair styles, funny I’ve had my hair cut like this many times way before any of this existed.

    Cindy you have been paid all the monies that you earned. I don’t owe you anything.

    I don’t have to steal beliefs or looks or even hair styles, I play a part in front of the camera and I’m sorry if your husbands hide in the closest looking at those smutty pics as you call it and all the lotion in the house is gone.

    You all thought I’d just wither away and let you win. But unfortunately I’m going to be around a long time. And these authorities you speak of funny the only ones that have come to my door just smile and laugh at the reports the have to read me.

    Of course they ask to see the pictures and its funny they all ask for a business card to get their own pictures done. One officer actually hit on me telling me how beautiful and sexy the pictures were and that my daughter’s pictures were done elegantly and tastefully.

    Now I have taken enough time out of my day and wasted it on you loathsome bottom feeders who must be infested with scabies or all those lil critters in your head.

    I have an anthology to put out. And pictures to take, so my daughter is well taken care of.

    Again have a blessed day while I’ll be having a small funeral for my daughter’s cat that recently passed.

    • My man, who I’ve been happily domesticated with for nearly 14 years, saw your photo. He thought you looked cheap and sleazy, completely disgusting. Not because of your weight – I was a big girl myself – but because you present yourself as cheap, sleazy, and disgusting. He’s not hiding anywhere to look at the likes of you. None of our husbands are. They have REAL women that can be sexy without being cheap. Who don’t have to lie to our men to keep them interested. Who know how to treat our men (and ourselves) with dignity and respect. If you really think that ANYBODY is hiding around looking at pictures of your cheap ass, you’re even more delusional than you are if you expect us to believe that anybody is banging down your door for pictures.

      Thanks for admitting that you are being investigated, though. You tried to play it off the way you always do, by turning it into something cheap and sleazy, but you gave yourself away. There’s more going on than you’re admitting, and you tipped your hand to reveal that. You are being looked at by local authorities, and according to your own words, they’ve been out more than once. Multiple visits for an ongoing investigation. But those are just the locals. The authorities that are about to call you to task haven’t knocked on your door yet. When they do, it’ll be to put you in handcuffs for tax fraud and felony theft. There are a couple more charges, but I’ll let you find those out when they hit you.

      We’ve seen you this delusional before, and it’s always just before something crumbles around you. So that tells us that something’s wrong. Maybe your business is on the skids because so many people are onto your scam. After all, if the only thing you’ve got in the hopper is an “anthology” so badly staged that the only publisher worse than you (Nick Pacione) won’t even touch it, that’s sad. Not surprising, considering how badly you suck as a publisher (writer, editor, mother, model, human), but sad.

      Or maybe your latest flame is about to hit the bricks. Maybe he found out that whatever lie you told him isn’t going to happen. I can tell you that he’s been sneaking peeks at the blog. And not just the superficial posts you doubtless instructed him to read, but all the way back to the start. He’s seeing it all. The whole, hideous truth. So, when (not if) this guy leaves, you’ll probably blame it on us, but the truth is that it’s YOU he’ll be running from. Your lies, your laziness, your scheming, all of the things we know about you. It takes them a while to see it, you’re such a practiced liar, but they always do. That’s not our fault. It’s yours, for being all of those horrible things. Point that chubby finger wherever you want, but what you really should be doing is picking up a mirror.

      Go ahead and live in that fantasy land where you’re this sought-after model and everybody wants you. While you can. Soon enough, you’ll be complaining to Bertha. Something tells me she won’t be very sympathetic.

      While you’re at it, Google the topic of familiars. You don’t breed your own familiars. If you were half the witch you claim to be, you’d know that. They find you when they feel you’re ready for them. In your case, that would be NEVER. What’s the plan? To sell them as “blessed” familiars? Doesn’t work that way, and I pity anybody you con into believing it.

      Then again, nothing works the way you try to sell it. Not those Voodoo practices you claimed to use against me when one of my family members died. Not familiars or any aspect of witchcraft the way you describe it. Not angels and their blessings. Still filling your kid’s head with the promise that on her next birthday, she’ll be granted the power of lifetimes past, present and future by your guardian “Arc” angel? If so, I really do pity that kid when her next birthday comes and nothing happens. I really do. Because at 8, she’ll be old enough to realize what a liar you are. That might be the first time she sees it and really knows it. For her sake, I hope that’s the beginning of the realization that you are not who she wants to be.

      Our days are blessed, thanks. Full of meaningful work unfettered by the likes of you. Full of love from loved ones we don’t have to lie to because we know how to show them REAL love. Full of cats, and kids and critters and a thousand other little things to be grateful for. So we don’t need your fake-ass blessings. Save them for yourself. You’re going to need all the luck you can get when the legal hammer finally falls.

      • I think your right. Have you seen Tabby Cat’s Facebook? As soon as you said she’s having man problems she put up a public picture of her and her man like everything is all rosey to prove your wrong.

      • No. I can’t see her page. She’s got me blocked. It wouldn’t surprise me, though. If she posted a PUBLIC picture, it could only be for one reason: For US to see it. To make a public spectacle. Sure, I post pictures of myself with my Tall Guy publicly. A lot of people do. But I post EVERYTHING publicly. I don’t have anything to hide. She, on the other hand, has plenty to hide. Like I said, she’s got me blocked, but I’d bet the farm that she’s got stuff that she posts for friends only. Probably most of what she does is friends-only. So why not this pic? Like I said, it’s for us. “Look out GREAT we’re getting along! See? This proves it!” The mere fact that she felt the need to prove how peachy everything is makes me suspect more than ever that there’s trouble in paradise.

  8. These ARE your words aren’t they, right Tabetha?

    “At first I believed you were damaging my career but as I cashed that nice check for my last photo shoot I realized he only contacted me because of you.”

    “So keep writing and I will keep cashing my modeling checks. And keep getting gigs and offers to be official models for certain magazines”.

    So what does that say about your last lie? Or maybe this you double talking twit.

    So exactly what is the fucking truth? And yes you DO OWE ME. you admitted that you haven’t seen royalties from my works in about a year, I split from your diseased infestation 2 years ago. Sooo who wants to do the math?
    And the pesky little thing with 3rd party sales still don’t add up. Someone is getting some money. I was born at night not last night.

    See even though I had issue with Jackie she was smart enough to go back to create space and uncheck those bothersome boxes that allow those sales to continue. You seem to be so dumb as to play the oblivious part. Sorry it doesn’t work that way. Maybe your student can school the teacher. For someone who you said was so stupid she is smart enough to read and fix her problems unlike you, who prays that it will just go away. Sorry toots you have been more than given notice of your many shortcomings and still use the tired old bullshit lame lies. Pay attention it doesn’t cost anything, unless your lie of upcoming riches is just more scams to hold onto another man that feels you are a bag of saggy flesh.

    Your life is no more grand then a pediophille waiting for bubba to show him the realization of what rape is and is gladly willing to give you all that pain and humiliation.

    As for who you steal things from, we’ll start simple. Lingerie stolen from Salena, the real goth queen, and your skank ass wears it to be her. Hair style, hmmm Jaimie Mills, motorcycle affiliate well since dead men tell no tales, I will leave it alone, but know I CAN PRODUCE FUCKING PROOF. As for beliefs taught by dear dead dad, what did a biker teach you? Yeah thought so NOTHING, ESPECIALLY when its been proven YOUR dad,the one you are ashamed of, was a truck driver. Yeah legacy my ass. And what female in the 80’s is going to be so desperate to come up with the fucked up saying ” oh baby I love you so much, so instead of artificial insemination, a surrogate if you will, go get your dick wet and give us a child”. Bitch you haven’t a clue as to what crap you spill. If that is remotely true you are the epitome of the word BASTARD.

    And I don’t think you can’t see how your eyebrows don’t match up to your ex tommy saulters new Mrs’. Enough proof bitch?
    who’s personna didn’t you steal? Sins silver, again you dumb ass no talent hack, everyone who has gotten a text from me get the same signature 💖 SIN💖, and anyone who knows me knows that the only jewelry I wear it silver,or white gold. Isn’t that cute hair cut more than similar to Jaimie’? How about those colored contacts? Country girl. Biker Bitch? They all can’t be from playing a part.

    Especially since the biggest role should be a decent mother, just hope she doesn’t take her lessons from you or she will cause your death as you did the woman who had to have you. Enough to allow the man she loved carnal knowledge to conceive the likes of you.

    I do believe JAFO is waiting for some non faked proof of those grand checks and letters of how desperate they are to want you to model. And lastly I do believe it has been your men using up the lotion, since although rude, but quite funny as to your lack of sexual prowness, expertise and auditory feedback. Maybe its you watching all the porn. So come on Tabetha lie to me I love it baby you know what I like..

    • She still owes a lot of people, all the way back to Mystic Press. For newer victims who aren’t familiar with the MP days, it was stated clearly in the Mystic Press contract that if/when the company closed, authors would be paid full royalties immediately. Well, Mystic Press closed down and the authors didn’t see a dime. All they saw were excuses. She blamed Createspace for getting her Paypal accounts frozen. She’d pay them when she could, she said. And that turned out to be never.

      First and foremost, Createspace doesn’t have the power to freeze Paypal accounts. It just doesn’t work that way. She only said it hoping her victims would buy it. Not many of them did. To get out of it, she tried to tell (at least) one author that 1. she never made any sales, and then, when the author PROVED that she had (because readers provided pictures of themselves holding her book. Good for them!), 2) That all those sales had been returned. Bullshit.

      That’s when the first brave soul stepped forward and exposed her for what a liar and con artist she is. She showed up with a bunch of fake names to defend herself, and the site owner presented PROOF of it. But still the lies came. Phoenix Fire started up, and no more consideration for MP authors was ever paid. Nothing was. They tried to talk to her about getting paid, but she either ignored them or put them off. Eventually, she actually CELEBRATED when the statute of limitations ran out and she was no longer on the legal hook for anything she owed them.

      So look at your contracts, boys and girls. Sound familiar? And while you’ve got ’em in your hand, wipe your ass with ’em. They’re not legal documents, because her business isn’t a legal one. Ignore her rationale of how she doesn’t have to register it with the state. Registration isn’t the (only) issue. There’s more to it than that. Suffice it to say, her company isn’t legal. So neither are its contracts. They are not legal, and they are not binding upon you. Do yourself a favor and withdraw from her clutches. Take your work and RUN. Otherwise, you’ll be the next legal grave she dances on when the statute of limitations runs out on what she owes you. Word to the wise.

      Check our her ex’s new girl’s hairdo, too. The eyebrows aren’t the only thing Tab’s trying to copy. Problem is, the new Mrs really is a pretty girl. That can’t be copied, and it can’t be stolen. Could be that it bugs her that her first ex is the only one she can’t play with anymore. She keeps reeling Randy back in, can get a rise out of Eric just by arguing with him, still flirts with James, and got the best of Josh by getting him to take out a loan to pay off her probation for her – a loan he’ll never get a dime out of her to repay. Her first ex is the only one we never hear anything about. Gotta wonder why that is. Me, I say GOOD FOR HIM! He’s got a beautiful wife and looks happy. Rock on.

      Her lineage isn’t really relevant when it comes to her scams, but you’re right. It just doesn’t make sense for a wife to say “I can’t have children, so please go screw around and make a baby.” No sense at all, when there are options like insemination and surrogates. Smacks more of a cheater getting saddled with an unplanned pregnancy. Like I said, though, that’s got nothing to do with her scams. …unless her need to lie is so deeply seeded that it extends all the way back to her very birth. Who knows? What’s REALLY important is letting people know what’s up so that they don’t become victimized.

      A LOT of people have avoided her because of this blog, and that’s thanks to brave people like you that tell the truth about her. That’s why we’re here. And we’re not going anywhere until she’s no longer able to victimize authors.

  9. I have no idea what ex you are talking about and as far as Tommie Saulters he will be sitting in prison for a long time for what he did. And I have had a picture of Troy and I on my profile pic since we have been together. I just updated it with our new family pictures we took this past weekend.

    I never mentioned anything about a familiar, I said my daughter’s cat passed away. He was poisoned as well as two cats next door that went through the same symptoms and died the same way.

    You actually think I am going to to scan check stubs with my info on it to show you people? I am not stupid. I don’t have to scan shit.

    So my dad cheated and had an affair. The outcome was me. My real mother never kept any of her children. None of them. My adopted dad Charlie was a drill sergeant and after 25 years in the military he became a truck driver, but so was Larry. But due to 9 back surgeries he retired completely. He lived a different life.

    I don’t have to steal anything from anyone. As I said before I have many different styles just depends what I’m in the mood for that day.

    As far as James where you get the idea I flirt with that monster of a man I have no idea. We get along only for one reason that is Rylee. I talk to his wife more than I talk to him. As far as Randy we are friends and will remain so. Eric can burn in hell. Josh well, I don’t really give a rats ass.

    As for familiars I know how everything works I was taught by the two strongest Elders there are. Both happen to be deceased now.

    Obviously you only pay attention to things you want to because you would see Troy has a picture of us on his profile pic as well. He has had it up since we have been together and it was something we decided together. We actually love each other and when the day comes we will get married. If you like I would be happy to send invitations for you all.

    Troy has seen this blog but he lives with me and knows the real me. He sees how hard I work and see what I go thru and stands behind me all the way. I have nothing to hide from him. He knows my darkest secrets and we have an open and honest relationship. He is completely different than any other man I have ever been with.

    We both have been thru hell and we complete each other. He knows my heart and soul and I know his.

    Before you assume or judge be sure you have all the right information. Otherwise you look like an ass. You all look like an ass.

    • What exactly did he do that deserves such venom? Dump you for somebody younger and prettier? Or did he put his hands on you too? You’ve said that every single guy you’ve been with has put his hands on you. You even went so far as to say that James kidnapped you and held you and your daughter in a room, only letting you come out to go to the bathroom and eat. Every. Single. Guy that comes to his senses and kicks you to the curb gets accused of putting his hands on you (Paying attention, Troy?) yet not a single one of them has ever had a police report filed against him nor has been “dealt with” by your 1% biker buddies. Not one. Including your first ex.

      So what did Tommie do that was so horrible that he’s in jail for the rest of his life? …Even though he posted on his FB just a few days ago. Do they let you do that in jail..?

      It’s hilarious how you say the same thing to each guy you take up with. “You complete me.” “You know my soul.” “You’re a real man.” You said what a real man Eric was when you were together, how he satisfies you in every way, but when he came to his senses and broke up with you, all of a sudden he became this abusive asshole who beat you up. Same thing with Josh. He was your “King Dragon,” your everything, your dream man. Yet the whole time, you were setting him up to be an abuser. Taking pictures of bruises you got from enticing him to have rough sex with you so that you could post those pictures later as “PROOF” that he beat you. But he was one step ahead of you, wasn’t he? Getting proof in your own words in texts that you liked it rough, that you asked for it rough. You call him a “kid” but he was man enough for you to take money from, wasn’t he? You don’t give a rat’s ass about him because he’s already served his purpose, taking out a loan to pay off your probation that you never intend to pay him back for. He’s of no further use to you, so of course you don’t care.

      Reading closely, Troy? Waking up yet? Every guy is the man of her dreams, her “King Dragon” until he no longer serves a purpose. Then he becomes an abusive asshole that beat up on her. She’s probably told you those horror stories to get your sympathy, or to appeal to whatever troubles you’ve had in your life, but you need to realize that NONE OF IT HAPPENED. Where are the police reports? Why aren’t any of them in jail? If she’s so heavily involved with a 1% biker club, why are any of them still breathing? She’s got no problem threatening to sic those bikers after us, most of whom she’s never even met, yet she won’t say boo to them about these men who allegedly did her grievous bodily harm? Does that make any sense to you? Nope. Us neither. If you’re a wise man, you’ll take notes from Josh and stay one step ahead of her, too. You know, just in case.

      Who said you had to scan check stubs? Though, if you actually got any, you wouldn’t hesitate to do so just to put us “in our place” and brag, proving what a great and fabulous in-demand supermodel you are. But you can’t. You don’t have a shred of proof that all of these people (including law enforcement and CPS workers that have frequented your home investigating you… HILARIOUS!!) wanting your pictures SO badly. Which ones did you show them, anyway? The few where you’re actually covered up? Probably. If you showed them the ones of you naked and spread-eagled with your floppy little boobies hanging out, they’d be 1) barfing all up and down your lawn and 2) taking action in favor of a minor child who deserves a healthier environment.

      “So my dad cheated and had an affair. The outcome was me. My real mother never kept any of her children. None of them. My adopted dad Charlie was a drill sergeant and after 25 years in the military he became a truck driver, but so was Larry. But due to 9 back surgeries he retired completely. He lived a different life.”

      Ah. A shred of reality seeps in. You weren’t the “planned, longed for” child that your mother begged your father to go out and conceive. You were the product of your father cheating. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s no fault of your own. But when you lie to the world to make yourself seem so grand and sought-after, it makes the truth a dirty little secret you heap more and more lies on to cover up. That’s the thing about lies. You have to tell more and more lies to keep ’em under wraps. Now that the truth is out, doesn’t it feel better that you don’t have to lie about it anymore? Try that with everything, and you’ll find a great weight lifted off your shoulders. The truth really does set you free. If you could only confess the truth about everything else, your life, and the lives of the people around you, would improve exponentially. Give it a try.

      For example, in the TRUTH of your father’s life, you failed to mention his affiliation with that 1% biker club. Good. I hope you’re done lying about that, too.

      Of course you steal. You stole Cindy’s bio, word for word. You stole Salena’s clothes – and style, copying her makeup, her bloody goth persona, even gluing fake gems to your face to copy her. You even TRIED to steal my book’s plot. But you did it so ineffectively that I’m not even mad. I just laugh at how inept you are, can’t even steal a story right. And, unless I’m mistaken, what was it you were on probation for? Yes, hon. You do steal. You were just starting to let the truth seep in. Don’t start lying now.

      One thing I notice about Troy’s profile is that your picture might be on it, but you rarely are. You don’t like his posts, you don’t comment on things that interest him. He’s on there looking for people to talk to, and where are you? Not there. Not supporting him. Not paying a single ounce of attention to him. That’s the quintessential Tabetha. You expect people to come to you and serve your purposes, but you’re rarely there for them. Because you are, at your core, selfish. That’s the definition of Tabetha Jones in a nutshell. Selfish.

      If he lives with you, what he sees is a girl that stays up all night, sleeps the day away and expects everybody else to do everything for you. If he hasn’t seen it yet, he will. Eric did. Josh did. Randy did. So will Troy. If that’s his idea of a hot catch, more power to him. But if he doesn’t know yet that that’s the real you, he’s in for a rude awakening.

      The only hell you’re involved with is the hell you put other people through. You know it. We know it. And so does whatever deity you subscribe to this week. Karma knows it, too, and she never forgets. You’ll find out when your misdeeds catch up with you and you face a judge for it all.

      And, no. He doesn’t know your soul. You have none.

      We do have the right information, hon. And you know it. The only ass that’s showing around here is yours.

    • “So my dad cheated and had an affair. The outcome was me. My real mother never kept any of her children. None of them”.
      Those words directly contradict your words of a mother so desperate to love and wanting a child that she condoned your dear ole dad knocking up some woman to please her in recent blog comments from you. As my sister stated before you need notebooks to keep your lies straight. And your lie in your bio about keeping journals stemmed from sis and her notebook SHE DOES HAVE TO THIS VERY DAY. You don’t know anything but to steal. And you are so fucking low that you stole from her, her life, her words and every other person you come across. You don’t want to show proof of any so called checks because THERE AREN’T ANY. We all know how you operate and if there was any proof of what you claim you would be posting to the world just to show these good folk up. So again lies. As for your ex Tommy what did he do to cause jail time, unlike you who we can see by your own words what you have done. Poor guy probably just woke up to your ignorance and unlike every other guy you have been with got out unscathed and did better than you and that pisses you off. The only thing that you are good for is a laugh. Nothing else as has been told by quite a few men that have spoken about you and your sexual technique. For me Tabetha the only way I’d take a picture of you into the closet would be to scare the monsters my daughter is afraid of. Get over yourself. For a laugh I asked a few of the truckers at the truck stop if they thought you would be interesting enough to bed. The general reply was “NOT EVEN IF YOU PUT A FLAG OVER HER FACE AND SAID THAT I WOULD BE FUCKING HER FOR OLD GLORY”. One man actually gagged and said ” man it isn’t April fools day and I trying to eat”.I am glad you finally admitted that your father was a trucker was that so hard? I guess making yourself feel glamorous is more important then honesty. Then again you have no idea of what that concept is. One day you will admit that you and no one else is the cause of your problems. You are the reason you change men more than underwear. Also a “family” picture doesn’t make you a family anymore then having a jackass in the paddock make it a stallion. Exactly how many “family” pictures will you have and with how many different men? Poor kid. She deserves better then the liked of a bitch like you. And yes the term bitch is being used properly. Look it up.

    • “So my dad cheated and had an affair. The outcome was me. My real mother never kept any of her children. None of them.”
      You said that your mother approved of your father having a child with another woman because she herself couldn’t conceive. So if your mother couldn’t have any babies of her own, how many affairs did your father have? How many “None of them” are there?

      • Hang on. She didn’t say bio-mom didn’t keep any of HIS kids. She said she didn’t keep any of HER kids. So was it a lie when Tab said her biological mother couldn’t have any children? Maybe a better question is “How many kids did her mom have that she gave away?” How many did her dad have?

        Tab built up this fantasy where mom was so noble and loving that she accepted the surrogate child her father sired with another woman, and a father so noble that he ensured the future happiness of his little girl by “giving” her to a loving family. With a single stroke, she admits that this fantasy is just that. Fantasy. From an angel of a mom and hero of a dad, she’s revealed two people that weren’t saints and didn’t want her.

        That kind of abandonment stays with a person. And it explains a lot. Often, when a person has such a deep-seeded feeling of not being wanted, they grow up with such a desperate need to be wanted that they’ll do anything to make people want them. They’ll tell any lie, adopt any persona, and often be overtly hyper-sexual. Anything it takes to be wanted, accepted, loved.They often grow up to become addicts as well, to self-medicate. To make the pain go away. But medication doesn’t touch that kind of pain. Only healing does. And a person can only heal when s/he is willing to admit there’s a problem in the first place. And that’s the real problem. She’s not willing to do that. All she’s willing to do is heap lies on top of lies to cover up more lies resulting from those lies. All she does is bloat herself up to be some grandiose luminary. She can’t just be a regular person with a regular life. She’s got to be a superstar. The BEST publisher, the BEST model, the BEST witch. The BEST Christian (which is what she must be claiming, since angels are primarily Judaeo-Christian inventions). Not just your average Christian, but one with her very own guardian “Arc” angel. Not just a regular voudun practitioner, but an uber preistess with the very BEST teacher. She’s got to have all the best mentors, all now dead to leave her as the preeminent authority in the field. That inflated presentation is a definitive symptom of cataclysmic insecurities stemming from that fundamental abandonment and feeling of being unloved. Simply put, the bigger the lie, the deeper the insecurity.

        She needs to learn that there’s nothing wrong with being a regular person. There’s nothing wrong with having flaws. There’s nothing wrong with having pain. Not the bullshit horrors she makes up. Not the fake-ass victim she pretends to be. She’s got to stop with all the lies, starting with the ones she tells herself. Only when she allows the REAL pain at the core of her being to be real will she truly be able to heal. Only then will she be even CLOSE to emotionally and mentally healthy.

        That’s just a layman’s analysis, of course. But this particular layman had a parent that went all the way to the doctorate level in psychology. And guess who read all the books, quizzed said parent for each and every class, test, essay and thesis? That’s right. I’m no PhD myself, but I’m not exactly unfamiliar with the subject, either. So accept my observations or reject them. But at least respect them enough to consider them.

  10. Sorry where Tommie is he doesnt have access to facebook unless his new gf or wife has it. Heres the link to what he did Tommie Edward Saulters Jr. After his mother passed he lost his mind and almost killed several people.

    And there are police reports but unfortunately nothing was ever pursued but never less believe what you want.

    Darlene knew Larry was having an affair, no she didn’t care. They didn’t have a perfect marriage. Randy has made his apologies. As far James some things cant be forgiven.

    I don’t know where you got the idea I stole ideas from your book but I wouldn’t subject myself to your garbage is someone paid me. Again I don’t need to steal anything.

    As for my daughter she gets everything she wants and more.

    And if your going to insult me try a better word than bitch, I know I’m a bitch. Proud of it.

    • There are police reports about what? That Tommie put his hands on you? He beat you?

      You’re telling us that there HAVE BEEN police reports this whole time, but you’ve never shown them to prove your claims? Well, let’s see ’em then.

      Put up or shut up.

      • My husband is Tommie Saulters & I could prove that she is lying about the abuse shit because I have a pathetic message from her to Tommie 4 years ago when me & Tommie 1st got together I could snip it but I do not see how I could Upload it on here (let me know how & I will)…I am wondering why his name is in your mouth…They were never together in the free he used here for money while he was in jail..My husband is very honest with me about his mistakes & wrong doings….He did not almost kill people she got her info from another pathological liar who was in the backseat I have their email as well she believed everything that dumb bitch had to say…Anyways he was on a high speed chase from Waco to China Spring (where I was at the time) back to Waco he will not be in prison for the rest of his life it was not aggravated so he comes up for Parole 2018…By the way 4 years is not new…You should also probably keep Randy’s name out of your mouth just because that is Tommie’s cousin & I don’t think his wife would like it…But you should definitely keep my husbands name out of your mouth because like I told your before I don’t do no talking…As for the eyebrows he has stuff to remove the ink & it is almost off it was another one of his tricks to get her to send more money…Sad but true…As for the mental abuse I could definitely see it just because she is weak (dumb bitch mentality) …She is proud to be a dumb bitch… End of story..

    • Wait a minute here ms gets her grannie panties in a bunch for saying anything against her. Even when we know it is the damn truth, but she can throw her ex under the bus with legal papers and that’s fair? Tabetha what makes you any better? At least you are able to “attempt” to lie your way out or have alts come to your rescue. Just when I thought you could stoop no lower, you up and prove me wrong.

      It is beyond shameful what you do. But what do you care, you are a cold,hheartless, manipulative and yes I’ll say it again BITCH. And you don’t own anything like you claim,you just want us to believe that you are better than that. I know better.

      When are you going to stop emulating others? When are you going to admit that you are vile? Why is it everyone but you fuck up? And exactly what did I do to you for you to lie,cheat and steal from me? Still waiting on your lies about the 3rd party book sales that Jackie was able to stop with a click of the mouse,and you called her a halfwit,so what does that say about you? Even though I am pissed at Jackie, I must say she is more of a woman then your sorry ass will ever be.

      • I have to agree. At least Jackie TRIED to do things right with her company. And, like a true professional, she made it so that books are no longer available – which is what a publisher is SUPPOSED to do when they close down. Unlike you, who, after years of (supposedly) being closed down, still haven’t closed all those channels. So those sales keep right on rolling. And where does that money go? Because it sure as shit isn’t going to the authors.

        Maybe those companies aren’t as closed down as she claims. Maybe she’s still got those companies going on the sly, even though the sites have been taken down. I really, really hope that’s the case, because the IRS can have a field day on her ass for Federal tax evasion.

        I wonder how much her ex (and his new wife) would appreciate knowing that Tab’s trash talking him and throwing his business around the internet? None of the others seem to care, but maybe he’s different. Or maybe the new wife is. Maybe she wouldn’t appreciate her man’s ex keeping HER man’s name on her tongue. Or his dad. Or any of his family.

        She doesn’t like it when she talks about her business, but she sure doesn’t hesitate to throw somebody else’s around, does she ? HYPOCRITE!

  11. One thing I want to know is when did she have time to study witchcraft under 2 top “elders” and the practice of Voudoun, and all of these Judaeo-Christian standards? These things take years to study. Lifetimes. Yet she herself admits that her teens and 20s were party days. She was married, what 3 times? and had a child to raise. Not to mention all of these bogus publishing companies and her frequent trips back and forth to the male strip joints. She parties all night and sleeps all day. So when, exactly, were these studies supposed to have happened?
    I’ll tell you when. When she ripped them off from whoever she met that REALLY holds those beliefs. People more interesting than her, so she adopted their values as her own. I hope Aradia’s reading this so she can see it for herself.

    You actually think I am going to to scan check stubs with my info on it to show you people? I am not stupid. I don’t have to scan shit.

    What information are you worried about us seeing? Your name and address? Your phone number, maybe? That information is already online, provided to the BBB by YOU. So, what’s your next excuse?

    There’s something else I find curious. Math. Not that new common core crap. But good old-fashioned counting. Tab says that every single relationship she’s been in has been a real relationship; she doesn’t do one night stands. Okay. Tommie. James. Randy. Eric. Josh. Troy. Even if we throw in the stripper she SAYS she dated back in her party girl days, that still only adds up to 7. Yet she admits that she’s been with (at least) 11 people in her life.

    Mind you, I’m no saint. I’ve been with 10, maybe 12 people in my lifetime. One was a ten year marriage, and the last one I’ll ever need is a 14 year (and counting) domestication with a wonderful man that loves me for who I am, unconditionally. Yes I HAVE had one night stands and indiscretions I regret (not within the last 14 years, though. My younger dalliances taught me lessons I learned from. I do not cheat). But I’m not all over the internet lying about my sex life. Or anything about my life, for that matter. So what’s the story with those numbers?

    In one breath, you blink innocently and deny talking about familiars, and in the next, you proclaim that you know all about them.

    There’s a HUGE difference between what a child wants, and what she needs. What she NEEDS is a parent that’s sane and responsible, who feeds her a proper diet on a responsible schedule, who sees to it that she gets a good night’s sleep in a safe, healthy environment, that gets her up and off to school clean, well-dressed, well-fed and prepared for the day (EVERY DAY), that makes sure that under no circumstances whatsoever is she exposed to harmful drugs (prescription or otherwise), never sees her mother inebriated or in any other way incapacitated, who cares enough about her child’s future not to post trashy nudes of herself online (in case said child wants to go to a reputable college or hold a reputable job, either of which will probably include a background check. One quick Google and there’s mom with her floppy little boobies hanging out and it’s “Sorry, kid. Go to community college or work at MacDonald’s for life”). A kid can want a cupcake and get it, but that doesn’t mean that her needs are being met.

    And as far as trying to rip off my book’s plot, I got the “idea” because you published a story with the exact same situation. A female dominant with a slave named Jeremy tied up in the basement. You made it erotica where mine’s a thriller, but it’s still too similar to be a coincidence. But still, I can only laugh. You don’t even have the literary skills to write a denial without screwing up the grammar, punctuation and wording. I’m not concerned about you trying to steal my stuff. You can’t even write a literate comment on a blog post, let along any kind of book. Rip-off or otherwise.

    Still waiting for those police reports about Tommie putting his hands on you, Tab. Or any of your other exes. You sent me your birth certificate. You sent me your adoption papers. So what’s the hangup about showing proof of this horrible abuse you CLAIM to have suffered at the hands of every single one of these men. Tommie. Randy. James. Eric. Josh. (Wait for it, Troy. You’re next.) You say there are reports. So, let’s see ’em.

    • I would also like to add to your comment if you have no objections JT, but isn’t ms Thang supposed to be studying psychology? And from what I learned from my aunt ( R.I.P.) you do a self evaluation of your life and circumstances in these classes. So wouldn’t Tabetha realize how desperate she is for attention and being superior due to being an unwanted bastard?

      I mean the way she builds herself up, and all the grandiose lies, I have said it a few times now she just proved that I was right. Wow, will she admit to being a subpar model, author, publisher and parent next? One can hope. Like I have told you many times Tabetha you desperately need to keep those lies straight. They do tend to bite you in the ass. But that’s OK you have enough to go around.

      • Ah yes. I forgot about that. Studying abnormal psychology at the University of Phoenix, is it? Is she still active at that? Maybe that’s what those witchcraft and voodoo studies were, too. Online courses. Or, more likely, quick Googles, two minute’s worth of reading, and she thinks she’s an expert. *eye roll*

        IF she’s really studying psychology of any sort, it’s not going to prompt her to take an honest evaluation of herself. It’s just going to teach her how to more effectively skate around her issues. Just like being a constitutional lawyer provides Obama with a roadmap of how to get around it.

  12. I hope that I’m a person of moral character. As such, I try very hard to admit when I’m wrong. Above, it was questioned “How many “none of them” were there?” Because of Tab’s initial claim that her bio-father’s wife couldn’t have kids, yet she said mom didn’t keep any of her kids. None of them.

    I was mistaken when I followed that line of questioning. I confused bio-mom with adopted mom. It was bio-mom that didn’t keep any of her kids. None of them. Not adopted mom. It was adopted mom that Tab claims couldn’t have kids, and initially not only gave her blessing to, but encouraged bio-dad to have a baby with another woman (bio-mom). So, since bio-mom didn’t keep any of her kids, that’s how Tab ended up with bio-dad and his wife, adopted mom. Then later, with adopted mom and adopted dad – adopted mom’s husband after bio-dad took a hike and married a new woman (who Tab later blamed for scamming my daughter, without her knowledge).

    I hope I’ve got the timeline straight now.
    I apologize for any confusion.

  13. Well I can say this you have my whole birth fucked up than it already was. My dad Larry Willis was in his late teens early twenties when he married Darlene Ferguson. He was a truck driver but she had him hauling more than just regular loads to make money not including her check writing scams. She was 10-12 years older than Larry. They fought alot as my grandmother has told me.

    Denise Burnette was a waitress and everyone knew she was easy and if the wind blew the right way she would end up pregnant. But Larry saw her for than what she was. Darlene didn’t care he was having an affair as long as the money kept rolling in. Larry Willis had one child which was me, Denise is known to have been pregnant 27 times. 7 of them where twins, certain cases were abortions, or adoptions others were miscarriages. But my father convinced her to go thru with the pregnancy with me. Darlene couldn’t have any other children after a miscarriage.

    Denise had me at the Odessa Medical Center and gave up all legal rights to me. Larry was manipulated by Darlene when I was 6 years of age at which he was 27 to give up his rights or she would plant drugs on him and have him thrown in jail. I always knew Larry was my father, when I was 11 my grandmother told me the truth. At 16 Charlie told me to go to Larry and find out about myself. Of course I had been around him more than that. Anytime I was at my grandparents house he would visit me. When I was 12 he introduced me to our family beliefs. And he went from. He was one of the Elders I spoke of. Carolyn was the other. May the both rest in peace.

    Cindy Carlo has always been called Ma. She dated Larry when I was young but she was no my biological mother but is very much like a mother to me. I love her with all my heart.

    I never said Tommie put his hands on me. Tommie’s abuse was emotional because he was locked up most of our entire marriage. And there are several men that you left out that I dated and a girlfriend. I do not believe in cheating, one night stands, or friends with benefits. I was raised better than that.

    But I don’t believe I should have to give you a timeline of my marriages and the men I have dated. But I do keep count and I do have pride in myself. Tommie is in prison because of a high speed chase and other things if you will just look at the link I posted.

    Yes there are police reports for others, hospital reports but the system doesnt care. Especially when the man doing the abusing has his family involved with the sheriffs department. But I survived and have made a good life for my daughter and myself. I have showed her never to give up on her dreams, to always be herself. And I have finally found a man that respects what a bitch I am and loves me for it.

    And he’s not one to toy with, if you have down any background checks on Troy James Simpson. You wanna play games he’s not one to do so with. Just a little warning.

    Now I am going to fix dinner. I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

    • More threats? From a guy that’s got such a scary background that we should be intimidated – yet you moved him in with your six year old daughter the day you met him? Great parenting choices, there, Tab.

      Still saying you’ve got those police reports? LET’S SEE ‘EM. No?
      BULLSHIT. You don’t have a thing.

      What really gets me is the way you completely TRASH Darlene, your adopted mother, the only person on the planet that ever wanted you. Raised you. Took you back in after your marriage(s) failed and you had a daughter to care for. Who kept a roof over your head and paid your way until the day she died. And how do you repay everything she ever did for you? Steal her meds? Steal her money? Drive her to her grave with all your stress and drama? Plant her in a pauper’s grave because the city wouldn’t pay for anything better? And then trash her memory?

      What heartless, ungrateful a piece of work you are.

      Just remember that kids learn what they see. Not what you tell them. So don’t be surprised when your daughter turns right around and treats you the same way you treat your “elders.” Just a little warning.

    • Tabetha you are such an ignorant cunt. Always ready to trash anyone and EVERYONE, but don’t dare throw shade on your disgusting self. You are so low ants can’t get under your fat ass. You have no moral compass,no compassion and definitely no fucking class. My god there aren’t words cruel enough to express how ignorant you are..Dinner huh? Did it come from a box, or maybe waiting on the pizza delivery? No one night stands? You take relationships seriously, I’m sure the cable guy and strippers would say different. And if that is the case you WHORE,why are there so many family pictures with so many different daddies? Yeah mother of the year, more like lose of the Millennium. I’ve been with my wife for 24 years, my sister married for 22 years and with the same man almost 30. I say that says more than all your “family ” pictures ever could.

  14. The thing that authors need to take away from all of this is how Tabetha treats her family. She sweet(e) talks authors, telling them they’re like “family” and she’ll take care of them like they’re one of her own.

    Well, authors, look how she treats her family, calling her birth mother the biggest slut in the world. Saying such awful things about her adopted mother, the one person on the face of the planet that wanted her, loved her, raised her and paid her way right up until her last breath. Look at how she talks about each and every one of the men in her life. When she’s with them, they’re the man of her dreams. She’s said the same thing about each one of them, that they understand the real her and love her for her flaws. That they complete her. (Troy, if you think you’re the first guy that’s heard these words, you are sadly mistaken.) And then, when they can’t stand her anymore and leave, they become abusive assholes. Every single one.

    She’s done the same thing to countless authors since (before?) Mystic Press. She tells authors that they’re “family” and how she’ll bust her ass to make their dreams come true. But ask her former authors how they got treated. The real ones, I mean. The ones that actually exist. She promised them the moon and stars, too. She’ll make them famous, she’ll get them all this exposure. Their books will get professional editing, they’ll have all these blog tours and get on the radio. But the radio turns out to be Tab’s own radio show, or one owned by her pal Nikki. That’s it. The blogs all belong to Tab and her alternyms. The “professional” editing is done by other authors who are neither qualified nor capable to edit books. Their sales are abysmal and what royalties they do earn, they rarely get. (At least) one author was told that they weren’t owed any royalties because no copies sold, or were all returned. Never mind that this author was able to prove that not only were copies sold, but also that those customers still had them.

    Authors found out about those anthologies. The ones the publisher magnanimously offers not to keep royalties for. But then the truth comes out that the “publisher” fakes at least half the names on the roster of contributors. She writes a slew of crap stories, slaps ’em in the book, and counts on the names of the real authors to sell copies. Then she keeps all of the shares those fake names earn. Not only is she getting money from the book, but she’s likely getting more than half of it. Still magnanimous? I don’t think so.

    Authors find out that when they ask the hard questions about royalties and sales reports, what they get are excuses. Somebody’s sick. Something’s going wrong. The accounts are locked up temporarily. The weather sucks. One of her favorite excuses is to blame us. She hasn’t had any sales, she’ll tell you, because of this blog. So you can thank us for not getting any money.

    What authors won’t get is any straight answers about their royalties and their sales. She might alter a report, or type up some bogus thing, but he WILL. NOT. Be able to provide any REAL answers with any REAL account information to back it up. She’ll say things like “Trust me.” and “I’m a professional. This is how it’s done.”

    No. It’s not.

    Authors need to realize that when they start asking the hard questions, they can expect to be treated the same way everybody else in her “family” is. With venom and abuse. With excuses, and they can expect to get blamed for whatever’s wrong. Nothing is ever her fault, they’re never going to get any answers. They’re never going to get the money they’re owed. And, unless they take legal action, she will never stop selling their titles. They will continue to be exploited. If they don’t believe me, all they need to do is take a look at The Devil’s Pet Kitten, by author Beth wright. She left Tabetha for a REAL publisher in February 2013. When that publisher sadly died less than a year later, TDPK showed right back up on amazon and ebay. And there it’s stayed ever since, with Phoenix Fire Publishing in the credits. You can bet that if any of those sales go through, Beth doesn’t see a dime of the money.

    Take a close look, authors. Models. Take a good look, Troy. She’s telling you what you want to hear. She’s telling you what she wants you to hear. She’s now using you to threaten people. Do you need that on your sheet?

    These comments on this post shows you everything you need to know about Tabetha Jones. If you’re smart, you’ll pay attention.

  15. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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