Ripoff Report

On Thu, September 05, 2013, I filed a report on the website called Ripoff Report. I titled my report:
ripoff title
Here’s the report itself.
It pretty much sat there for the last couple of years. It did get some attention, and quite a few authors dodged a bullet after reading that and thanked me for posting it.

Then today, I got notification that there’s been a rebuttal submitted to my report.
Nutbag Nicky had this to say”
I don’t know which is more pathetic, the fact that he’s deteriorated into utter and complete delusional paranoia, or that a self-proclaimed publisher has such piss poor writing skills. The poor nutbag can’t even spell my name right, let alone string together a sentence that makes any sense whatsoever. If this is any example of his writing skills, one can only imagine that his publishing efforts lack what it takes to represent any writer (including himself) properly in the literary world. I would have to include him on the list of publishers to avoid at all costs.

As ever, he blames anyone he can think of for his own shortcomings, refusing to accept responsibility for his own failures.

Just for giggles, he included this picture, with the caption:
This would be me if you want to know who is behind this rebuttal.
All I can do is shake my head.

And, for the record, the Ripoff Report still applies to Tabetha’s endeavors. Just add more new names to  the list of bogus companies. Silver Fang, Destiny Storm, Sweete Sinz.

Did I miss any?


24 thoughts on “Ripoff Report

  1. He lives in a time warp. That’s for sure. Had to laugh at his assertion that he looks like a washing machine. I wish he’d learn to use one once in a while.

  2. I just wonder what novella I’m supposed to have single-handedly gotten yanked.

    Reminds me of Tabetha saying that I contacted a magazine to force them not to use her pictures. Seriously. As if I have that kind of pull.

    • Oh, that was “Legend Keeper”. You don’t remember yanking it? Well, you didn’t. Pacione has accused several people. But it was his behavior done him in.

  3. Her alt Destiny Rane Storm, raising Dark Storm Publications from the sodden ashes of Phoenix Fire Publishing, that was a saga.

  4. Nick will just throw out names until one sticks in his mind. If I’m not mistaken, he has already accused four different people of “having him thrown off Createspace,” while any one with an IQ greater than a forty watt bulb can plainly see it was his libelous statements on the back of his book that got him the boot. Between his threats and his whinings, not even he can tell if he’s a bully or a victim.

  5. As damaging and thieving as Tab is, I think Pacione deserves a post or two. Whereas Tab pretends she’s crazy (to better get away with her schemes) Nick is the real deal. With him, you will not only go unpaid, but you will go unnotified that you’ve been “published.” Call him on it, and watch the death threats come rolling in…

  6. Lepplady you better keep an eye on Tabetha’s anthologies she has coming out. She liked your poem that you posted and plans to steal it with a fake name on it.

  7. Jt is blocked on all my pages and I wouldn’t steal her trash or like if I had a gun to my head. I have enough writing of my own and plenty of authors to fill my roster without having to steal garbage from Lepp. Why the hell would I like anything of hers? So little birdie you might want to get your facts straight before you assume shit. But if you want to look like an ass continue on.

    • Translated: “I’m pissed off because I got busted on my intention to have one of my dozens of fake names publish a poem exactly like Lepplady’s and cash in on her work.”

      If I see anything even REMOTELY similar to my poem in any one of her crap anthologies, she will be snatched back so fast she won’t know what hit her. I WILL drive to Waco to meter that thief no small measure of justice. And it’s an open party. You’re all invited.

    • If Tabetha had never seen Lep’s poem, the appropriate reaction would have been “What poem?” She protests far too much.

      • I said this in a private message but again no shame in my game so I will state it here as well. For someone who claims she hates Lepp so much and is so quick to lie and call her writing garbage I wonder. What are the odds of her using the very poem as her “GAG” wedding vows or part of.

        She has already proven between Randy and Josh that she can’t even be original in her professed love. So this would not be a stretch. Sorry to upset you Lepp, as sick and twisted as it may seem it would be a fucked up honor. She is more jealous of you then anyone. You are all the lady,mother and much more that Tabetha will never be.

        If she dares use that poem it will prove more then anything else just how low she can sink. It will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tabetha is and forever will be a wannabe.

      • Her wedding vows? I just threw up in my mouth.

        You don’t upset me ❤
        She's just so transparent and detestable. If the new guy is dumb enough to actually go through with it, I can see her doing it.

    • I bet a million quid that you spy on your mummy from all of your fake accounts you have so many. Do you take the time to go shit in the loo or are you so stuck with your nose up Leppy’s arse that you just shit where you sit and wipe with the tablecloth? No wonder all your men leave you your such a bollocksed excuse for a beached whale I mean woman.

      • Oh, I have no doubt. She watches my page from any number of accounts. She has so many alts, she could pick any one of them to troll me. And I’m sure she does.

  8. No I don’t know what birdie was talking about because I don’t read your garbage writing. In fact I didn’t even know you wrote poetry. Again I have plenty of talent on my own I don’t need to to buy or look up your second grade class bullshit to be a published author.

    • Poor Tabetha trust me sweetie I’ve read your desperate attempts at poetry. If I didn’t feel my ass was over a barrel when I gave your Tattooed on my Skin fiasco a review i wouldn’t have said a word. Your poetry has no flow. It lacks feeling, emotion and any style. It is stilted, and quite frankly boring. If you would have read into my review you would see that by me saying that your writing gave a look into your life, you would have seen it for the obscure insult that it was.

      But then again it is always about you. The “cof” great Tabetha Jones. I dare you to even attempt to call my poetry garbage as you try to imply JT’s is. You are so jealous of her you would do anything to have her life,the respect she has earned, and an ounce of her talent. You couldn’t be half as good as her if you tried.

      Please you oaf,the only reason you say anything deragatory about JT is the pure fact that even if she wasn’t an author, she can still out write you. Not counting her artistic painting and drawing talent.

      Hell she can even keep a man longer then you can. She must be doing something right. She is even a better mother than you. Is that what sticks in your craw the most? No matter what you claim as “family” you will never be able to achieve that amount of love.

      Are you that desperate for love that you attempt to shame everyone else? You lie to authors saying family this and family that, but you haven’t the foggiest clue. Your ideas of family in businesses is for you to gain trust to use against the authors if they dare cross you.

      Is that why there are so many “family” pictures with so many different men? Still looking for someone who won’t see past your bullshit. Still hoping you will be good enough one day? Until you admit what a piece of shit you have been, you will always be that disgusting thing in the toilet that needs to be flushed.

      You will always be second best. You will never comand the respect or love you so desperately crave. Until you change your attitude, demeanor and how you treat people you will always be nothing, a wannabe, poser praying every night that you will one day be worthy. One day you will be as good as you pretend, one day you will be a human being instead of a dweller of the vile things in life.

      • Aw. Thanks for the kind words.

        She’ll never change. She’ll never realize how vile she is because she thinks she’s all that and a whole FACTORY of chips. She’ll never command anything except those uninformed and foolish enough not to see her for what she is. Until they catch on and split. Which they will. They all do. And one day, she’ll find herself all alone in this world. Nobody left to rip off. Nobody left to lie to. Nobody left to pay her way. What will she do then, I wonder? When all the lies are spent, who will she hold at night? Who will she laugh with during the day? Can you imagine her at 40, 45, 50, hanging out at the strip clubs, acting sleazy and groping at the strippers. Such a sad future.

    • Your so jealous of your mummy’s many talents that your eyes are green or is the green fairy loose in your house again? The only talent you have is laying on your arse and lying to people you only wish you were half the woman your mummy is instead of four of her you bloated cow.

  9. Tabetha, this is JAFO’s wife, no you don’t need to know my name, I just want to let you know that you are no lady,no respectable mother by any stretch of the word. I would pity you for your lack of skills in all you do if your words didn’t turn my stomach. Your actions are atrocious. The very thought that someone laid down with you to conceive a child without thought of how the child would be cared for scares me.
    If you treat your actual family as you treat the people who work so hard,only to have their dreams smashed by you I am surprised you aren’t dead by now. Since I know how you love to twist things to say poor me, trust me that wasn’t a threat. It is simply an observation. You pretend to be some bad ass legacy,middle finger in the air with your I don’t care attitude but you are absolutely a scared person. If you were confronted by someone in real life you would be pissing down your leg.
    You can pretend all you want, protest until the cows come home, but I have encountered people like you. You are shallow and quite frankly one of the most screwed up individuals I have had the displeasure of knowing of their existence. I understand why you try to build yourself up as you do, because from what I learned by reading your own words, you aren’t worthy of anyone else’s praise.
    I will give you some advice one woman to another learn to respect others. Learn humility,compassion and for god sake learn to respect yourself. Because honestly you will always be looked down upon due to your own attitude. In order to get respect you must give people a reason to want to respect you. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that you deserve anything but derision and to be thought of as a huge joke. Maybe it is time for you to do some soul searching. Instead of putting people down and using them for your personal gain learn from them then maybe by the grace of God you will be considered a human being.

    Good luck, I do believe you will need it.

    • Very good words, but I fear they’re wasted. She treats family and strangers alike the same way. To benefit herself.
      Well, I might be mistaken. She might treat strangers better than she treats her family. According to people (who have been) inside the house, she’s addicted to pain pills and has prescriptions from more than one doctor. A pill addict might say that they aren’t a junkie because the pills come from doctors. “It’s prescription drugs,” they might argue, therefore it’s not abuse. Junkie logic. And, according to people who have seen it, she has stolen prescription medication from other people in the house as well. Including her elderly mother. If that’s true, it means that she let her own mother, the only person in the world that wanted her, languish in pain as she lay dying. For days? Weeks? Months? Years? God only knows. It hurts my heart to think of that poor, sweet woman suffering as she died. Thank goodness she was in the hospital at the end, where she could receive pain medicine at the end that nobody could steal for themselves. At least she had a little comfort at the end. And she could be surrounded by people that actually care. From what I heard, her own family might have visited once or twice, MAYBE, and weren’t there at the end. By their own account, they had a photo shoot the night before they got the phone call, whooping it up, having a good time with Kandi instead of sitting vigil with their beloved mother. The phone call about her passing came at maybe noon, one pm, and it woke them up.
      After mom passed, I hear that Tab tried to get the city/county to give her a burial. And when that didn’t happen, mom got planted in a potter’s field, didn’t she? How very loving.
      And since then, she’s talked trash about her mom, venomous words about the only person in the world that really loved her. What kind of loathesome piece of shit treats a loving mother like that?
      I talked to Darlene, and I taped it. Tab was sitting beside her, prompting her on what to say. Darlene defended Tab, quoting Tab’s agenda, insisting what a good mother Tab was, how hard she works as a business woman, etc. But the old girl let the truth slip in here and there. She admitted that SHE paid for everything Tab says came out of her pocket, and when the little girl was in the room, Tab snapped at her. She tried to backpedal quickly, saying that it was because the child was so sick. That was reportedly the summer that the poor kid stayed sick all summer. A tonsillectomy would have taken care of it, but that didn’t happen until the end of summer. According to family friends, Tab was trying to get her ex (child’s father) in trouble by blaming him for the illness. According to Tab, it took that long to arrange the surgery through her insurance. Medicaid, maybe?
      I’m here to tell you that there’s no insurance company in the country that would allow a child to stay sick for months. If that kid needed an operation, both her doctors and the insurance company would have made it happen IMMEDIATELY.

      That leaves only one other person in the house. Tab’s (not blood related) sister, Dee. Well, according to people that know them, Dee has said that her sister has stolen her medication, too. And that Tab screams night and day, having tantrums about this blog and everybody on it. Especially me. Even to the point of throwing things a round the house, throwing furniture, dishes, pots and pans, food, whatever’s handy, I’m told. That’s pretty alarming, considering there’s a small child living there.
      There’s not a single person that Tab talks to for more than two minutes that hasn’t heard Tab complain about this blog, as I hear it. I can’t help but wonder if those tantrums and endless stress didn’t assist mom into the grave. Dumping so much stress on an elderly woman in such frail health couldn’t have been good for her, could it?

      That’s how those that know them say she treats family.

      Strangers, on the other hand, get hugs and kisses and promises of the moon and stars. They get that “sweete” southern drawl and Cheshire cat smile. In short, they get the act. It isn’t until people find out what she’s really like that they see the true face of Tabetha Jones. Only when they stop buying the lies and start asking the hard questions that they see the claws and fangs. They get the venom, and they get lumped in with the rest of the “liars” and “Haters” that know the truth about her. And I don’t just mean authors, here. I mean lovers, too. They get the smiles and promises, too. They get whatever act she thinks she can sell them, whatever persona she thinks they’ll believe. For Josh, she was the badass biker bitch. For Randy (more than once), she tried to pass herself off as the sweet little country girl. Does she try to convince them that she’s the perfect little housewife, up at the crack of dawn to get her daring child off to school? Does she convince them that her substance abuse issues are a thing of the past? Does she really think that trading meth for prescription pills makes a person any less of a junkie? Who knows? Whatever the case, if any of these eyewitness reports are true, her idea of “family” is skewed, at best.

      The first thing she’d need in order to take your advice would be honesty. That breaks the deal right there. I don’t think she’d know the truth if it bit her on her full-figured ass. Not even with herself. ESPECIALLY not herself.

      And she’d have to care. From all evidence, she just doesn’t. At all.

  10. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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