My Fairies

During my fairy phase, I let my whimsy run wild in watercolors. To share them at the time, I took pictures of my works and put them online. I’ve licensed my Tall Guy to make them available for purchase on assorted merchandise, including prints, in his online store alongside his own wonderful work.

I haven’t really thought much about them since then.

But recently, I stumbled upon where I stored those watercolors, and I was blown away by how different they look online from how bright and vibrant they really are to the naked eye.

Before, I took pictures and used those. Now, I’m scanning them. The colors still aren’t     quite as bright as they are in person, but there’s a huge difference.

There aren’t very many, but here are the ones I’ve found.
That’s the Moon Fairy.

Here’s the Smurph Fairy, inspired by a friend here in town.
Affectionately called the “Future Hooker fairy.” Not the girl, just the fairy.
In all honesty, I think the first sketch I did of this fairy looks better than the finished painting does. Especially in the face.
She’s got more attitude, I think.

The Mushroom fairy is a bit of fun.

My love of horses has never faltered.

And finally, for today, the Hummingbird fairy.

Seeing these, I’m inspired to revisit watercolors. Even scanning doesn’t do justice to how bright and vibrant the colors are. Maybe a better scanner would show the colors better. Higher resolution and all of that. I’ll have to look into it.

My Kid N Cat paintings are in oils, though I’ve given some thought to acrylics, but there’s definitely room for more watercolor fairies in my future.


7 thoughts on “My Fairies

  1. Oh how lovely! I want one, where can I get them, will you do one for me I can’ tbelieve how lovely and talented you are, you write and you paint like this? I have to admit I’m gobsmaced. is there anything you can’t do? Your such a talented lady, and I mean lady, unlike some. Good on ya.

    • Thanks so much. My Tall Guy is licensed to sell my work on his online art store. His work is far better than mine.

      I do take commissions. In fact, I’m working on a green fairy for one dear friend, and one with skulls for another.

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