Tricky Nicky

Just when we thought we’d seen the end of him.

Nicky Pacione has managed to get himself thrown off of just about every social media and publishing site there is at some point. He’s pissed ’em off at Lulu, gotten himself booted off of Createspace, and even been put in time out with Facebook and Twitter. I think. There are likely many more, but I honestly don’t care enough to go searching for a more comprehensive list. He attacks admins with his homophobic, paranoid ravings, gets thrown off, and then goes on rants about what assholes they are for trying to keep the world from seeing his crap.

But he’s found himself a new publishing home. Until they get enough complaints about him or abuse from him, he’s publishing his drivel through Booktango.  And it looks like he’s been a busy boy, publishing all of his old crap along with a new anthology. November alone has seen a new batch of books (re)published by tricky Nicky. Booktango doesn’t keep author or title information, but you can see their name as his publisher attached to books on

Nicky Pacione delivers a library of unknown horrors, is a book largely comprised of classic stories that he swiped from the internet, by such luminaries as Hitchcock, Lovecraft, Poe, Jack London, Bram Stoker, and a bunch of others. There’s a (very) small spattering of newer stories, but they are few. Looks like Nicky wants to reel ’em in with those famous names and cash in.  Naughty, naughty.

There are horrors, all right. Starting with his liberal use of words like “faggot” and “retard” in the book’s prologue and continuing through disjointed run-on sentences that not only jump tenses mid-stream, but display a horrid lack of grammatical skills. Its a mess, and from the look of it, that’s indicative of his entire body of work.

Jenny’s got a scathing – and completely accurate – summation of Nicky’s waste of paper and bitrates over at HER PLACE from when it first came out. It’s highly amusing, and just as relevant today as it was then. I suggest it to anybody looking for a giggle about this guy. And, of course, The Rusty Nail always has the latest on this wing-nut. Whether he’s starting a new crowd-funding effort or getting himself thrown off of yet another social networking or publishing site, they’ll have the details for you to point and laugh at. I know I get a kick out of it. Brian Keene, a fine writer, also has some illuminating insights about Nicky’s tricky publishing habits. There’s stuff just about everywhere about this guy. One quick Google of his name should keep you amused through the next century or so.

If you decide to look Nicky’s ‘work’ up on, though, be sure to search just for his last name. He’s not going by Nickolaus A (or Albert) Pacione these days. He’s eliminated the A (or Albert). He’s got titles under both names up at Amazon, one with the middle bit, and the latest batch without. Sneaky monkey.

I didn’t think it was possible to find a publisher worse than Tabetha Jones and her multiple personality train wrecks, but I was wrong. This guy is worse. Not by much, all things considered. But if you’re a writer and these two were the only two publishing options left on the planet, you’d be best served by setting fire to your manuscript and roasting some weenies with it. At least that way you’d see a tangible result for all your hard work.


47 thoughts on “Tricky Nicky

  1. I am wondering about his new anthology. How much of it is like Sinister? Didn’t he have a hand in that cookie jar as well?

    • I cannot understand the alliance of Pacione and Jones.

      Tabetha Jones arrived to the defense of Nickolaus Pacione at his unclefossil.wordpress blog 10 Aug 2013. She trashed talked to Pacione’s critics with her drunken tatooed biker’s daughter rap.

      At that time, the main point Jones and Pacione had in common was that their critics included Ramsey Campbell (author) who tried to offer Pacione serious advice and Janrae Frank (publisher and curmudgeon aka Cussedness) who warned writers that Pacione’s Lake Fossil Press and Jones’ Phoenix Fire Publishing were not good markets.

      Pacione’s “Fiction and Non-fiction Submission Guidelines” for Etheral Gazette: Issue 12 includes: “… if a writer gets rejected is when they send me any kind of erotica or romaince, come on this is a genre fiction mag. Homoerotic fiction isn’t welcomed here …”

      Compare the Lake Fossil Press “no erotica, no ‘romaince’, no homoerotic” rules to Phoenix Fire Publishing anything-goes rules: the only things the two house rules had in common were typos and grammatical lapses. Also, the LFP non-contract verbal agreement kept first print rights only, while the PFP written contract tied up author rights.

      The first unnamed collaboration between Jones and Pacione apparently went nowhere because of the author rights issue. Later Sinister Souls fell apart because none of the authors (who weren’t Jones) wanted to work with Pacione. Pacione’s post wanting to make the introduction to Sinister Souls about his faux urban legend about Dagon, the Bull Shark of Lake Michigan, has little to do with the theme of the book.

      Due to the bipolar opposite positions on erotic content and on author rights, a union of Pacione and Jones would be like the meeting of matter and antimatter: an implosion resulting in a nullity. I hoped.

      • Another thing the two have in common are serious mental issues, which makes watching the two of them like a wreck on the side of the road. You don’t want to look, but you can’t help it. It’s sheer, morbid curiosity.

    • Jacqueline we have talked and you know the Sinister Souls is being published only through Sweete Sinz Publishing. Nickolaus has no involvement in any of my anthologies. I know we haven’t talked that often but here I thought I could trust you. If I had known you were still having doubts then I wouldn’t have sent you my series to be edited. And if editing them is a problem I can find someone else. You told me directly you did not speak to JT any longer only sent her stuff about the Walking Dead. I am wondering now if your eyes only have seen my manuscripts or are you passing them around? Not that I am hiding anything but I don’t like my work just floating around out there. And here I thought things had changed.

      • There you go again, trying to divide and conquer by trying to play your friends off of your enemies. I don’t know about Jackie, but all you’re getting from me is a yawn.

        You’re so slippery with fake IDs, how is Jackie, or anybody else, supposed to know that Nicky isn’t one of the authors in your books? How do we know you don’t chat with him on a regular basis?

        See, that’s the problem with you. You’ve lied so many times that nobody’s going to believe you even if you ever did tell the truth. Personally, I doubt you’re able.

        What’s the matter, Tab, don’t like being played? Well, I’ve got news for you. There’s somebody in your life that’s been playing you for a long time. The last person you would ever suspect. And when it hits the fan, I only hope they’ve got their camera rolling, because I would love to see your face.

      • Oh doesn’t feel so damn good having your life floating around huh Tabetha? But it’s just fine and fucking dandy for you to keep MY WORKS.. MY LIFE up for sale via 3rd party,right??? Again with the double standards and having that cake and eating it too.

        Trust me on this I haven’t had communication with Jackie in the least. Quite frankly I am actually shocked that she said anything and question if it isn’t yet another one of your alts trying to start shit yourself. And as far as shit, garbage writing that would be yours and I know I can speak for many that we would not waste our time. I personally have had enough with the TOMS fiasce.

        My last communication with her was by text letting her know that she had a certain amount of time to remove 3rd party sales of my book or she would finally get to see you face to face, in court. And after I knew that she was still linked with you knowing how I felt, I was done. My biggest mistake was going back to Jackie after you demanded my head on a platter and she sent me a reprimand instead of defending her author. So no worries on that sweetie.

        And really do you actually think that you are that damn important? Really??? I am so glad that you think so highly of yourself because I don’t consider you at all, you just aren’t worth it. I do pop on here just to check in on what new lie you are spinning, and how much dust you tend to kick up. I love setting you straight on many of your lies. It just gets me in the feels.

      • It’s okay for her to toy with other people’s work and lie to their faces, but she doesn’t like it a bit when it happens to her, does she? If she had any heart at all, she’d realize that if she took how she feels not knowing about her work, and multiplied by about a million, that’s how her authors feel when she does it to them. But, as usual, she only cares about herself.

        She can dish it out, but she can’t take it.

  2. Unfortunately they are two polar opposites thrown together in one really messed up stew. I feel bad for anyone who gets entangled with either.

    • Pacione is simply inept. And psychotic. He’s got no idea what he’s doing. Jones, on the other hand, isn’t JUST inept (and psychotic), She’s greedy. She’ll wring every dime she can get out of an author (editor, artist, model, photographer, boyfriend, whatever), deliver substandard services, and then, when they ask why the numbers don’t add up, she spits ’em out. If they fight for their rights (or their money), she abuses them until they get sick of dealing with her and go away. That’s why so few victims pursue her. They can’t stand the thought of her. And that’s just the way she likes it. Each victim that doesn’t fight back is a victory. And that’s the only reason she’s still at it. If every victim fought back in court, she’d have been out of the game long since.

      • I don’t believe that Jones is psychotic, a narcissistic being yes. But if you look back over the years nothing has been said concerning her so-called mental health issues except for recently. At least not by her.

        Oh she eludes to the fact that she was abused by men in her life, to gain nothing more than sympathy. But the patten doesn’t fit the many lies and deflection. If she had been truly abused by any men, she would not be so eager to allow another man in her life with a history of abuse. It doesn’t add up.

        The only reason she said anything in my opinion is again one she assumes identity of the ones around her. So with her new steady piece, she feels she has to conform to his level. And for two, I said something without putting it all on the table. She again has to be better,sicker, more ghetto fabulous than anyone else.

        She doesn’t have one iota of a personality that she hasn’t incorporated by observing someone else. She is a mimic and a poorly acted one at that. She doesn’t know how to be a decent human in any sense of the word. She lacks tact,caring, empathy and any character to make her human.

        She is still not intelligent enough to see that she puts her dirty laundry out there and doesn’t understand why anyone would say it stinks. If she wasn’t such a lying hypocrite I’d feel sorry for her. If she even attempted to do right I’d not speak out against her, sadly she never will get the concept.

        I have made mistakes in life, but I am a smart person I can admit I was wrong, and do what is right to rectify the situation. I don’t claim I learned from them and then continue to perpetrate the same damn things.

        I actually said to someone that I wished Tabetha and Nicky would get together as a couple so they could destroy each other and leave honest people alone.

    • There aren’t even any rewards. It just says “Give me money to pay my bills.” If he’s unable to work, he should be on disability.

      • He is. He has stated often that he gets $758 in social security disability for ADHD, bipolar II. He lives at his late grandparents’ house with his Uncle Don and I believe Cousin Mike. He drives them crazy by all 3rd party accounts, not helping the household as he should.

        He subsidizes his publishing projects (Tabloid Purposes anthologies, Ethereal Gazette magazines, as Lake Fossil Press) partially through his disability check because his stuff doesn’t sell well. He also spends his money on more foolish things. He spent $300 on a Morticia Addams style dress for a 17 y.o. model to pose in a cemetery for publicity photos for Lake Fossil Press. He raised $800 for a trip by Amtrak in 2012 to visit a book he had sent to the Poe Museum. He paid $80 for a tent-like burka to encourage a former classmate to replicate the nomad trek of Elizabeth Poles, the Appalachian “Woman in Black” of Summer 2014, only in the winter of 2014-2015, and write about her experiences for him.

        His multiple crowdfunding appeals usually end raising $0.

      • His family tolerates his lack of physical and financial contribution, on top of what must be very dubious personal hygiene? They are much better folk than I. Were he my kin, he would have BEEN sent somewhere for evaluation.

  3. Tabetha you really don’t want to air your laundry out in the open. I have tried to call you but the phone was disconnected. So to get you to respond was to make a post. I was just wondering how much of Little Nicky’s new anthology he was putting together sounded like Sinister? No where on this blog does it say I have been talking to JT or Cindy. Yes I admit I love JT’s painting she is very talented. I even stated in her pictures that she should make Cindy a skull Fairy because I have nothing to hide. Maybe you should take lessons from me to get Cindy’s work down.

    • The fact of the matter is that it’s none of her fucking business who you talk to.

      A friend doesn’t tell you who you can talk to and who you can’t. A control freak does. A bully does. A FRIEND trusts.

      You don’t have to explain yourself to her, or to anybody else. Last time I checked, you already have a mother, and you’re over 21. You talk to whoever you want to.

      I know it’s probable that you talk to her, but I still talk to you. That’s your business. You and I talk about what interests US. TWD, whatever’s going on medically in either one of our lives, whatever. Life. And IF the subject of Tabetha Jones and this blog come up, so be it. I don’t say anything ABOUT her that I wouldn’t say TO her. So she can kiss my ass. And if she thinks she’s going to tell you who you can talk to or what you can do in your own life, she can kiss yours, too.

      To be clear, I refuse to do business of any sort with anybody that’s affiliated with Tabetha Jones on any level. That’s my business reputation on the line, such as it is. I only deal with individuals who are professional, ethical, honorable and honest. She fits none of those categories, and when it comes to my work, I want her nowhere near it. I make no excuses or apologies about that. It’s business. MY business.

      Take Cindy’s work down? And deprive Cindy the pleasure of seeking legal action? I almost hope Tab leaves ’em up. I’d pay real money for a front row seat to watch that.

    • I hate to say Jackie my phone is on. I actually have an interview tonight with Nikki Palomino. Which requires a landline phone connection. And as I have stated I have taken down everything I can but if someone bought the book and wants to resale it you dont get that money. I dont get royalties on previous versions of Blood Magic from the first publishing company I was with because I have already been paid for them. If you have sent books out to fans and lets say they want to sale it you dont get money from it. It just doesn’t work that way. But Jackie you know my number and its never been disconnected. It may show up restricted because that is the way Dee and I had it set up but it is not disconnected.

      • Still trying to play that third-party card? REALLY? You’re really failing to grasp the basics of th is concept.

        Whether it’s an old sale or a new one, YOU GOT PAID FOR IT. Cindy hasn’t.

        I would say “Stop lying” but I know better than that. I guess it’s going to take Cindy going to all of the places the book is still available from and ask them how many sales she’s had since she left you. She can do that now. Since you’re not her publisher anymore, you can’t cock-block her from finding out information about her own sales. Even if you run and shut them down right now, she’ll still be able to get proof of everything. And then, if she decides to sue your ass for sales and have you brought up on charges of fraud and grand theft, I hope she stops off in Louisiana to pick me up so I can come and watch the fun.

        The LAND LINE is still connected? What about your multiple cell phones? What if she was trying to contact you on one of those and got the message that it was disconnected?

        Still being slippery, still trying to play with words to try and make somebody else look stupid. Trying to make somebody else look like a liar. But, as usual, only showcase those qualities about yourself.

      • Quick question for you there Tabetha, don’t want to keep you from your lies, schemes,manipulation, diversion tactics and let’s not forget your perfect life and career. Just one quick question.


  4. Yes Tabetha I am quite aware that if someone wanted to resell any books I don’t receive any extra money. But unlike your drivel the books I bought were then bought from me. People asked ME to purchase I didn’t beg or cajole people and make them feel guilty to purchase. And in those 3rd party sales I see NEW books being sold, funny I’ve only found 2 used. So please dear stop talking out of your ass.

    You are only solidifying the depth of your stupidity. Again maybe it’s time for the teacher to learn from the student. See Tabetha as much as you stated, many,many times as how dull witted Jackie was she seems to be smarter than you, apparently by quite a bit. Seeing as she was smart enough to just do a few mouse clicks and remove the 3rd party sales she approved when she released TME.

  5. Multiple cell phones really? I haven’t put time on my cell phone in awhile, and its the holidays so all my money and my fiance’s money will be going towards not just our bills, but to ensure my daughter, his stepdaughter has a wonderful Christmas and Birthday.

    As for third party sales I have no connection to those and do not receive any money from those. All accounts for when you were signed with me have been closed and that includes paypal as well,

    You do realize people have the right to put those signed books on Ebay or Amazon, or really any site that they want.

    But I would think by now you people would understand all this.

    • YOUR money? What money? You don’t work. Do you get welfare? Disability? Or do you just count everybody else’s money as yours?

      His stepdaughter? You guys got married, then?
      Or do you mean stepdaughter like all the other daddies she’s had lately when you move some guy in (the day you meet him?)?
      Thought so.

      Oh, we understand exactly how those third party sales work. That’s your problem. You keep trying to convince the world that it’s nameless, faceless customers from back in the day that are selling copies from long ago, and that you’re little miss innocent. Not involved at all. But we know better, dont we? Being slippery using words like “accounts” but how about the words “sales channels”? You know, the sales channels you enabled when you first published those books. Well? Those sales channels are still open, aren’t they, hon? You never went and closed them for Cindy’s book(s) did you? Even though she left you, what, two years ago? Did you close them for ANY of your former authors’ books? Or are they all still open, all the way back to Mystic Press? Hoping you can rake in those “third party” sales and pass ’em off as being old sales? Sneaky, sneaky.

      I hope all your victims contact Amazon and Ingram to find out just how many of their books you’ve been paid for since they left you. That’s not just theft, it might even be grand larceny. Even federal fraud. So laugh and prance now, while you can.

      I only hope tgat when the hammer falls on you, anybody that’s aiding and abetting you will be facing federal charges, too.

    • And by

      I haven’t put time on my cell phone in awhile

      do you mean “I haven’t been able to con or beg anybody into paying my phone bill for me?”

      Before you get all haughty and answer, keep in mind I’ve talked to at least two people you’ve tried to beg money off of.

      Thought so.

  6. I have no reason to beg money off anyone. I dont make thousands but what I do receive from modeling jobs pays the bills. It really isn’t any of your business when or if Troy and I are married or get married. But he isn’t going anywhere. This is the long haul for both of us. He treats Rylee as his own so he has every right to claim her as his stepdaughter.

    I havent put time on my phone because I have had other things more important to deal with. And when you cancel your accounts such as Amazon or Createspace all those “channels” get canceled along with it. In fact they are the first to go. Maybe you don’t know as much as you think you do.

    I have things under control but I see you are still bringing personal matters into things that do not concern you. You go past that point each time you blog.

    Let’s give you such a big round of applause for being such a great advocate for authors that all your concentration has been centered not on my authors, not on my company, or business, but my looks, my modeling, me as a mother, and after I asked you nicely to leave my fiance out of it you did just the opposite, so BRAVO Lepp. I might even send you some Christmas Cookies for such a grand job you are doing.

    • Wow Tabetha the same tired rhetoric time and time again. Only difference is the “daddy”, isn’t that right? Eric, Randy and just a measly 3 months ago it was Josh. They were all in it for the long haul. Get over yourself. He loves your daughter so much, huh? Same tired line you said before. Just like the undying love you professed to both Randy and Josh, using the same meme wasn’t it. You are such a joke.

      As for those channels again you hard headed, addled brained sloth, pay attention it doesn’t cost anything. You know damn right well they don’t close automatically. Ask your student or should I call her your master. Because obviously she has it together better than you. She seen what needed to be done and she fixed it. Unlike your sorry ass, money hungry, lying, scheming self. Sorry toots but the sales, FOR THE VERY CHEAP SEATS THAT WOULD BE YOU TABETHA, are for new books!!! How can you be so obtuse?

      Do you think that your lies will magically make it true? It doesn’t work that way. Get a reality check and do what is right, or plan your wedding for jail and conjugal visits. Either way works for me.

      • If he loved that kid at all, if he were any kind of father, he would pick up the phone and make a call to make sure that kid lived in the healthiest, happiest environment possible. The longer he continues to allow, encourage (participates in?) the things we all know go on in that house, the less he shows he really cares about that little girl. So it’s “Daddy” my ass. No REAL father would allow his daughter to live with such a monster.

        She’s not addled about those sales channels. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing by keeping them open. She’s playing stupid and making excuses. She’s doing anything but going to shut them down. She knows that those OTHER accounts she hasn’t shut down either have anything to do with it.How can she be obtuse? By choice, that’s how. Fueled by greed and the delusional belief that she can just get away with it forever.

        Conjugal visits won’t work. He’ll be sitting behind bars, too. Because when she goes down, he goes, too, on federal charges. Conspiracy to commit fraud, accessory to grand theft- larceny, maybe even racketeering, tax fraud, all sorts of happy little charges that can put him away for a very long time. I hope these few weeks with Tabetha’s scheming ass has been worth the time he’ll spend behind bars because of her. If it’s conjugal visits she wants, she can explain it all to Big Bertha on those long, dark nights.

    • No reason to beg for money? Your modeling shoots pay the bills? I’ll buy that for a dollar. Do you even think before you flap your gums and let those fat fingers fly? Is that another treat Tabetha? I wonder just how fast the piss would run down your leg if all your lies grabbed you at the same damn time? What would happen if your socalled biker “friends” really paid you a visit? What would happen if you didn’t get those special calls from the cop/or CPS agent informing you of the upcoming shall we say inspection? Oh yes I know all about them. It pays to have friends, the real kind not someone bought by favors, you know what I mean don’t you girl? You think you are safe and so damn cute. Look at you playing as if you know how to cook. You made your sick mother and sister feed the child you use as a shield and say you love so much. The very child that you kept up to the wee hours of the morning so you could dance in the cemetery to get your spank bank material. Which sadly no man in any jail could get it up for, no matter how long of a stint he was doing. But you are a loving mother. You sow, my daughter is on the road with my wife and I and SHE at the age of 8 has a better schedule then your child, and you say that you are a great mom.I’ve seen pigs take better care of their offspring. Who are you trying to fool? The new swinging dick? If you cared about the child there would be no damn way in hell that you would put your child in danger as you have admittedly done. What you think your voodoo, arc angel, biker gang or whatever else you come up with is going to stop a man you admit is dangerous. I say this because you were quick to threaten knowing his past, but quicker to male sure you said but of course neither you or your child could possibly be in harms way. I don’t give a rats ass if you liked being abused, and don’t say you don’t, but your child deserves better. What kind of parent brings in a new play toy every few months? What kind of parent allows their child to call A STRANGER mommy/daddy? And don’t lie and say that you have known him for a while I call bullshit. And even if that were true, which would be a first for you to say anything truthful, your child hasn’t known him that long. I guess that’s ok because she is learning to be a thief,liar, drama queen and manipulator, why not whore too? Yes I went there, you want to play with the big boys, well you got it. You aren’t setting any kind of respectable environment for her so might as well call a spade a spade. It was you who told a 30 plus male stripper that your lovely child wasn’t 18 yet? So why not just get her used to being just like mom, your mini-me. You want to lie and act innocent well you aren’t. You are just a broken record that has been used so much that even your lies skip. I never thought I’d say this to any female but your ass has been rode hard and put away wet more times then the Kentucky derby has had winners. Stop stealing, grow up, be a real woman and not what you have seen watching porn. Learn to own your mistakes and be humble. Stop being a for lack of a better word cunt. I noticed how you always flaunt how great your life is, how nicely domesticated you are just around the time the shit hits the fan and you fall on your face. So in parting here’s a quarter call someone who cares or use it for a special fairy.

      • Hypothetically speaking, if a teenage girl gets pregnant because of the promiscuous morals taught to her by a vulgar parent, then the household would get welfare, food stamps, WIC, food banks, etc. In short, a meal ticket.
        Gravity and time may not be too kind to mom, but a sweet, fresh young girl? That’s another story, isn’t it?

  7. You all are a bunch of fucking idiots. Every account for Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire, and Dark Storm has been CLOSED, ERASED, THEY NO LONGER EXIST AS IN NEITHER DO THE SALES CHANNELS. All paypal accounts, createspace accounts, amazon, nook, and smashwords all CLOSED and NO LONGER EXIST. The only accounts that are open are under Sweete Sinz Publishing with two books published but after the weekend that will all be changed. I have new releases coming out from very talented authors.

    Go ahead make your calls but if you think I have time to sit around and create endless third party accounts, which I am gathering you are implying, I’m sorry but you are WRONG. My books are up on Amazon and Ebay from those past companies but guess what I was already paid for them and I am not receiving anymore money. So, Cindy you got your money. You were paid. It may not have been the hundreds or thousands of dollars you expected but you were paid. I told you first time authors, poets especially without a following do not make a lot of money in the first few years. You have to make a name for yourself. You never promoted yourself. If I remember correctly I had you on several shows and promoted you quite a bit. But you never tried promoting yourself.

    And when you have 17 authors in one anthology which some were pulled after 2 months because of no sales I am sorry you don’t get a huge cut. Especially when only 7 ebooks are sold for 1.99. How do you think that gets cut evenly?

    This isn’t about being an advocate for authors, this is about hatred and being pissed off because you thought you were going to make tons of money and you didn’t. Money is the root of all evil and I finally see clearly that each one of you are digging deeper to that root, let me know when sanity kicks in and you finally get over the past.

    If you were truly advocates, my weight, my modeling, the way I care for my daughter, my relationships, my writing style, none of it would matter. But you are running out of lies to spill so you have begun to attack me personally. What great advocates you all are. I can sleep soundly at night, but what about each of you?

    You have caused my sister to attempt suicide then crack jokes saying she faked it. Do you know if she wanted with her being on disability for her mental illness she could sue you. I have been doing my own homework. I have also told my authors, those that I was close to about my anxiety disorder and slight borderline personality disorder.

    And you say I steal others work, I find that funny, when looking today I found a cover and story word for word stolen right from me from one of the many that post here. I had trusted her with ideas, to share what I was writing then she went and stole it and has made for sale not even bothering changing the cover. .

    I am sure you will all say thats what I get, when you say I steal haircuts, lifestyles, bios. You want to know my style? Some days I am the country girl, others I’m the biker free spirited father’s daughter, others a bit dark and goth, others a bit of rocker or grunge. I have a whole wardrobe of who I am. I didn’t know it was a crime to change clothing or the way my hair was cut or colored. Some days I combine all styles into one. I call it ME. Don’t like it fuck off and don’t bother looking. But belittling me because of my weight or the pictures I am hired to take you can deal with the stone you cast.

    I was taught early on there is a God and there is a Devil but there are other things in this universe that hold power. Everything holds power but at the end of the day you answer to the man upstairs. Continue to cast your stones and karma has a way of dealing with those that speak lies and slither like snakes in the grass.

    • I don’t know who you think you’re fooling. Those accounts have nothing to do with the sales channels you selected when you publishes those books.
      You didn’t close a thing, hon. You might CALL them something different, but from Mystic to Phoenix to Dark Storm to Sweete Sinz, it’s all the same account. Except for those multiple paypal accounts you have in different names (including your daughter’s?) That you shift money around with. You forget, I’ve talked to your former partners. They’ve told me how you operate.
      And before you piss yourself saying “That’s in the past!” remember, I’ve talked to partners and ‘managers’ from THIS year. That’s not the past. That’s ongoing. And that’s why we’re still here, busting you. Keep scamming and we’ll keep exposing it. You stop, we stop.

      • I close each account, each sales channel, each paypal account when I close the particular company. And if you think I would ever put an account in my daughter’s name then you really are dumber than I thought.

        The only account she will be getting is a trust for college. That no one can touch. She unless you would like me to start dragging your daughter all over this blog who is well old enough to speak for herself where mine is not I suggest you keep my daughter out of this. That goes for all of you.

        I’d hate to go down to your level but I am tired of my innocent little girl who yes May be well beyond her seven years but by damn I am tired of you people dragging her thru the mud. Calling her a who’re saying she will be placed up for the highest bidder.

        You ppl are sick and twisted. You are the monsters. And have the nerve to say I am the bad mother.

        My daughter is my life. But you dumb asses believe what you want.

        I won’t expect an apology but I do feel sorry for you when you find out all along I have been nothing but truthful.

      • Translated: Yup. Nailed it.

        And to prove it, she throws a fit about her kid to kick up a dust-storm for distraction. I feel so sorry for that kid with a mother like THAT.
        And Tab throws threats around.

        Yup. Must have really hit that nail right on the head.

  8. Well now Lepmummy must of really struck a nerve for Flabby Scabby to go off on such a rant. We all know those accounts never got erased she just changed the name on them, for shame Scammy Assy, for shame don’t you know it’s illegal to lie like that, oh wait no you don’t because all you do is lie well guess what Cunttwat Jones it doesn’t work that way the truth is all right here. if it’s all lies and snakes in the grass why don’t you sue are asses, because you can’t that’s why you lying minger cunt. Your fucking sister never tried to kill herself you faked it so you could try to sue Leppy for it but that didn’t work out did it bedause it was fake you thick oaf, I’d call you dumb as a stump but that would be an insult to stumps at least they once served a purpose where you never have so why don’t you go sit on a stump and see if it even touches the sides. nobody gets paid for your crappy ass books because you suck as a publisher and your half the names in them so while everyboey else gets two cents you make off with the rest of the pie and you eat tons of it to look at you from behind. If you don’t like being called fat do some situps you fucking cow and if you don’t like being called a theif then stop stealing from people!!! It’s a wonder you take a break from stuffing sweets down your fat gob to lie but what else is new.

  9. You have to forgive Tabetha’s and Troy’s late night temper fits last night. It was a late party night with all the pretty colored pills and liquid refreshments and a few other fun entertainment substances. You see she got some interesting news so she self medicated a little more then usual and of course she spends her holiday here on your blog instead of with her daughter who has to listen to her talk about your blog damn day and night. Isn’t that abuse right there? LOL!!!

    • Not only was Tab/Troy on my blog half the night, but they also found time to blow up Cindy’s pm.

      That’s how the adults in that house prepare for a family holiday? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • Little birdie must be another lie. My daughter spends this holiday with her father. Troy and I had a wonderful night snuggling watching movies as he is getting over the flu. We did have a wonderful thanksgiving but obviously some aren’t satisfied until they stir the shit pot. Little birdie doesn’t know me at all. I’m afraid our refreshments consisted of Dr. Pepper and a few movie snacks. Not substances or pretty colored pills unless u count hormone pills and Viibryd.

      • Translated: Birdy nailed it.

        You spent the night trolling my blog and harassing Cindy. Good lord. Are you so thick-headed that you think we don’t take screen caps?

        You are such a farce, and you’re the only one that doesn’t know it. Or you do know and just don’t care.

  10. Since my bird is cooking and the rest is preprepped, I am taking a minute to address a few key points then I won’t be back til whenever. First and foremost happy thanksgiving to all the great people who are on here doing what they can to stop that lying publisher.

    Now dear Tabetha I DID promote myself how else would I have been able to sell over 40 books by myself alone? How else would I have people STILL waiting for me to rerelease my works? As for your promotional tactic, do you mean that book fair that I paid to showcase my works on, THAT NEVER HAPPENED? You know the 20 dollars I paid and never even got a copy of the placard they were supposed to be printed on.

    As for the supposed shell 3rd party sales line, you are as dumb as a box of rocks. Do you not know how to read? You stupid, ignorant, illiterate fool when you make the account, not talking about your publishing accounts, the accounts that are associated with my works. When you put them out for sale yout allow 3rd party sales, again ask Jackie you have to PHYSICALLY go in uncheck EVERY DAMN BOX. But what do you care or even know about being physical. You keep pretending to be innocent but you aren’t.

    You come on my author page stomping around demanding and being the typical bitch you are, for what? Does the truth hurt that bad? It must or you wouldn’t be stirring up such a stink. I know you are so bored and your life sucks but get out of mine.

    You want to throw mental health issues around in defense of you and your family but don’t bother to take into consideration of the authors YOU PERONALLY send into a spiral. How is that fair? Oh wait you don’t care. You know my aneurysm can bust at any time and STRESS is a main factor, again you don’t care. So since you like making idle threats I am going to do one better.

    If something happens to me, if my aneurysm does burst due to you and your utter bullshit, I make this promise… I WILL CURSE YOU WITH MY LAST DYING BREATH. Now be a good little girl, remove my works and if you have trouble comprehending ask your student. And then you won’t have to worry about me anymore. Ok cupcake?

    • Madam, if she’s holding a stress-loaded gun to your head and you have the legal means with which to remove it but don’t, she is not killing you. You are pulling that trigger yourself. I have seen you encouraged many times to take legal action, yet you refuse, chosing instead to continue demanding that she close those channels. Why? Either do as you’ve been urged and put her behind bars or stop complaining.

      • Matt, my sister is in the process of seeking the very legal action that you are questioning. It just takes time because there are 3 books involved as well as proving that Tabetha still has her works in the many anthologies she participate in. Along with the fact that she has been playing a shell game with numerous publishing companies and it seems that she was paid through her personal PayPal account and not the company she represented. That along with many other things in lies the massive difficulty. But believe me she is.
        My problem is that Tabetha knew about this when my sister signed with her, it is not new information. Tabetha has caused other authors to lose family members, due to using personal information against them. She has absolutely no shame, no heart and no empathy towards the authors she says are family. She has been asked many times to take down the works, but because Tabetha knows just how hard it is to prove,especially when she puts herself as the author of the works as well, she blindly continues. Tabetha doesn’t care who she harms or the many effects her plain out ignorance causes.
        Yes, I have seen firsthand how many times my sister has been rushed to the ER because of the migraines caused by the stress from Tabetha’s antics. I know that if Tabetha removed all these works she would not have to worry about CFW again. It is her lack of humanity and concern that bugs the hell out of me. Also last night Tabetha went after my sister on her author page,again showing her lack of knowledge and humanity.
        I do understand your comment but again legal action is in the works. Tabetha will be brought to the state of Florida and dealt with legally, that is not the point. After, or before, depending on who moves faster she will face state, federal and international charges for fraud among other things. It still does not lessen the stress factor for CFW considering that Tabetha isn’t just selling her poetry but her life’s story. I hope this enlightened you to what is going on.

        Side note this is directly to Tabetha.
        You got away with reckless endangerment along with assisting in the loss of one life, you won’t get away with killing my sister or assisting in the loss of her life. If something does happen I will be there to present you personally with those charges.

      • And I’ll be standing right beside you with a fist full of evidence.

        But it won’t happen that way. That con artist will spend the rest of her life answering to the Florida penal system, and your sister will be vindicated.

  11. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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