My Boring day

It promises to be a pretty boring day today in Lepplady-land.

First, I’m going to watch Jeff Gordon’s Drive for Five. It’s the championship race, and I hope he wins it. It’s his last race before he retires. Everybody’s talking about it in the pre-race show, while they’re waiting for the rain to stop in Homestead. Even Mario Andretti is singing his praises.  The guy’s had quite a career, and I hope he can top it off with a championship.

Later, I’ve got some artwork to do. I’ve got a comic book to finish… I can’t WAIT to share that with the world. But for right now, it’s got to stay under wraps. I’ll be able to  celebrate soon, and I’ll will very happily share it with you then.

I’ve also got a private commission to work on, another artwork. There’s no deadline on that one – I’ve got until July. But I had a brainstorm about the composition and elements, so I want to get those on paper while the inspiration is still fresh. Truth be told, I’ll probably be doodling on it during the race.

But at some point today, I want to get in some reading. I’ve picked up the Vampire Diaries book series, and I’m eager to read those. I’ve also picked up Underworld, and I’m interested in reading those, too. As loathe as I am to touch anything Twilight, I might even read those, as well. There’s a reason for it, so abusing my retinas is for a good cause. Call it homework, if you will.

And yes, I will be back with a book report.

Have happy, safe and healthy holidays everybody. I’ll see you next week.


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