Wedding Bells!

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Joshua and Megan Olejnik.
They were married today in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, with the bride in a lovely blue dress.

We with them the happiest future together.


Hey, gang.

I’m putting together a list of all of the anthologies Tabetha Jones ever published, whether it was through Zaphyr, Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire, Silver Fang, Dark Storm or Sweete Sinz. Did I miss any?

Please, if you can think of the names of any anthologies, let me know so I can put together a comprehensive list.

Here are the ones I can think of:
A Rose in Darkness
Beautiful Disaster
Bloody Kisses:
Blood Games
Deviants after Dark
Glass Hearts
Lead me to Temptation
Misery Loves Company
Naughty Witches and Deviant Desires*
Primal Howls
Scarlet Sins
Tattooed on my Skin
To Her Lover’s Dismay
When Light Fades
Wicked Enticements
Wicked Wonderland

I’m not sure Naughty Witches counts as an anthology. Right now, only Ana Lovelace and Zoey Sweete are listed as authors. We all know those are both Tabetha Jones under fake names. But it seems to me that it was once an anthology by that name with more author names on it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
Same thing with Wonderland and Tattooed.

If you can think of others, please mention them in comments, thanks.

Mary Sue

Authors, when creating your characters, be careful to make them realistic. If your villains are implausibly evil, they become an unbelievable farce. And if your protagonist, is impossibly perfect, she becomes a Mary Sue.

A Mary Sue is an idealized fictional female protagonist who saves the day through extraordinary abilities. Perfect in every way, beloved by children, dogs and everyone around her. Plot-wise, this character is improbably central to everything — the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral. Desired by every man that sees her, and envied by every woman she meets. Maybe desired by them as well. The sweet Mary Sue is impossibly perfect in every way. ~ #
She’s exotically beautiful, often having an unusual hair or eye color, and has a similarly cool and exotic name. She’s exceptionally talented in an implausibly wide variety of areas, and may possess skills that are rare or nonexistent in the real world. She also lacks any realistic character flaws — either that or her “flaws” are obviously meant to be endearing or empowering.^

There’s also a variation on the traditional Mary Sue, a “Black Hole Sue.” Everything is all about her. Everything. Her gravity is so great, she draws all the attention and causes everyone around her (and, often, reality itself) to bend and contort in order to accommodate her. People don’t act naturally around her. They instead serve only as enablers for her. She dominates every scene she is in. The world literally revolves around her. *
This character is generally recognized as an author insert and/or wish-fulfillment. It’s the author endowing upon herself skills and characteristics, appearances and capabilities that she wishes she possessed in real life, injecting this perfected version of herself into a fictional universe where she can be celebrated as simply the best person that ever existed.

Here is a Mary Sue test. Answer the questions honestly to see if this character you’re dealing with is, ineed a Mary Sue. If she even comes close, write her out.
That’s right. Kill her off. Your writing and reputation will benefit from getting rid of such a ridiculously unbelievable character. You’ll be better off, and nobody would have believed her anyway.
marysuekillheroffThere. That’s better, isn’t it?

Ex-treme ex-ploitation

First, Tab says that ALL of her exes abused her. Remember that?

Then she says this about Tommie:

Putting his business all over the internet.

But that wasn’t enough. In December (2015), she had this to say:

She says that he put his mother in her grave by going on that high-speed chase knowing that she was on her deathbed, dying of cancer. Her own words. Right?


First, the chase took place on Jan 10, 2013, 3 months AFTER his mother died.

So his actions did not contribute to her passing, as Tab claimed.

And secondly, his mother did not die of cancer. She died of COPD. She did have a history of cancer, but was in remission.
I was given a copy of her death certificate to prove it.

Everything is blurred out except for her name and cause of death. That’s all we need to know, here. Well, that and the fact that a family member gave it to me, along with the truth about all of this.

Tab says:

I was there for her, I went to the funeral because that woman meant alot to me. She was a wonderful woman and she and I remained friends even after me and her son divorced. She understood completely why I left him.

I don’t think so.

Tab did not take care of Tommie’s mom, his wife did. His family did. And Tab did not go to the funeral. None of his family saw her there.

His mom was friends with Darlene, who gave her rides to the doctor and things like that, but that’s about it. There wasn’t this close bond between herself and Tab that Tab claims.

Truth be told, the entire marriage between Tabetha and Tommie took place while he was incarcerated. She was a jailhouse bride. And it was HE who filed for divorce before he got out, so there’s none of Tab’s claims of how she “left” him.

And, before Tab gets her panties in a twist about how abusive he was, or how she left him, allow me to submit, for your approval, screen grabs of her trying to chat him up after the fact.

If those don’t expand when you click on them, let me know. They’re quite the read, with her first trying to chat him up, then insisting that she only wanted to be friends, and then, when he wanted no part of it, her getting all haughty and saying something like “When my book makes me rich and famous, don’t come running to me.”

Well, here it is four years later, and I don’t see her book on the bestsellers list. Not one of ’em.

You tell me. If he was as abusive as she says he was, why would she try to insert herself back into his life? Does that make any sense to you? If she left him, would she go running back to try and get him back in hr life? Does that make sense to you?

Me neither.

As for Tab’s assertion that drinking and drugs were more important to Tommie than his mother. I’ve got two things to say about that.
Here’s Tommie with his mom. Just a few pictures. Whether they had a close relationship or not is entirely their business, and not for Tab to comment on. She wasn’t there for it and it’s none of her business.

Tab says that she had a close bond with her daddy, the biker in the 1% club. But we don’t see a single picture of her with her dad. The one and ONLY picture she’s ever shown of him comes from his funeral. No pics of them together. None of him on that pretty white Harley she says she’s inheriting from him. Nothing. So she needs to stop knocking somebody else’s relationships until she can start backing up her own words.

And Two:

She’s got no room to talk about anybody else putting their mom in the grave through the use of undue stress and strain, does she?

And, speaking of Tab’s exes. She finally took those photos of Josh off her website. Finally. Now, if only she could do right by everybody else she’s used and abused, she might get somewhere.

Call to Action


If you ever provided content to an anthology for publication by Tabetha Jones through any of her various, assorted companies, past and present, Createspace would like to hear from you.

What they want to know is
-who you are – your real name and any pen names you might use
-The title of any content you contributed. That’s important.
-A description of the work: Poem or story? Genre. Length. Keywords. Even the names of the major character(s) would help. Etc.
-When you gave it to her.
-The name of the book it appeared in.
-They also want to know when you left her.

Even if you don’t think that anything you gave her was ever published, they want to hear from you anyway, in case your content was snuck into any of her publications without your knowledge or consent.

Please prepare the information above and send it to Createspace’s legal team. You can mail hard copy, send an email, or a fax. If you like, you can pick up the phone and give them a shout. They can take your information over the phone.

CreateSpace Legal Department
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: 206.266.4064
Fax: 206.266.7010

Make sure and mention the name Tabetha Jones so they know that you’re adding information to an ongoing investigation.

Zoey is a real bitch.

Yes. You heard me correctly.

Zoey is a first-rate, class A bitch.

Meet Zoey.
Zoey is a miniature blue brindle pit that Cindy White has owned since June of 2011.

The earliest mention I can find anywhere of Zoey Sweete is September 2011.

That’s right, folks. Tabetha Jones’ alter-ego is named after Cindy White’s dog.

Let that sink in.

Tabetha Jones admits to violent act

In a recent comment, Tabetha Jones admits to knocking out some of her ex boyfriend’s teeth.

When asked about having sex with her BFF’s husband, her only defense was, “Well she did it too!” Like that makes it okay.

In both cases, she blames the victim. That’s important. Pay attention to that. Because that’s what she does when she abuses someone. She blames the victim.

When my daughter got dumped on, Tab blamed her for it. She said that Thea breached the contract.  When it was proven that Thea did not breach, Tab started saying that Thea didn’t get published because her writing sucked. She attacked Thea, blaming the victim for everything that went wrong with that deal, leaving Thea battered and heartbroken.

Thea bounced back and has published successfully, with no help from her former publisher abuser. A good few of Tab’s victims have recovered and gone on to publish, despite the emotional beating they took at her hands.

Authors, (models, editors, artists, photographers, boyfriends) past, present and future, be warned.

But also be encouraged. There is life after Tabetha Jones. Once you get yourself free, there’s a whole world of possibilities out there. One where you don’t have to deal with her particular brand of drama and abuse.