On the air

Tabetha Jones was on her buddy’s online radio show recently. Or, should I say Zoey Sweete was. From start to finish, the host referred to Tab as Zoey, and the through the entire duration of the show, Tab spoke as Zoey.

I scarcely know where to start explaining how ridiculous that is.

Sure, authors and entertainers use different names all the time. They have done so since the advent of organized entertainment. Authors of old used pseudonyms to conceal their identities if writing was something they couldn’t be seen doing. Whether it’s because they were aristocrats who couldn’t be seen doing something so frivolous, peasants who wouldn’t be taken seriously as such, or, heaven forbid, women who simply couldn’t do such things, a fake name was something they needed to hide behind.

A very important point about that is that the pseudonym was carefully guarded and never revealed. Not until after the fact, anyway. They didn’t flounce around under their real identities bragging about it the way she does. There was a good reason they needed to use the fake name. It wasn’t some deceitful whim they cooked up to trick people.

The entire point of using an alternym is to HIDE the identity of the person using it, not some ridiculous persona they put on like a costume at a carnival freak show – though that is certainly what she looks like, changing hats so often.

And it’s not just one fake name she uses. There are several that she admits to, and at least twice that many she still lies and denies using. I guess she thinks that people are stupid enough to believe that if she just says it, people will believe it. We’re not, and we don’t.

But I digress. I started off talking about that horrible radio interview. Not the show itself. I like the premise, and the host knows what she’s doing (though she’s still misguided enough to believe good things about her buddy). I mean Tab’s appearance.

There were two other guests, each involved in publishing. Those two knew what they were doing. They spoke directly to the reason they were appearing on the show and answered questions succinctly about the work they were promoting.  In short, they sounded professional.

Tab/Zoey, on the other hand, rambled disjointedly about herself, stroking her own ego about being this author, publisher, model, booking agent, and whatever else she’s got going on. There seemed no single product or event that she was there to promote. She was just there to stroke her ego because her buddy owns the show and lets her come on whenever she wants. For an attention whore like Tab, it’s a match made in heaven.

Right out of the gate, something sounded wrong. She sounded badly slurred, like she was either drunk as a skunk or stoned off her ass. Or both. If anybody else has heard that painful interview, let me know what you think, either way.

It’s really important to note that every other word out of her mouth was “um” and every third was “Y’know.” It was horrible. She sounded like she was completely unprepared to do an interview. Aside from the ums and y’knows, all she did was talk about herself.

Anybody that’s been around her for more than ten minutes has heard it: her rhetoric about how her “authors come first” and how she “busts her ass” to make sure that her authors’ dreams come true. You’ve heard it before, ad nauseam. Emphasis on nausea.

She also says that her authors aren’t bound to her. They’re free to explore other options and approach other companies. That’s a new claim, but the ongoing truth rings very different. Whenever an author tries to take back the rights to their books and leave, she beats them over the head with her (illegal) contract and threatens to sue them with her nonexistent lawyer. Free to explore their options? I think not. It’s just another line of bullshit to try to sucker in authors that don’t know better.

Somewhere in there, she spent twenty minutes explaining that somebody else does the art, somebody else does the editing, and how the authors have the final say on their books. Essentially, she explained, in depth, how she does NOTHING for the author, except slap their books on Createspace using her own account. Everybody get that? She uses her own Createspace account. Not a company account, not a professional account. She’s publishing THEIR work under HER name. So that when authors start to notice that the figures don’t add up and start to ask questions, Createspace won’t tell them. It’s HER account, so they won’t tell them anything. It’s not until after they leave her that they can approach Createspace and get information about their own titles. There are still authors that haven’t gotten information about their books for that very reason.

So, by her own admission, she does nothing to prepare a book. She’s trying to attract authors by saying that they’ve got all this creative freedom, but the truth is that publishing doesn’t work that way. REAL publishing doesn’t, anyway. An author writes a book. That’s it. Their job is done. Period.

It’s up to the publisher to have the final say, from editing, formatting, artwork, production and promotion. It’s the publisher’s JOB to personally make sure that all of the above is handled to a professional standard. That’s what entitles them to keep a percentage of the royalties.

We’ve all seen the crappy, nonexistent formatting in the books her companies put out. By admitting that the author has the final say, she’s confessing that the books don’t get edited. She’ll make suggestions, she asserts, but it’s up to the author to have the final say.

So… why, exactly, should she get a single cent of their royalties? She’s doing NONE of the work that a publishers is supposed to. By her own admission, she does zip, yet she expects to keep… how much of the profits is she up to these days?

Yet again, Tab took a page from Cindy White’s book. Literally. The bio page. She essentially quoted Cindy’s bio, saying that she’s been writing since she was 12, putting her blood, sweat and tears down on paper, because the page doesn’t judge or talk back.

She tripped herself up with a lie, though. First, she said that she started writing stories because of all the stories her dads told her when she was a child (and never mind that this defies her own timeline and the fact that her stories about her dads have been debunked time and time again. One dad was a drill sergeant and the other was a biker. Insert eye roll). She said that writing books was a release during ALL of her abusive marriages – contradicting herself from statements she’s made elsewhere that (at least) some of her husbands DIDN’T abuse her.

But AFTER that, she slipped back into Cindy mode, saying that as she progressed, she started with poetry and evolved into writing stories. Cindy’s the poet, and Tab has been poking Cindy with a stick, ripping off her life, almost word for word. Cindy has a condition that could kill her literally any second if she’s put under enough stress. And Tab knows it.

In my opinion, Tab is trying to kill Cindy with the same type of stress that she heaped upon her now-deceased mother. She pushes Cindy’s buttons, ripping off her bio, flagrantly claiming Cindy’s experiences as her own, KNOWING that it’s going to cause Cindy stress. Me, I don’t give two farts what Tab says about me, but it bothers Cindy. Tab knows it, and she shovels it on with a backhoe.

With her own words, Tab contradicted and exposed herself. In one breath, she wrote stories from the start, and in the next (to rip off Cindy), she says that she started with poetry.  She also neglected to mention those journals she’s kept since she was 12. Maybe she forgot. Or maybe she got put in her place because Cindy posted pictures of her journals all the way back and challenged Tab to do the same. Which, of course, she can’t.

Over all, Tab makes it obvious that she knows precisely zero about publishing. The other two guests rambled off professional points about the industry, and the host would throw the mic back to Tab to include her. Tab would chime in with something like “Exactly,” and then babble incoherently about the subject, as if she knew all about it. It didn’t make her look knowledgeable, though. It illustrated exactly the opposite.  She sounded like an inebriated idiot.

But that’s what she does, isn’t it? She gathers real talent around herself, to try to elevate herself and make herself seem fabulous or important, at their expense. Whether it’s models or authors (or boyfriends), all she does is ride their coattails until they come to their senses and scrape her off.

They do not need her. She contributes nothing. Quite the opposite. She needs them. To puff up her ego. To make money off of. To steal identities from. To steal belief systems from. To copy.

From the host introducing Tabetha as Zoey, with an exaggerated laundry list of titles and accomplishments that amount to nothing in reality, to all of the ums, y’knows and outright lies – and her drunken/stoned slurred speech, the whole interview was a disaster. And there was nothing beautiful about it.


46 thoughts on “On the air

  1. Wasn’t it posted somewhere that Tabetha said all her alts were no more,except her Zoey personna? If that is true why brag about using the Ivy Sinclair name among others? She stated in that interview that there were shitty publishing companies, was she speaking of herself for once? Knowing the hell CFW has faced. Makes me wonder if the chinks are showing in the badass boss lady’s armor. She also stated that she has been using only one cover artist from the beginning, but that is a flat out lie. Considering she threw another cover artist under the bus to cover her theft and incompetence. Anyone who knows CFW will tell you if she says it, you can take it to the bank, or she will die trying. It was painful to listen to but when you are on the road sometimes you need a laugh. WhIle saying that I felt bad for the authors/publishers because it was hard for them to keep the Tabetha /Zoey name straight. Talk about confusion. I did wonder what was wrong with her, I counted at least 36 you knows in a 4 minute time frame. And she never really promoted any author besides the 2 on the show. What about the other wonderful authors? Are they not important enough? Yes CFW did openly challenge Tabetha because her stories don’t jive. She claims she has been writing since the age of 12, but then again she claims to have used the journals to guard her against the many abusive husbands. So when was her first marriage? Age 11? There is so much I can pick apart but I’ll leave it be. Will wait to see how she squirms to answer just this little bit.

    As a side note.. Tabetha you claim to be so badass, put up or shut up. CFW showed her PROOF of her binder of poetry, where’s yours.

    • If only she’d give up publishing ripping off authors, I’d be so happy never to barf in my mouth at the mere thought of her. Ever again.

      Hard as it is, karma demands that I wish every single person the best. Even my worst enemy (which she isn’t. Not even close). So I do. I wish her the utmost success in modeling. I wish she’d make enough money from modeling that she’d give up publishing stealing from authors. I really do. Because then, I could break out the shit-B-gone spray and clean her off my radar, once and for all.

  2. I Own a project-by-project publishing house and the quality is key. Id prefer to take months getting a book professionally edited, formattered and covered then releasing an instant train wreck. A proper publishing house takes months. Months. The publishing house owner has many jobs for example: assessing what is being accepted into the publishing house. Most have an editor do this but because im a freelance editor I take pride in reviewing the selections of manuscripts sent to me. And usually if I say no because it isnt what my publishing house is looking for. I recommend another publishing house that i have worked with. Another is contact, contact between the author and each service. I like to have the author talk to my staff to get their ideas. Next is the proofs, every proof goes to the owner for a yes or no, that means covers, editing, formatting, the kdp ebook before publication and paperbacks – once i give the all clear. I send it to the author and wait for their answer. Once answered we hit publish. Then theres the promotions and press releases, including offline signings etc. Look there is so much. I literally put my authors before myself. So i dont see how someone like that can call themselves a publisher.

    • There’s a LOT that goes into publishing even a single work. There’s no way in the world that one person can publish as many books as she cranks out, no matter how many personalities run around in her head. Not properly, anyway. And we’ve all seen the quality of her work, or the lack thereof. Authors, real authors, deserve better than to have their books left on create space with no formatting or editing whatsoever. They deserve better than to be saddled with a liar and a drama queen like her. The faster they realize what kind of person she is and yank their work, the better off they’ll be.

  3. I just listened to the radio show. How many times have I heard that slurred speech and just wanted to grab her through the phone. I have a copy of Cindy’s Bio and word for word she states it. Enough is enough its time for her to grow up and take responsibility for her actions.

    • Like that’ll ever happen.

      It’s all we can do to just warn people that are considering working with her, or who are snagged by her already.

      I’ll have to go back and look, but what day of the week did that interview happen? Was it a school night?

  4. I get it imitation is supposed to be the most cherished of flatttery. But when it is done by someone so vile it is just a slap in the face. Not ONLY has she stolen from me, my words and my life, I hear talk on the wind that she is now getting into skull jewelry. Who does that sound like? I’ll wait.

    Pathetic much there Tabetha? What a skull tattoo next? Everyone who knows me, knows that all but 2 of my tattoos are of skulls. Damn if you bit any harder off my life I’d bleed. Dear simp Tabetha, you will NEVER be me, never come close to the woman I am. See the difference is I learn and grow from my mistakes in life. I have a heart and care about people. My wounds caused by my life molded me to be a BETTER human being, not an abusive diseased hate filled bitch. Oh don’t get it wrong I am a bitch, and that is Mrs Bitch or THE BITCH, to the liked of you.

    You can’t be me toots because you are a heartless, soulless, creature. I actually feel sorry for your man, because I can almost bet in the throes of what you consider passion you don’t scream his name, you scream mine. And as disgusting as that is to me, I bet you damn near anything it isn’t far from the mark.

    • Does she even have throes of passion? Does she even feel anything at all? Or does she just fake it like she fakes everything else?

      What a sad life it must be, filled with nothing of substance, just such a void where her heart and soul should be that she has to steal your life to have any life at all.

      She can TRY to talk your talk, but she will never walk your walk. Thoes shoes will never fit. She’s not Cinderella, and even though she lives in her own deluded fantasy land, this is no fairy tale. Life is reality. And she’s about to get a hefty dose of it.

  5. With all Ms. Jones’ desire to be like this CFW person it does make you wonder, is there a crush there. Or what? I believe if CFW swung that way, and no judgment, Ms. Jones would be begging her to be together. Imitation is cute but when you lust after someone like Ms. Jones does makes me think that she’d skin CFW alive and wear her skin.

    • I think it’s good, old fashioned jealousy. Tab’s favorite fairy isn’t the only thing that’s green. She’s got that green-eyed monster hanging off her back as well.

  6. One thing is for certain at least now we know where the idea of imprints and all came from. You know where Tabetha was going to imprint her logo and the rest. It was proven by that radio show, as usual, it didn’t come from the “great” mind of Tabetha, but as always the copycat, from those around her. Good try Tabetha, trying to act as if you have half a brain.

    As always your attention whore mentality and desire to be “the best, smartest and the like” is and forever WILL BE your downfall and undoing. You didn’t say anything concerning this before you met Berti, and it was she who expounded on the value of such. Poor simple Tabetha, so desperate to find a pair of shoes to fill. Just know one thing, you will NEVER be woman enough to fill mine.

  7. What I find so funny is Troy “Truth Bear” tried to post on your blog and it said in moderation yet I have yet to see it. Did he strike a nerve Leppy? Or just the plain old fashioned truth. Is there dust on your bones you old hag? Don’t be shy about replying to this post I think as my wonderful man would put all you have to is unwrap your bandages and step out of your coffin. Tell me when Noah got two of every animal to go on the ark what the fuck was the male of your species? Damn… DAMN.

    Shall I continue? Cause we can go back further Lilith I mean Lepp.

    For a woman of your age, is all this hatred caused by men-will-pause?

    And Cindy you know why would I want for one second to copy your life? I mean you in that little black leather dress showing, well we haven’t figured that out yet, is that what you plan on wearing when the Devil comes to take you to Babylon to his son, and as Fez would WHORE.

    • Actually, that post has been approved and replied to, the same day it was posted. You might want to take the bottle from your lips and check your facts before you flap your gums. It only makes you look even stupider than usual when you put on such a display about something you got wrong from the start.

      “Don’t be shy about replying to this post I think as my wonderful man would put all you have to is unwrap your bandages and step out of your coffin.”

      What? Whether your problem is sobriety or illiteracy, please, TRY to get some help for it before you post your thinly veiled threats here, unless your desired result is that nobody will take you seriously in the least measure.

      You are a joke, and a bad one at that. THAT’S why you need to copy not just Cindy (though she does seem to be your favorite) but every single person who’s got the bad fortune to cross your path.

      That black leather dress? Do you mean the one that you so desperately wanted to borrow?
      Thought so.
      Funny, because you couldn’t have fitted a thigh in that dress, let alone your girth. I’m not raggin’ on you being a big girl, just discussing simple physics. You can’t fit 10 pounds of shit into a 5 pound sack. You can, however, fit five pounds of fabulous, which is Cindy’s definition. She’s fabulous, and you only WISH you had HALF of her courage and strength. It shows every time you quote her bio and act like you’ve lived through her pain – as if you’d have the guts for it. You’ve got such a hard-on for Cindy, you might as well just ask her for a date and get it over with.

      She wouldn’t have you, though, would she dear? Even if she were so inclined. She’s got too much taste to give a second glance to the likes of a smutty attention whore as yourself. She’s also got a husband. A man she doesn’t have to lie to in order to keep him. In that aspect alone, she leaves you in her dust – as do many of the rest of us.

      So, go ahead and keep insisting that you have no reason to copy her. The truth is glaringly obvious. The louder you scream denial, the more we know it’s true.

      Just wait for the next blog post, hon. I think you’ll like it even more than this one.

    • Hold the damn phone, Tabetha for real is that what you are going with, that’s your best zimger? A crack about JT’s age and you weren’t even smart enough to come up with it, oh that’s GOLD!!!

      You are making digs about JT having men problems, but Hmmm she hasn’t been beaten up by every man she’s been with. As opposed to your highly exaggerated sad life.

      The black dress YOUR ASS ASKED TO BORROW for a photo shoot. Your very first on wasn’t it??? With Christian, the shoot you wound up wearing that moomoo of a chemise the watermelon patterned one??? You DARE to question of what may be under that mimi, but have no problem posting vile pictures of your disgusting half nakedness? Darlin that’s rich. And you know that it is a 3 piece outfit because when you asked to borrow it I told you I wouldn’t send the panties because it would be nasty.

      No sweetie I have a more fabulous dress to wear when I take my rightful places on the THRONE OF HELL. As for me being a whore dear you have that twisted. You my dear Tabetha are the whore. You see I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with my husband for over 25 years, barring extra curricular activities, which was mutually beneficial to us both. Whereas YOU change men more than you change underwear.

      Whore, me??? It wasn’t me being on supposed interview with authors and practically raping the cabana boy, the waiter? All the while being engaged to the THEN “love of your life” ? Hunny, besides the thesaurus you desperately need to incorporate the dictionary.

      And FYI please stop with the false bravado, it’s embarrassing. There’s a huge difference in your pathetic attempt to puff out your chest and waddle around like a bamty rooster, and my real attitude. Don’t get it twisted

    • There Tabetha goes again, big bad boss lady, hiding behind another person. Taunting about his post. If she was so worried about she can send again. If her man’s words are worth reading. Little girl did you get drunk and look in the mirror when you called CFW a whore? Are you so desperate for her attention that you actually spend time bitching about if she has panties on or are you just hoping to get a flash? And look at you being all religions and self righteous. Your right CFW probably will go to hell, at least she is bad ass enough to walk that valley. What is the quote .. oh right. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, because I’m the baddest mother fucker in the land. You have no idea how much that is CFW’s code. You just can’t compare. People are grateful for her being in their lives, can anyone say the same about you? Doubtful

      • She doesn’t need to send it again, though I’d invite him to post again any day of the week, if it was him that posted that one. More likely, it was her using some fake name attributed to another person (real or imagined) to cover her ass. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen it, am I right?

        She made a crack about me being dusty, and “men-will-pause” in reference to my age. And that’s just hysterical.

        First, ain’t nothin’ dusty about these old, bones, thanks. If she’s trying to refer to my sex life, it’s just fine and dandy. Unlike her, I’ve been with a man for more than a decade, who takes care of my every need. In every way. And, unlike her, I don’t JUST mean physically. I have a man that loves me for all the things that I am. He loved me when I was fat, loves me skinny, loves me no matter what I look like, because he gets it. Looks aren’t all that matter. Looks fade (some faster than others, in her case). What really matters is what’s in the heart, but she’ll never get that because she doesn’t have one.

        She says “men-will-pause.” That’s yet another difference between her and me. I don’t need men. Plural. Unlike her, I don’t have a revolving door into my bedroom. I don’t need man after man in my life. I only need one. The one I’ve had in my life for longer than she ever had one man in hers. It’s called love. She should try it sometime, if only she had a heart for love to live in. If only she had a soul in search of a mate. But she has neither, so maybe SHE needs MEN. I’m satisfied with the one I’ve got.

        And she can crack on my age all she wants to. I’m not ashamed of my age. I’ve earned every single minute of it. From those first few moments fighting for every breath, through hardships and triumphs she could only imagine – and no. I won’t post them here so she can steal them. It all leads up to the person I am today, and I’m okay with that. I’m not some glorious, famous, puffed up caricature of a person like she is, and I like that just fine. Unlike her, I don’t need to be.

        I write. I paint. I dote on my grandbabies. I do my best to hold my integrity intact. I have people that I love, people that love me. Honestly, what more could I ask for?

        Let’s see where she is IF she hits my age, and see if she can say the same.

    • You don’t have a man you slag you have a paycheck and when he gets smart and dumps your fat arse you’ll be high and dry what will you do then Scab Ass, pimp your daughter out to beauty pageants or will you go begging back to your other mother for shelter? Say what you want but we girls have real men not the flavors of the week you change more often then your underwear.

      • Pimp is rather a strong word, and has yet to be seen.

        You do bring up an interesting point, though. What will she do for money when Mr Wonderful realized there’s no money to be had. When it finally sinks in that her boasts about all the money she’s coming into are hollow lies and he hits the bricks. It’s his disability check she’s living off of right now, and more and more authors are blocking her access to their work. So she can’t keep leeching that money on the sly. Not even on foreign markets.

        So what will she do?

        Truth is that unless she keeps swindling authors, it’s none of our business. But if she does, yeah. We’re all over it.

  8. What I find funny is that Tab thinks I don’t have proof to back my shit up.
    Here’s “Troy’s” post, sent from the same IP as Tab’s, on the same device.

    I took a pic of it pending, so you can all see his scathing “truth” that I guess I’m supposed to be wounded by. Whatever.

    And here’s the comment after it was approved, side by side with Tab’s, to prove it came from the same IP>

    And there it still sits, buried in an old post. Approved and replied to the day it was posted. just like I said.

    Now what, bitch?

    You’re going to have to do better than that lame ass shit to trip me up. Because my TRUTH is better than your BULLSHIT any day of the week.

    So you tell me, friends and fans. Did Troy stick up for his lady fair? Or did she (yet again) make up another name to attribute to some made up fake knight in shining armor to come dashing over the hill on his trusty steed with flags flying to come to her defense? Like all those “friends” Emily exposed, and that HILARIOUS gaggle of strippers that I exposed? Like Bo, Mr. Shadows and so many others?

    Either way, it’s a fucking joke. Trying to lead us off the topic. Just like she’s posting all of those absurd photos on her page, baiting us to start posting about her ridiculous personal life. All to lead us off topic. Well, I’m not taking the bait. The point is that she’s an illegal publisher, a liar, a thief, and a scam artist. That’s what we’re here for, and that’s what we’ll keep warning her victims, present and future about. The past victims already know it. All too well.

    • Slappy Assy don’t you ever get tired of getting owned by your Leppmummy or do you keep making such a fool of yourself to keep attention off of what a theif you are? Well guess what minger we already know it and so does the whole world.

  9. You do know it is illegal to post IP addresses for everyone to see? Or did you not look that up. Oh its okay for to to belittle me or degrade me but when its done back you give books as comments. And you say I dance around the subject when my life has been an open book.

    You insult my daughter, how about I start insulting yours? An eye for an eye they say.

    But I will be contacting the police about my IP address being posted publicly as Troy will be doing the same. You aren’t suppose to give out email addresses or IP addresses for the public to see. In fact you shouldn’t even have a tracker to get an IP address. Very illegal. But I’m the shady one.

    I come here to have a good laugh but now its time for payback.

    • Gee Tabetha if it is so illegal then pray tell why was your dear friend Ember allowed to do just that on CKTK’s ip? And even provided proof as to why it wasn’t? Wow how soon we forget.

    • Oh, but you already did. We’re here because you not only insulted my daughter, but you scammed her, and you hurt her. You took her money and refused to publish her book. You blamed her for YOUR scam, told her she was a horrible writer, and you broke her heart. You paid back her money when your ass was over a barrel, but there’s no price tag on the tears she cried. There’s no paying back the pain in her eyes when she actually believed (briefly) that she wasn’t good enough to publish a book.

      She proved you wrong, though, didn’t she? My daughter found her strength, and she published a book that’s written a THOUSAND times better than any crap you could ever DREAM of writing. Because, unlike you, she’s got a stunning grasp of the language and the intellect to use it. Bait me with taunts of insulting my daughter all you like, but I don’t have to beat you when it comes to her. She already has. By leaving you in her dust and proving that she’s more of a woman at her young age than you’ll ever be.

      For the millionth time, it’s not illegal to post somebody’s IP. It leads to your service provider, not to your front door. You keep trying to get me in trouble with that claim, and it just isn’t true. Do you really think that saying it one million and one times will change that?

      Yes. You are the shady one, with illegal business after illegal business, selling people’s work and not paying them. You’re shifty, but you’re not untouchable. And it’s catching up to you. Wait for it.

    • Oh, and it’s only illegal to post someone’s email if I obtained it legally, or if they’re a member of public service, like a cop or public politician. I’m guessing that he’s neither. And he/you posted it directly to me. So, no. it’s not illegally obtained. So, you’re out of gas with that one, too. Sorry.

    • Payback? Oh Ms. Jones do be careful what you wish for? Tut tut, for a person who deals with or claims a higher magical calling, you sure do love breaking the golden rule of witchcraft. I am not going to waste precious time explaining how wrong you are in that threat, I’m sure karma is keeping tabs.

  10. Have I ever called your daughter a whore? Posting pictures of her on a blog site? Or saying you were going to sell her virginity to the highest bidder? I think not. So, tell me Lepp what age did you sell your daughter? When did she become your fucking whore? You want to throw insults at as 7 yr old child but yours as an adult is untouchable. I think not. You say I’m heartless but you started this war long ago, and you went past being an advocate for authors when you brought my daughter into this now its time I bring yours.

    What did you tell me in a fb message, its on bitch? Yeah I think those were the words.

    • Please remind me where I, or anybody else, called your daughter a whore.
      You can’t.
      So, starting out with a lie nullifies all whiny-baby bullshit that follows.
      Moving on.

    • I’ll say it I think you would sell your wee daughter if you needed the money for your fix. I think you’d wrap her up in a bow, put her in front of a camera, tell her to smile pretty while it was going on and call it modeling and take her to meet your favorite strippers because she won’t be fresh anymore but she’ll be young which your not and getting older by the minute. You slag off on your Leppmummy’s age but at least she’s got dignity all you’ve got is gravity and flab it’s not pretty and getting uglier by the minute. You shouldn’t disrespect your mummy like that that Scab you already killed one you should respect the one you lust after the most.

      • She’s already had that poor kid in front of a camera, caked in makeup and doing some of the same poses she (Tab) does, finger to the chin, etc. It horrifies me to think of what else she might get that poir kid to do for the camera, in the name of “modeling.” Just look at what Tab does, and she calls that modeling.

  11. Oh I am so sorry she was called a dwarf whore, is that better? And I believe there were a few other inappropriate things on this blog referring to my daughter. You as the blog owner are solely responsible for it. Advocate for authors, all I see is insults and assaulting a minor child. But your day is coming you can bet that.

    You wanna drag me down fine but you allowed your minions and yourself to bring my minor child into this, degrading her, calling her names. And I am supposed to be the bad parent?

    Tell me this who is doing these things to my child? YOU. You are responsible for every word posted on this blog. You allow the comments to come through. Raises some questions. What sort of monster heartless fucking parents are all of you?

    • actually, no. She wasn’t called a dwarf Whore. The comment was that she was made to LOOK LIKE a dwarf whore. Which was not an insult to her, but criticism about YOU as a parent for putting such ill-advised photos of your 7 year old child made up like that on the internet for every child predator in Texas to see.

      Wrong again.
      Thanks for playing.

    • Hmm what kind of parent indeed? Let’s see JT as well as myself love our children enough to fight for them their innocence and their mental health. Now you on the other hand have been using that little girl since I have known you.

      You are the one who caked makeup on her looking WELL OVER her tender as at the time of what? 5 was it? And to prove just how fucked in the head you are, you put said innocent child right dab smack in the middle of your disgusting display of self serving spank bank material.

      Dear Tabetha WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU!!! You say all kinds of shit about her, you bring it up, your dumb ass ADMITTED that she at what 6 if not sooner about the blog. That in fact it was YOU who let her see it, as if your daily temper tantrums aren’t enough.

      As for the dwarf whore comment how many times must you revisit this and still demand a different answer? FACT: It was stated that she was MADE UP TO LOOK LIKE, again for a publisher you have no concept of symantics. FACT: It was you who BRAGGED that when you got your MINOR child a poster for her birthday of a STRIPPER no less. And it was YOU you stupid illiterate bitch, YOU who also BRAGGED after showing off your child’s pictures, that she wasn’t 18 YET!! So again YOU AND ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.

      • Oh, yeah. I forgot about the stripper poster anatomy lesson.

        Who’s being inappropriate? Right. Mother of the year over there.

        Instead of actually DEFENDING her sweet daughter, she’s all over some stranger’s blog throwing that poor kid around as a shield to hide behind.

        I’m standing here, behind no one. CFW, you’re doing the same. I wonder if she’ll ever be able to stand up as a woman, all on her own without shifting the blame around and hiding behind somebody else.

        I’m guessing not.

      • She will turn that wee lass into a dwarf whore because look what a slag she is what else is a daughter suppose to learn except what she sees. Mum’s a slut so what else will her daughter be the only question is how that poor wee one can be the best meal ticket because everybody else is gone or going.

    • You fucking twat your the only one that does anything to that wee tot if you were any kind of mother you’d give her away Leppmummy would do a better job of raising her you should give her away to her nana. Your the heartless monster making your daughter live with a pill popping psycho alkie mental patient like you if only you were a patient then you might get some help. What kind of monster moves a psycho asshole who beats up old ladies in with their precious wee child? Only you scam ass so you can take his money and never mind what he does to her when your to busy parting it up with your strippers your not just a slag your a monster and the worst kind.

      • *Looks up the definition of slag*

        1. An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax.

        2. Rubbish that is not worth the time or effort of paying attention to it, but none the less draws one in. Used to describe unpleasant situations.

        3. Physical trash.

        Well. Alrighty, then.

    • No Tabetha you did far worse than calling names. Your lies destroyed a family, your lies and brutality caused a mom to crack and YOUR lies ripped a mother from her child.

      Gee which is worse? At least you still have your child to tuck in at night, whenever that may be for you. You blame everyone for your pathetic life, yet you don’t tally the cost of what YOU have done to many authors. You say that people caused your family to attempt suicide and pushed your family over the brink, well WHAT HAVE YOU PERSONALLY DONE TO MANY AUTHORS?

      You with your lies and deceit have done more damage and hurt than any damn truth brought to this blog. It’s you that should be ashamed. It’s you who should be begging for forgiveness. Yet you are so shallow and disgusting you still blame everyone for your wrongdoing instead of the person who is to blame. That would be you again.

      New authors and hopefuls take note she will do it to you as well. She claims you are all family but just wait, she’ll show you the flip side quick. Dare to question where your money is, dare to ask anyone of their experience with her and you will find out quick. If she wants to be friends or get involved in your personal life, RUN and run fast!! Anything you tell her will be used against you if you try to leave. Your real family will know every dark secret you tell that forked tongued snake.

      • People don’t realize the extend of her cruelty. She’s called more than one husband and told him that their wives, her authors, were cheating on them She’s broken up more than one family that way. All because the author tried to leave her company. In the worst case, a child was ripped away from his/her mother.

        Tabetha screams about people leaving HER child alone. But where is her concern for that child who now doesn’t have a mother? Because of TABETHA. Her concern is nowhere, because she doesn’t care.

        She is as two-faced as it comes. Screaming for consideration for her child, yet she’s willing to cause other people’s families to be torn apart.

        If she truly believes in heaven or hell, she will surely rot in the latter. And not in a cutesy “They kicked me out because I tried to take over” kind of way. But, she’ll find out. That’s the ULTIMATE justice.

      • And make no mistake. She’s looking. On both her Android and her PC, within the last hour alone. She just ins’t answering because there IS no good answer. She stomps her foot about how WE abuse her child, when it’s her dragging the poor kid into it in the first place. Yet she has no problem whatsoever ripping somebody else’s family apart.

        No matter what belief system she’s ripping off this week, there are consequences for that. In Christian beliefs, there’s heaven and hell. In Voodoo, Paganism and many others, there’s the concept of Karma. What you do comes back to you.

        Either way, justice cometh speedily.

  12. What I notice is that Tabetha does not once try to deny that she was drunk or stoned out of her mind when she did that interview, but rages about anything else she can think of.

    • I have noticed that when she can’t cover up her lie she reverts back to tired, played out, already been proven that she lied. And caught in the lie. So to attempt to save face, she pretends to be a decent mother and tries to “protect” her child. All the while knowing that what has been said about her parenting is dead on. But what’s more sad is we are speaking on behalf of the child as she loves using her as a shield and weapon in the same breath. Not once did she deny any type of alcohol or drug use, not once did she defend herself for her major grammatical errors and horribe speech. Not once did she defend the authors or the host. Just more dimwitted commentary on tired old regurgitated bullshit.

  13. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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