In a recent comment, a former victim reports that she continues to see her work in publications put out by  the various, assorted publishing company incarnations owned by Tabetha Jones.

A quick google of’s terms of service confirms that the publication of unauthorized written content constitutes an intellectual rights violation.

So, authors, if you find any of your content being published or sold by Tabetha Jones without your prior knowledge or consent, don’t bother asking her to remove it. She obviously doesn’t care. Instead, report the infringement to Maybe they’ll yank her account. And the literary world can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

You’re welcome.


24 thoughts on “Violation

  1. I know some of the anthologies have my prized poems in the anthologies. And a short. Im hoping to contact everyone selling them stilland inform them ofthe goings on.i cant put my paperbacks up with these third parties because someone else has my stuff with those third parties. Its a nuisance especially when im book touring throughout aussie and cosplaying.

    • Never mind contacting the sellers. You’ll run yourself ragged trying to keep up with all her shady deals. Cut her off at the source by contacting Amazon. Get ahead of her instead of chasing her down. Put a stop to her exploitation of you and your work, once and for all.

      • I was kind of hoping by now she would be blocked by amazon but after finding more a few days ago. I totally agree. Theres always ways to bypass the system and she uses them. One being the pen names. The other being the name changes on companies. And another being that her real authors she contracts sell. Even if they dont get the money. Or what their contract says they get a percentage of. Thats probably the only reason they keep her on there. Literally. Its a fine tooth pick continuing to carry her on so ive heard from smashie but because her authors books do sell because the author pimps it to the max. Not her. It sells. It stays. If they didnt sell id assure you. They wouldve dropped her after conversation i had with smashie. Ive got enough proof on hand to have them drop her. Ive just been hoping she would knock my stuff out of her anthologies and stop selling them.

        So lets talk about her old contract. Did anyone notice the bit about the swag? Well i knew her supplier. In fact i contacted all her suppliers. In fact one of them contacted me. It was very interesting and it filled a few gaps in the ripoff department. Infact, i still have the messages but i want to keep this person out of this bull because they are finally going places and they are over everything involving Tab. But there is loads more and if i released it all maybe there will be sense to be had lol. Perhaps.

        • The problem with her contracts is that they aren’t legal. Neither are they binding. If a company is illegal, which all of hers are, then the contracts aren’t legal either. That’s what her authors victims need to realize.

          What each and every one of her authors NEEDS to do is tear up that contract and publish their own works, listing themselves as the only vendor of record. Then NOBODY can sell their works but them. Not Tabetha, not any shady third parties, NOBODY. And then, the author is the only one that gets paid.

          It really is that simple to put her out of business, but too many of her victims either think that they’re bound by that contract or they’re intimidated by her. Some just don’t know any different because she’s the only “publisher” they’ve ever dealt with. That’s what I’m here for. To tell them that they DON’T have to keep her on a single thing. They can publish their own stuff and cut her off completely.

          • I have an idea. Why not cut the source from the anthology so she cant keep selling it? Make our own anthology like it to stop the old ones releasing and selling and then actually donate royalties to a proper foundation. Lol. If we cant win it. Then we can definitely outwit it. Cut the source. Do it right. Get our rights back. Besides if its done professionally well. Id prefer a professional book with my poems in it then a trainwreck. Im sure every other author will agree. Lets make it a box set and publish every book shes screwed ten fold in it including anthologies and either use the money to save up and sue her or donate it to a good cause. I cast my vote towards this cause because im over being reminded my pieces are still being sold by tabetha. And im over the bullshit. Lets pick up where we left off and get our moneys worth back. Our efforts and non stop sweat and tears to write our stories. Lets get all our rights back and stand tall whilst showing tabetha how to properly publish a book. XD

          • I love that idea, for any authors that would be on board for it. The problem is that she’s scared too many of them off. The authors that are up for it, great. At least THEY would be out from under that scammer’s thumb. If she dared to try and sell the same content again, third party or otherwise, she’s fried.

          • I fancy I know where you can find a decent editor who’s no slouch at formatting. But only for those that you can get on board.

            Still, even for those that aren’t approachable or amenable, it would at least stop anybody from using stories belonging to those that do want to participate.

            But it only works if the publisher goes on record legally saying that only they are allowed to sell that content. And only if that publisher is willing and able to enforce that.

          • Even if a new anthology didn’t come together, authors that don’t want their content in those books can still keep her from doing it. They can go to Amazon and Ingram and make it clear that Tabetha Jones, aka Zoey Sweete does not have permission to use your/their work. With that notice on file, she can’t use it without facing legal ramifications.

          • The only way shes making money is through people. So i couldnt agree more. I wonder what amazon and smashie took before they blocked nick. Maybe we can go that direction…

          • All you have to do is contact Amazon to get information about your titles. Find out if she’s made a single dime off you, tell them you want proof of that. And tell them that nobody has permission to sell your work but you.
            That’s it. That’s all you have to do.
            After that, you have the option of talibg legal action. But whether you chose to do that or not, at least your work is protected.

    • Melina I find it funny because all the anthologies you were involved with are out of print and your book is only published by you. I have screen caps to prove it which I am going to share publicly on my page and even send JT all the screenshots so she can show you ppl Im not stealing or selling anything.

      • They’re out of print NOW, maybe. But how many years ago did she leave you? That time still exists. Yanking them now doesn’t wash the last few years away.

        I just hope your current authors, if you still have any, are watching how you talk to and treat authors you once called “family,” too.

        You promise them the moon, call them family, then treat them like this and blame them for it.

        The more you try to hide, the more you expose.

  2. I’m seeing that a lot of her former authors HAVE republished their own titles, yet those books are still also available with Tab as the publisher, which means that if any new sales are made, she’s getting paid but the author isn’t.

    It’s WONDERFUL that authors are moving on without her and releasing their own work. There really is life after being scammed.

    But there’s one step authors repubbing their own titles need to do to keep her from continuing to exploit their work. If they’ve repubbed themselves, they need to go into their publication settings with Amazon and list themselves as the only vendor allowed to sell that title. And then get on the phone with Ingram and do the same. They might not have published through Ingram, but Ingram is the largest book distributor out there, so it’s a safe bet that their books are in Ingram’s system. It’s best to take the step of listing yourself as the only authorized vendor so that your work is protected in their records and nobody else can touch it.

    Rather than chasing down independent sellers, or chasing after Tab to make things right, this cuts off all that shady business at the SOURCE, the bookseller and distributor, keeping the money where it belongs. With the author.

    Don’t worry, authors. Amazon, kindle, Ingram, Nook, whatever channels you chose when you published will still sell your books. This doesn’t mean that ou have to print and sell them yourself. ou’re not cutting off your sales by listing yourself as the only vendor. That only means that Amazon, et al, can only sell on YOUR behalf. No third party sellers or retailers can make money off your title on the sly by setting up mysterious “third party” sales – that ironically ship from Texas.

    Your work will still be available LEGALLY everywhere it should be. It only means that nobody can sell your work illegally. You’re protecting your interests from any slimy thief that tries to sell your work behind your back and keep all the money.

    It might seem confusing, but it’s really not. It’s as easy as the click of a button. And it’s an important step to taking and keeping control of your work. Your reputation. Your money. Your destiny.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Really you say I am responsible when Cindy herself told Troy that her books were being sold by third party vendors from the Philippines and Cambodia. Now, please explain to me how the hell am I going to travel to those countries, one without a passport, or two, the address where it comes from is listed on the Amazon package. I guess I have alot of frequent flyer miles.

    You ppl really think I have all these fake accounts. I’m sorry I have better things to do and I would never do things as such mentioned. My works are on ebay and Amazon as well and guess what those vendors get the money not me.

    Just keep digging that grave. At the rate your going you should have already been buried in the dirt.

    • You really get dumber by the day Tabetha. You are so stupid to try and play the I’ve never been to, have a passport and the rest of that crap. Hello??? Again for the damn cheap seats, you DON’T HAVE TO VISIT said countries dumbass, all it takes is a click of the mouse to sell there.

      For real do you really think people are as dumb as you wish they were? I told Troy exactly where I seen them being sold through amazon via 3rd party sales. What I didn’t tell him as to where the sales revert back to. So again cupcake check your facts. Or are you so cock hard to prove someone is lying you don’t care if we know it is YOU.

      It’s a simple click of the mouse!!! Come on now, Tabetha you love letting those fat fingers fly, why not put them to real good use? You know by releasing EVERY author from your death grip.

      • She knows that she doesn’t have to visit those places to sell there. She’s just saying that expecting her authors to be stupid enough to buy it. She insults them every time she opens her mouth.

        Well, I should say her FORMER authors. She’s got fewer and fewer by the day.

    • What a wonderful publisher, aren’t you Tabetha. Always saying that “my authors and I are a family “, but jus with the one comment proves just what they mean to you. Let me REFRESH everyone’s memory.

      ***My works are on ebay and amazon also” ***

      I see you are desperate to make the point of 3rd party sales and your writing but no where are you showing any concern for the authors you represent. And dear dumbass please note that any sales I have searched for regarding works by any of your forum victims, many are being sold as NEW. As for CFW’S works ALL have been listed as NEW, not the used copies you are trying to play off to absolve you of any guilt. And quite a few with a hefty price tag. So before you let those fingers fly in rage or more lies and cover up, I do have screen grabs, showing the condition as again NEW. Maybe it’s YOU that need to do some homework. Maybe instead of trying to be flippant or bad ass do your damn job, release ALL THE 3RD PARTY SALES YOU AGREED TO WHEN YOU PUT THE DAMN BOOKS UP FOR SALE ON CREATESPACE.

    • No. I don’t think you have all those fake VENDOR accounts. I think you’re selling TO those vendors, including vendors abroad, and making money that they authors never see. You don’t have to GO to Cambodia to sell a book to a vendor there. Especially an ebook.
      You really think we’re stupid enough to believe that when those vendors, professional booksellers, sell a book, that you, the publisher, don’t get paid?

      Well, you know WE’RE not stupid enough to fall for that. So you must really not think too highly of your authors if you expect them to believe it. Well, guess what. They’re finding out in droves. They’re republishing their own work, and they’re cutting you out of the loop. Slowly but surely, your gravy train is grinding to a halt. You might have to get up off your ass and get a real job.

      You’re the one with the shovel, hon. All I have do do is give you the room. You dig your own grave. And I love watching. Do it some more. Give the IRS more to investigate.

  4. By the way, who here contributed content to Bloody Kisses? Tab’s been pmming me all night screaming that she removed EVERYTHING when she closed down those companies, but Bloody Kisses, from 2013, is still listed, HERE. Live, right now. And Beth Wright’s Devil’s Pet Kitten is still live from 2012 with Phoenix Fire listed as the publisher.

    She’ll probably scramble to take it all down, but I capped it, so she needn’t bother. I screen capped some titles that were live yesterday, and last week, and last month. So she can scream all she wants about how everything was shut down way back when. I’ve got evidence to the contrary. You know, a little thing I like to call PROOF.

    What amused me the most about her little screaming matches this evening is her insisting that when she gets her income tax back, she’s going to trademark all her companies (even the ones she said a second ago were shut down *eye roll*) and even all her names. She thinks that if she trademarks everything, we can’t talk about her anymore.

    What a riot! Pepsi is trademarked. Nike is trademarked. Star Wars is trademarked. She just doesn’t get it. She can trademark everything from her fake name to the living room sofa, it doesn’t protect anything from public review. Look at Yelp, for Pete’s sake. That’s all it’s FOR, reviewing companies. She actually thinks that by trademarking her name, her company’s names, whatever, she can force me to remove all of the posts about her. That’s freaking HILARIOUS!

    But hey, let her spend her (boyfriend’s) money. We’ll still be here, telling the TRUTH about her and her bogus companies, trademark or no trademark. Because the only thing she can protect herself from are lies. And that’s not what we tell here. Whether she likes it or not, this blog is here to stay until or unless I and I alone decide to take it down. And that’s just not going to happen. I’ll gladly, happily stop talking about her when no authors stand to be victimized, and believe me. Nothing would make me happier. Just the thought of her makes bile creep up the back of my throat. No, indeed. I’ll be all too happy posting about puppies, kittens, unicorns, whatever the happy hell I want. As long as the publishing world is safe from the likes of her.

  5. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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