Due Process

If you’re an author that’s discovered that your small/indie publisher has been stealing your royalties. You’ve asked your publisher for answers, but received only abuse and misdirection, even outright lies. What can you do?

Your first instinct might be to call the police and turn them in. And it’s a good one. But there are steps you should probably take first. That way, when you do make those calls, you’re prepared with the information they’re probably going to ask for.

“How much did they steal?” Is probably going to be the first thing they want to know if you’re reporting your publisher for stealing royalties.  That’s a good question. And you can answer it.

If your publisher was skimming your royalties, there’s a good chance that they did everything possible to keep you from finding out how much you really earned. Probably pretty effectively. And contacting Ingram, Createspace or Amazon wouldn’t help.  They would tell you to contact your publisher, Great lot of help that is, when your publisher is the problem in the first place.

But when you cut ties with that publisher, you gain back not only the rights to your work, but the right to find out about the history of your work. With your publisher out of the way, you now have direct access to Ingram, Createspace, Amazon, Smashwords and anywhere else your work was sold.

One thing those places will ask for is proof that you’re no longer with that publisher. It doesn’t have to be any formal release, as your publisher might have you believe.  Any declaration that you can prove will suffice. If you’ve got an email or text message where you told your publisher that it was over, that’ll do. Have it handy for when they ask for it.

Make a list of all the places where your book was sold and contact them one by one.

Tell them that you’re no longer with your publisher, and that you want to find out how many books you sold during the time that you were with them, and in the time since you left.

If they ask for proof that you’re not with that publisher anymore, provide it and repeat your request. You’ve left your publisher and you want to find out how many books you sold, while you were with them and since.

It’s important that you ask for both. How many they sold when you were with them, and how many have been sold since.

Then simply do the math. Take whatever figure they gave you for how many sales you made when you were with your publisher and compare them to how much you got paid. If you got paid at all.  If/when they don’t match up, you have a figure to give to the authorities.

If you discover that there have been sales of your title for which your publisher has been paid since the time you left (that you didn’t get paid for), that’s a whole new level. That’s not just theft. It’s also copyright violation as well as theft. Maybe even fraud, tax fraud, impersonation, identity theft. Maybe more than that.

Take whatever figures you’ve got and call your publisher’s local law enforcement. Call the police and file a report. Call the District Attorney. Call the attorney General. Talk to them about theft and provide the figures you got from those publishing and selling services. That gives them hard figures to work with.

One very important thing to remember is that different authorities handle specific issues. For example, the police, DA and AG will deal with the money you’re had stolen from you. That’s it. They don’t want to hear about the lies or abuse. They don’t want to hear it. All they handle is the strict business of numbers. If you can prove how much your publisher stole from you, that’s what they want to know.

When it comes to any potential acts of fraud, copyright infringement or piracy, that’s what you talk to the feds about.

Any personal injury that happened would be handled in a civil court. That would include lies, verbal abuse, damage to your reputation as a public figure resulting from lies (defamation), pain and suffering.

So be sure and organize your calls.

After you’ve talked to the police, DA and AG about theft, pick up the phone and talk to your publisher’s local office of the FBI and talk to them about copyright infringement and  the piracy of your work. If your publisher happens to be located in Texas, be sure and call the Texas Rangers as well, they handle everything from theft to fraud that takes place inside the Texas borders.

When that’s done, don’t forget to talk to the local IRS office in your publisher’s office and tell them about this income that your publisher has obtained illegally by stealing it from you. Whether your publisher has paid taxes on it or not, the IRS will be very interested.

Finally, consider talking to an attorney about filing a personal injury suit. If your former publisher insulted, abused or defamed you in any way, you can ask for damages as a result, as well as whatever money was stolen from you in the first place.

That’s a whole lot to process, but it’s just a matter of making a checklist and going through it. Ultimately, you’ll be clearing your good name and recovering what was stolen from you. You’ll be making sure that your publisher is held accountable for what he or she did to you. And you’ll be making sure the next author won’t have to go through the same thing.

You’ll be glad you did.


59 thoughts on “Due Process

  1. You will be receiving an email with screenshots from all these so called violations and you will see all these books have been shut down since the day I closed the companies. Then I would like an apology because none of them are available.

    • Why should I apologize for forcing you to do something your sorry ass should have done 2 years ago? Get over yourself I told JT and a few others that as of 2 weeks ago they were finally removed. Conveniently AFTER Jackie told your dumbass how to do what you should have known ALL ALONG.

      And as I pointed out to you yet again you screen grabbed today. You didn’t do anything noble, or right, you seen this blog post and realized that others were coming after you too. The only thing I am sorry for is no video of you pissing down your leg. Spare me more lies.

      Like I said before the teacher has been schooled by the student. Do you want a damn cookie, for doing the right thing FINALLY. GTFOH

      • Looks like she’s running scared, scrambling to make it LOOK like everything was shut down when it should have been so that the authors won’t go looking.

        I hope they do. I hope you do. Even if she yanked all those titles today, the last two or three years don’t just disappear.

        If anything, her actions should encourage authors to look all the more. By scrambling to cover her tracks, it looks like she’s got a LOT to hide.

    • This post didn’t name Tabetha Jones or her company. She identified herself as a publisher who has stolen royalties from authors by jumping in so quickly to deny it. What an idiot.

  2. Something else that bears notice: If your publisher has celebrated that the statute of limitations has passed on any criminal actions you could have taken, look at those records anyway. Any new sales that have happened in the meantime reset that clock.

    For example, if you parted ways with your publisher 3 years ago, the statute of limitations might have run out. But if one of your titles sold 1 year ago and they got paid but you didn’t, the statute clock is reset and you have 2 more years to take action. You get the idea.

    So go have a look. Approach Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords and anywhere else your book sold. Google yourself to find out if there are any places you didn’t even know about where it sold and approach them, too. Find out if your title was sold since you left your former publisher. And if you find out they have, nail ’em to the wall for it.

  3. I’m not scrambling to do anything. I didn’t ask Jackie shit. I told you that I had took all those books down either when the contracts ran out, removed the author when they left, or took it down along with all sales channels when any one of my companies closed. I haven’t received any royalties off any of those books and if I had the authors would have received their cut. I have been keeping an eye on all the books but took recent screen caps to get you to shut the hell up.

    Everyone has moved on but you. I even checked on other books from other previous authors all their books have been republished through other companies and the editions through my company isn’t even available.

    So, I consider this done and over. I told you all along that I had nothing to hide.

    And again I havent talked to Jackie and if I had I would have no reason to say otherwise. I havent talked to Jackie in over a month or so. We both have busy lives and things going on. I don’t need anyone to school me on anything. I know how to take care of business which I have been for many years now even with your hatred, lies, and attacking my innocent daughter.

    In the end I always end up raising above the bullshit.

    • You mean you haven’t talked to her since she didn’t give you money. For cigarettes and the TOOTH FAIRY for your child’s, the child you claim to love so much, lost tooth???

      And I proved with 1 lowly screen grab that as of November 27th my works were removed. And NOT BY YOU. It was my many calls to amazon, createspace, Ingram and smashwords. You did nothing. You are nothing and you forever will be, what’s that oh yeah NOTHING.

      Also say what you will about no one wanting my books because I was an ass online. For 1 it hasn’t stopped you. For 2 with just sharing 1 poem I now have 3 people begging for me to release all my works. So you can STFU on that line of bullshit.

      • She’s trying to divert attention away from the facts by throwing Jackie under the bus and peddling her poor kid out yet again to get us talking about anything except this truth that’s got her pissing down her leg and scrambling to make it look like she yanked those titles when she should have. We know she didn’t. She knows she didn’t. And the authors are finding out she didn’t. I’m getting a LOT of private messages from previous and newer authors asking me for her attorney general’s email, so I expect she’ll be kept quite busy in the very near future.

        Let’s not let her lead us off course with her little distractions this time. Let’s stick to the topic and hammer it home.

      • Tabetha wants to throw people under the bus well everyone take a seat sit back and enjoy while I give you the 411 on her. You may or may not want to be eating or drinking when reading.
        Here we go starting with the first author I know about she had threatened that poor lady so much just not by her but she would beg people because she so needed the money to pay for things. Then there where a few others she
        did that too.

        I remember when she called CFW and Faith because one of them would not answer her call.
        Darlene who was such a really sweet woman asked for someone else to pay her cell phone bill because YOU Tabetha was stealing the money. It was a known fact she wanted away from you she was so ready to move but for the sake of a child she stayed. Now that Mom is gone you want to bash her. How many times did you go running your trashy mouth to her about the Blog? Don’t lie facts are facts!
        How many people did you beg money from for smokes and tooth Fairy money? Who in the hell doesnt keep change around. The only Fairy you can do is that Green one you know the one that apparently fought with you. I hope Joe is still in that baby’s life because a known fact that he is the one who buys her Christmas and Easter stuff.
        Where is your mother’s jewlery that YOU pawned asked money to get it back didn’t you say Dee stole it? Remember these are facts and can be proven. Didn’t you admit that you had not got any royalties for CFW work for more than 6 months?
        More to come stay tuned.

      • All of this is highly enlightening, but let’s not lose sight of the facts on hand. She’s busted for not closing those sales channels when she claimed she closed those companies. She’s caught in that business faux pas, and there’s no way out of it. Her former authors can (and should) report her, and it’s all the more for tge IRS to look at.

        I enjoy hearing the facts about her reprehensible character, and it never ceases to amaze me how much more there is to hear. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, there’s more you didn’t know. It’s a freak show.

        But the point, here, is to expose facts about her business and hopefully make sure no new authors are victimised. And this topic could get that done. The fact that authors are now able to find out facts and hold her accountable is a game changer. And she knows it. That’s why she’s panicking, yanking titles and doing everything she can to change the subject.

        There’s even more to come, sports fans. And if she’s pissing down her leg now, it’ll be Niagra Falls after that.

        Wait for it. It won’t be long.

    • The screen caps you’re shoveling around show that those books have been yanked, but not when. And, since I have screen caps of book still live as of two days ago, last week, last month, and last year, yours prove exactly nothing.

      Keep scrambling, dear. You’re busted, and you know it.

    • You are the bullshit you thick minger, your trying to look all squeaky clean because your Lepmummy busted you in front of the whole world or should I say you busted yourself because she didn’t name you. You named yourself you thick twat. you look so chuffing stupid right now.

  4. In direct response to concerns about Tabetha Jones, Amazon/Createspace invites all of you to contact them about this alarming tendency toward copyright infringement – your work continuing to be available for sale after you separate from her.

    She’s gotten around this before now by simply refusing to type up a release. No release means that they won’t give authors information about their own work.

    Well, it used to. It’s been explained to Createspace that Tab keeps former authors victims from getting information about their own work by simply refusing to release them, keeping them in a limbo of damnation to her greed. Alerted to this, they’re willing to listen to claims from her victims regardless of whether or not they have an “official” release.

    Here’s your chance to tell your story to Createspace.

    If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide CreateSpace’s copyright agent the written information specified below. Please note that this procedure is exclusively for notifying CreateSpace and its affiliates that your copyrighted material has been infringed. (In other words, they don’t want to know what a lying sack of shit she is. They just want to know the facts. When you published with her. When you cut ties from her. When and where your work continued to be exploited. Don’t worry, you don’t need links or exact dates or anything like that. Just tell them about yourself and your work, and specifically when you left her so that any time your work appeared after that, it was pirated. They can research the rest. They’ll find out when/if she really closed those sales channels when you left her, or if she did it day before yesterday, in a mad scramble. They’ll be able to see the entire history of your work, in black and white.)

    -An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest – that’s you.
    -A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed upon. Was it a contribution to an anthology? Was it a book of fiction? Non-fiction? Poetry? This is where you tell them the nature of your work. Tell them the title of your work, the date it was originally published (doesn’t have to be exact).
    -A description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the site. Tabetha has hurriedly yanked all of your work so that you can’t provide a link directly to it. Doesn’t matter. Here is where you tell them that up until very recently, your work (as described above) was available on Amazon.com and Kindle, after your separation from Tabetha as your publisher. They have records of everything. They’ll be able to verify your claims even though she’s scrambled to tear it all down. Don’t worry. They can thoroughly investigate. Her mad scramble yesterday doesn’t erase the day before. Or last week, month or year. She’s slick, but she’s not Teflon.
    -Explain the date that you parted ways with Tabetha, and that any appearance of your work after that date is unauthorized and constitutes your claim of copyright infringement.
    -Ask for proof from them of any appearance of your work after the date of your separation from our publisher so that you can provide this information to the proper authorities.
    -Your address, telephone number, and e-mail address
    -A statement by you that you have a good-faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner (you), its agent, or the law
    -A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.

    CreateSpace’s Copyright Agent for notice of claims of copyright infringement on its site can be reached as follows:

    Copyright Agent
    CreateSpace Legal Department
    P.O. Box 81226
    Seattle, WA 98108

    Phone: 206.266.4064
    Fax: 206.266.7010
    E-mail: copyright@CreateSpace.com

    Courier address:
    Copyright Agent
    CreateSpace Legal Department
    410 Terry Ave North
    Seattle, WA 98109-5210

    There you go, boys and girls. Finally, your shot at vindication.

    • And when/if you get information from Amazon/Createspace that your title was exploited after you left Tabetha’s company, you can approach the authorities. Starting with her local authorities (DA and AG) for theft, you can work your way up to the feds for fraud, copyright infringement/piracy, and the IRS for tax fraud. The FBI and IRS have local offices local to Waco, too. Just saying.

  5. 2 cents you should have kept your 411 to yourself. My mother hated Joe, and only let him come around because she felt sorry for him. He never spent a penny on Rylee, my mother bought the presents for him and put his name on it. And RYlee has always received 3 easter baskets one from me, one from her dad and one from my now deceased mother. You want to bring a dead woman into this fight knowing damn well she isnt here to defend herself, thats sick and twisted. My mom had to pawn her rings because Joe left her in a heap of debt, I never stole a penny from that woman, I made sure the bills were paid every month and took care of her until her last breath.

    As for copyright infringement I have no reason to be publishing in works from previous authors unless they have come back on their own to be republished with my company. So, go ahead make your calls listen to your leader Lepp hear and find out that she is WRONG.

    I wont be waiting for an apology because that wouldn’t be anyone’s style yet I am expected to bend over kiss each one of your asses. Well sorry my sweets that shit aint gonna fly.

    • Ur just mad becuz ur mom left her money to Joe not u u thought u was going to inherit but she fooled u didn’t she? Ha Ha good 4 her. He left becuz ur such a cunt and ur mom only let u stay becuz of Rylee she lost her marrage becuz of u and u don’t give a shit ur so selfish. Stop lying asshole u stole money from ur mom all the time even after she gave u money u went in her purse or her dresser and took more I was with u once whan u did it we was going out to the club so don’t lie. And I can’t prove it but I no u hit her, I seen bruises on her when Randy was with u and I had seen bruises on ur daughter too. I seen Randy after u punched his teeth out then u said he beat u up fucking liar. I seen ur house tore up after u hat a fit and threw shit around ur a fucking psycho bitch. U got a target on ur back from ppl u punched and beat up and burned to many ppl are sick of u lieing about them so watch out bitch. Figure out who I am cunthole and come bring it I’ll beat ur fat ass so bad u won’t no what hit u.

      • Oh dear Jailbait why do you have to hide. You want to lie some more go ahead, continue. But if you know me so well should know where I live, bring then your non spelling ass to my house. You think you are so big and bad bring it.

        You want to insult my family and everything I stand for have some fucking balls bitch.

        There isn’t no hit on my back I got friends in low places. But we can keep this between you and I. Bring it. Put up or shut the fuck up.

      • And here we witness the big bad boss lady as usual hiding behind “friends in low places”, but she’s such a badass biker chick. A true badass doesn’t need to hide behind said friends, a true badass knows those friends will be waiting to hand her a shot of Jack and a cold beer after things were dealt with.

        But that’s just how a real badass bitch rolls.

    • A reason to publish works from previous authors? Greed. Money. And until now, there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Or, at least that’s what you had them believing. Well, the tides have turned, haven’t they? Your victims are learning that they DO have options.

      They are making calls, sending emails, and gathering all the information they need to bury you with charges. I only hope I have a front row seat when it all goes down, along with all the other people you’ve wronged. They deserve to see you face justice, at last.

    • No she didn’t hate Joe you tried to over medicate him or did you forget about that. No you didn’t pay your mother’s bills a few other people did. Your mother was awesome and a wonderful lady no one is bashing Darlene except you. My how the story changes… Exactly what have you done with all the royalties from authors who poured their heart, soul and sweat in the pages that they write and you steal. Show proof that you haven’t received anything for royalties. How many times have you answered your phone three sheets to the wind so incoherent with your slurred speech and can’t remember talking to people?

    • How did Darlene pawn anything? She was a frail, sick old woman that could barely leave her bed, let alone the house.

      Don’t forget, I talked to Darlene myself. You were sitting right there telling her what to say, but she was a clever girl and let the truth slip out between the cracks. SHE paid for everything. She paid her bills and yours. I heard it from her own lips. Please don’t force me to post the video. Let her rest in peace now that she’s finally rid of you and your drama.

      Nobody’s bringing that dear lady into this drama but you, now that she’s dead. Just like you did when she was clinging to life.

      The only one she felt sorry for was your child, since you insist upon hiding behind both of them. That’s the only reason she put up with you. Do you not think other people talked to Darlene? Do you not think she told people what it’s like living with you? Your temper, your laziness, your habits? How she, in such frail health, got up to feed and care for your daughter (you know, the greatest love of your life) because you couldn’t be bothered.

      No. You didn’t care for Darlene until her last breath. You weren’t even there. And I think that’s a good thing. By neglecting to visit, you spared her from enduring your endless drama and bullshit. She was able to pass away peacefully, in the company of strangers that were probably kinder to her in her final moments than you were to her in your entire life.

      Do. Not. Accuse us of defaming that poor old lady whose only crime was loving your child so much that she put up with you to take care of her. You’re the the that drags out the old girl’s carcass, over and over again to hide behind. The same way you hide behind your kid, your man, and anybody else that’s handy.

      I don’t expect you to kiss my ass. I don’t want your festering lips anywhere near me. Christ only knows what you’d infect me with.

      I tried to keep this post strictly business, but you’re so hell bent on distraction, so fine. Let the world see how you drag your drama into your business. Let your behavior warn them away from you.

      It’ll fly, all right. Straight to court and then to jail. Then we wont have to bother with you ever again.

      • Darlene didn’t pawn anything it was Tabetha. The one and only who not only stole from authors but her Mother and her sister’s pills.

        I have one question for Tabetha, when you did your latest radio show how many pills and alcohol did you have? Answer that one and I won’t say anything else.

      • Well it’s been no secret my opinion on the subject concerning Ms. Darlene and the circumstances surrounding it. As I personally have witnessed via phone calls, if Tabetha acted half as bad in person as on a call, I know that poor lady lived in hell.

        Pretty shitty life for a lady who was not to be overly stressed, for that matter at all. I’d say that I was glad she was gone, but we all know how twisted Tabetha is. I will say I am very glad the poor lady doesn’t have to endure Tabetha’s Temper Tantrums anymore. Just sadly she is free of that wretched being in this fashion.

      • I agree. That poor woman had to have a heart of gold to put up with a raving lunatic in order to protect a defenseless, innocent child from a monster of a mother. I’ve got calls recorded with that psychopath ranting and raving – several of them, where she had people call on her behalf and she’s screaming in the background. It’s shocking.

        I’m glad her sweet soul is at peace, and I applaud her for the courage to protect her granddaughter as long as she did.

      • Who will she kill next with her bullshite? She already put her mum in the ground and almost her sister to.

    • Why should anybody kiss your fat arse you stupid shagging minger your the one that stole from them. Are you really that thick or just that stupid?

  6. Apologise my ass. It took you almost 2 years to remove those books. I know coz i got messages from readers who bought who had something to say about the errors.

    How about this…you apologise and make right all the wrongs youve done which is a lot and i will move on. Im adamant about this because not only did you screw me over out of money but i never received my royalties. Which amazons filling the gaps on royalties and what sold. But you threw me under a bus when your authors began to question you. It was so bad i was either contacted why i left and then they told me what was going on between them and you or they joined in your immature barking and attacked me. It was so bad i freaked out, had panic attacks and blocked everyone to get away. You say family. I say fake god. A woman who would put herself above everyone else spewing great promises knowing shes absolute bullshitting them. I have messages and messages of shit youve done to other people. Emails. Snap chats. Evidence. Hell i have everything you ever sent me. Including days, time etc. You want people to apologise. Then you better work on fixing your mistakes. Because i have a lifetime supply. And my apologizing to you isnt worth it compared to the tears theyve cried telling me their stories! Until you can fix your fuck ups. Im going to be here. Making sure you remember what you did. And making sure you do right by your authors and ex authors. I thought you were but after a nice conversation i was dead fucking wrong.

    Fix your fuckups and then maybe i will apologise

    • Melina, you have nothing to apologize for. The victim should never apologize to the abuser, the thief. She cries victim, when all that’s going on is that people are telling the truth about what she did to them. She only wants her victims to “move on” so that she can do the same to more new victims, unfettered by the pesky truth about her hanging around to warn them off.

      If you’ve got proof that she made sales, there are some phone calls you could be making to hold her legally accountable.

    • Melina you are one to talk when I have messages from you under your alt saying how you would love to work with me again. I find it funny you are talking shit here but when it comes down to it you say something completely different behind everyone’s back. Go ahead keep talking shit. I keep messages for a reason, just for reasons like this.

      • Always ready to throw people under the bus there Tabetha. When will you ever grow up? You do know that only scum and low life people do that, right? Oh wait you wrote the book on douchbaggery.

      • How very professional. Paying attention, authors? This is how she treats YOU when you finally realize the truth and leave. Remember. Melina was once “family.” One of Tab’s favorites, right alongside Cindy, who was Tab’s golden child, until the numbers didn’t add up -and neither did the answers. And now look how they get treated. Just for wanting to know where the money went. The same question you’ll start asking when you start getting excuses instead of paychecks that don’t add up.

        Take notes, kids. This is your publisher talking to you a year from now. Unless she’s in jail by then. Or you wise up sooner.

      • And a certain publisher who uses bully tactics, verbal abuse and emotional threats would never have a writer come back to protect themselves, right? Just in your ignorant statement you again show just how low and vile you are.

        Pay close attention new hopeful authors, cover artists and the like. You want to see how much family means to said publisher, here’s those TRUE COLORS. The real family scenario. Right there is the real big badass boss lady. How dare you cross me, how dare you speak any word of truth about my shady dealings?

        Well how dare you dear publisher smash dreams, steal, lie and manipulate? How dare you threaten former authors, throw them under the bus and cause them such stress and pain? How date you use your “power” of being a publisher to not only harm the authors but destroy families?

        Oh that’s right it doesn’t affect you. You are still selling works you have NO right to, still using the poor me I have haters card. When it is you that is full of hate and jealousy. You scream about bullshit that has no damn bearing on the publishing world, but continue to do the same REPEATED “MISTAKES”.

        They are now choices not mistakes, I admit to my mistake by trusting you and letting you publish my works. But unlike you I really have learned from it. You however still do the same crap and cry victim. No matter how bad you want that cake and eat it too, it won’t fly.

        You need to be the one to apologize for all you have done. For all the depression and pain you inflict on these trusting people. For the hospital visits, the thoughts or attempted suicides, the loss of family, especially children. You really need to wake up and see all the damage you dole out to these trusting unsuspecting victims.

        You say my writing isn’t shit, that no one would be interested in them. Wow really, seeing as I shared 1 poem and I have 3 people waiting for me to rerelease. One lady told me she read it to her daughter who never shows emotions and the daughter wept. I moved her, can you say that? No because for that to happen you have to be able to write with heart. Something you don’t possess. In fact you were so cock hard for my erotica you begged. And funny thing is I wrote them ONLY to prove that I was better than you.

        Guess what.??? I AM

        Its time for a wakeup call.

      • You make an EXCELLENT point. Artists, edtors, models, photographers, ANYBODY that’s been cheated, get proof of how much you were supposed to have been paid and make the scam that did it legally accountable for it. Don’t be a victim any more. Don’t let her mock, harass, demean or berate you any more. Play time is over.

      • Really? Because I know I did contact you and I said Im not interested unless you show me proof of it being legal. You changed the subject and showed me no proof. So i dropped it coz obviiusly it wasnt. Tabetha, thereis a saying. Im sure youve heard it.
        “You cant help someone who cant help themself.” (Thats where you stand.) I do admit i did talk to you. I also admit you showed me no proof to warrant my interest. Im pissed now because you took 2 years to remove my pieces even though i left two years ago.

        I do not hate people. I dislike that some people dont know how to help themselves. Get some self help or something. Make people look at you and not see a monster but a smiling friendly face. Stop being a dramatic attention seeking cow and do something good for once. Stop making up shit and take it like the woman you boast about. The strong bad ass bitch but deep down you arent any of that and im sure your afraid of what people think. I dont know what it is. But tabetha. Im sure your over this as much as we are. Its time to change. Fix the wrongs. Start from scratch the right way. Im not saying this in anger, spite or anthing.Im saying this honestly. Im sick of this and im sure you are so do something about it and right the wrongs you deny to accept

      • I don’t think she’s sick of it at all. I think she basks in it like a pig wallows in shit, delighted at the attention she gets.
        I also think that the instant we stop looking, all of those titles will start showing up again. She’ll do the right thing when she’s over a barrel, but the first chance she gets, those true colors seep right back to the surface. Look at Thea. Tab paid her back with an apology she had to be coached through because she had no choice, but the instant she was clear, she started up with the same insults, the same blame she casts on her victim. She yanked those titles now because she had to, but I am not convinced that they’re permanently disabled.

        I stilll think that every author affected by Tabetha Jones should contact both Amazon and Ingram to gather information about your titles. Get proof of how long she kept them available. Make sure if they really are yanked for good. Find out if she made any money off you, and follow through reporting her to the authorities. The only reason she panicked and pulled those books (if they’re pulled at all, instead of temporarily disabled) was to make you think that you can’t go after her. Because she knows you can. You could the day she pulled them, and you can now.

        Don’t fall for her sleight of hand. Don’t let her make you think she’s free and clear because those titles arent available at the moment. There are two years worth of sales that she needs to be accountable for. Two years worth of her stealing from you, lying to you, abusing you.

        She’s scared shitless right now that you’ll follow through with investigating your titles. And you should.

        The fact that she took those titles down now does not absolve her of the crime of stealing from you for the last two years. Call her on it. Investigate. don’t let her pick right back up where she left off when the heat blows over. Don’t let her keep doing it, to you or to the next person. she still got them lined up, remember. She’s still putting out books with people who are the people that you were two years ago. don’t let 2 years go by that other people, other victims, suffer the same fate. Put a stop to her, once and for all.

  7. Something else you need to realize about dealing with a publisher. A professional publisher deals with you as a professional. S/he doesn’t bring a lot of drama into the mix to make excuses for why business isn’t being handled properly or royalties aren’t being paid. If your publisher’s car breaks down, someone gets sick, of any other unusual circumstances arise, that does not relieve them of the responsibility of paying you. If your publisher’s computer blows up, it is not your responsibility to replace it. And, if your publisher uses your royalties to buy it instead of paying you, that’s exactly what’s happening.

    Your royalties are YOUR money. When your book sells, it’s not your publisher’s personal money to dole out to you as s/he sees fit, or to use for any other purpose. That’s YOUR money. If your publisher uses it for anything other than to pay you with, as much as you earned, on the proper date, it’s theft.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t make the mistake of being snowed by drama. If you’re asking business questions, demand business answers. Don’t accept sob stories about the family dog having cancer, or the car getting stolen, or, well, ANYTHING that isn’t a direct answer to your question. If you want to know about royalties, accept answers about nothing else. If you want a copy of your title’s sales, accept nothing less than a timely, accurate accounting of how many titles you’ve sold. And, while we’re on the subject, make sure it’s a professional accounting. Don’t accept a printed out/capped sales report that’s been altered in any way.

    If you get any of the above, whether it’s suspicious accounts of your sales or drama to dissuade you from the topic, you need to take a step back and ask yourself if that lack of professionalism is how you want your work represented to the world. And if you need further persuasion, look at the height, or depth, of the drama getting shoveled in your general direction.

    The greater the drama, the more a scam publisher is trying to hide.

  8. Speaking as a no longer silent observor: I say yes, Tabetha Jones has haters. As do Nickolaus Pacione, Michael Barnoudy, Anthony Giangregorio, David Boyer, and others listed by Preditors and Editors, Writer Beware, and other author services. But just like them, Tabetha Jones is hated with just cause. For abusing authors, especially aspiring newbies looking for an outlet for their dreams who were not looking to be caught up in nightmares. It is kinda like hearing Charles Manson or Adolf Hitler complain about having haters.

    When I listened to radio as a teen, my favorite op-ed speaker signed off “I ask not that you agree with me, only that you think about it.” Just my opinion, and take it for what a random internet opinion is worth. Your mileage may vary. Usual caveats.

    • CFW you must be Fabby Tabby’s favorite person. She was taken your Bio and made it hers. Now she is trying to take more of your life and make it her life. That is such a scary thought next she will have a spouse named after yours or maybe she can’t be stressed out because they found out she doesn’t have a brain. By the way I just love your poetry.

      • Thank you 2 cents, that is kind of you to say. My thoughts on Tabetha stealing my life is this, if she wants my life so bad she can pay my bills too. Seems only fair.

      • Tab doesn’t just copycat Cindy, she goes for the one-up.

        If Cindy has a cough, Tab will probably say she’s got pneumonia. If Cindy sprains an ankle, Tab will likely fake an amputation. Give Tab enough time and she’ll have a brain tumor that’s killing her.
        *eye roll*

      • No she never did. She can’t because they never existed as far as I can tell. But it is what it is. I don’t need to lie to get attention, or to pretend i am anything I am not. I am me, and although I have made mistakes I am woman enough to admit them, ask for forgiveness and do my best to be a better person.

        She can pretend to be me, but I am more woman than she could ever be. Not tooting my own horn, or patting myself on the back. I am honest, i have have a heart and respect people. But most importantly I don’t use people for my personal gain. And sure as hell dont say things that would put my family in jeopardy.

    • She uses the term “haters” as if people hate her for no reason. And you’re right. They hate what she did to them. It will be a happy day when she, Nicky, and the other scam publishers are no longer in a position to victimize authors, either through design or ineptitude.

      • Ok Lepp from this point on when I am reading this I can not have anything to drink. The poor phone can’t handle anymore fluid. Spit juice all over the screen. I heard she may have something wrong with her brain but don’t you have to at least have a working one? Your so welcomed CFW by the way did Ms IT ever show her proof of her note books or did they actually look like yours?

  9. I am noticing a major pattern as far as Ms. Jones is concerned. And please correct me if I am wrong. I’ve noticed when she either gets caught in a lie or severe truths are revealed, she turns on these authors/family members.
    I don’t believe she can be trusted.
    Why delve into personal matters when you are supposed to be in a business arrangement? And why would you not just let these unhappy authors go? As you claim this CFW person wasn’t making money so why continue to exploit works that weren’t making any money? Why use personal information to extort money from people who you claimed to care for?
    Why is it Ms. Jones can use her family then demand you to stop speaking the truth because she claims it harms them? But in the same breath abuse, belittle, degragate, harass, and drag through the mud the authors who were family, and feels nothing.
    I am sorry Ms. Jones but your logic is flawed. You apear to be a mean, cruel, heartless,ruthless, self absorbed, narcissistic person. You don’t seem to care for anyone including the ones who you say are your everything. You certainly don’t have the capacity to love, or grasp the smallest inkling of that concept. You use everyone around you to your personal gain, and as soon as their usefulness is done you devour anything good they may have had.
    There is a special place for you Ms. Jones and not in hell where you claim that throne, but something much more fitting. I believe a nice 10X8 or is that now 10X14 space of a cell. Not too sure, but that is where you belong. How you haven’t encountered jail yet, I haven’t a clue. Consider yourself lucky. But with everyone else in the world, and no matter what higher power you wish you possessed, luck runs out.

    • Wait til you see how much she pisses and moans in the next bit, she drags her wee daughter out and waves her around like she always does and my goodness is she mad! Lep Darling really hit the nail on the head again and got right under Flabby Assy’s skin she’s so mad in every sense of the word. It turns my stomach seeing that ugly minger whore acting like she’s sexy but at least she isn’t saying she has a DD cup bra anymore that’s not even a handful, but it’s funny how mad she gets when mummy gets it right and shows what a sack of shit she is every single time.

  10. Oh and tabetha please do remember I worked with you at Phoenix Fire. So, I have 3 years of all your messages. Like slandering JT and who else was it? H thats right one of the deceased bloggers who posted against your illegalities. Im sure theyd love that. I also have proof of J and another author of which I helped leave Phoenix. I also have messages that have proof of you paying for her services in extra royalties and then not bothing to pay her. I also have our messages about me asking what was going on with my royalties which you said you waited for 3 months before paying. And then i have the three month message after which asks where my royalties were in which you made a whole heap of bullshit. I also have proof of you starting drama about me with other workers. Oh not to mention the messages when i said i was leaving and you attacked me to the point i left the indie community and cried every fucking night when someone mentioned my writing. You wanna start Tabetha. I have a file full of proof that either came directly from you or your x athors. You are lucky i dont release it all to lep and watch you see the general picture of how screwed you really are.
    If we x authors all combined evidence and all put in money to sue her ass. Shes screwed and she knows it. Im done! Bam!

    • Release it to me if you like, but more importantly, release it to the authorities. These aren’t just inconveniences that she’s committing, they’re crimes. They’re crimes that she committed against you and they’re crimes that she is committing against others as we speak. Put a stop to it.

      • The spelling in my last comment was horrid but you get the point. JT message me all the links I need in order to report her to both online and offline authorities on my email address. I keep all my emails ive ever received filed away. So it will be proof of trying to stop her.

        And to be honest I do have a pen name. My YA readers asked that i keep my YA and my more 18+ manuscripts separate and I agreed because some of my readers are children. And I would not like for them to mix up ya with 18+. So I made it.
        My pen names first piece releases in a crime anthology which might be turned into a tv show. I just have to pitch it to the director. 🙂 whilst im starting to look for aussie agents for my kids picture book. I also have been looking into going through an agent or submitting to A an imprint ofone of the big six. Ive been contacting them now and then with questions and what they are after genre wise but it is very awesome. I hope to be submitting next year.

        I am over this and like a moth to flame Tabetha will keep on going as she does. I wish she would change but ive come to the conclusion she wont. And so I will release the file and i will be report her to every authority. As well as every online authority. I am to the point where I am over her games and i just want it sorted out done and dusted so that she wont keep doing the horrible things shes done to many authors including myself and her new authors. So lepp. Link me up. Oh and Lepp. I think it was last year. I contacted smashwords and they did openly say if all the people who’ve been dealt wrongfully by tabetha no matter what company as long as theres proof behind your words they will look into it. I did tell you but i think we both forgot. So i daresay if everyone goes to smashie and tell them what happened to you with proof and enough peeople do this. She might be restricted from using smashie. Or they will open a case up. I know one of the people who work there and im happy to link you to him. 🙂

  11. Dear sadly misguided outraged observer, it would behoove you to take note of that little symbol by those socalled illegally shown pictures. You see that world symbol? Yes that symbol that shows a PUBLIC SHARE,that my dear is what many complaint about. Your dear pathetic puppet master can cry foul until the cows come home. But as Tabetha made them public domain she hasn’t ANY legal ground to stomp her fat foot and say a damn thing. The same thing goes for painting said innocent child whose adorable pictures are smack dab in the middle of Tabetha’s half naked, blurred out nakedness. Yet you want to complain about something the child’s mother MADE PUBLIC, for every pedophile in the world to see. Yeah that’s intelligence right there. Get a clue

  12. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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