Tabetha Jones admits to violent act

In a recent comment, Tabetha Jones admits to knocking out some of her ex boyfriend’s teeth.

When asked about having sex with her BFF’s husband, her only defense was, “Well she did it too!” Like that makes it okay.

In both cases, she blames the victim. That’s important. Pay attention to that. Because that’s what she does when she abuses someone. She blames the victim.

When my daughter got dumped on, Tab blamed her for it. She said that Thea breached the contract.  When it was proven that Thea did not breach, Tab started saying that Thea didn’t get published because her writing sucked. She attacked Thea, blaming the victim for everything that went wrong with that deal, leaving Thea battered and heartbroken.

Thea bounced back and has published successfully, with no help from her former publisher abuser. A good few of Tab’s victims have recovered and gone on to publish, despite the emotional beating they took at her hands.

Authors, (models, editors, artists, photographers, boyfriends) past, present and future, be warned.

But also be encouraged. There is life after Tabetha Jones. Once you get yourself free, there’s a whole world of possibilities out there. One where you don’t have to deal with her particular brand of drama and abuse.

30 thoughts on “Tabetha Jones admits to violent act

  1. What you fail to say if I was defending myself after being hit and called a cunt. I had warned him I would continue to take the abuse without fighting back. I had every right to defend myself yet again you post only what you want.

    And I never said I slept with anyones ex boyfriend I merely pointed out that we had done bad things to one another over the years. Yes, she slept with my husband in the next room while i slept but two wrongs dont make a right. I don’t sleep around. And anyone who knows me knows that.

    I am not that kind of woman.

    • “I had warned him I would continue to take the abuse without fighting back.”

      Little fruidian slip, there, Tab?

      Nobody said you slept with your bestie’s ex anything. They said you slept with her husband. And you didn’t deny it until you got called on it. And even then, all you did was say “She did it, too!” That’s no denial. It’s deflection.

      In one breath, you say that you’re this poor, pitiful abused woman, and in the next, you’re daddy’s little biker bitch that takes shit from no-one.

      One minute, you’re this squeaky-clean housewife who’s only had serious relationships, but in every single breath, you claim you’ve screwed countless strippers, etc. Just look at your memoir. There’s more smut in that than a block full of porn shops, with yourself as the star. Every man wants you, and, according to your accounts, most of them succeed.

      You want to have your cake and eat it too, but it doesn’t work that way. You can’t play both sides of the same coin. It’s got to land on one side or the other.

      You don’t like people calling you a liar? Stop doing it, then.

      • I apologize for the auto correct, I told him if the abuse DID NOT STOP I WOULD DEFEND MYSELF. Is that better for you. And Troy doesn’t have a leash he is a grown man and does as he wishes. I am sure if he wanted to comment he would from the computer or the kindle. He access to both.

        As for my father’s family heirlooms of books and books of spells, our Cherokee history, and where we got our gifts from, it would an insult to show his personal belongings. Not fiction unfortunately as I stated everything I have said is the truth.

        But you people like to twist words and play games. You couldn’t handle the entire truth of my life nor Troy’s.

        Go back to your playground the real adults have better things to do today than listen to your horse shit.

      • Translated: “Lep’s right. I don’t have any of these things to show.”

        And: “I blame auto-correct a lot.” Even for missing words. What a laughable wretch. She steals people’s bios, their values, and their one-liners. Both Cindy and I have said that line about leaving the grownups alone. Multiple times. She can’t even come back with an original zinger. She has to steal those, too.

        For somebody thatsays she has better things to do than bother with this “horse shit,” she sure does come around a lot.

        And that’s not counting the Android or Kindle.

  2. Tabetha is really laying it on thick today about her ever loving man. Funny he doesn’t say anything maybe his leash doesn’t reach to the computer.

  3. Just a head’s up Lepp. I heard that if Tabetha can’t push the latest try at a law suit through against you she’s going to try to talk Troy into coming after you. She’s hoping with his violent history he won’t have a problem beating up an old lady like you to keep her happy, and she doesn’t care if it gets him the death penalty for killing you. She’s obsessed with you, so keep an eye open.

    • I’ve heard whispers about that. I’ve heard it before, with Eric and maybe even Josh. I heard it many times about the imaginary Bo.
      I don’t know if this new guy is willing to risk federal charges for somebody that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about him beyond his paycheck, but if he’s foolish enough to visit my house, he’d best hope he’s a better shot than me, because the last thing he’ll ever see is the barrel of my gun. If he sees it coming at all.

    • You people are absolutely sick and twisted. You think I would actually have someone come “after you” ? One, as much as I despise this blog I would not ask the man I love or anyone to hurt you physically. Second, even though the mere thought of you sickens me I would not do anything putting me at risk of losing my daughter. Third, I firmly believe in KARMA. She will do all that is needed. Why lend a hand in when eventually you ppl will fuck yourself up and over in the end? Finally, even though you believe I have no heart and soul, which unfortunately for you, I have both, I would never harm anyone physically unless they throw the first punch. I was taught not to start the fight, but I better damn well finish it.

      I honestly do not know where you idiots and lunatics get your information, but it is bullshit. Once again this proves that you don’t care if people are telling the truth or not, you don’t investigate it or even begin to find out if their sources are true or not, you just allow anyone to say anything.

      When will ever stop and think that some of the things that “Just a Heads Up” , “2 Cents” , or ” Jailbait” are tossing around are flat out lies?

      Did you ever think that the people I fired or let go are just pissed off ex employees wanting to talk shit because things didn’t go their way?

      And what about the lovely conversation Lepp that you and Eric had where he admitted to ruining my company from the inside out. He was stealing money from the authors, which at the time I had no idea he was doing so to make sure people got paid I took it out of my own pocket because I didn’t know where the money was going, but everyone was paid.

      Where he admitted to flirting and sending dirty pictures to female authors to get them to leave. I mean if someone sent me a dick pic and it was my publisher’s boyfriend I would leave to yet no one said anything to me except one author and I should have left his lying ass then.

      But everything is all forgiven with him yet I am still being burned at the cross for bullshit I didn’t even do. I am not a saint but I am tired of being called a whore, a slut, and having people form opinions about me when they know nothing about me.

      • Whose pocket did it come out of? Remember, I have your mom on video admitting that she paid for everything. You, your bills, your business, everything. So stop playing financial martyr. We know better.

        Why is Eric forgiven and you’re not? Because he came clean. And because he’s not doing those things anymore. He tried to make things right with your victims by confessing to all of your dodgy business practices.

        You, on the other hand, have not repented. Only the truly penitent can seek absolution. Didn’t they teach you that at “arc” angel school?

        A disgruntled ex-employee might retaliate, but only victims would stay this mad for this long. These people have no reason to lie, and they can each prove they’re not. Unlike you. When asked for proof, they provide it. When asked for proof, you bluster, make excuses and change the subject.

        When put next to you, a pathological liar, I’m willing to believe just about anybody else.

        They know everything about you. You’re such an attention whore that YOU put every single aspect of your life online. And then you get pissed when your own words prove your lies. Sorry, babycakes. If you air your own dirty laundry in public, you don’t get to be outraged when the neighbors laugh at the stains.

        You want a clean slate? Well that doesn’t happen as long as you keep shoveling manure on it. Confess your sins, beg forgiveness and pay your penance. Otherwise, you’ve got no right to complain.

      • Tabetha,Tabetha, Tabetha oh how your tongue does burn with lies. You don’t wish harm? You don’t threaten anyone? Really??? You try to let karma take care of things? So you didn’t cackle like a decrepit witch on Jaimie”s radio show with myself and a few other authors wishing gators to visit JT? You didn’t send ” blessed ” objects to cause harm, illness and who knows what else for those who dared speak ill about you? When a family member of JT’s passed you didn’t dance around your “altar”? You didn’t say that the brothers of the Banditos was going to teach JT and I a lesson about messing with the “legacy”? And you DIDN’T demand that people check on the record of your new swinging dick and how dangerous he is and how he was not to be fucked with?

        Oh dear no possible threat, or wishing harm now is there? Yeah thought so. And now back to you have been schooled 101. Run along little girl, your lies are catching up to you again. For real you just don’t know when to shut up. Any more bullshit lies you want expelled?

      • *Golf clap*

        She knows she’s full of shit. She knows that we know she’s full of shit. She just doesn’t care. As long as she thinks she’s distracting people from researching their titles and turning her ass in, she’s happy.

  4. Oh lookin claiming native American Indian heritage all the sudden. When not only am I Cherokee,Apache and Irish, as well as JT’S Cherokee heritage. Ouch Tabetha that bite hurt a bit… NOT. Why the hell can’t your sorry ass be original?

    • I am Cherokee, Blackfoot and my great grandmother was a Sioux Indian princess who married a white man. I am also related to Ava Brawn by blood and Hitler by marriage.Great mix, huh? I keep my mouth shut, even when I see my name mentioned on here. I read this blog and dont comment because I see it as pointless. I, too have had a very dysfunctional childhood. Shit, even into my adult years. I was abused as a child, physically, emotionally and sexually and mentally. I was locked in a concrete basement all of the time, kept away from the world because my family didnt want me to tell anyone what was going on at home. I was warned that others would think I was crazy if I told anyone.You are authors. Do you know the books you read about children being abused? Those books are my life. I was pressured into marrying someone I didn’t love and lived in a marriage for 17 years where my husband would rather be with hookers and men than me. I could get on here and tell you things that would make your toes curl. My stepfather ran with the Pagans and was an alcoholic and beat my mother, pawning us kids off to relatives so they didnt have to deal with us. You think Tabetha’s stories are interesting? Who gives a shit about her personal life? My life could make her stories and claims look like a child’s bedtime story. Tabetha has lived a life where she needs attention, positive or negative. She might twist the truth .It’s because she craves all of this attention. It doesnt matter to her whether it be good comments or bad comments that she is reading, as long as you guys are giving her the attention that she needs. From reading all of this , that is her problem. I know, I used to be like that. I wanted my parents to pay attention to me because I was an unwanted child. I kept trying to please them my whole life, just to be accepted and feel loved by them. My mother became pregnant with me after having an affair that she didnt admit to until I was 15 and she was standing in front of a judge. Whatever life history Tabetha gets on here and tells you and whatever words roll off of her fingertips, does it really matter?
      The truth of the matter is, she tells lies and twists things around to get attention. This blog is giving it to her and she is enjoying every minute of it. The fact still remains, she has lied and stole and cheated her way through life, personally and professionally. She needs help. She needs to admit to what she has done and she won’t. Continuing to talk about her like this is just feeding into her twisted psyche. It’s sad that I read this blog and see that some people are just bringing themselves to her level.It’s obvious she is a messed up individual that needs help. But this blog needs to stop giving her what she craves. She craves attention. Thats why she feeds off of your words, just to keep everything going. She is enjoying this. She gets on here, reads all of it, and gives you just enough in return to stir up the pot so the stew keeps cooking. She is getting exactly what she needs to feed her illness. To her, all of this is just a game. I understand her, unfortunately. If you google “attention seeking personality disorders”, there are many, suffered by people who are emotionally immature with low self esteem and narcissistic tendencies.
      I have been screwed over by Tabetha , just like a lot of you. I was one of her authors with Phoenix Fire, not that I like to admit it. I published one book of poetry and was in several anthologies. During the year and a half I was with her, I made $14, and did two radio shows. Thats it. That was the extent of the promotions I received as an author. I have lost an interest in publishing anything else because she has left a bad taste in my mouth for writing. Tabetha needs help. I want to read on this blog the professional ways that she has been handled, how she has been made to pay for the things that she has done professionally . As for her personal life, she is going to continue to post things on social media and websites that keeps all of you talking about her, truth or lies. Stolen words or stolen life stories, as long as the attention is on her. When I read this blog it’s sad because it’s just getting worse and worse. I feel for every one of you that has been screwed over by Tabetha , just as I have. But the questions still remain. Can she be taken to court for it? If so, will it ever happen? If something can be done, shouldn’t it have happened by now? Can she go to jail for anything she has done? Why is she still allowed on social media? Why is she still conducting business? These are the questions that need to be answered. And then actions need to be taken so we all can get on with our lives and Tabetha Jones can become nothing but a bad taste in our mouths.

      • Believe me. Even the thought of her makes bile rise up in the back of my throat. I’m Cheokee myself, and it turns my stomach to see her insult such a proud heritage. That’s why she does it. To get a rise.

        I’ll be very happy the day she’s no longer in a position to victimize authors.

        I know she craves the attention, and it truly makes me sick to give it to her.

        But, as much as she thinks this blog is all about her, it isn’t. I’m not here for her. I’m here for the authors that have been spared from getting caught in her trap. For every one she gets on the hook, there are 20 that swam away. And out of the ones she does snag, most of them read this blog and break away from her. So it’s worth dancing with the devil for a little while, to warn victims away from her until she can be dealt with.

        And she is. Most authors simply can’t afford to hire lawywto sue her for damages in civil court. But there are several reasons that all of her businesses are illegal, and that means that every single dime she’s shuffled around in PayPal was illegally obtained. And she IS being investigated. These things take time, but it’s going to be worth it when it all comes together.

        Let her wallow in the attention, while she can. Sooner than later, she’ll have to explain herself.

        At this point, with all the trash she talks about her exes and MC clubs, she better hope the cops come knocking first.

  5. I am so sorry that my father’s heritage is Cherokee and Irish. Mostly Cherokee. That is where we get our gifts from. My birth mother was Irish, Cherokee, and a bit Swedish.

    It’s not about being original it’s about knowing what my heritage is and who my ancestors were.

  6. I understand, Lepp. The blog was started to inform. I just was venting because I can see right through her. It pisses me off. She is on here, hurting people left and right, slandering and trying to defame others. She is enjoying this blog and I just hope that authors can see all of this for what it is to her…..putting herself into the spotlight. Thats why she gets on here and other websites talking about herself, lies included. Just to keep people talking about everything else besides what we need to be discussing. It is so obvious it’s sickening. Thank you for the efforts you put into trying to inform all of us. I just hope that people can see through this act of hers and realize for her, this is The Tabetha Show.

    • You are so right. I have never seen a bigger attention whore.

      I hope people see it too. She makes such a spectacle of herself. But those days are numbered. Everybody rides the karma train.

      I just wish all her victims could band together in a class action lawsuit and get awarded all the money she earned from them that they didn’t get.

    • Faith if you think for one second I enjoy this blog you are dead wrong. You really think I like being called a whore, or a slut, or a drug addict. You think I like being accused of doing drugs and getting drunk in front of my daughter.


      You think I like people stirring up bullshit about the Willis side of my family that Lepp was such a nosy stupid bitch that she contacted the WRONG family about who I was. Then, blamed me for pulling them into drama. Funny, I never contacted anyone, she took that upon herself and stirred the shit pot of trouble with another family for no reason other than she didn’t want to believe anything I said about my father.

      No woman should have to live through abuse and people always ask why I din’t do this or that, unless you are in that situation then don’t question my actions. I have learned from those abusive situations that there is always a way out. And yes I will not deny when I first came back to Waco after leaving Eric my mother did support myself and daughter.

      But once I got my side jobs back up and going I was able to help her with bills and buy my daughter’s clothes and really anything she wanted. It was hard but I was raised that way. It isn’t a hidden fact that my mother and I didn’t have a perfect relationship and there were times she did things that were uncalled for, but, at the end of the day whether she was my birth mother or not she did raise me and I was taught to respect everyone even those that I disagree with or hate.

      I am not saying i hated her so do not twist my words. We may not have been the normal of my mothers and daughters, but we had a different kind of love and bond that mothers and daughters have. It is not the same kind of bond I have with my daughter because I carried her nine months and felt her move, and actually got to experience one of the greatest miracles of life.

      I don’t come on here because I find it joyous but to defend myself. I don’t think this blog is for jokes unless someone is taking a crack at me.

      Lepp you say to keep it about the company and authors but yet you don’t stop the posts or remove the posts that have my modeling, my daughter, my father, my sister, or Troy mentioned. You although people to poke fun at my weight when you say you used to be a bigger woman yourself. I am not ashamed of my curves or being a bigger beautiful woman. You although people to call my daughter names when you will do anything to those that say one ill word towards yours.But mine is up for grabs anytime anyone wants to call her anything or accuse me or being some sort of monster mother.

      My daughter is the most important gift I have ever been given by God. I will do everything in my power to protect her from people like you.

      You allow people including yourself to insult my sister’s suicide attempt and have the nerve to say I put my mother in the ground.

      So, Faith, I may not be perfect, I my have made mistakes, I cannot please everyone but it gives no one the permission to insult me or talk about me without thinking about what kind of psychological damage it could do to me.

      • I’m not even going to read this wall of text right now. I have a little thing called a life going on.

        I suspect it’s more of her foot-stomping deflection, blaming us for what SHE does and expecting to lead us off on some drama-packed wild-goose chase away from the point. In all honesty, I might come back and indulge her later. But I want to make sure and point out that no matter how entertaining it is to watch the dancing hippo put on a show, the point of this blog is, and always will be, to expose a scam artist that victimizes people.

        She can run. She can hide. She can tap dance til the cows come home. But everybody rides the karma train, and she’s got a reserved seat.

      • Has anyone noticed that Tabetha’s writing has become more coherent and her sentence structure has changed? I do believe that has happened a few times when others wrote for her.

        Tabetha isn’t it you who not only tauted JT for not posting things but DEMANDED her to reveal all postings? Wasn’t it you who claimed she was biased in not allowing all who came to your rescue to be put on the blog? With that demand it was again you who opened the floodgates. My dear delusional Tabetha always wanting the cake and being able to eat it also.

        Do you not see that it is because of you and your attitude along with the temper tantrums these horrific truths are being shared. You can’t say I demand my minions to be heard and damn the torpedoes full speed ahead the naysayers should be silenced.

        When you grow up and grasp the reality of being an adult I will be impressed. You don’t want people to speak of your transgressions but have absolutely no hesitation on throwing out other people’s business that has no bearing on your faults. You see yourself getting in hot water so to cast doubt you say things about others. Mostly these others are people who you claim to love.

        As with my life dear no one would have known anything but to attempt to save face you tried to throw me under the bus. Sorry that didn’t go as planned. You do the same with family, friends and aquaintences. There is so much dishonor and shame in those tactics.

        You keep saying that others put your business out there and they are wrong. But what about all the calls to husbands, boyfriends, the firing of authors because you wanted more than a business relationship? What about the authors you forced into a downward spiral of darkness and pain? What courtesy do they get? Why are you supposed to be protected when you NEVER protected the ones that you claimed as family?

        The blade cuts both ways, please try to remember that toots.

      • What it looks like is that somebody (else) used the talk to type feature on the phone and spoke that message. A lot of the word replacement mistakes in her comment occur with talk to type. I use the feature myself. But I at least TRY to go back and catch the mistakes.

        She writes posts like she publishes books. Full of errors she didn’t even bother to look for.

      • Well obviously not one of you understood my point behind my post. I actually put MY personal shit out there and not one of you got my point, including Tabetha. Sad, since most of the people on here are members of the literary world. I opened up a window into my life to make a point that went right over your head. I am done. UNREAL

      • We got it, but unlike a certain Scam I could name, we don’t want to exploit the facts of your life or throw you under the bus. It was brave of you to speak out about the events of your life, & I applaud you for that. I only hope that her victims present and future realize what she does to people. All people.

  7. Faith I understand completely. Believe me when I say the last few comments I’ve made is in direct response to the lies Tabetha has told. You are brave to put your life out there. And you have and always have had my respect. I did not post these replies to ignore your insight or deminish it in any way. I wanted to point out just how Tabetha operates in hopes that what happened to you, me and every other author and hopeful doesn’t fall into the same hell hole we survived.

    You know how she works, and as long as you have known me you know that I fight for the underdog. She cannot be allowed to hide behind lies because we are tired of speaking the truth. But you are right as what chiming in said she uses this blog for attention. But from now on I refuse to buy into her deflection I am speaking of direct knowledge on her lies and scams.

    You were not being ignored.

      • I’m sorry if we didn’t sound like we fully appreciate how brave you were coming forward with your disclosure. We appreciate every word of it.

        And we understand that all of this attention is exactly what she wants. That’s why she keeps coming on here just enough to stir the pot. That’s why when I post about my own writing, or my art, or anything else, she throws a hissy fit to get the attention back on her. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

        We’re not feeding the troll when we let the topic showcase her. We’re not blind to the fact that she thrives on it.

        What we’re doing is letting her victims, present and future see it. We’re showing them that her claims of how everything that she ever did wrong were “mistakes” that she made “in the past” that she’s “learned from” and that “everybody deserves a second chance.” Those are the hooks she dangles out for new fish. She plays upon kind people’s sympathies by trying to appear like a persevering businesswoman who’s working so hard to make her dreams – and theirs – come true are recycled rhetoric. Lies geared to snag new victims..

        We’re letting them see her true colors, right now. Not “in the past.” We’re letting them know that she’s still doing exactly the same thing. She’s just trying to wrap it up in a pretty new bow.

        We’re doing it to warn her victims.

        If her ego gets stroked along the way, that’s fine. The IMPORTANT thing is that her victims see her for what she is and get themselves away from her. And the more she comes here flapping her gums, the more they see exactly who she is.

        We’re not blind to her selfish, narcissistic drive. We’re using it.

  8. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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