Zoey is a real bitch.

Yes. You heard me correctly.

Zoey is a first-rate, class A bitch.

Meet Zoey.
Zoey is a miniature blue brindle pit that Cindy White has owned since June of 2011.

The earliest mention I can find anywhere of Zoey Sweete is September 2011.

That’s right, folks. Tabetha Jones’ alter-ego is named after Cindy White’s dog.

Let that sink in.


22 thoughts on “Zoey is a real bitch.

  1. A slight correction I aquired Zoey and her brother Bubba June of 2011, but I DID NOT sign with Tabetha until the beginning of 2012. And I do have the contract to prove that date. The pictures on my page show August of 2011, because until they were acclimated to their surroundings I kept it low key. Sorry for the year mix up but again I REPEAT my Zoey was brought to my home with her name it was not changed from the day we claimed her and BEFORE signing with Tabetha and PF. In fact I was there at the end of MP, and I knew PF’s new name as it was conceived.

    Now y’all can take that how you will.

  2. Okay now you people are really going to fucking far with this shit. If you must know how I came up with Zoey Sweete it is like this. When I was born my father wanted to name me Zoey but Denise seeing as she was not keeping me and allowing my father and Darlene to keep me asked if she could name me Tabetha. One of my dad’s favorite songs was Sweet Mary Jane. So I took the name he wanted to give me at birth and part of the song he loved and came up with my pen name. I was never told about Cindy’s fucking dog and I never asked.

    Why you people think I want to be like her so much is beyond me. I don’t need to to steal anyone’s names, lives, bios, or bullshit and this is getting damn old. You people have nothing better to do than sit around and think of bullshit and lies to make you look like I have to be just like you. Well, news flash bitches I don;t want to be like you or want anything to do with your lives. You were the ones that brought me into this. You were the ones that brought up all the bullshit and stirred the shit pot. You really think I dug around that much into someone’s life just to steal a fucking name, NO.

    Zoey Sweete came about in 2010 when Karen Fuller received my first 3 chapters of Blood Magic when I was with World Castle. She asked if I wanted to go under my name or a pen, I told her a pen, a name that had meaning to me. So, if you look back Zoey Sweete has been around a bit longer. Just because I didn’t have a facebook or a timeline to show on it when it came about, its very easy to see when I was with World Castle Publishing.

    • It took you a whole day do come up with THAT?

      A woman that’s giving a baby away because she doesn’t want it doesn’t become emotionally invested enough to name it. That forms a bond, a connection, one she obviously didn’t want. Nice try, but no cigar.
      YOU brought these people into it when you scammed them, stole from them, lied to them and sbused them. YOU brought me into it when you did all that to my kid.

      You want to be Cindy so bad it hurts. Everything you do is a ripoff of her. Except your ridiculous piecemeal beliefs. Those, you steal from EVERYBODY. There isn’t a shred of anything genuine that shows through about you, except greed, selfishness, lies and abuse. You try to cover them up with the cool and admirable things you steal from others, but it doesn’t work. Your true colors always leak to the surface. And when they do, you make a spectacle of yourself blaming everybody else for your shortcomings.

      That name has no meaning to you. Nothing does, except money. The way you treat people, that’s all you care about.

      Keep tap dancing, Tab. Maybe one day you’ll get a step right.

  3. Is that the Ed Sheridan song Tabetha? Because any search I’ve done shows no song of that name around the time of your dad’s time here on earth. Or is your confused mind trying to associate that title with Tom Petty’s version which was entitled Last Dance With Mary Jane?

  4. There are songs I listen to that weren’t released during my time but I still enjoy the music my father was the same. And Denise and my dad did have a bond. She stayed several months with them. My dad said there were times they thought of taking me and running away together.

    Sorry I don’t check this blog everyday but when I do and see something that needs to be addressed then I address it.

    My birth mother had a connection with me considering I was the only child she carried full term. So yes she had a right to name me. A right my father gave her.

    Don’t assume you know my life. You are the ones that have said I supposedly want to be like Cindy. I was doing my own thing long before she came around. Being who I am whether one day it’s a bit country or the next a bit rock n roll.

    I had the same bio with World Castle. Which in October of 2010 was when Blood Magic was signed under Zoey Sweete.

    • First, Denise was your mom and dad’s best friend who agreed to carry you for them because she couldn’t have kids. The generous surrogate.

      Then the truth comes out, in your own words, that your dad had an affair with Denise and you were the result.

      Then, again in YOUR OWN WORDS, Denise was such a whore that she was pregnant, like, 20 times, and didn’t want any of them.

      27 times. Twins, abortions, miscarriages, other adoptions. Yet just now, you said you were the only one she carried to term.

      But now, the story comes back to where it started with Bio mom wanting you and plotting to run off with dad and keep you?

      And you expect anybody to buy a single word you say? Seriously?

      And, btw, thank you for another lie. Here you are saying that you made up Zoey Sweete when you signed with World Castle in 2010 (though you can’t prove a thing before September, 2011). Yet, I’ve got caps of where you said you had the name all the way back when you wrote for Seventeen magazine when you were, what, 15?

      Yet you hadn’t spent time with dear old dad before you were 16, BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION. So… yeah. Bullshit.

      And, as an added little bonus, you were writing STORIES back then, not poetry, as you later claimed when you started ripping off Cindy White’s bio.

      That, I believe, is owned.

      • What’s the old saying give a fool enough rope and they are bound to hang themselves. Yep I’d say OWNED. For the record Tabetha your comment of music from your time and dad’s doesn’t make a lick of sense. No matter what Era the song comes from you stupid twat there is ALWAYS a way to find the title AND date released. Good try, not. There are so many holes in your last few comments Stevie Wonder could see them. You lie so damn much, make up so much BULLSHIT to be wanted, approved of for that matter loved that you are a serious joke. It must suck to be you. Always a wanna never WANTED. Maybe if you were kind, honest, loyal and real you would find that. It’s what you despise about CFW and covet at the same time. You will never be able to be that real woman you desperately want to be so you hate her for being able to go through hell, a hell you only pretend to know about, and being able to be the real strong woman she is. And what burns your ass even more is that YOU know it’s not faked like you. Keep walking in her shadows it may rub off on you, doubtful but you can wish.

    • And, btw

      “Sorry I don’t check this blog everyday but when I do and see something that needs to be addressed then I address it.”

      Yes. You do check this blog every day. Multiple times. Devotedly. Religiously.

      And remember, this is just one device. Don’t forget. I see when you check with the Android, PC, Kindle, your sister’s old phone, AND your boyfriend’s phone.

      You like getting owned more than once a day? Keep bringing the lies, baby. Keep bringing the lies.

    • At least one thing is right, when Tabetha picked my dog as her alter ego, at least she recognized a true bitch. Too funny. No matter how she squirms those pesky things called the TRUTH are always there. Ready, willing and able to pop those many lies.

      • What’s sad, though, is that I think she still enjoys the attention, even when it’s her looking like an idiot, getting one lie after the next, after the next blown up in her face. She STILL keeps coming back for more. She wallows in it like a pig in shit.

  5. When will she learn? Really if you can teach old dogs new tricks why can’t she? Not like her lies are getting her anywhere except laughed at. Oh well I need a laugh.

  6. Ms. Jones if I may ask, if your life, familyfamily career and love life is as perfect as you love to imply, why do you give a fart in the wind what is written on this blog? Why do you care if Ms. Larson, CFW, or any other person says anything? Maybe you really do seek attention of any kind, negative or positive as long as you are being talked about? You say that you saught mental health assistance did you touch base about your abandonment issues as well as your constant need to be validated and desperate need for attention?
    I do believe that before you keep on this very poorly chose path, and do more damage to yourself along with those who you say you love, you seek better medical attention on your severe issues. With what I have read in your replies I am sure you with have some sort of retort concerning it’s your life, nothing can tame your “rebel heart” blase blase. So do do me the favor of stifling it.
    With every single thing you post Ms. Jones you not only make yourself more of a joke than anything of substance. It is kinda embarrassing to see you as a little bitty worm on such a huge hook. But Ms. Jones with all your bluster of loving your daughter and the family you have, has it occurred to you at all of the repercussions you, with your very actions are inflicting on these people?
    I’ve read you claim a trust fund of sorts for your daughter, ask yourself this, what college,business or for that matter self respecting future husband for your daughter who may stumble upon your words alone on here would think? Do you think the may feel that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Maybe she should not be trusted because it has been proven that her mother lies to suit her needs and self preservation?
    Ms. Jones you claim legacy of quite a lot. What legacy are you leaving your daughter? Are you teaching her as you ramble on here how to be abrasive, callous, abusive,vindictive and heartless? Are you teaching her that being a rude, obnoxious, screaming banshee is the way to get your way? Are you showing her how to assume parts of people to fit in? Or are you teaching her to beat, batter, use and abuse men and women to get ahead in the world?
    I am purely making an observation on your words alone. Your response and how you portray and carry yourself as a supposed woman and lady says a lot.
    I hope you take time to reflect on these words,but as I’ve seen, it will fall on deaf ears. Mores the pity. At one time in your life you made a terrible choice,a choice that has caused much pain to all you get involved with. I implore you to rethink the road you are on, to make amends to those you have wronged. If not for you, because obviously you care not for you, or your ever failing reputation, but for the sake of your daughter. She deserves better Ms. Jones, if you have one shred of knowing how to love in your hard empty heart, use it to do something that your daughter can be proud of. Show her that she is worth a real honest change in you. Teach her that she is worth a mother who isn’t as cruel, and hateful as you appear on this blog.
    For once in your selfish attention seeking life, turn that on a brighter future then you yourself had. Ensure she doesn’t turn into a mimime as you hope her to be. Give her a better life. Stop what you are doing and play dolls with her, take her to museums and girls day. Make her the real center of your world and not just a shield.

    • Tabetha has proudly proclaimed her daughter to be her “mini-me” many times. She’s PROUD that her her little Stockholm Syndrome victim is turning out just like her.

      Yes, I agree. That child deserves better. She deserves to be taught self-respect and dignity, strength of character and poise. She deserves to have her future not only respected, but encouraged. She deserves better than to be groomed to be mama’s little strip-club-hopping “partner in crime” party girl.

      I’ve said the same thing myself about that poor girl’s future endeavors. What if she wanted to go to a reputable college? What if she wanted to get a job that involves an upstanding reputation? One quick google search result showing mom rolling around naked drenched in blood, and she can kiss that goodbye. Hello fast food or hotel housekeeping.

      I hadn’t thought about future partners. You’re quite right. What if that child one day meets a man of upstanding character? I’m not sure how this could happen, considering the circles Tab runs in… but anything’s possible. A fine, upwardly-mobile young man with a bright future sees a hint of promise in that beautiful girl – only to find that she talks and acts just like her mother does, with no self-respect and a gutter-worthy vocabulary. What then?

      Most mothers want a better life for their children than the one they have lived themselves. Not to drag them down to wallow in the sewer with them.

      But we’re not talking about most mothers, are we?

      That’s her child, and she can raise her any way she wants. That’s entirely her business. But I, for one, mourn that kid’s future.

  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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