Ex-treme ex-ploitation

First, Tab says that ALL of her exes abused her. Remember that?

Then she says this about Tommie:

Putting his business all over the internet.

But that wasn’t enough. In December (2015), she had this to say:

She says that he put his mother in her grave by going on that high-speed chase knowing that she was on her deathbed, dying of cancer. Her own words. Right?


First, the chase took place on Jan 10, 2013, 3 months AFTER his mother died.

So his actions did not contribute to her passing, as Tab claimed.

And secondly, his mother did not die of cancer. She died of COPD. She did have a history of cancer, but was in remission.
I was given a copy of her death certificate to prove it.

Everything is blurred out except for her name and cause of death. That’s all we need to know, here. Well, that and the fact that a family member gave it to me, along with the truth about all of this.

Tab says:

I was there for her, I went to the funeral because that woman meant alot to me. She was a wonderful woman and she and I remained friends even after me and her son divorced. She understood completely why I left him.

I don’t think so.

Tab did not take care of Tommie’s mom, his wife did. His family did. And Tab did not go to the funeral. None of his family saw her there.

His mom was friends with Darlene, who gave her rides to the doctor and things like that, but that’s about it. There wasn’t this close bond between herself and Tab that Tab claims.

Truth be told, the entire marriage between Tabetha and Tommie took place while he was incarcerated. She was a jailhouse bride. And it was HE who filed for divorce before he got out, so there’s none of Tab’s claims of how she “left” him.

And, before Tab gets her panties in a twist about how abusive he was, or how she left him, allow me to submit, for your approval, screen grabs of her trying to chat him up after the fact.

If those don’t expand when you click on them, let me know. They’re quite the read, with her first trying to chat him up, then insisting that she only wanted to be friends, and then, when he wanted no part of it, her getting all haughty and saying something like “When my book makes me rich and famous, don’t come running to me.”

Well, here it is four years later, and I don’t see her book on the bestsellers list. Not one of ’em.

You tell me. If he was as abusive as she says he was, why would she try to insert herself back into his life? Does that make any sense to you? If she left him, would she go running back to try and get him back in hr life? Does that make sense to you?

Me neither.

As for Tab’s assertion that drinking and drugs were more important to Tommie than his mother. I’ve got two things to say about that.
Here’s Tommie with his mom. Just a few pictures. Whether they had a close relationship or not is entirely their business, and not for Tab to comment on. She wasn’t there for it and it’s none of her business.

Tab says that she had a close bond with her daddy, the biker in the 1% club. But we don’t see a single picture of her with her dad. The one and ONLY picture she’s ever shown of him comes from his funeral. No pics of them together. None of him on that pretty white Harley she says she’s inheriting from him. Nothing. So she needs to stop knocking somebody else’s relationships until she can start backing up her own words.

And Two:

She’s got no room to talk about anybody else putting their mom in the grave through the use of undue stress and strain, does she?

And, speaking of Tab’s exes. She finally took those photos of Josh off her website. Finally. Now, if only she could do right by everybody else she’s used and abused, she might get somewhere.


88 thoughts on “Ex-treme ex-ploitation

  1. Two things are very apparent: 1) she changes men as often as most people change their underwear, and 2) she wouldn’t know the truth if it scampered up her pants leg and nipped her in the hoo-ha.

  2. Oh. Wow. People, this is the Tabetha you need to see.

    She tried to hit her ex up (Tommie) being all sweet, inviting him over, etc. But he shuts her down, refusing to disrespect his new girl, his wife. He blocks Tab.

    Zoey shows up, and she’s not “Sweete” at all. Blocked on her real name and denied the reconnection she was after, those true Tabetha colors came out.

    Talk about JEALOUS!

    That’s how fast she turns on you, people. Just as soon as she doesn’t get what she wants from you, the claws and fangs come out. She gets all shades of ugly, throws a temper tantrum and issues threats.

    THAT’S the Tabetha Jones you need to see. Not the Saccharine sweet mask she wears when she’s trying to bait you onto her hook. Read the above comments several times to see the true face of the person you’re dealing with.

    And then read it again. Here’s why:

    She was pissed off to the MAX. She was throwing around threats and wanting to fight and cursing her head off. But look at what she DIDN’T say. Not a single word about witchcraft. Not a single hint of Voodoo or “Arc” angel vengeance. Not a peep about how you don’t treat a %1 biker bitch that way. None of the grandiose threats she’s adopted since 2011 – when that temper fit got pitched. Nada. Just her stomping her widdle foot.

    If you wanted proof that she didn’t grow up with those beliefs, or part of the lifestyles she’s claimed since, there you go. Her at her angriest, spitting all the venom she could muster at the time, and not a whisper of bikers, angels or voodoo curses. Those are traits that she stole later.

    Make no mistake. When she stops getting what she wants out of you, these ARE the colors you will see. I hope her current bed-warmer realizes that all of the sweet nothings she whispers to him, she once whispered to this guy, too. She loved him with all her heart and soul, too, until he had the nerve to dump her psychotic ass and find a real woman. As long as she’s getting the new guy’s paycheck, she’ll be just as sweet as pie. Let him try to take control of his own money or pull away from her when he realizes that’s all she’s after, these are the types of messages he’ll get. And worse. Because now, she’s a %1 chick and she’ll sic her biker buddies on him. She’ll cast a spell or call down the wrath of her “Arc” angel protectors.

    Same venom, with more delusions tacked on.

    The sooner you realize that this is who she is, the better off you’ll be.

    You’re welcome.

    • If she can’t have him nobody can, that’s so very Scabby Assy saying she was going to kill that girl what a laugh. Flabby Assy is as tough as a wet noodle, if that girl looked at her sideways Fraidy Catty would piss herself and run with her tail between her fat thundering thighs. What’s the matter Scab Ass can’t handle that he found a prettier girl that’s a real woman, maybe if you treated him like a real woman he wouldn’t of gone looking somewhere else to find a real one, neither would that lad Josh or Randy or that bloke Eric, they all have real women now that they dropped you, truth hurts doesn’t it?

    • And let me set the record straight she caused his mother a lot of stress with this message bc she is saying all these lies so Tommie ask his mom what the fuck is she talking about & his mother got so wound up that I had to give her a breathing treatment…She was finally able to call Darlene & the dumb bitches excuse was she was drunk…But I want to know how crazy are u I am telling u I am waiting 1 peep spencer st aint that far….Think before you speak because I am not going to show u up on here I am going to show up at your house & if u call the laws bad bitch I think your biker friends might look at u differently…bahahah who are we kidding u dont have any fucking biker friends…no but u see that message where u are threatening me if u call the laws after I whoop ur ass I promise u that ur going to jail with me & somebody on this blog will be forced to call CPS & tell them ur in Jail…I am telling you dumb bitch u better think before u speak… As a matter of fact I want a formal apology to myself & my husband for dragging his name thru the mud u piece of shit… He doesn’t have any family left that is why nobody commented (or took up for him) & that is probably why u posted the shit bc u are a chicken shit mutha fucker …Chose your words wisely I mean real wisely & by the way if that was Randy u probably paid him to post that as a matter of Fact let me give him a call because I think u purposely misspelled those words to make it look believable…Why don’t you try some of the advice these people have been giving you on this blog & start with the truth…

      • Causing a parent such physical and emotional distress that her health is affected. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? And Tab has the nerve to accuse somebody else of it. Then again, that’s what she does, isn’t It? Pot and kettle.

        I don’t think it was Randy that wrote that message singing Tab’s praises and disrespecting the mother of his children. That’s something SHE does, insulting whoever her exes are with. Just look at her statements to/about Tommie’s girl. Even said she’d kill her, she’s so jealous.

        No. That kind of crazy doesn’t just disappear. That’s who Tabetha Jones is, clear through to the bone.

      • Spencer Street wow you really are fed with lies. I guess T Jr is still good at pimpin that pen. I haven’t lived on Spencer since I was 19 and one year later the house was sold. And I did file for divorce against Tommie look it up in Navarro County I was the petitioner. But you seem to know everything. Yet nothing at all. Seeing all those pics was from years ago. I don’t see no tats above the eyes. Haylene was on one and Tabetha on the other. He didn’t have no girl when he got locked up just a good friend that has sent me pms where she has letters from Tommie begging me to write him. And why would she lie. She almost died trying to save his ass.

      • That’s it? That’s all you’ve got? Not a single word to refute anything she said.

        It’s just as I thought. Presented with facts that prove exactly what you are, by someone you’re so jealous of that you threatened to kill her, you’ve got nothing.

        Where’s all that false bravado? Where are all your biker buddies and threats now? Nowhere. Because you know you’re talking to somebody who, unlike you, doesn’t just say the words. She’ll back it up, and you know it.

        Quick to invent some mysterious shadow woman with proof. So, let’s see it. Come on. Back up your bullshit for once. “He really loves ME! He DOES!”

        At least he HAS pictures. We’re still waiting to see yours. You say you and daddy were so tight, hanging with the bikers, riding (and crashing) daddy’s pretty white Harley (that doesn’t have a windshield like you describe or a single scratch on it). So where are YOUR pictures with dear old dad?

        You throw a lot of talk out there, trying so desperately to look cool, but where’s your proof? Put up or shut up.

      • Tommie’s mom said that Rylee was the granddaughter she never had and she wanted them together according to Tabby. Also Tabby had stated several times how she was going to have Tommie move in with her after he was released. She also stated that she had went to see him numerous times while he was in federal.

  3. Trying to be a badass and being one is so hard for the wannabe brigade. I love this smoozing to try DESPERATELY to get her ex back. Then EPIC pretty much being told she can’t hold a candle to the new lady. And in typical Tabby fashion temper tantrums and how dare yous?

    How long ago was this? See the leopard still hasn’t changed those spots. Priceless. Tabetha dear remember that idea I pitched to you, the thought of writing down those pesky lies. Now would be a damn good time to consider it.


    • She’s too busy ripping off your life to TRY to be the badass she only wishes she were. She says the words like a mockingbird, but she doesn’t have the guts to back them up. She might scream and throw some furniture around, but I’ll bet that faced with a real fight, she’d piss on the floor and run off to call the cops. She’s no badass. She’s just a sad, flimsy wannabe.

  4. She really is psycho, isn’t she? That kind of crazy doesn’t go away just because you slap a female layers of spackle on it.

    She’s nuttier than a fruitcake, and not in a cute, hapless kind of way.

    • Munching on popcorn waiting for that proof Tabetha! But I’d have a better chance of teaching my daughter’s bearded dragon to bring me a beer, then Tabetha to prove a damn thing. Whoever Tommie is keep your foot on her neck with those REAL FACTS. It’s about time she faces her own lies and hell.

      • Your dragon doesn’t fetch for you? Must still be a young one. LOL!

        Tab never could back up her bullshit. She counts on changing the subject and kicking up a dust storm. Well, not this time. Here are FACTS, presented by somebody who was there. Just like authors have been presenting FACTS about how she scammed them and ripped her off.

        That corner Tab paints herself into with that big mouth of hers is getting smaller and smaller.

      • I would like to say that Tommie SaULTERS HAS NEVER BEEN TO THE feds LOOK IT UP ON tdcj website I just saw the comment & no he was never going to her house not since before 2007 for sure & she is delusional but my husband received all of this & he will have something to say & I will send it to get posted here…She is a liar…

      • What she doesn’t seem to realize is that he’s not going to be in forever. If he does come to her house, I doubt it’ll be for a happy family reunion.

        With that said, I sincerely hope he doesn’t risk his freedom for the likes of her. She’s not worth the trouble, and he’s got a wonderful, beautiful woman to go home to that knows how to treat a man. I hope you two have a long and happy life together. That’s something the likes of Tab will never have.

  5. Your such a lying bitch but your bout to find out Lewis aint that hard to find either & I am going to make sure he whoops ur ass when he gets out for your little pretend story above…Your a dumb bitch why do u think he went to china spring on his chase come on now…No I dont pay for love like you lmao my husband has loved me for 4 years now & Tabetha his mother told me I was the only one she ever seen him love when we would argue he would go to his mommas in tears & have her call me you wanna lie some more ok I got u…By the way your Your name has been covered for 2 or 3 years now…I don’t need to brag about how many times my name is on his body or our portrait on his body bc bitch I am secure in my marriage…Tabetha u pretty much told us above that he used you…My husband has only received 40 bucks from me the whole time he has been locked up he doesn’t like to ask me for money…He also went through Grad so he can make money & his Unk has been helping him & even paid for us to get married 2 years ago…Yes dumb bitch he found a way to make me his wife but if he hadnt asked me in the free I would have never married him in jail…You think it is a game well u got me fucked up with somebody else..910 Lewis St, Waco, TX 76705 you wanna lie well u lied to the wrong one…

  6. By the way Carrie is just like you a fucking liar & I back my shit up u hear me she did not try to save him she is the one who had it set up & she admits she has not even got a letter from Tommie trust me she would have coated it with gold but he sent a letter to me to post on her page & she kept erasing it…

    You see Karma is going to get you & I bet Hayleene will make sure of it…Trying to cause problems in her baby boy’s marriage lol your a dumbass see unlike u I am actually gifted & got a 100 different people as my witnesses…You do not ever brag on your gifts (you never had any in the 1st place) because god takes the gift back… Your life is about to crash you better give your child to her father before she ends up in CPS custody because your going to prison for a couple of years I am telling you what I see don’t be a selfish bitch get your kid all set up so when it happens she is not left with the state….But I am sure you are not going to take my advice selfish bitch & just let you know your boyfriend leaves your ass the moment you go..I am just telling you what is about to happen..Let me tell you in person though..

    • I’ve been trying to tell the dumb twit that for a long time. 1 dead men tell no tales, 2 you NEVER claim knowledge of any type of organization, especially ones who refer to point 1, 3 if you are blessed as some are, you must always remember that whatever you put out into the world comes back 3 fold. She is such a desperate wannabe she can’t grasp the real concept of life.

      Oh I have to point out that she gathered her knowledge of wiccan, vampires, powers, and dreams from an author she really hosed, a Ms Carlie Rose. It took me a bit because I wasn’t as good of a friend as I should have been. But after reading Carlie’s book My Vampire in Shinning Armor, it all became quite clear.

      Poor delusional clingon, Tabetha tisk tisk. And I bet you was hoping that never came to light. Like so much has been recently. Pathetic marry a dude in jail, he wakes up and dumps you before being set free, and I’m the whore? Yeah ok toots.

      • Not only that, but she keeps chasing after the guy, threatening to kill his beautiful wife. What kind of psycho does that?

        Oh. Right. Look who we’re talking about, here.

    • In the event that Tab becomes unwilling or unable to care for her child, child’s daddy and Stepmom have a room ready and waiting. She’ll be fine.

      Funny how the truth jumps up to bite the haters on the butt, isn’t it? I love it when somebody has FACTS that fly in the face of her lies.

  7. I don’t want Tommie and as I said before he can rot where he sits. See TDC is like motel 6 for Tommie they always leave a light on for him. His third time down I used to feel sorry for him. So did my mom. Everyone in my family did until he’d get dope fucked and steal from everyone. I guess he forgot to mention his little at my mom’s on Norma until she finally kicked him out.

    I did a lot of stupid shit in my younger years Tommie was one of them. That is why I had to do a divorce by posting because he refused to sign. I’d get papers torn into shreds sent back to me. So I had to spend more money and go about it a different legal way. But I got my divorce after a long two year fight.

    You want to come to my house and make an ass of yourself go ahead. But he’s yours now not my worry. Hope you have a happy marriage wish you the best. Now I have pictures to get published and a party to plan.

    • You wait until 10:30 pm the night before to plan a birthday party?

      And you plan such an important party only AFTER you fiddle with your spank-bank photos. Nice to know what your priorities are.

    • Dear Tabetha the only reason that you claim that you don’t want him, is because like every male who comes in contact with realizes just how toxic you are. And the fact that you are pathetic and desperate. That stench never washes off.

      • The only reason she claims she doesn’t want him is because she can’t have him. But how recently was she trying to set it up that he’d move in with her after his release?

        Yeah. Talk some more, Tab. Paint that corner even smaller.

    • You don’t want him but Ms Jones all evidence points to the contrary. And Ms Jones when your former flame informed you that he had moved on, and was happy that is when the real you came out. Sadly your own words have come full circle and has bitten you squarely on your arse.
      Maybe it is time to heed my words. But again by your actions I see you are oblivious to everything but your own tunnel vision.

      • Of course she wants him. But not out of love. NOBODY leaves Tabetha. Nobody. She keeps people in her life any way she can, even if it’s by stalking and threatening them. Even if it’s by pulling every trick in the book to ruin their relationships so she can sweet-talk them back. Authors as well as exes. How many authors’ husbands did she call to tell them their wives (authors that dumped her) were cheating? How many mothers lost their children because of her mouth?

        How many schemes has she pulled to try and get Randy back? How many sweet promises does she whisper into James’s ear so that SHE can be the lady of that nice house, with HER fingers wrapped around those purse strings? And how many times has she schemed to get Tommie back, trying to get him to move in with her upon his release?

        She can stand here now and TRY to deny it, but we’ve all seen it.

        She’s a control freak, plain and simple. Most sociopathic toxic narcissists are.

        Me, I’m still waiting to hear why the only photo she’s got of her dear daddy is from his funeral.

    • If Casey comes over Tabby would shit on the floor, hide in the closet and call the cops to come and save her. She’s as bad ass as a marshmellow. She’s just mad that Tommie got money out of her, she doesn’t like that he played her for money. Well tough titty, honey. Look at how she robs people of money. The only reason she moved Troy in was because of his disability check to pay her bills, well I hope she’s got another swinging dick lined up because he already has a plan to get out and she won’t even see it coming. She’ll wake up one day at noon and he’ll be gone. Then it will just be her fat lazy ass with all these bills and no money. She doesn’t have a job, she isn’t making money from other people’s books, she’s not getting any money from her bullshit fatass modeling and then she’ll have no man to sponge off of either. Boo hoo Tabby will be broke. Where will you go t hen Tabby Girl? You sure as shit aren’t moving in with me again. You fucked me over one time to many. Get off your fat ass you lazy bitch and get a fucking jay oh bee. Your supposed to be some beauty school expert right? Bullshit. Look at you. Who would hire you for beauty looking like you do? NOBODY. You fucked guys for pills and booze before and called it “partying” looks like you’ll have to fuck ’em for money to pay your bills, that’s all your good at anyway being a slut. Might as well get paid for it and pay those bills. Or start selling more of those pills, but who can you steal them from now? Nobody. Welcome to the bottom of the barrell bitch.

  8. He did not steal from anybody this last time & your lying about the papers because he told me exactly the process of how he got divorced in jail & even if he was to send them back he would not be able to shred them so tell another lie dumb bitch & trust me like I said I don’t do any talking but when u aren’t expecting it & the cops aren’t waiting around the corner…Just know when u do call the cops that is when ur troubles begin….You wanna talk shit, lie, get your ass whooped & then call the laws.. Real bad bitches don’t call the cops & trust me my husband is going to have something to say about it to & by the way he ain’t going to rot in there either…So keep telling your lies bitch…Like I told u your world is about to come crashing down…

    By the way I wouldn’t care if you still wanted Tommie I am secure in my marriage..But if you don’t want him then why are lying trying to cause problems on JEALOUS dumb bitches do that…You see Tommie isn’t getting anything from me like he was you..He provided for me when I didn’t have a job….You see that is the difference between me & you…I believe you said it above that he pushed u away with all of his hate but yet he would not sign the divorce but he hated you wow that is strange & seems unlikely….You also said you never had the chance to be together in the free without bars & GLASS well why do u keep lying & contradicting your self…I have all of Tommie’s & Hayleene’s stuff …Hayleene has a big tub of Tommie’s & it has everybody’s letters in it to Tommie & your letters are in it as well do I need to get in it & make you look ridiculous because I will answer my fucking question….Do I need to show what a pathetic desperate liar you are…

  9. Oh and I told you once before he bought some stuff to get rid of the tatt with your name hello dumb bitch & that was not years ago look how thick he was & me & Hayleene are in one pic compare her clothes With the one of her & him…The one of Hayleene with out oxygen was Thanks Giving Night I have several more…I got to get to bed I can’t waste much more time on somebody pathetic like yourself…Lepplady why dont you post the pic of me & Tommie & our dog at xmas so she can see that he got stuff to take the tatts off…

  10. Not waiting the day before to plan a party. My daughter is with her father on her birthday this year. It’s the first year in eight she hasn’t been with me. But he got her the last part of Christmas break. So don’t talk about things you don’t know.

    Again look up who petitioned the divorce it’s public record.

    And you can call my pictures whatever you like but the magazine’s are international and my name is just getting bigger.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year I know I will.

    • “My daughter is with her father on her birthday this year. It’s the first year in eight she hasn’t been with me.”

      Your a lying sack of shit he has her ever year after Christmas. Lie some more lying cunt.

  11. Oh, but isn’t this the big day? The day she’s granted the power of lifetimes past, present and future by her guardian “arc” angel?

    You’re the one that said you waited so late. I don’t know about the other moms here, but I planned birthday parties weeks, if not months in advance.

    And you were the one that showed where your priorities lie by talking about your pictures first, before your kid’s birthday. That’s a vanity magazine you keep stroking your ego with, you moron. You’re calling yourself an international model because you lucked out with a vanity magazine. Good lord. Give the bitch a rope and she’d call herself a cowboy.

    But ya know what? More power to you. I hope you really do score as a model. I honestly do. Because the more time you roll around naked on your couch with your sister (who your ex husband has never heard of, interestingly enough) taking pictures, the less time you’re spending ripping off authors.

    You closed down the AMERICAN sales channels when that noose got too tight. But there are still books available abroad, aren’t there. Yeah. We know about those, too. Keep playing shifty, missy. We’re on to you. And no matter jow entertaining the pig trails are, the fact is that you’re busted every way from Sunday there is. It’s just a matter of who knocks on your door first. No matter where that door is. Oyou can run, but you can not hide from the long arm of the law.

    You like to joke about your ex being in jail, but you’ll be laughing out the other side of your ass when you’re posing for your own mug shot.

    It’s ironic. You’re the one that will be rotting in jail when your ex is getting out. He’ll be living in the loving arms of his beautiful wife while you’re learning that you big mouth can’t write those rubber checks on the inside, or you’ll be riding that broomstick in ways you won’t like a bit. Or worse. They don’t play your head games. And they don’t tolerate fake little bitches that talk tough but can’t back it up.

    You’ll find out.

    It’s funny every year, you say how GREAT the next one’s going to be. And every year, all you do is spiral farther and farther down into delusion.

    You are a joke, madam.

    • I can see the party favors now. Everyone strip, grab a candle, and dance around the fire as we chant to evoke the spirits. It’s ok because our kitty died so we have the bones needed to fulfill the prophecy, along with daddy’s spell book. Yeah wonder how many kids will be scarred for life on that visit.

      I feel so bad for the child, I mean yeah my egg donor and her steady piece were shit and bad things happened but at least it was real not a mental mind fuck. Well it was but just not as dumb. And yes I get having beliefs, but for real???

      How fucked in the head do you have to be to do that shit to an innocent?

      • Very.

        There are people who really do have Pagan, Wiccan, or other belief systems that aren’t traditional, and that’s fine. Diversity makes the world go around.

        But we’re not talking about a true believer. We’re talking about somebody who wasn’t raised with those beliefs. We’re talking about somebody who saw somebody else doing it, thought it was cool and ripped them off. Along with a bunch of other belief systems.

        We’re talking about somebody who makes a spectacle of herself trying to be a jack of all trades and master of none.

        If she were really teaching that child a religion or value system, that would be one thing. But she’s not. All she’s doing is filling that poor kid’s head with grandiose delusions pieced together from different beliefs she saw other people rocking. I feel sorry for that kid if mom really did fill her head with rubbish about all these powers she’s supposed to inherit today, and nothing happens.

        What I REALLY hope is that she hasn’t told these insane delusions to that poor kid. I hope she just taunts us, saying these things. Because if she really did tell that little girl delusional things about “arc” angels and powers, that’s really sick. In my book, that’s not just delusional, but also abusive. My humble opinion.

    • They’re smiling because Tabby’s fat ass is gone. They’re still together after five years, how long can you keep a man Tabby? Four months? It sure as fuck won’t be five years because you don’t know how to treat a man and your shitty in bed, your lazy, drunk and high on pills all the time. Everybody knows what a pill head you are. You just better hope she don’t come over because you don’t know her, bitch she don’t play. I hope she does. I hope she kicks your ass up and down the street and lets see your “brother” Richard up the street save your ass, he would laugh his ass off watching you get a beat down the way you run your mouth and so would I. I would sell tickets and take video for youtube.

      • I don’t advocate violence. But it does seem only a matter of time before her mouth writes one rubber check too many that her actions can’t back up. She keeps inviting people over for a fight, well, one day, somebody’s going to take her up on it. I hope she’s prepared for that. Otherwise, she needs to stop inciting violence that could occur in the presence of her 8 year old daughter,

      • Little Birdie I do not know who you are but you must have seen me drag a bitch or 2 like Tabetha…I heard you speak my name earlier…She is a law caller but I got something for that too…You do not talk shit & not be able to back it up…I will pull more proof out when I have time I have all Tommie’s paper work & belongings out in the shop…You sound like you know me & maybe u can video lol…

  12. Funny you say that will never be me, but I have a wonderful man and I have all the love in the world. And as far as a party most of the arrangements have been made just putting the final touches on it for when she comes home from her father’s. She doesn’t get her first set of power until she turns 12. As everyone on the Willis side of the family has. Again unless you know don’t speak.

    And as far as pictures of my father and I, I don’t have to show you shit. I have them and treasure them each day. And as for your windshield comment, his Harley did not come with one, he put it on after market and it fucked with the steering and after we wrecked on it and I ended up with 37 stitches in the back of my head, he took it off. My Uncle Gary has Lightning, she is safe and sound and once I learn to ride she goes to me. Just as my dad wished.

    And I have been published in more than one international magazine. They arent vanity mags. They give new models a chance to be known and published. And I have been published in several and have three more new mags with my pics coming out with several issues.

    I have also been accepted on Model Mayhem and have several paid shoots coming up after the new year and my sisters company will also be doing a two year calendar. Again her company not mine.

    As for my company I have several books coming out over the next 4 months and we have a diverse range of them.

    I am doing everything I set out to do and things are going good for me and my family.

    I have a blossoming company, a modeling career that is taking off, a wonderful man and a beautiful daughter that is the light of my life. I would say I am damn lucky.

    As for the whole Tommie thing, you blew all of it way out into left field. And yes we did try to try things when he got released the second time which was right before Christmas 2005 but unfortunately things didn’t work out and I moved on.

    I do wish his new Mrs Saulters the best. I have no ill wishes towards her but I could care less about Tomme. There is no love or feelings there. I honestly don’t think there ever was. It was more of I thought I could fix him, show him compassion and maybe he would change.

    As for his mother, I loved her deeply, and she did say that Rylee was the granddaughter she should have had. Rylee called her grandma Haylene. We went to visit her many times. Rylee still has the singing dog that she gave her.

    Haylene was a good woman and was always good to me.

    But all of this is in the past yet everyone likes to go digging it up, arent you all tired of getting dirty? I was always told digging up the past all you get is dirty.

    I am a different person now than I was back then. I have moved on. Don’t you think maybe all of you should do the same thing?

    You say this blog is being an advocate for authors but all you do is talk about my personal life. How is that related to the publishing industry? My personal life, past, present, or future has no bearing on my company.

    You ever so often try to establish why this blog is here then you go against your own words and do a write up against everything you said two posts before.

    Leave my personal life, my modeling, my sisters photography company, my daughter,my fiance, all out of this. You want to talk shit about my company or my writing keep it to that and have fun until its trademarked because after that you wont be able to to so much as write one piece about it without getting sued. And once trademarked you will have to remove every post even archives about myself and my companies.

    I am trademarking everything. All my companies, previous and my current one, my sisters photography company, my pen name, and hopefully the judge will allow my real name as well, seeing I have proof it is being presented in false light and maliciously.

    Have fun while you can because eventually you wont be able to ever mention my name again.

    • Lord, Jesus. You are such a joke.

      YOU said she’d get those powers on her 8th birthday.

      You described coming off a Harley doing 70, it landing on your legs, and neglected to mention anything about stitches.

      Let’s see those magazines. I’m sure you got copies. Or at least a link. Let’s see some proof. No? What a shock.

      No, you don’t HAVE to show us anything. But as long as you say you were SO close to dear old dad, yet only have one photo to show, and none of him on that motorcycle, it just looks like lies you can’t back up.

      Any idiot can print up a calendar. That’s precisely ZERO proof of squat.

      Nobody dug up anything. You ran your mouth and you got yanked back on your chain. You say “Hey, no hard feelings” toward his wife now because you don’t want her showing up on your door. But your own words betray you, as ever. You said you were going to kill her, called her everything but her name, and you got caught. Can’t back up that check your mouth wrote, so now you’re trying to backpedal.

      No, HE didn’t try to put anything together when he got out. He’s got a wife he’s quite happy with. She knows how to treat a guy. YOU tried to set it up for him to move in with you when he gets out, and he wanted no part of it. Told you to get lost, and you couldn’t handle it. You freaked out, stalked him, and threatened to kill his woman. A REAL woman, unlike yourself.

      Maybe the world will quit calling you on it when YOU leave your personal life out of it. If you really can’t wrap your thick skull around that concept, it’s not our fault.

      First, you really think Trademarks work that way? Pepsi is Trademarked. Nascar is Trademarked. Every single thing you buy, eat or use is Trademarked. But consumers have every right to review these things, to speak opinions of them, and share whatever facts exist about them. If you really think that by Trademarking companies that you claim no longer exist, yourself, and all of your fake names is going to put a stop to that, you are so sorely mistaken that it’s not even funny.

      And, second. Do you really expect anybody here to believe you’d part with the money? Trademarks cost hundreds in handling fees alone. The number of Trademarks you’re talking about would cost thousands. And I’m pretty sure that you don’t have that kind of money. If you did, you could use it to pay off authors as far back as Mystic Press that still haven’t been paid. That would be a much better way to use that money, don’t you think? I mean, if you had it. Which you don’t.

      And, two more things:
      One: you’ve been threatening legal action for years, but it hasn’t happened. Because it CAN’T happen. I see that you’ve FINALLY stopped using the words “Slander” and “Libel” because you know that every single person that’s stepped forward and spoken out about you has proof of their allegations. You lied to them. You scammed them. You withheld money from them. And they can prove it.

      And, two: You use those words “False Light” but don’t seem to realize that by saying them, you admit that EVERY WORD WE SAY IS TRUE. You just don’t like how it makes you look.

      Do you really think it’s fun for any of us to have to deal with your psychotic ass? No, hon. I will be very, very happy the day you are no longer a blip on my radar. When you can no longer victimize authors and hurt good people. I’ll be DELIGHTED to erase your name from my vocabulary. From my entire existence. Having such a loathsome creature associated with me on any level is distasteful on levels I can’t even describe.

      So please. Go. Become a famous superstar plus-size model. Make millions of dollars and move to the south of France. Whatever. Just leave authors alone so that I can finally cough up the foul taste of your name out of the back of my throat where the bile rises. Just go away.

    • Tabetha you say that about EVERY DAMN MAN you bed. He’s the one, he knows how to treat me, BUT THE CATCH IS YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO TREAT THEM, hell anyone for that matter. You are still too messed up in the head to realize YOU AND ONLY YOU, make.all your bullshit known. You talk all this smack, big bad boss lady, Uber publisher, model, mother, friend and family member. Just one problem it is all just lip service.

      You keep making shit up as you go along, hoping no one will call you on those many lies. Again toots, get a book and keep that shit straight. You lied about the harley that was daddys. As I have proven NO SELF RESPECTING BIKER, let’s his kid ride on the attire you described. No matter how willful said child is. And even with that your story doesn’t jive. Because in one comment you were paling around with dad at 12, around the time of coming into your “powers”, then it is 16, well after that ceremony daddy had for you.

      Dear delusional fool, again with having it both ways. In the real world it doesn’t work that way . A for effort though. You are your own downfall, you will be your own destruction. This blog has nothing to do with your fuckups, as much as it is to reveal your madness. You do adapt things from others, and what’s sad is you are too stupid to see its all your fault. Everyone sees what you say, do and who you are by your own admissions.

      You knew shit about the biker life until something was said by me. Then within a few weeks you were some wannabe bad ass “legacy”, are you serious? I can prove and have, to the ones who needed my proof,.yet you who claims that her life is an open book try to add a padlock. That’s intelligent, NOT. What about that NPT??? No proof on that? Or is it that you are still trying to Google or pray you find someone who knows what it is so you can attempt to be the badass you only wish you were.

      And look at you, stomping your feet throwing a temper tantrum because the great Tabetha isn’t being heard. Crybaby much? You bitch that you don’t want anything said about your business, life, family and belief but what are you doing? Hey dumbass you are telling all your dirt. I am not tired of getting dirty because it’s not my dirt, it’s all you baby. As for you attempts to shame me, and make me look bad, yeah let me know how that works for you. See there’s a difference little girl,.I own what I have done, ACTUALLY LEARNED FROM THAT, and really am a better person for my life. You dear are still pretending to be what you will NEVER be.

      So again if you want to be a better person maybe really do it. No more lip service, no more it’s in the past, because you don’t comprehend that concept. Maybe for once just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Stop making it known what an ass you are, be a real fucking woman and not just play one online.

      • I almost hope she does learn about that NPT and tries to fake it. I don’t think we’d have to worry about her too much after that.

        She’s such an infant, screaming “DON’T TALK ABOUT ME!” Then throwing a temper tantrum when we don’t.

        She describes a lifestyle she knows nothing about (several of them, in fact) and talks about a wreck she probably wouldn’t have survived, let alone walked away from. How many stitches? Funny she didn’t mention them before. She probably didn’t think of it until after she fell off the back of Josh’s ride. Or she’s confusing the two. Anything’s possible in her chemically-altered world of fantasy.

        She talks about daddy being a big, bad biker, but shows not one single picture of him anywhere near a bike. She calls his ride “Lightning,” but doesn’t have a single photo of him anywhere near it. She didn’t even take a picture of HERSELF with it the day she went to visit it. What’s up with that?

        How many years has it been since he died? She keeps saying that bike is her legacy, her inheritance, and yet it remains the property of somebody else. It’s supposed to become hers when she learns to ride it? Well, then, why hasn’t she learned to ride it yet? Smells fishy to me.

        I wonder if there’s a whole different story with dear old dad that she’s covering up with this whole warm and fuzzy fiction she’s throwing at us by the shovel-full. What could she be trying so hard to cover up? Gotta wonder.

    • You moved on but your still telling lies on my husband & his mother she could not stand you..She liked your mother but she could not stand you…Hayleene really wasn’t a kid person she loved Cindy & Boo’s grandchildren but she really wasn’t a kid person…The singing dog was something that was left there or given to her..She did feel bad for your child & had compassion for your child because she had a fucked up mother like you…Do not ever say you will have what me & my husband have because we actually love each other.. We really are made for one another no shit ain’t perfect all the time because that ain’t real & everybody has problems but we aren’t with each other for any other reason than we love each other with everything we have & we aren’t with each other for convenience…

      Let me say this whoever the owner is of this blog they definitely have the right idea the lies you are telling you are also writing in your book as fact ok maybe your books are fiction but saying shit about real live people that is the furthest thing from truth is wrong..I would be satisfied if you could just say you lied about most the shit you said & ay you are sorry that might save you from a ass whooping but in actuality u are not a person of any kind of morals you are trash…Trust me this blog is not going to get taking down until long after you go down…

      By the way I don’t have to dig shit up I just log in to my husbands email & get the messages you sent or send the pics I took of my husband & his mother…It is real easy to find the truth because it is the light that you need to see, you are in the darkness of your own ignorance… If you changed then why are you still on this blog lying about shit & why are people coming forward everyday with new ways that you scammed them…All these people are not going to lie against you & people like me are coming with proof that you are a liar…I am not stuck on myself & I appreciate all the people who said I was beautiful but I am also beautiful inside as well & my husband would never risk losing me for a life time to see you while in prison plus you are not on his list because you are ugly all the way around inside & out..You are also not on his list he has never been in the feds not now not then you may have went to go see him when he was using you 2004-2007 which was way before me but other than that there is nothing you could prove to be true..

      Nobody is getting dirty on here but you the truth is clean your lies are dirty you need to take a long look in the mirror ok because you are a sad person..If you really called the husbands to these Authors & lied & said they were cheating then you are a pathetic piece of shit bitch who has it coming more than this blog could ever give it to you..Someone said 3 fold on here & you do not know the depth of that truth & if you wronged all these people on here well it is coming…For you to repeat the same mistake over & over & not learn well it is a big mess up on your part your mother died for a reason & when this guy you are using is gone you will have nobody but your sister who is probably not your sister …I have faith in the lord that your sister will figure it out & you will have nobody & nothing to fall back on..You are a sick evil demon trust me I know a demon when I see one actually you are just the demons host it uses & your own ways such as lying & lack of light made that possible…

      Do not get on here & lie & say you have changed because I have awful temper & I am trying not to go to jail because like I said I am gifted with intuition & I do know what a law bitch like you does but I also know I am taking you with me & I got a million different people who will get me out… I am also really smart & if I can save a child in the process I will do it & have the pleasure to whoop your skank ass & I am not going to wrestle with u either…Man you can not let the truth come out of your mouth not one time I will personally help these people take you down…You are not a model & those people on your facebook who thought they were being nice by telling you lies should not have lied to you.. They just thought your self esteem need some help since you are always having to lie about your life…

      Man everybody has a story & we are all different & if it is your story that is one thing but when you are so scared of rejection that you want to be like everybody else & steal their story well that is just sad…Stop lying on my husband & his mother as a matter of fact don’t even lie on Randy because that is Tommie’s cousin & there for he is my family as well…

  13. What I find funny is my last three posts haven’t gone through like leppy here doesn’t want anyone to see what I had to say.

    Why is that Lepp? Why are you blocking my posts?

  14. I got a string of private messages from the ever-delusional ‘Ms’ Jones a little while ago, bitching that she couldn’t see her posts and putting on a song and dance about how WONDERFUL her life is, how many international magazines she’s getting paid to appear in, how her life keeps getting better and better… you know the show.

    First, I think it’s HILARIOUS that she demands that we shouldn’t talk about her, then bitches when we don’t . She loves the attention. She eats it up with a spoon and goes back for thirds. Fourths and fifths, from appearances sake. I’m sure she’d be delighted if I got disgusted by the fact that we’re feeding her immense, massive, enormous ego and shut the blog down in order to stop giving her what she so desperately wants: attention. But I’m not going to do that. With ever self-contradiction, every lie her own words expose, every ridiculous spectacle she makes of herself, she shows the world why any self-respecting author, artist, editor, publisher, model, photographer, gentleman friend – or girlfriend for that matter – should be seen within a hundred miles of her acquaintance. In short, she does my work for me.

    And, secondly, she usually puts on a display like this about how WONDERFUL her life is right before it hits the skids. She did it before Eric left. Before Josh left. Before Randy left. Again. And now one has to wonder if a little birdy was right about the latest toxic romance dashing to pieces on the rocks, too.

    What do you think, folks. Will this one be our fault, too? *eye roll*

  15. Hey Tabetha it looks like you need to step away from the crack pipe little girl. Aren’t you tired of being made a fool of? Look all the big talk of your daughters special day,.and what? No pictures of anything, no cake, decorations, food spread, but.to heat you talk it has been planned for a while and it was to be amazing. Just the type of shit you love to throw in everyone’s face. Ha, you can’t even do your own child’s birthday with any decency. You truly are the most pathetic mother ever. And still chasing after men who would rather gnaw their arm off then be with you again. We call them wolf bitches. And no it isn’t a nice term. Still pretending that every man gets a hard on just looking at you. Me personally I’d rather shoot my dick off then to sink into that mudhole. You are nasty in looks alone, I can only imagine how disgusting you are elsewhere. There are rules to going back to any female either you realize that they were good for you or as in your case to be used, rode hard and put away wet. Basically you are the type of woman who are there to scratch an itch, nothing more. No real man wants to decorate his arm with trash. Your actions alone tells me more than your words of not being a whore ever will. And I’ll tell you this if you dare try to trash my sis again you just might want to watch over your shoulder the rest of your life. Her guardians are pissed, and I am not talking about the ones that you made up in you sad little mind. That’s all I am allowed to say on that. You fucked up little girl

  16. You want links to the magazines… all you have to do is look at my public figure page and all the tear sheets are there for the world to see. But you said you wanted links here you go so wanting proof

    Image 1
    Image 2
    Image 3
    Image 4
    Image 5
    Image 6
    Image 7

    Would you like my model videos as well? And I explained I don’t have my daughter this year on her birthday but she will have a small family get together for her birthday just as she asked for. Her cake has been ordered, she wanted a sugar skull candy girl birthday cake and that is what she is getting. She wanted sugar skull candy girl jewelry as well and it’s waiting for her. I make sure she gets everything she NEEDS and WANTS. We have a reward system and when she makes good grades and doesn’t break the rules then she is rewarded. She is a straight A student and I am a very proud mother to have such a gifted and talented child.

    As for the gifts we receive, if you must know, the first set is given at the age of twelve, but my father told me before he passed that Rylee would develop her gifts early, she is different than any other female in our family. What she has inside her is one of a kind and rare. At different ages you receive more power and as I received my father’s power when he passed, when I pass on Rylee will receive mine. It is just how our family works.

    Also I would appreciate it if you quit acusing me of doing drugs and drinking. That is no longer my lifestyle and it hasn’t been for a very long time. Little Birdie seems to be a bit confused.

    And when those messages were sent to Tommie I was told by him when my mother had me pick him up at an apartment over by Baylor so he could help move some furniture around over on Norma he was with someone girl named Nikki I believe her real name is Teresa and its tatted on his neck. My mother nor I was ever told about a Casey. In fact Nikki had called me several times asking questions about Tommie and if he had ever been violent with me. I told her no just emotionally and mentally. He put me thru hell.

    I assume it was her apartment over on Baylor that I picked him up at and on the way to drop him off at my moms he and I talked and came to an understanding. He apologized for the hurtful things he said, it can be forgiven but never forgotten as I told him. I never told anyone he was in the feds, Tommie has always been locked up in TDCJ. I picked him up when he came home right before Christmas back in 2005 and we talked about working things out but as I stated it didn’t work and I moved on.

    Later on there were times he would call me and ask me for things but unfortunately I wasn’t his go to girl anymore. My mother, may she rest in peace, was the one that told me she kicked him out because of drugs and the day I picked him up for her he wasn’t big at all. His clothes were falling off him and I could tell he had been using again. If he got clean after all that good for him but the last time I saw him he wasn’t doing good at all. That apartment looked like party central.

    Now, I will take something back. I do believe my mother mentioned something about a Casey one afternoon after talking to Haylene but she said Haylene was upset because his cousin Casey was getting him back into drugs. Now this is what I was told. My mother and Haylene were very close friends. She took Haylene to doctor appointments and other things when I lived in Killeen.

    When I moved from Killeen is when I saw Tommie the very last time. And when the messages were sent. My mother had given Tommie my number thinking I could help him be a friend to him, but he would say one thing on the phone or text messages then another online.

    I had every right to be pissed because I had been threatened several times by Nikki so those messages were directed to her. As I said no one not even Tommie Jr himself said anything about dating a Casey.

    I have never offered him a place to come to since 2005. And as I said I saw him once after moving back to Waco but we did talk on the phone a few times. I had told Tommie Nikki had been blowing my shit up.

    I have never met Carrie but yes she has messaged me begging me to write Tommie because she says he wants me to. I told her I had nothing to say to him and I don’t.

    See, Lepp, when you bring up the past maybe you should get all the information before getting someone else involved. Now, I am off to fix dinner and spend time with my wonderful man then call my daughter and tell her mommy loves her and see her in a couple of days.

    I do hope you all have a wonderful evening.

    And no I still dont see those posts but it may be something on my end. And Lepp you have the choice of stopping this blog and speaking my name but your choice is to continue on. If my name is so vulgar to you then quit saying it.

      • Not nice. But I’ll admit I had to stifle a chuckle.

        I must insist that weight and looks have nothing to do with what a crook somebody is. That’s what we’re here for, to keep the public informed about a scam.

    • Dear Ms Jones anyone can make those “tear sheets” on any computer, my dear you are beyond delusional. If any respectable psychiatrist held a 5 minute session with you I would have to say that you would be given a nice padded room.
      Mrs Larson if you have the date of the dearly departed father’s death date and do the math does the dates match as to the so called knowledge of said granddaughter? If Ms Jones wishes to imply that her child is so “gifted ” I’m just curious as to the validity of her statements. If I am wrong I will gladly ask forgiveness. It just doesn’t seem to add up to me.
      As for Ms Jones and her modeling photos, my dear you have to do better than what you are trying to portray. There are quite a few educated people who know fraud and wishful thinking when they see it. As you yourself have proven time and time again anything can be posted on the internet. And if no one knows the real you, it can be taken as the truth. That is how you play the publisher game isn’t it?
      Add just a tad bit of truth to make it seem logical. Because for the most part people want to believe in the good in others. It is sad that you lie as much as you do though. Even as to your own flesh and blood. Do you even consider the ramifications of the hocus pocus you are telling your child? Or is this more bluster to make you feel better about yourself and to hell with what you put your child through?
      In your many bios you express being a loner, is that what you wish for your child? Consider how she is going to feel when if by a long shot she attempts some sort of ritual because of your shenanigans? Are your pathetic lies, and desperate need for attention worth your child being shunned? Is that the legacy you wish to leave her?
      You are so shameful Ms Jones.

      • Said child was 2 years old when her grandfather passed away.

        There’s every probability that she really is a bright and gifted child. Her only handicap, as I see it, is a delusional mother that’s too selfish and greedy to realize what a detriment she is to her own child.

        The sooner that child is separated from such a fruitcake and allowed to develop in a healthier environment, the better off she’ll be.
        My humble opinion.

    • I didn’t ask for screen shots of tear sheets you could have whipped up on your computer. I asked for links to the MAGAZINES.

      Yes. I’ve seen your videos, which you posted from your dropbox. Not any public magazine, website (not operated by you), or ad campaign.

      These images and prove exactly nothing. They just look like more ego-stroking fabrications you’re cooking up to make yourself look grandiose.

      I can put wheels on my grandmother and call her a wagon, but it doesn’t make her one.

      All we’re asking for is PROOF. Proof that you’ve been featured in international magazines, as you claim. Let’s see those pictures of you and dear old dad. Pictures of him with his motorcycle. Pictures of you and him with the motorcycle. You showed pictures of a pretty white Harley (with no windshield or windshield mounts), but didn’t stand next to it yourself for a picture? There were supposedly two other people there, at least, that could have snapped a picture for you. Why not?

      You’re happy to whip up a lot of bluster. But let’s see some proof for a change. Cindy showed hers. Casey showed hers. All of your victims have shown theirs. The only person here that HASN’T shown PROOF is you.

      Why is that?

      Oh. Right. You don’t have any.

      • Let me try to understand this insanity. Ms Jones claims that her child was deemed extra special according to dearly departed dad, that said child would come into certain “powers ” on her 8th birthday. If this is true, which I seriously doubt, why would she allow this child to experience this becoming with a non-believer as her father and step mother?
        Would it not be smart to keep the child with the mother to assist, if necessary. Also I do apologize for the mix up on the date of child’s birth and dad’s death. Just makes you wonder, if Ms Jones’ child was as special as she claims according to dad, why are there no pictures anywhere of child and grandpa? Wouldn’t he be proud of this and wish to memorialize their time together?
        There are many holes in Ms Jones stories and from what I can see they keep getting bigger.

      • She’s now changing the story to say that these special powers will come at 12, even though she’s been saying 8 all this time. Perhaps she needs to read Carlie’s book again so she can get the details right.

        The question I have is this. If all of these magical super powers run in her family, why didn’t Tab get ’em? Why isn’t she magical and gifted? Why is it passing from grandfather to granddaughter?
        Because if Tab had all of these gifts and powers, why would she choose to live in squalor, scraping for every dollar? Why wouldn’t she be providing the best life possible for her beloved child? Or, since we all know how selfish she is, why wouldn’t she provide a better life for herself?

        Right. Because she can’t. She’s not special or gifted. Her only talent is telling lies to screw people out of money.

        The more grandiose crap she makes up about herself, the more she sounds like Nick Pacione, the only (so-called) publisher on the planet that’s worse (and crazier – slightly) than she is. Thank heavens that wing-nut doesn’t have any children to damage.

        I’m sure Tab’s delighted that the topic has strayed so far. Or so she thinks. But the investigation into her fraud on Amazon continues, whether we’re talking about it or not. That’s happening, no matter how hard she tap dances to make it go away.

        And we’re still waiting for that proof. Of dad’s affiliation. Of dad’s spell book. Of Tab’s journals. Of all this quality, loving time she spent with dear old dad. Hell, we’re still waiting for pictures that Sky (lier) exists, let alone dated first Tab, then her sister.

        Everybody else that steps forward is happy to show proof. But when pressed for proof to back up her bullshit, Tab says “I have proof! But I don’t have to show it to you.” Throws a tantrum and changes the subject.

        We’ll all turn blue waiting for a picture of Tab and dear old dad anywhere near that pretty white bike called Lightning. None exist and her Photoshop skills aren’t good enough to fabricate any. All she’s got is good, old-fashioned hot air. And plenty of it.

    • I noticed that one of the pictures she posted actually appeared here from the link she wrote up, so I’ve gone ahead and tidied those links up.

      Before she screams that I’m editing her comments, let me just say that all I did was shorten the links. That’s it.

      She’s screamed so many times about pictures appearing here, all I’m doing is honoring her wishes. She doesn’t want her pictures here, that’s fine. I’ll just keep these from showing.

  17. Just to put things into perspective about Tabetha’s whiny-baby claims that we’re such bullies, picking on her, consider this. Aside from myself, Tabetha Jones posts more comments here than anybody else.

    Don’t let her fool you, folks. She’s no victim of cyber-bullying. She’s right here, stirring the pot, basking in the attention.

    She’s no victim. She’s an attention whore.

  18. Nikki or Teresa was in 2008 way before me & I am the only one tatted on his neck & arm…Tabetha you are a fucking lying as bitch I got Tommie Saulters in to Drugs boy you really are slow arent you bitch…Do I need to get Teresa on here because I know her I knew her before I was ever with Tommie…You are a slow bitch he was living here at my house when u wrote those messages & If you want Tommie to write & tell you what a dumb bitch you are then I will but I always got proof …

    • Well, you can prove that you and your husband were together, and still are.

      Your loving relationship with your husband is something she’s jealous of. Her lies can’t change it, and the more she tries, the more of a jealous, pathetic joke she makes of herself.

  19. Thanks for posting & Tabetha you really need help like serious fucking help…You just can’t help but lie you are sick sick sick bitch…

  20. you had not been threatened by Nikki bc he was with me living here man u just cant stop your lies…Do I need to get Randy on here cause he can tell you that Tommie was with me & that I was the girl u were threatening…My mother in law hated you & my husband did well worked everything no drugs while he lived here would you like pics of him helping my grandmother put up xmas lights…But there is your proof look at the dates he says my name several times in post like his mother said I am the only women she ever seen him love…

      • She sent a link of pics what is that suppose to be showing I could tell you what it is showing but I won’t be tacky…

      • That’s supposed to be proof that she’s some kind of famous international model.

        I can’t believe I got through that with a straight face.

  21. Tabetha, Tabetha, Tabetha there you go with yet another contradiction or is that another LIE???

    Again these are your words? Written on this particular blog post alone, and not too long ago, am I correct?
    “As for the gifts we receive, if you must know, the first set is given at the age of twelve, but my father told me before he passed that Rylee would develop her gifts early, she is different than any other female in our family. What she has inside her is one of a kind and rare. At different ages you receive more power and as I received my father’s power when he passed, when I pass on Rylee will receive mine. It is just how our family works.”

    Those are your exact words RIGHT? So please tell the good readers why you are changing your story and back peddling like a bitch?

    Still waiting on ALL you professed PROOF!!! Put up or shut up. And by that I mean QUIT anything to do with the publishing world. Either put your big girl panties on, show your proof like I did or scurry away like the cockroach you are. I am sick to death of your bullshit, your pathetic damn lies, you hiding behind people, pretending to be what you aren’t and will never achieve and your insanity that goes along with your baggage.

    Now the challenge has been made, be the woman you claim that you are show your god forsaken proof or shut the hell up and keep your puppy ass on the porch.

    • That’s after she said for a long time that her kid would come into her powers at the age of 8. Not “maybe early” like she’s saying now. She gave a very specific age. 8. But that time is come, and nothing happened. So now she’s got to backpedal, one of her favorite games, and bump that age up to 12.
      She describes journaling at the age of 12, but if the women in her family come into their powers at that age, why haven’t we heard her describe that process happening to herself? I repeat my question. If the women in her family have all of these powers, WHERE ARE TABETHA’S?

      She doesn’t have any. That’s where. Neither did her father, and neither does her child. It’s really sad that she’s teaching her kid that she’s not good enough just as she is, that she has to have these ‘powers’ to be special, powerful or unique.
      If Tab feels inadequate without needing to bolster her ego with imaginary powers (and all the other fictional attributes she gives herself), that’s her hangup. She shouldn’t impost it upon her child.

      The only gift she’s giving that kid is a crappy self-image, lack of self-esteem and perverted self-image inadequacies. Whatever natural gifts that kid has, her mother’s beating them out of her systematically with all of these idealistic notions of supernatural grandeur.

  22. one thing i will say. A while ago i did converse with tabetha about my study on wiccans as im an allround believer. it just means i can jump beliefs to learn and study each one. Back then I talked about a friend and dealings with wiccans. true born wiccans. when she changed the subject to voodooism. which is not classified as wiccan. it has its own belief which lead me to believe she had no idea what she was talking about.

    Another point, a while ago i also talked to her about how i had these abilities empathy, another where id walk passed someone and id say something and whatever i said was always true. like i pointed out once to a guy that if he stopped running in his house he wouldnt keep bruising his knee against the corner cupboard. He looked at me and asked how i knew. Back then I wasnt that great at controlling them and at first i thought i wasa lil weird but it kept happening. So one day, I proudly told tabetha my little sister of five was starting to have the same gift of being able to just walk past a person and say something thats true about them that she wouldnt know becoz she didnt know the person. Just putting it out there. It runs in the bloodline. She has nothing. She wouldnt know wiccan if it flaunted in front of her.

    • That sounds like the last web show she did. The other two guests knew what they were talking about when it came to publishing. The host, her buddy, kept throwing the mic back to Tab, to keep her included,and she’d babble incoherently for a few minutes, making it obvious that she has absolutely no clue about being a professional publisher. The extent og her publishing expertise is slapping an unedited, unformatted book on Createspace for free, lying to the author about sales and skimming off royalties. The more she babbled, the more obvious it was that she had no idea what she was talking about.

      Same thing with beliefs. She tries to fit in but obviously has no clue. She’s just running off at the mouth based on what she’s heard other people say.

  23. Why is it that every damn time that numb cunt gets proven wrong or challenged all her Betty badass biker bitch attitude goes out the window and all you see is tumbleweeds and hear nothing but crickets? Come on badass show your damn proof! You scream and demand for all the people you “claim” are lying on you, well? Balls in your court bitch. Every author has been proving your ass wrong for years, time to back your play. Let’s see all YOUR proof. Or is it true that you ain’t got shit but more lies, false affiliation, want to be career as some, laughable, “international” plus size model? Is hogs weekly doing a issue? You want to be a badass let’s see the REAL magazines, let’s see those journals, let’s see pictures with you and dad even remotely by that harley, how about dear Ole dad’s spell book? Come on Tabetha you say you handle shit like a boss, you are a rebel hearted bitch, you own your life, then why are you such a pussy ass bitch? You say that you are better than CFW? All I see is how she owns you time after time, she has no problem showing her proof of EVERYTHING, and then there’s you, cowering in the corner behind every damn name you can scare up, or make up. Every thing you say has to be better than anyone else but when the real shit hits the fan and your ass is on the chopping block you ain’t nothing but a sniveling crybaby pussy ass little girl. Woman up Tabetha, either show your fucking proof, and not the lame ass bullshit your sorry ass has been throwing out there as proof, but the genuine article or keep quiet admit that you are a lying cunt who is as useful as tits on a boar hog. Either way I do believe that Ms JT, as well as CFW have laid down the gauntlet or challenge if you will. Are you woman enough?

    • It all goes out the window because she isn’t who she claims to be she is fake trash who wants to be like everybody else & out do everybody else she has no clue who she really is or who she has become…At the Current moment the demon on her back is a greedy, lusting over others life, envious with fake pride with wrath to destroy others life all because you aren’t getting your way…Tabetha You are not something special would you want people treating you how u been treating others… Would you want people to do the things to you that you been doing to others?? Like stealing their work or lying to their spouse when they realize you are fucking them over…Then all the lies you been trying to tell just to phase me & my husband, too bad for u our relationship is too tight for your lies… I bet if someone told your man similar lies he would be gone is that what u want…Your suppose to treat others the way you want to be treated…Real Wiccan’s don’t act like that the law of 3 is a bitch if you are not doing right..You remind me more of the evil side ..The truth is I bet you don’t have one alter in your house nor do you have herbs & rocks, athame or have you ever smudged which anybody can do …It is just sick..I don’t know what powers you imagined or whatever. Being clairaudient seems to run in my family yet I am not sure it isn’t just a coincidence being since it is not every generation & is scattered we even have a Clairvoyant…If you are talking about those kind of gifts I have never know it to come at the age of 12 or any particular age…If you are a clairaudient u may not know at the age of 12 that what you are hearing is not just in your head it may take you years to realize the voices in your head are from the spirit world & you can get information this way…I also know psychics that have always had it & they may get better as they age…I even know one that was clairvoyant when she was 3 but lost her visions as a adult..I also know that most ordinary people who are gifted would not be around a Psychic Vampire like you …Is that what you mean by being a vampire because that is exactly what you are & that is not a good thing either it does not mean you suck peoples POWERS or gifts & will their gifts to yourself ..lol..No it is all your negativity you are the evil eye but there is plenty people can do about that…I am a Christian by the way…lol..I just hear things…Anywho you better be careful who you piss off because people do magic all the time with out knowing they are doing it…

  24. Tommie has heard about what Tab’s saying, and he has a few words to offer. Yesterday, his wife got a letter saying this:

    He doesn’t sound terribly happy about his ex talking shit, does he?

    What he does seem like, however, is extremely happy with his girl, the one he looks forward to getting out and treating like a queen for being there for him. I hope the two of them put that UGLY past behind them and have a happy future together.

  25. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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