It’s coming up on the 25th anniversary of the death of Def Leppard’s legendary guitarist, Steve Clark. Fans the world over still miss him, as do his family and loved ones.

It is also around this time of year that one of Steve’s ex girlfriends parades out her past association with him to garner attention for herself by holding prayer vigils, candlelight remembrances, and even by pulling his old clothes out of mothballs to wave around.

I’ve made no secret of my disdain for these actions. That woman was not the “star-crossed lover” she makes herself out to be. She was not his only link to reality, or his “princess in the golden tower,” or however else she presents herself. It’s simply not the truth. She was his EX girlfriend. Not his wife. Not even his current girlfriend. She was months (years?) removed from his life, by his own choice.

He wanted nothing to do with her, and even swore out restraining papers to prevent her from contacting him. Steve was living with the woman he loved at the time of his death, the woman he planned to marry. No matter what anybody thought of her, that was the only woman Steve ever chose to marry. The wedding dress was bought and ready, and they were a matter of weeks away from becoming man and wife. Very shortly, his ring was scheduled to be placed on her finger. Not the ex’s. Not even close.

Yet his ex parades herself around as his one and only true love, soaking up all the sympathy Steve’s fans lavish upon her, and taking any chance she can to plug her book. “I miss Steve. Buy my book (which is little more than her self-serving glorification of their time together).” Hardly the grieving widow she pretends to be, she comes across more as an opportunistic social climber, grasping at the memory of his fame.

It saddens me when I see her inserting herself into his memory every chance she gets, particularly around the time of his death, now that he’s not around to speak up for himself. Neither is his fiance, who has since joined her husband in death.

I would hope that Steve’s fans would honor the choices he made while he was still alive. He wanted his ex nowhere near his life. I would hope to see them respect his wishes and refuse to lavish so much attention upon somebody he didn’t want in his life, ESPECIALLY now that he’s not around to defend himself.

I’m not saying that nobody should befriend her, or that she should be shunned or abused in any way. She has her past with him, and has every right to cling desperately to it, if that’s the only identity she’s got. More power to her. I’m only suggesting that his memory should be free of her, as he chose for his life to be.

If nothing else, I would hope that his fans would choose not to participate in any pretentious ritual ego-stroke put on by someone who stalks his memory like a prey she can never truly possess. I would certainly hope that none of them send her any more money. I think she’s already benefited plenty at his expense.

I know that some of the people I’m friends with on FB are friends with her as well. I hope they understand that I mean no personal disrespect to any of them. These are my own humble opinions, spoken from a place of honesty and respect for a great man that was lost far too soon.

Rock on, people.


25 thoughts on “Remembrances

  1. Exuse me, but who are you talking about? I can clear things up since I am Rick Allen s ex. By the way it does not proof anything, Being married or not. Rick Allen wanted to marry me, but I don t believe in this, in fact I did not need it, but we thruly loved eachother. Please let me know who are you talking about. Thank you, Miriam Barendsen

  2. You are a sad and bitter woman. Lorelei is a beautiful soul who goes to the ends of the earth and selflessly helps people with their self image and healing. You should get to know her before you run off at the mouth about something you know nothing about. Obsessed and jealous fans like you give the rest of us a bad name.

    • Lord love a Leppard fan.

      It’s been 25 years and she’s still peddling that book all over the world, still touting herself as his one true love, and it’s just not true.

      It really curls my toenails every time I hear her blame the band for Steve dumping her. Blaming the band for Steve’s death. Taking catty pot-shots at the woman her ex was poised to marry – especially since neither of them is around to defend him/herself. That comes across as opportunistic, jealous cowardice. My humble opinion.

      I’ve gotten to know her as much as I plan to. Years ago, we had a private conversation in which she tried to use her pseudo-pschology degree to diagnose me as having a mental illness because I dared not to trip over myself fawning over her. I called her on it, saying that she has no background in actual psychology, is no doctor, and is completely unqualified to diagnose me on any level. She just didn’t like somebody challenging her self-serving version of reality.

      When that tactic didn’t work, she rattled off a laundry list of “charitable” deeds and challenged me, saying “What have YOU done?”

      I told her, and meant it, that whatever good works I do, it’s for the sake of the people that benefit from them. Not to get into a pissing contest with the likes of her. I don’t do good deeds to make myself look like I’m special. I don’t do things so that I can later point to them and show myself off. In my humble opinion, anybody that points to the charity they do to show themselves off don’t have a right to call it charity. That’s not altruism. It’s ego. It’s not for others. It’s for themselves.

      If there are people that benefit from her earth-mother self-healing act, that’s great. I’m glad. I only wish she could do it without riding the coattails of a man that wanted nothing to do with her.

      • This tart sounds alot like Scabby Assy prancing around like she’s so hot when all she is is a wannabe and never was, the two of them should join AA – airheads anonymous if there’s a room big enough to hold both their egos.

      • That’s not entirely accurate. Steve’s ex really was a model, walked runways in Paris and traveled the world. That’s how she met Steve in the first place, through contacts that lifestyle afforded her. I don’t care much for her, but must give credit where it’s due. When it comes to modeling, she was the real deal.

        Tab can make no such claim. Except for a couple lucky pictures in a vanity magazine, she’s no supermodel and never will be.

      • Oh but dont you go around diagnosing people when you aren’t a doctor. Trying to say this one has this disorder or that disorder when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about? It is no business of yours to be broadcasting yet another person’s grief, love life, pictures, or personal information even if she talks about herself. Let her do the talking.

        I am with Becks on this one. Fans like you give others bad names. I am a huge Def Leppard fan have been since I was 5 years old, back when MTV actually played videos and still am to this day. My daughter even loves their music.

        I swear if you aren’t degrading one person its another. Do you really lead such a boring life that you have to dig around in other’s lives to put your misery on hold from your company?

        You make a post about all things you want to do in the new year but you are still doing the same shit you have every year.

        If you have so much on your plate to do and want to finish all these projects, get your nose out of other’s business and stick to your own. These people are grown and can fight battles themselves, they don’t need a leader. But you wouldn’t know where to be without your minions would you?

        A true fan of any band would simply say rest in peace to great man and musician and not bring up anything else.

        Who are you to cast stones at others? Before you go looking in other’s business maybe you need to take a look in the mirror and see what YOU truly are.

        God is the only person that can judge us. No one else has the right. No one has the right to judge others, not their place. No one is perfect but you just don’t go around casting stones at glass houses, unless you want the same done to you.

        Let the man’s music and memory live on a true fan would without bringing up exs and other bullshit that you have no right talking about. Let him rest in peace, peacefully without your misery and hatred.

      • Aw, look Tab found a way to stick her toes in the puddle, so she’s jumping right in.

        You have no idea what you’re talking about. This is just a way for you to get your name in the door.

        Sorry, little girl. This isn’t about you. Shove off.

  3. Well said ladies, this is about Steve the man in one way or anther loved, some for onstage some who like me meet and talked with him years and years ago now ( damm I feel old now ) or some who just get lost in his art. R.I.P King of Riff Raff thoes of us out here who are in the groups I talked about know in our harts its about you and your band who still miss you not your ex gf. R.I.P Steve gone way to soon

  4. I am a huge 80’s hair band fan, Def Leppard, Poison, Bon Jovi, ect… But instead of honoring a great musician and man, you had to bring personal facts about his love life into it, instead of just honoring the dead. I dont understand why you always bring up drama and pull personal details about ppl. He was a great man, wonderful musician and you had to disgrace him by bringing up his love life and causing problems with exs.

    It just goes to show you will stop at nothing to ruin anyone. I truly feel sad for you.

    • Sod off you brainless twat, you never said you liked Def Leppard before and you don’t no shit about Steve Clark, you talk about personal facts but it’s you that brings personal facts all over the internet and cry like a baby when it comes back to bite you on your great big arse. Why don’t you crawl back in your pill bottle and go chache the gree fairy some more. That’s a good lass.

    • Really??? Are you fucking for real here Tabetha??? Why do you care what is said when just like your bullshit drama it’s made public? Are you that desperate for attention that you have to inflict your vile stench everywhere to be noticed?

      You haven’t a clue as to the meaning behind this post, you are just upset that a new year brought a new change in JT’S blog. Poor petulant child, you’re not center stage and you are only here throwing a temper tantrum because you were left in 2015. Get over yourself. As usual ever the narcissist.

      Just because you liked the music doesn’t mean you know jack shit on this topic and why it was written. You bitch about people saying things about you, then get pissed because you AREN’T the main topic. One would think that you would be happy not to have your name mentioned. But NOOOO, you have to start stomping your feet and scream like the little girl you are.

      Always with that cake and eating it too. Poor simpeton one day you will learn. Now keep run along child, don’t you know children should be seen and not heard.

      • When did she ever say that she liked Def Leppard before this post? That would be NEVER, that I’ve ever seen. And, according to her, I stalk her so much that I would have.

        No. She’s just stomping her feet for attention because I haven’t posted about her. Like you said, it’s just a temper tantrum for attention, the same as any (mental) two year old would throw.


  5. Never said it was about. I said it was sad that all you basically have time to do is dig into the affairs of others which I don’t think is right.

    • What the hell would you know about what’s right? If you had the vaguest notion about what’s right, you’d pay authors the royalties that have been due them for years, stop blaming them for what you do wrong and beg them for forgiveness.

      I’m not digging up anybody’s affairs. These are topics that she has made very public, in interviews, online, and in a book she wrote about it all. Much like you, she just doesn’t like getting called on it.

      You have no idea what you’re talking about, here. So why don’t you move along before you make yourself look even more clueless.

    • Never said it was about what you stupid minger? You can’t even write a sentence yet you call yourself a writer what a stupid oaf you are.

    • It doesn’t concern you, or ANYTHING to do with your life or sorry ass so why do you give a fart in the wind? You say that JT talks about you and demanded her to stop. She does for whatever reason and you still can’t shut the fuck up. What the fuck is wrong with you Tabetha? You say JT puts her nose in others business but isn’t that EXACTLY what you are doing? How stupid are you really? Why don’t you worry about that PROOF everyone is waiting on and leave the adults to do their thing? Until you Tabetha can prove YOUR lies and claim your faults then you have NO FUCKING RIGHT to say a damn thing about anything JT posts, ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t concern you fat ass. Now show your fucking proof bitch or fuck off

  6. Everyone that knows me knows I have always been a rock n roll girl. I have always listened to Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Poison,Aerosmtih, etc… I even like Bob Serger, Joe Walsh, and many others. My dad was a biker and loved classic rock, he had a band at one point and could sing the hell out of some Eric Clapton songs.

    I clearly understand that this was supposed to be about remembering a great musician and artist but you have to throw everything else in there instead of just honoring him. No matter what she makes public knowledge thats her business, not yours to broadcast it over and over.

    If I make a things public knowledge thats my business not yours to broadcast either.

    I owe no one anything and I have said my apologies if there were people that were unhappy and did not like the way I did business. To each their own. But no one has the right to judge others, pretend to be a doctor and diagnose those you truly know nothing about.

    I don’t have to jump in a pill bottle and I am pretty sick of hearing about it. As for the green fairy I keep her in a cage and find her popcorn lol… stupid bitches.

  7. Ms Jones I don’t understand the lack of logic in your thought process. I see you demanding that Ms Larson stop talking about you, your life and family but here you are demanding attention. You say that your life is so busy and you have all this great stuff going on but again here you are demanding attention. Why must you place yourself in a position to be ridiculed?
    Is there something lacking in your existence? I distinctly remember imploring you to seek mental health treatment yet you seem oblivious to anything but your selfish needs and desires. Why are you stirring up drama on something that has no bearing on your life but to spit in Ms Larson’s face?
    Are you so petty Ms Jones that you are not the main attraction that you wish to be, that you are willing to do anything to be noticed? Why must you comment on things that you have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of? No matter if you are a fan or not, do you have first hand knowledge of what Ms Larson speaks of? I am quite sure that you are a layman at best, maybe just a novice. But here you go spouting hatred and ridiculous comments.
    Is it that you cannot stand the fact that Ms Larson hasn’t made one post about you, your life, family, career, or lack thereof? Are you really that desperate to be noticed that you are so willing to say anything just to see your words read? Is it that you cannot complain about anything that has been said? Or are you so sad that any attention is better than none? I would be worried about you Ms Jones except for the fact that you are a cruel and heartless person who feeds on drama.
    I implore you Ms Jones to step away from whatever hatred you have and attempt to be a respectable human being in this new year. I see that others have put some challenges to you, maybe instead of trying to get attention focus on what is asked of you. If you truly wish to be considered anyone of substance, to be believed show said proof. My dear Ms Jones how hard could it be to prove what you claim? I see that CFW had no problems why is it so hard for you? Ms Larson has shown proof as well as every author you have mistreated. So exactly what is your issue, when it is you Ms Jones that says prove it?
    Again I beseech you to get the proper mental health treatment you need, Ms Jones. There is a beautiful world out there. It would be a nice thing for you and your family to experience that joy instead of the the negativity you seem to feed upon. It’s only a suggestion, one I am quite sure will go unheeded.

    • Before someone can get help, they first have to admit that there’s a problem. People like this feel completely entitled to be what they are. Once an attention whore, always an attention whore.

      Tab will never get the help she so desperately needs. She’ll never admit that there’s anything wrong with her. She’s too busy trying to convince the world that she weighs under 200 lbs, has D cup breasts, and is only 34 years old – all of which are blatantly untrue. We’ve all seen those nude photos. If those are D’s, I’m Dolly Parton.

      I was smaller than she is, and I was well over 200 lbs before I dropped half my body weight like I stole it. It’s possible that she’s gone on a crash diet and dropped a few, but I doubt it. Not that much, that fast, with no photo evidence.

      As for her age, she forgets. She sent me all of her paperwork. She’s (at least) 38. Not 34. And before she accuses me of stalking her, she needs to stop and realize that this is all information SHE put on the web. I don’t need to go digging. She puts it out there for the world to see.

      Speaking of that paperwork, since she wants attention so much, maybe she can answer this one:

      In many posts, like here and here, she has claimed that her birth mother was a fling on the side that her bio-daddy had while married to Darlene. So why does her original birth certificate say that she was born to “Mr and Mrs bio-daddy?” I’m not talking about the second one, the one that came after Darlene adopted her. She showed me that one, too. It’s different. No. I mean the first one.

      How does that work?

      Maybe some cities, counties and states do it differently, but every birth certificate I’ve ever seen gives the mother’s name as well as the father’s, including her maiden name. So how is it that hers doesn’t?

      How is it that she was born of extramarital indiscretion, according to her, repeatedly, yet her birth certificate says only “Mr and Mrs” instead of listing bio-mom separately?

      Since she’s so active on this blog instead of living this fabulous life that she claims to have, perhaps she can shed a little light on these questions.

      Still want that attention, hon?

      Didn’t think so.

      Now, back to the topic at hand. Where were we?

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