The Powerball jackpot is up to $800 million. $495 million cash.

This is probably the biggest lottery jackpot there’s ever been. And, yes. I’ve got my bid put in for it. I bought a ticket today. Somebody’s got to win it, and it might as well be me.

I know that if I win, I’ve got a comprehensive list of the things I’ll do with the money, starting with bills and ending up with horses.

Here’s today’s question: If you won a jackpot like that, what would you do with it? “Paying bills” is a given, so you can skip that part. What would you really do with that kind of money?

Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.


2 thoughts on “Jackpot

  1. If I win the lottery…
    I would make sure my parents were taken care of. Set up a trust fund for the Grandkids and my Niece. Make sure the kids were taken care of. Set up an animal rescue for the neglected and abused animals.

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