You’re welcome

I’m making one last post on the subject of Tabetha Jones.

I’ve had it. I can swallow a lot, but my gag reflex has finally been breached.

I’m sick of the drama. I’m sick of the lies, the manipulation, the split personalities, psychotic scenarios, exaggerated injuries, the delusional, warped and twisted realities, the victim act, the abuse and her bullying. I’m tired of her saying she’s a biker bitch, a class act, mother of the year and a victim, all in the same sentence… not that she can write a coherent one of those with both hands, a flashlight and a thesaurus.
I’m sick of her.

I’m not changing my routine because any judge or court told me to – they didn’t. But because I don’t like who I am when I’m dealing with her. Even just exposing HER ugliness makes me feel like I’ve rolled around in guck and mire, and I just don’t like it. I don’t like the stench of her anywhere near me, and I truly do not like the taste of her name upon my lips, whether it’s her real, legal name or not.

She cheapens anybody that deals with her. And I’m done letting her cheapen me.

If she wants to run off and be the world’s next supermodel, that’s great. More power to her. The more time she spends rolling around naked in front of a camera, the less time she’s spending ripping off authors.

If she wants to lie to the world and say  that she’s got one “class 3” concussion after the next, rip off Cindy’s brain tumor (and everything else), and claim horrible facial injuries despite posting pictures that show not a mark on her, fake accidents, fake suicides, fake pregnancies, fake getting kidnappings, rapes, whippings, beatings, or whatever else she thinks she can get sympathy from, she can go right ahead on.

If she wants to keep telling herself that she’s the mother of the year, well, time will tell the tale of that one. She can lie to CPS, to us and even to herself. But that little girl will be the one eventually that proves whether her mom has been a good one, or if she’s the manipulative, self-centered, narcissistic control freak she’s been described as by people who have seen her “mothering” up close. She’s the one that’s going to have to look at birthdays that no friends came to. Punishments. Tales of “powers” granted by a guardian “arc” angel, and whatever other mythological nonsense mom fills her head with. Lie after lie. One psychotic rage after the next. We’re not the ones she’ll have to answer to for that. Her kid is.

And if she wants to keep repeating the same pattern with lovers over and over, as long as she can keep luring them into her bed, more’s the pity for them. They’ll just have to find out for themselves what they’re in for. Right up until she screws over one too many and the player finds herself the one getting played. She might bitch and scream victim when it hits, but the universe will call it justice. And that’s exactly what it’ll be.

And if she decides to keep ripping off authors, I’ll write about it. Sure. On websites geared toward warning the world about scams and dodgy publishers, like Absolute Write, P&E and Writer beware. And I’ll keep writing to the IRS. They’re the ones that will shut her down for good, sooner than later.

But when it comes to this blog, I’m done with her. She can stroke her ego somewhere else. I’m finished giving her any more attention. She can go whore herself off somewhere else. All the information anybody needs is already out there. All they have to do is google it. If they don’t do that before they sign on the dotted line, they’ll just have to learn the hard way. There’s nothing more I can do.

She’ll never get a free pass for what she’s done to my blood, but that doesn’t mean that I have to keep sinking to her level. I’ve done that, and I’m no better off for it. Some people have been saved from her clutches during that time, so the fight has been worth it.

Now it’s time for people to fight for themselves. I’ve put all the links out there and spouted advice until I’m blue in the face. All the information anybody needs to protect (or vindicate) themselves against her is there. The threads remain open. If anybody has thoughts to offer, feel free to do so. These discussions were mainly to help people, to offer a voice to the voiceless, and they remain so.

This is me, taking the high road, and taking a bow.

You are, as ever, welcome.


41 thoughts on “You’re welcome

  1. Oh bullfuckingshite, is she still saying she broke her eyebrow bone and now her nose from falling in a cast iron tub from a ruptured disk and she expects anybody to believe that crock? If that bloody minger tripped it’s because she got drunk and tripped over the green fairy and who has a cast iron tub anymore, she’s full of it. Her wee lass had a birthday with no mates over? How is that even a birthday with just mom and her swinging wanker of the month? To bad those pictures show Scabby Assy with no injuries whatever when she’s supposed to be so mucked up from falling on her face which I think would be an improvement if you ask me.

  2. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty, dear lady. You did your daughter proud and acted as an advocate for people that didn’t have a voice against their abuser. She didn’t cheapen you, and you didn’t lower yourself to her level. You beat her at her own game. Well done, madam.

  3. Tabetha said “Rylee actually doesn’t get spankings here at my home any longer because we, Troy and I, have come up with other methods of punishment.” That was on December 4th 2015. So up until then, her kid did get spanked there at home. Tabetha admits it by saying “not any longer.” Where does she get spanked now? And I cringe to think of what these other methods of punishment she came up with a guy that’s not in jail for multiple aggravated assaults only because he’s criminally insane. For sure, that’s who I want disciplining my 8 year old child.

  4. JT sweetie thank you for all you have done. You showed me the truth about Tabetha and her vile, and evil ways. I am eternally grateful for all your hard work and dedication. Without you I’d probably be still dealing with so much bullshit.

    You do what you feel and think is right by you. I’ve enjoyed the new direction you are going in. Keep up the great work.

    • Aw, thanks my friend. One thing I do owe Tab is that I’ve met some kickass friends because of what she did to people. For that, I’m grateful. Your friendship is a gift I treasure.

  5. Apparently you people have never heard of makeup. That’s why her bruises don’t show. You need to get your noses out of her ass and let her be. She has loyal friends and authors that count on her because she’s a classy proffessional lady that takes care of business. Now why don’t you all crawl back in your wholes and let Ms Jones become the star she is rapidly becoming. Run along children the crownups are talking.


      Nice to see you back in the rotation dear Shirley. Now piss off, and that goes for you Tabetha Jones. I agree with JT, new year, new ventures to hell with you, your lies, manipulation, attention whore antics, cowardice and in general bullshit drama that doesn’t do squat but stir the shitpot.

      • But WE’RE the stalkers, right?
        *insert eye roll*

        So many great things coming this year, righ t? We’re not sitting around TALKING about all of the amazing things 2016 will bring. We’re making it happen. That’s the difference between success and wishful thinking, baby!

    • You can’t even spell professional. When you can then talk about business and how its presented miss Shirley because where I’m standing you sound like an ignorant…..I am censoring. If you realized that the sun really doesn’t shine up tabethas…and bothered to give a….about your footprint online because I daresay like the rest of us you too will have a pretty bad mark because tabetha is blacklisted on everything. The second you mention her to anyone they either ignore, tell you to stay away or don’t want anything to do with you. So while you are happy with her and she’s such a professional business woman who when I asked her for legal papers of her new company fled the scene. Funny that. I’m going to sit here and wait because it’ll only be a matter of time before she fucks you over as she did to everyone here. How about this…before you protect her talk to the….horses mouth. You know the ones she slanders on a daily basis with no proof to back it up. Because I have a big giant file of all the shit she pulled and its enough proof. If I were you I’d be less worried about us and more worried that her unprofessionaism will ruin your career. Not saying heed my words just saying before you act like we are all in the wrong which we aren’t coz we have proof on everything we have said. Ask. We do not bite and we are happy to talk to tabs authors and models and whatever whenever. You can literally message me now and I will gladly tell you what happened. Trust me, I worked for her. I was screwed over ten fold and witnessed her screwing more then ten authors over same with models.
      Swing me a message on Facebook I’m not hard to miss.

      Mel out!

  6. Actually my bruises have healed but the right eyebrow is still slightly swollen. I do not post pictures of everything that happens. I do have pictures of the bruising for security purposes. But sorry my fiance was more worried about getting me out of the tub and ice on my face, keeping me alert, instead of grabbing a camera and snapping photos. Shirley Temple as much as I appreciate your belief in me it only makes it worse because I get blamed for it. As for Sweete Sinz I am closing it for the sake of my health and want the authors to have the very best. I may gather with them later on for an anthology here or there but I will no longer be publishing solo manuscripts from other authors, only my own and it will still be under the Sweete Sinz imprint. Its registered and there so I will use it for my books.

    As for the way I discipline my child is my business. She is not beat or threatened. But taught respect and is very well mannered. I am a lucky woman to have such a great child. Troy does not believe in spanking but yes there are ties when a pop on the butt is called for. I had it done to me and she is disciplined the same way at her father’s home. We have the same rules in both homes.

    But I don’t find it funny you insulting my past or the abuse and trauma I have experienced. Unless you know please do not speak on it. Saves you a lot of time.

      • This is very much like her soulmate collaborator Nickolaus, complaining about being the focus of attention on websites then complaining about being stifled when declared off limits. Nick admitted he started flame wars on the internet for publicity.

      • Those two are SO much alike. They’re both tied for the worst small/indie/whatever publishers on the planet, they both have mental issues (and not in a cute way) and they’re both attention whores.
        To this very day, Tabetha posts more comments than anybody on this board, other than me.

        Yet she bitches about how much we pick on her.

        There’s the door, Felicia.

    • I call bullshit. You don’t have a cast iron tub in your one bathroom in your house. You have a plastic tub like 99% of the world. You didn’t bust up your face. You never went to the emergency room, so you weren’t diagnosed with any concussion like you claimed, and you didn’t break any bones in your face. Two days ago, you posted an impassioned announcement saying that your facial wounds haven’t healed, yet here you are now saying they have. For the record, that eyebrow bone is called the supraorbital bone. So if you want to claim in the future that you broke it, you know what to call it.
      In the same breath, you say that you’re closing Sweete Sinz yet you’re going to keep publishing under Sweete Sinz. You’re not closing anything, you’re lying through your teeth and throwing imaginary injuries around so people will concentrate on that and feel sorry for you instead of realizing what a scam you are. You’re the same lying fraud you’ve always been, the only difference is that now you admit that it’s okay to hit a kid. Your child is your world? I call bullshit.

    • You don’t have any broken shagging bones you fat fucking minger if you broke your face it might look better. He had to get you out of the tub because you were falling-down bladdered drunk off your arse but what happened to the hour after that or the next day or the day after that why can’t you take photos the? Oh yes because it didn’t happen blagger. Youre a pill popping child hitting lazy arse drunk no wonder blokes can’t stand you. Why don’t you just sod off.

      • I have to agree. She needs to put up or shut up. Literally. If she can’t prove these injuries, she needs to stop talking here. Prove the lie or go away. Period.

    • I had a friend in coma for a week, yet she managed to include pics of her in ICU in a video, so your bullshit line about photographic proof is just that — bullshit!

  7. Jesus on a fucking harley, how damn stupid are you Tabetha? Move the hell on you dumb cunt. You wanted JT out of your life, business and family bitch you got it. And you are still too fucking stupid to shut the hell up. Get over yourself. You say that you didn’t want attention and yet here you are begging to be put on blast. Take the gift given your sorry ass and just stop the bullshit. You seriously have a fucking problem little girl. You are the one who needs to grow up. Go live in your pathetic dream life, and just for once stop being a self centered cunt. Go the hell away you damn troll.

  8. If its one thing Lepp has showed me and helped me is that I should believe myself. She talked to me whilst I was being screwed over by Tab, she helped me through everything afterward. She is truly a friend and for that I thank you. I would also say that although I feel that this blog should continue for Tabetha will always be up to no good. Like literally, she doesn’t stop. I feel the need to congratulate you for all that you’ve achieved and all you’ve helped and am happy to hear you are moving on to better things. Thanks Lepp and goodluck with the new year hope it brings new accomplishments, challenges and dreams. I hear you do comics. I am intrigued. I’d like to see your art.

  9. Leppy Darling, she does not cheapen you, you brought a little class to her life while you were in it, she was just to stupid to listen when you tried to tell her to do things right, all she did was get sneakier and she’s still being sneaky with her chunder company that’s all she turns out. Your a lovely soul who hung in there when everybody else gave up, you saved a lot of people and never asked for anything back, good on ya mate. We love you.

    • I didn’t save people. The authors that stepped forward saved others who had either fallen into the trap, or who were about to. Dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people avoided the worst publishing experience of their lives thanks to YOU guys. All I did was give you a place to speak up. It’s you guys that had the guts to step forward and share your stories. You’re the ones that deserve credit. I applaud you.

      This place isn’t going anywhere. It’s still here. Folks can still speak up.

      And don’t worry. As her new bullshit endeavors continue, they will be chronicled. It’l be on sites like absolute write. More than 15,000 people have read about her there, including the latest. So there will be an ongoing timeline of her crap. I just won’t be spending all of my time on her. I’m working on my comic. I’m working on my own books. I’m cheer-leading for friends as they work through their own efforts. People are picking their feet up out of the mud and spreading their wings to fly. And I’m one of ’em.

      It’s a great thing to speak up and let the world know what she is. We’ve done that. But the BEST revenge is success. She’ll never have that. She’s got too much drama and bullshit, and no talent to back up her bluster. She’ll never be anything better. You guys will. I plan to. She can keep wallowing in her own crap while we fly high overhead.

    • Such childish behavior from such a bad ass boss lady ” cof”. Honey chile needs to move on, realize she isn’t the end all be all. She is not the best thing to sliced bread. The world does not revolve around her, although her circumference may indicate otherwise. In other words get a damn clue and do attempt to have a real life instead of the fantasy in your head Tabetha.

      • Still hanging around here, too.

        And remember, that’s just one device. That doesn’t count the other phone, the kindle, or soon-to-be former fiance’s phone.


  10. First I dont have your number, Dee is the one with your phone number and she has no reason to call you, neither do I. If I did I surely wouldn’t hang up. I am woman enough to speak if I did have a reason to call. I wish I knew where you get all this info about I have this device or that device. I do not have a cell phone and haven’t had one in awhile. My SOON TO BE HUSBAND does not have a cell phone neither. He has not replaced the one that broke. And neither have internet access its just for call or text. Troy uses the Kindle to take care of his online stuff and I use my laptop.

    And I am sorry I am looking at the dates and times and unfortunately some of them just don’t add up. I may take a glance at this blog every few days to get a good laugh or set you straight on the massive mistakes of bullshit you make towards my life, but I do have more than you going on in my life. But this wont ever stop. I have come to terms. You always make one of these posts then something I post is just to good for you not to talk about.

    Which at this point I say more power to you. Whatever helps you at the end of the day. I don’t have to worry about anything on my end. My hands are clean and have been.

    And Troy isn’t going anywhere. In fact if I had your address I’d send you an invite for the wedding.

    • I guess your meal ticket’s disability check doesn’t go as far as it used to. Phone companies like it when they get paid.

      But please show me where I said it was YOU calling me. Thank you.

    • You are such a liar! You have a cell phone but its been disconnected. You said it yourself you didn’t pay the bill so it got shut off. Also, while I am at it the phone or phones still let you check the internet when WiFi is available. You have bitched about this site forever get over yourself. The sun and moon DOES NOT rise for you. You have no powers or connections again get over yourself. You scream at your child when your on the phone using such vulgar words to her. Now either show proof of your injuries or shut up. STOP trying to be Cindy you will never reach her level because she has way too much class.
      Bye for good.

      • Of course she has my number. And my address. And wi-fi, unless that’s been shut off for non-payment too.

        I’ve seen and heard for myself how that kid has been screamed and cursed at. It’s a disgrace.

        Tab’s such a liar. And yeah. Attention whore.

    • And, by the way, those hits add up just fine.

      That’s from one device. You can track those hits all the way back to where it shows the IP. The list is too long to show in one shot, you visit so often, so it’s broken up by days.

      This is from (one of) your Android(s).

      See that little magnifying glass in the upper left corner? When I click on it, I see this:

      That’s the phone you used to post your comment today.

      Wanna lie some more?


    • And yet you are still here looking for no better yet DEMANDING attention Tabetha. What part of piss off don’t you comprehend? You are really a special kind of stupid aren’t you? If you are so adamant on showing your sorry ass self, add some of that proof that has been demanded of you. If not again exit stage left, piss off and kiss my ass.

  11. I had a very enlightening conversation with the IRS office that covers Waco. Enlightening for them. Paperwork has been getting shifted from office to office, desk to desk, but I can assure you all right now that the ball is back on track, and that this tax season is going to be more like Christmas. All of you will be getting a gift. Not the money you’ve all been swindled out of, I’m sorry to say, but you will all be smiling. Happy new year.

  12. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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