Skeletons run deep

I’ve been called a stalker and a troll so many times, I thought I’d give it a try and nose around a bit. And it paid off. There are a few skeletons hanging deep in the back of Tabetha’s closet. Well, more than a few, but right now, I’m going to stick to just these few.

Let’s all say thank you to Goodreads for having such a good memory. And to Tabetha for being too lazy to take anything down.

Zoey Sweete has been around for a long, long time. Much longer than I originally believed. At first, I thought that Zoey was among the later names that Tab made up to hide behind, but no. Zoey goes all the way back before Mystic Press ever saw the light of day.

How many times have we heard Tabetha Jones say that she doesn’t steal writing from anybody else? I’ve got screen caps, or you could just read back through the posts, but she says it a LOT.

Let’s take a look at that claim, shall we?

We’ve all seen her Magnum Opus, the Draven Witch series with the vampire named after her favorite stripper, Draven Shadow, and the female lead named Renee after herself. She peddles it out over and over again, one rewrite after another, expecting it to catch on. The novels, the novelettes, and other publications in-between. It’s her legacy, her undying declaration of love for a stripper that’s never laid a single finger on her. A lap dance or two when she’s got the money, maybe, but never any real sex. Outside of her imagination.

But did she write it? By herself?


Tabetha’s masterpiece (full sarcasm mode) was co-written by Brandy Cowan/Paes, and it was originally a YA story. It has become a piece of trash in its many revisions since, but at first, it was good, old-fashioned YA paranormal novel.

How do I know? I already said. Goodreads. Zoey’s been blogging on Goodreads since 2011. Read for yourself, all the way back to when she talks about co-writing Blood Magic with Brandy, admitting in her own words that the two of them made decisions together about the book – both of them writing it. Confirming that the series wouldn’t exist if not for Brandy.

It wasn’t until book one actually came out that Tabetha put only her own (fake) name on it. Did Brandy got screwed out of it? HERE‘s the original publication preorder on B&N, through World Castle Press. You tell me.

I don’t know what happened with WCP that she’s not publishing with them anymore, but it might be worth dropping them a line to find out.

Might be worth dropping Brandy a line, too, to see how she feels about getting screwed out of a book series that wouldn’t exist without her participation. But not right now.

Now, we’re taking a good look at a running timeline of Tabetha’s life over the last several years, in her own words. This running personal log of hers is a veritable treasure trove of goodies, lots of points proven that she has since re-written to suit her needs since. Right there in black and white.

Shall we begin?

Let’s start on Page 7. That goes the farthest back. On September 29th, 2011, the very first words that Tabetha writes confirm that if it weren’t for Brandy Cowan, the Draven Witch series wouldn’t exist.

In her second post on the 30th, we find out where she gets her patented excuse that her computer crashed when somebody’s got a question about their work or royalties. It happened to her. Or, at least, that’s what she said happened as the reason that she had to switch editors. It sounds like the first hint of trouble to me, a precursor to why ever it was that she and WCP parted ways.

In October 5ths post, we see the first seeds of a relationship between a publisher and author(s) being like “family.” That’s how they describe how WCP treated them.

I think it bears note at this time, that the writing in these early posts is legible, with a few punctuation errors.  We’ve all seen enough of Tabetha’s drivel to safely assume that it was probably not she that wrote those posts back then. Not alone, anyway. It’s reasonable to suppose that Brandy was still getting strung along at that point. Tabetha can’t write her way out of a wet paper sack by herself. She’s proven that many times over.

But there’s also another red flag in that post from October 5, 2011. They mention that their contract is being renegotiated. What’s up with that? Usually, with publishing companies, once you sign, that’s it. Contract in pace. So what happened that they needed to renegotiate? Is that when Tabetha first lay the seeds of cutting Brandy out of it? Without confirmation from either WCP or Brandy, we can only wonder.

There are teasers galore, not worth repeating, but not useless, either. First, there are the formatting errors we all know so well, and the rookie foibles of having different subjects and dialog on the same line.

I’d bet the entire farm that either Brandy came up with Most of that first book. Tab is just too illiterate to have come up with anything so elegant and thoughtful.

The WE pronoun is still being used, but one has to wonder at this point what part Brandy really has in all of this. In true fashion, Tab has either found or invented another ally, and kept Brandy’s name off a book series she invented. Her name is still mentioned, but with a distance inserted. Instead of it being “We’re” doing all of this together! There’s a mention of the two of them meeting up at some point. Doesn’t sound quite so chummy anymore, does it? One can only wonder.

Also on page 5, we see the first hint of those true, “Sweete” colors leaking through when Tab describes herself going ballistic on some poor tech at Writeway for missing work that she probably didn’t save properly herself (for whatever chemical reason). Or maybe the free demo ran out. We all know how loathe she is to part with a dollar, don’t we?  Who knows.

She unloaded on the poor tech with language we’re used to hearing from her, but that poor girl at the site didn’t deserve. She was just doing her job, and here comes Tab with her potty mouth, tearing her up one side and down the other. It’s a wonder she didn’t get herself banned.

By the time you get to page one, 2015, all of Tab’s fantasies are in place. You know them, the ones where she’s a battered woman, bravely overcoming so many abusive men (cue the orchestra), the product of an affair with another woman that her father dallied with, who has overcome her unfortunate past and risen to become mother of the year, and daddy’s little biker bitch. All at once.

We’ve already shot all those lies down. You can flip back through the blog to revisit those. I just thought you’d like a glimpse at from whence some of the seeds sprouted.

Mostly, I thought you should see that you have good reasons to safeguard your work. If she’ll steal a whole book right out from under the nose of the writer that SHOULD get credit for all her hard work, she’ll do the same to you. Keep your work close, and your loyalty closer. They belong to you. Don’t let them be stolen.

You’re welcome.


20 thoughts on “Skeletons run deep

  1. Oh so that’s how you move on to bigger and better things? Or is it more like you know that nobody wants to read about your bony ass unless you make up more lies about the fabulous Ms. Jones? Your boring and nobody cares about you this proves that you blackmailed Ms Jones and went back on your word because you still stalk her because your so boring. Now the whole world can see waht a liar you are! Don’t you have some art to publish or is that a lie to you like to ask Ms. Jones for pictures so where are pictures of all your so called artwrok? I don’t believe your doing a comic I think it’s lie like all the lies you tell about Ms. Jones.

    • If you bothered to shut your pie hole and look you will notice many of JTs art is public except for the art she is paid to do. Something im sure youd have no clue about. Miss, i cant spell professional. Another point, this was stollen are you blind? Cant you read? Why not you do the research? Maybe you should realize…tabetha…that your schemes. Your fake persona and your paranoia is your own dumb fault. Your failing. Youve been had. You can fake and glamorize yourself but youll never get far enough. Why? Because we all have proof of your wrongdoing. Whether you continue to slander us or nit i no longer care. You dug yourself a hole and burried yourself when you screwed over hundreds and thousands of people. You say we hate you. I dont hate you. I pity you. Your not worth hating. And blackmail. Bitch please. Tabetha blackmailed everyone who left her. So dont be bringing blackmail to the table. BAM! Devout zombie shirley temple and i daresay if you had the smarts youd realize that tabetha watches everyone who left her like a hawk. Literally, you wanna talk stalker. I said many things on my own account that all of a sudden tabetha knew.Funny that. Even caught her liking a few of my posts. So maybe it might be in your best interest to find out the truth before you say anything. You sound like an ignorant swine. Go back to worshipping tabetha. Your too ignorant to stand. Jt if proof need be. I request you sketch a comical picture some of my works to promote. 🙂 i love your fairies. They are beautiful.

      • Thank you. I enjoy doing artwork. However it turns out, good, bad, or indifferent, I like how I feel when I’m doing it. It’s a beautiful cooperation between the core of my being and the Universe. Put simply, it feels good.

    • She doesn’t like when somebody insults her for being fat, but it’s okay to insult me for being skinny? How very hypocritical.

      I, for one, do not lose sleep over how many people do or do not look at this blog. If only two people take a look when I post a drawing or a poem, I’m fine with it. That means that there’s no drama going on. I’m fine having viewers the same as having friends: I’d rather have a few cool ones than an army of alts. My ego doesn’t require high numbers. Quality over quantity.

      And, by the way, we still haven’t seen pictures of her with all of those facial injuries. The words “Put up or shut up” still apply. Until she can back up her claims, she can’t expect to be believed about anything. She has exactly zero credibility.

  2. WOW, really and I allowed myself to be aligned with that despicable being Tabetha. I have always prided myself in avoiding bullshit but ALWAYS backing a friend and my play. So with that being said, for the cheap seats, again that would be you Tabetha ie Shirley and whoever else your delusional mind can come up with.

    It was stated that JT was moving on with her endeavors UNLESS you daft cow, information comes to light concerning Tabetha and her underhanded dealings. So again you dumb ass attention whore maybe if you stopped the lying and owned up to your deceit people would not have to put all your dirt out there to protect potential victims.

    You aren’t the victim Tabetha you NEVER were. You are a disgusting, vile, dream sucking, diseased creature.

    • She so desperately wishes I would stop so she could go back to getting away with her antics. By having a place where people can step up to the mic and tell the world what she does to them, the public can be warned.That’s why we’re still here, and that drives her even more insane that she already is.
      Just because my focus is shifting to the positive, that doesn’t mean she gets to slide under the radar. When there’s new info, I’ll post it. If she doesn’t like it, she could always try going legit.

      Eh. Who am I kidding? That’ll never happen.

  3. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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