5 thoughts on “Yup.

  1. CFW if you go missing we know what happened. Hair color change now it’s starting to get really weird. If she changes someone’s name to K**** she is totally your stalker.

    • She’s gone brunette now? And she’s planning to move (to Florida, perhaps)? Well, good. That’ll mean that the Florida authorities won’t have to go so far to find her.

      She has lied about everything in her entire life, including her birth. With all the damage she’s done to her reputation, it wouldn’t surprise me if she marries this guy, changes her name to Marge and dyes her hair blue, and moves to Springfield just to get away from her own baggage.

      Heads up, folks. She’s still publishing. She’s just abandoned the facade of running a(n illegal) company. Now, more than ever, it’s important to put out the word to avoid her. She’s sneaky and she’s greedy. If you care about your writing and your sanity, avoid her at all costs.

  2. You know that is creepy. Single white female anyone??? I did my hair like on the 16th posted pics on the 19th and now a day later that twisted bitch has done hers similar if not dead on. Only thing that I am saying is you can try to be me, can attempt to look and act like me, but you Tabetha whatever your last name is, will never walk through the fires I have unscathed.

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