In case you’ve missed the saga of Nick Pacione, let me catch you up. He’s a nutbag that thinks he’s some sort of small publisher, artist, and such a keen writer that he’s the very namesake of Lovecraft. Dude even thinks that sneaking a couple of his self-published books into the Poe museum and taking pictures means that his books have been accepted there as part of their catalog.

He’s a homophobic misogynist that lashes out at anybody that DARES contradict his psychotic version of reality. He’s tried to have a go at me, suggesting bestiality as the source of my offspring and hinting at dropping me in Lake Michigan with a bull shark that doesn’t exist.

Most of his attention gets spent threatening authors and luminaries in the field that have exposed him for what a ridiculous wretch he is, saying the most vile and disgusting things about them, physically threatening them and trying to ruin their reputations with allegations of identity theft and plagiarism. He throws massive rants about one guy “going after” his #ssn, despite the fact that Nick, himself, has broadcast his own “Vital Nine” all over the freaking web.

Nobody takes him seriously, same as I shrug him off here. If anything, they point and laugh at his prolific attempts to discredit them. Well, us. He still throws my name in the mix, not that he can spell it right to save his life.

I am by no means an authority on Nicky and his antics. For that, you should skip on over to The Rusty Nail. They’re currently keeping track of his antics on Twitter, since he’s gotten himself put in Facebook jail again (and blaming everybody under the sun except himself) and threats he’s spewing on FB. Looks like he’s about to get himself booted off of there as well. He just doesn’t know when to stop.

The moral of the story, here, is that this guy claims to be a publisher. If you come across him or a company called Lake Fossil Press, RUN. He is the only publisher on the planet that’s worse than you-know-who. She’s just greedy. This douche is crazy. Seriously. And I don’t mean in a cute way. He’s buggin, and that’s the last thing you want associated with you or your work.

Seriously, though. If you’re in the mood for a little of the batshit crazy mentality that we avoid here now, jump over to Rusty’s and read up about this joker.

You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Snickles

  1. I read the blog and omg. Very entertaining. No wonder everyones avoiding him. I personally love the caricature someone did on him. It is a perfect replica of him haha. I also will point out that the review he did for that film he never watched coz he felt it was ripping off his book. I work with film now and then and ive been studying how everything works for a while now. Im going to look into directing and acting. I think itd be something new. One thing i will say is you do not challenge a famous director who knows what they are doing or…or you do not challenge them if you do not know the legalities within that that industry. Thats like signing your own court hearing. They will sue. Ive also found out that there is no hold on idea that a book consists of when making film. Its just not possible otherwise no movie would be made. But in this situation, I will say that the noticeable well known film director never knew or wanted anything to do with nick the dick. It was just coincidental that he was inspired by a certain idea. I also think nick the dick thinks it will earn him brownie points if he attacks via review a well known director but in all honesty…As The Joker from DC says “The Jokes on him”
    Though to be honest, I do not like to put The Joker and Nick the Dick beside each other. I am a fan of The Joker. Big fan. And Ive felt the sting of Nick the Dick. Hes an ass ache ready to happen (so to speak) or a ticking time bomb. Both to be quite frank. I hope he gets blocked from everything so he stops attacking everything in his radar. Literally even famous people. Kids got some guts, i will give him that. But it will only last so long before someone jumps the sue train and toots toots him all the way to court.

  2. I have been on the biting side of Nick, though his reason for it has changed every time he talks about me. From what I have heard, however, he may be reduced to being monitored on the Internet (if given any time on it all) because his cousin is finally sick of his shit. All that remains is the question of whether he will be institutionalize or homeless. Personally, I don’t care either way.

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