Google yourself

There are a LOT of scams and shady characters out there, folks. There are scam publishers, shady thieves, liars and frauds. They come in all shapes and forms, from friends to total strangers. They’re everywhere.

My friend, author Sioux Craft, put a lot of work into her book, Night Walker. Then, today, she finds out that some shmuck out there is giving away FREE copies of her book. Free ebook, mobi, and PDF files of her book were being offered as part of some promotional campaign. You know, a(n) “answer a few questions and get this book free” type of thing.

Needless to say, she wasn’t happy about it. She got right on top of contacting both the shmuck in question and the web host. If it comes down to it, I’m sure she’ll have no problem seeking legal remedy if they don’t. If they’re smart, they’ll take it down at once. Too much work went into creating NW for people to give it away for free. That’s not just some harmless download, it’s theft. It takes money out of her pocket that she worked for.

This brings us to the point of today’s tirade. GOOGLE YOURSELF. Even if you haven’t set up any new business or done anything new at all, there’s always a chance that you could find that somebody’s out there doing something sneaky with your work, your name, your reputation. You might find that former associates or third parties are selling your work without your knowledge on foreign markets. Or you could find out, like Sioux did, that some asshat is giving your work away for free.

Watch your back, folks.
You’re welcome.


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