This is dedicated to any authors or models that are considering working with Tabetha Jones on one of her upcoming Anthologies. Yes, she’s still cranking them out even though there isn’t even a pretense of a company anymore. I guess she finally decided to chuck the idea of seeming legit and just rip ’em off outright.

And make no mistake, it IS a ripoff. Especially if she’s not even bothering to fake a company anymore. Her modus operandi is to finagle a few real authors into contributing to an anthology, insisting the the proceeds will be split evenly among the authors. Maybe even promising them that she won’t even take a cut. How very generous, right?

Wait for it.

Then she fills up the rest of the book with her own garbage using fake names. So, if there are ten stories (poems, whatever) in an anthology, and three of those authors are legit, that means that each one of those authors gets 10% of the proceeds. She gets 70%. She’s the rest of those authors under a fake name, remember. Still seem generous? No. I don’t think so, either.

And, that’s not all.

She has also conned authors into submitting work to an anthology dedicated to raising money and awareness for victims of domestic abuse. She’s been posing as a victim of domestic violence for years, claiming that each and every one of her husbands and boyfriends has abused her, even though there’s not a single police report, and none of her biker buddies has ever sought revenge on her behalf. Does that sound like how a 1% biker club allows its women to be treated to you? Multiple times? No. Not to me, either. Seems to me that if anybody laid a finger on one of their own, that person would drop off the face of the planet, real quick.

Nah. We’ve all seen  it. SHE’S the one with the abusive personality. We’ve all seen it, we’ve heard it on the phone, with her literally SCREAMING in rage, even with her 6, 7, and now 8 year old daughter in the room. We’ve heard about her attacks on people, from her very own mouth. Her stories about being abused are just to punish those men for leaving her. Good for them, I say. They’ve found wives that know how to treat a man, so good riddance to bad rubbish.

Her claims of being abused also get her sympathy, mostly from the authors she’s trying to manipulate. Like that anthology dedicated to domestic violence. People contributed work to that, generously volunteering their submissions, expecting no pay for it. All of the proceeds were intended to be donated to a shelter for battered women. And guess what? There’s no evidence that any such donation was ever made. None of the shelters in Waco ever heard of her.

That’s right, folks. It looks like she got authors to donate work to an anthology, lied about making a donation, and kept every dime that book pulled in.

But… but… that’s in the PAST, right? Isn’t that how she sells it? “Everybody deserves a second chance!” “It’s all in the past!” “I’ve learned from my mistakes. Honest!”

Well, if you need a refresher, nothing is “in the past” with her. She keeps doing the same thing, over and over. And if you’re not careful, she’ll do it to you.

If you need proof, fine. Let’s take a look at something else that’s supposed to be “in the past.” Sky(lier) Wicker(son). The beautiful model that Tab’s sister Dee is supposed to be dating, for several years now. We proved beyond any doubt two years ago that Sky doesn’t exist. It’s an alt that Tab made up, pulling pictures gorgeous blondes from the internet to use as profile pictures. Word has it that “Sky” used to sext Dee, and that’s how their relationship carried on for awhile. The very thought makes my skin crawl. Sexting filthy messages to her own sister to make her think a gorgeous model is in love with her? I know they’re not blood sisters, but STILL.

I don’t know when Dee caught on, but at some point, she became complicit in the lie, insisting that she and her darling Sky have spent time together in real life. And, since we PROVED that Sky doesn’t exist, we know it’s a lie.

But, here, from 3 days ago, is Dee tagging Sky in a “soulmate” post.

The comment is on one of many posts that Tab’s been putting up lately, lovey-dovey mush about how she and her man are so much in love, so perfect for each other, blah-blah-blah. And behind many of them lately are equally barf-inducing sentiments from him in return.

So it’s one of two things happening. Either Dee has been swept back up into Tab’s bullshit and lies, or Tab’s posting under Dee’s name to keep the lie alive. I really and truly hope it’s the latter. It looked like Dee got out from under Tab’s drama, and I was happy to see it. Nobody (else) deserves to have the life sucked out of them by Tab’s drama.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Tab use her family’s names in her schemes, drama and lies. Remember when she used Cindy Carlo’s name to scam my kid? We’ve seen her use her boyfriends’ families’ names too. Eric’s sister, at one point, her own birth mother’s name. Anybody she can think of, she uses. So it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see her posting on her sister’s account. Her boyfriend’s either, for that matter. The things he’s commenting back to her smack of the poorly conceived of crap that she uses for dialogue in her smut. Guys just don’t talk that way.

The point of the day, folks, is that if you’re thinking of dealing with Tabetha Jones (aka Zoey Sweete), you need to seriously reconsider. And don’t just take my word for it. Google her. Look for her and her companies on sites designed to warn authors about scams. Writer, beware. Absolute Water Cooler. Predators and Editors. Her claims that her “mistakes” are “in the past” – along with her insistence that we here at this blog are just “haters and liars” are just a ruse to get you to feel sorry for her so that she can rip you off. Too many authors have gone unpaid. Too many have been verbally abused by her. Too many have been left battered, bruised and disillusioned. I don’t want you to be one of them. Be careful, folks.


5 thoughts on “Refresher

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  2. Poor attention whoring Tab can’t get enough attention on her own, because if she’s not busy ripping off authors, there’s nothing about her that’s even remotely interesting enough to write about. So she’s using her sister to get our attention, dangling bait out there for us to nibble on.

    Fine. This time, I will. Not to intrude upon her sister’s privacy, but to show two things: First, that Tab will stop at nothing, has no remorse whatsoever involving others in her drama, she’ll do whatever it takes to get our attention. And, two: That if her life were as FABULOUS as she pretends it is, what with being a blushing new bride with her ‘perfect” fiance, she’d be off living that amazing life instead of trolling around on other people’s accounts jumping up and down trying with all her might to get us to write about her. That’s how much of an attention whore she is. Nothing matters to her above herself, and whatever attention she can wring out of us.

    How do I know she spends so much time worrying about us? Well, let’s take a look at the last couple of hours alone. Between noon and 1pm, she was right here, poring over our every word, time and time again.

    What bait is she dangling out there? Well, she can’t get enough attention on her own, so she’s airing out a topic she’s pretty sure we’ll bite on. And, this time, she’s right. Sky. There’s Dee, over and over again, professing her love for the beautiful Sky Wicker, who we’ve known for years now doesn’t exist. We proved it. She knows it. Tab knows it. You saw it. But there are those loving and forlorn dedications of true love and soulmates, with Dee pining away after a figment of her sister’s imagination.

    And, no. I’m not trolling around in anybody’s personal life. These posts were made public, just for our benefit. To bait us.

    Besides, I’m not convinced that it’s Dee writing them at all. We’ve known Dee for a long time now, through her sister. And, yes, I’ve glanced at her FB from time to time. You get to know a person. For example, if you read through my Facebook page, you’d learn that I have a thing for horses, dig Def Leppard, share a lot of cute cat stuff, and advocate for the cure for cancer.

    In Dee’s case, I used to see a lot of activity on games she used to play. That was pretty much the only thing she posted publicly. We don’t see that much, these days. In fact, we don’t see it at all. Nothing. We probably will, now that I’ve mentioned it, but once again, you can’t change the past. If you look over Dee’s recent posts, there isn’t any of the gaming activity she used to play on a daily, hourly basis. That leads me to believe that it’s at least possible that somebody else, namely Tab, is using her account for her own benefit.

    Once again, people. This is to remind you. When you hear Tabetha Jones say things like “It’s in the past!” or “I’ve learned from my mistakes!” or “Everybody deserves a second chance!” browse through these posts. All of them. As hateful as they might appear, each and every one of them holds the truth about a person no author should ever, EVER give access to their work. That’s a mistake they’ll regret for a very long time. Just ask her former authors victims.

    Or, better yet, we’ve already asked them. They’ve already spoken up. Just read back and take heed. What happened to them will happen to you.

  3. As the owner of this blog, I can see when each post gets looked at, which links get clicked on, things like that. And I’m very happy to see that people are reading this post and clicking back to look at the “Bright Blue Sky” post, where it was PROVEN that Sky(lier) Wicker(son) doesn’t exist. That means that people are reading the truth, and hopefully having their eyes opened. As a blogger that advocates for authors not getting scammed, that makes me very happy.

    I know that over the years, quite a few people have read the words written here (most of them by the scammer, herself) and been spared the heartbreak of working with her and getting abused. I still get notes of thanks. But, as good as that makes me feel, I only deserve a small part of the credit. The authors who have stepped forward and bravely told their stories of woe are the ones that deserve the credit for exposing a scamming, heartless, ruthless, lying, scheming fraud. I applaud all of you.

  4. As predicted, Dee Tab is posting game scores again. But not the same scores. And Dee Tab is following Tab’s posting schedule. Even posting most of Tab’s self-aggrandizing bullshit.

    She’s been busy on her own page, too, posting a whole lot of Lovey-Dovey, we’re-so-perfect-together memes to PROVE how she and the flavor of the month are going to be together FOREVER. But the cracks in the armor are showing, and it’s getting harder and harder for her to whitewash over the writing that’s on the wall.

    I don’t know how he’s been able to manage staying with her for as long as he has. He must really think he’s going to inherit some money if he marries her. For his sake (and hers) I hope he realizes that her tall tales of coming into a big settlement (from the accident, from modeling, or from suing her many “enemies” – I think he’s bright enough to see that he’s certainly not going to get rich from her publishing scams) are just lies she spins to keep him, cut her loose and move on. He’ll be in a much healthier environment, and she won’t have to sleep with one eye open wondering when he’s going to become an inheriting widower.

  5. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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