Happy Anniversary

I got this message from WordPress today.
happy anniversary

I’ve been flapping my gums about different topics for 8 years now. A good few of those have been dedicated to exposing some dark and dreary subjects, but there have also been some pretty bright points, too. I got to know all of you, and I’m happy for that.

Well, most of you. There are one or two of you that I truly and honestly wish I’d never heard of. You know who you are, and you can feel free to take a hike. You don’t deserve to celebrate here. See ya.

I’m so happy to see the wonderful new projects people are coming out with. I’ve got a few of my own going on that I’m back on track with, now that I’ve gotten over that nasty flu. 2016 is the year of promises and dreams fulfilled. I can’t wait to share everyone’s good news. Incredible people deserve incredible rewards for their hard work and dedication.

It’s been a long and wild ride. Thank you for taking it with me.


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