Ever the troll

stupid trollI might visit this blog every few days to see what’s going on. These days, I’m out here in the real world, writing books, drawing graphic novels, creating artwork, taking care of my family and loved ones. Chatting with cats. Planting gardens. You know, having a life.

But guess who does drop by.
And look how often.
tabs phone 4 march 2016Not just every minute, but so many times a minute they have to count by seconds. And, remember, that’s just one device. She’s got 2 phones, a Kindle fire, and a laptop that she hits us up on, too.

Damn, girl. Troll much? For somebody who runs screaming about how wonderful her life is, she certainly spends enough of it on this blog.


28 thoughts on “Ever the troll

  1. That’s becuz her life isn’t all rozy. Troy is tired of her shit, he’s had it he’s ready to leave and he’s already got a new girl lined up to move in with when he duz. He’s not posting that I love you crap on her fb she is and she’s doing more then that too. She duzn’t no but he tells people everything and what a cunt she is, yur right about her drugs she’s a junkie and a half and don’t even get me started on her drinking OMG what a fucking lush! Ho is slippin flippin and trippin.

    • She usually posts that lovey-dovey nonsense when her relationship is on the skids, but I’ve never seen her lay it on quite so thick. I doubt that her posts or his her replies have anything to do with any heartfelt declarations of love. She’d have to have a heart first, and she doesn’t. More likely, she’s posting it as bait for us. She’s so desperate for our attention that, since we’ve given her a hint of attention, she’s shoveling it on in spades.

      I only hope that her man sees that she’s willing to use her “love” for him like she uses everything: as a mechanism of manipulation. From the look of it, she doesn’t love him at all. Rather, it looks like she’s just doing more of her usual, using him. For his paycheck, for attention, for whatever she can get out of him.

      Well, from the sound of it, he already sees it.

  2. Anybody who did any work for Tabetha needs to check their credit report. She got a $700.00 payday loan in my name. Using the business name Phoenix Fire Publishing. I have already contacted an attorney about the matter. Good luck hope she didn’t scam you great authors anymore than she had.

      • He used his wifes phone you stupid whore how stupid are you little miss know it all?

      • He’ll take the blame for it and not pay a day in jail. He gets out of jail time by playing mental, remember? She can do whatever she wants and pin it on him because he’s a short bus window licker.

      • That’s a frightening notion. But I hope he realizes that 1) there’s a difference between violent crimes and blue collar crimes like fraud and identity theft. And 2) that there are different definitions of criminally insane in different states, and that when it reaches the federal level, it’s a different set of standards altogether. And 3) that even if HE doesn’t know it, SHE does, and she’s willing to sell him all the way up the river to save her own “ads.” I mean, can’t you just see it now? “I had no idea, officer! *blink blink* I didn’t dare ask because he has such a violent past, I was afraid for my life. I was afraid for my DAUGHTER!”

        Who here doesn’t see that coming?

        Well, I guess everybody does, except Troy.

    • I hope you also called her District Attorney. Her Attorney General. The Texas Rangers. Her local police. Your local police.

      And get copies of all those reports. You’ll need them when the payday loan people expect to get paid back.

      If she did this, it’s a federal offense. A serious crime. Not a simple civil matter. Nail her ass to the wall.

      We’ll be watching eagerly.

  3. Oh how I love the cockroaches ( alts ) who come out to defend the pathetic Tabetha Jones. Please Tabetha we all know you have burned too many damn bridges for this many people to come to your defense.

    Why you are lying some more, and setting up your patsy, we are STILL WAITING for all that proof. And the reason why you made a mockery of my ink. Just because you run and hide doesn’t make your lies and bullshit disappear.

    Either put up your damn proof or just SHUT THE HELL UP.

    • I think we’ll be seeing some proof pretty soon. Not from her, though. She doesn’t have any, or she would have been waving it like a banner. All she’s got is a big mouth and narcissistic delusions.

      The proof I look forward to seeing is this final act of greed, the one that will finally put an end to her antics. She can’t lie her way out of this one. She can’t lay if off on her victim, or on her boyfriend. Nope. If she did this, it’s impersonation. It’s Federal. And she will go away for a little vacation in felon orange. And the world will finally be rid of one particularly nasty parasite. Can’t happen soon enough.

  4. I just hope her boyfriend sees that she’s on here using his name to set him up for it. Talking about checking accounts when nobody else mentioned them, blabbing about more information than any innocent person would know. The payday loan was for how much? $700 bucks? Is that all her beloved is worth to her? Not even a grand. Now that’s what I call undying love.
    *eye roll*

      • One of these days, she’s going to screw over the wrong guy, and she’s going to find out she’s not the biggest, baddest bitch on the planet after all. The hard way.

    • Why do you want to destroy a beautiful love story of soulmates your such a lonely dried up cunt that ou can’t stant that somebody else is happy. Blow the cobwebs out of your dried up old cunt and go find a real man of your own.

      • Seriously? My 14th anniversary is coming up in April. How does that make me dried up and lonely? What’s the longest you’ve ever been with a man? Or a woman? A year? Two? unlike you, SOME of us know how to treat a man and keep him happy. Something you’ll never get, being such a selfish, greedy narcissistic fraud and all.

      • It’s been a while since I have posted, but it is so good to see the Tabetha supporters haven’t changed. Illiterate as ever. But then again we know this pathetic windbag is Tabetha so the lack of spelling is understandable.
        Hey dumbass if all you care about is your fairytale, which as usual is bullshit, go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. Let’s see that proof that your bitch ass is always demanding from everyone else.
        How about that NPT, or why are you such a stupid numb cunt as to fucking poke the sleeping bear.
        Come on Tabetha Ms bad ass biker bitch, daddy’s rebel hearted darling, or are you going to hide behind someone else as you normally do, while you set that person up for a fall.
        Let’s see that proof instead of your sorry ass hiding behind alts screaming your own praises. Oh wait you can’t because everything you do is crap

      • She’s just a petty, jealous wannabe, seeing others live the kind of life she only wishes she had. People with real ties to the biker community for one. Women with healthy and loving, lasting relationships, for another.

        She knows that at least one of her former authors has real ties to the biker world and tries to act like she does, too. But her words and actions prove what a jealous little wannabe she really is. It’s obvious that she knows nothing about that world. Her only experience is one local rally. No trip to Sturgis with her trucker (not biker) daddy. No family ties. Nothing but biker-penis envy.

        She can’t stand seeing others happy in relationships, either. One after the next, she picks up men, IMMEDIATELY moving them in with her small child (even a guy with a record of felony assaults) calling them her one and only soulmate, flaunting the relationship as “the real thing, he’s the only one.” And then, when he gets sick of her shit, she does the same thing all over again. But she can’t even be original about that. Both her current and most recent boyfriends victims look remarkably like the husband of the same person she stole her magnum opus witch series from. And she’s set her storybook wedding date in April, knowing full well that my Anniversary is in April. Just has to be a copycat, with not one single original bone in her entire, massive body.

        All she’ll ever be is a sad sack, jealous, petty loser. And she knows it. She’ll never be as fabulous as the people she tries so hard to copy, and she’ll never enjoy a real-life fairy tale romance. She’ll never have the lasting love of any man (or woman). She’d have to have a heart first. And she doesn’t. All she can do is copy, steal, and wish.

        If she weren’t such a lying, thieving asshat, I might feel sorry for her. But she is, so I don’t.

      • They’re not getting married in April because then the dildo with ears will lose his disability check then what will Scabby Assy live on? They’ll have a ring ceremony and call each other bolloxed and minger but they won’t put in the paperwork so he can keep getting the dole for pretending to be crazy to get out of doing time for beating up bobbies and old folk.

      • Excellent point. In fact, I wonder if he’s reported to Social Security that he’s living with another adult that earns an (albeit illegal) income. Or if he’s reported that he’s moved at all. They kind of like to know these things.

  5. I’m really not sure who I feel more sorry for to be honest, the myriad of men Tabetha uses and screws over, the many authors, or the family she drags into the muck. What I do know is that Tabetha is so desperate to be noticed she will stop at nothing. And sadly she wasn’t an abused child, quite the contrary, little miss Tabetha was spoiled rotten. She didn’t have a hard life. So her being as pathetic as she is by saying otherwise, she spits in the face of everyone she comes into contact with who have dealt with these issues.

    Unlike some that she thinks she is pissing off with her lame attempts to be a bad ass. Sorry toots you just don’t rate that high on the give a fuck meter. But an A for effort. Instead of you babbling about your great life with the man of your dreams maybe pull your head out your ass and provide that proof. Speaking of your grand life little girl, when you have your alts come screaming to defend you for one and I can’t say this enough, spell check bitch. And secondly ya dumb ass, research. I have been with my husband for over 25 years. No life hasn’t always been rosy, but at least I don’t change my men like bedsheets or underwear.

    So my dear I would suggest your sorry ass stick to what you know best, lying, manipulation, crying wolf, and the ever revolving door to your bedroom. And don’t you dare attempt to get indignant because you have made that shit public also. You have been with 4 men in the time I have known you, and that is just relationships, not the ones you had fun with as a one night stand. Or are your interviews lies as well?

    Still waiting for that proof. What about the NPT? Oh that’s right Google isn’t your friend on that, PMSL. Ask one of your Bandito buddies, I’m sure that they will gladly give you the information you desire.

    • They won’t give her the information any more than they’ll give her the actual thing. Just a sad, spoiled wannabe, throwing fits, screaming, throwing things and kicking her feet until she gets her way. I hate to tell her, but the whole world isn’t like mommy and daddy. She doesn’t get whatever she wants just because she breaks the china.
      She might rip off the odd author, and she can squeeze every drop of blood out of a guy until he realizes what a leech she is, cuts his losses and scrapes her off his shoe. But she will never have anything classy or expensive because she, herself, is trashy and cheap.
      All she has left is a guy she’s trying to pin her felonies on, her lame-ass attempts to put a bee in your bonnet with her childish taunts, and a sweet little innocent victim that deserves much better.
      Every day that the sun comes up, she loses more. And with so little left, how many dawns can she have left?
      As a free person, scant few. She’s got too many felonies under her belt, between tax fraud, impersonation and grand theft. Bertha’s looking forward to her new roomie.
      It won’t be long now, Bertha. Hang tight.

  6. Something else I notice, speaking of her predictable behavior. She’s commenting and kicking up a fuss on an older post, to keep the attention away from the newer post, about identity theft and taking out payday loans under someone else’s name. I hate to tell her, but people are reading that. And I keep seeing that people are looking at a few older posts. Recently, a lot of people have been looking at the old post “Bare it all” about her trying to write a book about the strip club under the name of an alt of an alt. That’s the post where she lost her mind talking about being a voodoo priestess, and how her daddy did a bloodletting ceremony on her when she was (13? 15?) quite young. The one where she talks about teaching her own child all of these magical ways, and how her kid is coming into powers and all of that nonsense.

    So if she thinks that she’s burying the new posts by paying attention to the older ones, she’s mistaken. In fact, none of the truths about her are buried. Not under her shenanigans, nor the number of posts that have happened since.

    Who do you suppose is looking at older posts where she rants and raves her lunatic nonsense? CPS? Her man? New authors?

    The mind just boggles at the possibilities.

  7. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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