The Brow

I’m one of those girls that has thin eyebrows. They just never grew in very thick in some spots. So I draw them in. Not every day, though. I’m not one of those women that needs to put on a mask to face the world. Some days I wear makeup. Some days, I don’t. It depends on how I feel about it on any given day. Simple as that.

When I do decide to fill in my brows, I don’t slather it on. I don’t want to look like I do my brows with a magic marker, after all.

This is a great tutorial for doing natural looking brows.

It’s a must for anybody that has thinning brows.

In every single tutorial I’ve looked at for doing brows, they emphasise trying to create a natural-looking brow.
Brows are made up of hairs, however sparse. Even if a brow is being drawn on, it should resemble hairs, since that’s what they’re supposed to be in the first place.

So, if you’re like me and have thin brows, and it’s a fill-in-your-brows kind of day, go ahead and draw them in. Just take care not to slather it on with a trowel, or shade it in so thick that you look like you used a sharpie.

You want people to notice your eyes, not cringe at your makeup.


2 thoughts on “The Brow

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  2. No. Neither the video nor the second picture are me or my eyes.

    But I think we all know someone that does her brows with a super-sharpie, like the first photo.

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