Hell no Aabaco

I had web service through yahoo small business web hosting for years and never had a problem with it. They switch to Aabaco, and nothing has gone right. Not only are they charging me through payment methods I didn’t authorize, but they’re charging me amounts that don’t add up. So I cancel my plan on the spot. Then they tell me that I still have to pay for March because it’s “a monthly plan.”
Um. No.
I cancelled my plan for March. I don’t want March, and I’m not paying for March. So… they charged me through Paypal. For March. Instead of my credit card, because I cancelled and refused payment.
Excuse me?
And now, they’re telling me that I won’t get that money back, because I’ll still have access to my accounts through the end of March. No. I cancelled my services. I don’t want March. I refuse to pay for March. It’s a ripoff.
Watch your backs, people. If you want a web hosting site, look elsewhere. #Aabaco #AabacoSucks

3 thoughts on “Hell no Aabaco

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  2. Complaint filed with the BBB. Check.
    Social media blitzed. Check.
    Domains transferred to another service. Check.

    I will never, ever deal with yahoo/aabaco small business webhosting services again. I’m better off with Weebly, WordPress, Wix, ipage, even GoDaddy. Anywhere else.

  3. Disputed transactions through Paypal. Check.

    Dispute settled. I will be receiving a refund for the unauthorized transactions billed to my Paypal account. How do ya like me now, Aabaco?

    The point in all of this, boys and girls, is that if something unfair happens, you don’t have to just chalk it up as a loss. You can fight for what’s yours, and sometimes you can win.

    Don’t ever let anyone or anything just walk all over you. You are not a victim unless you choose to be. Become a survivor. Fight for what’s right. Fight for what’s yours. You might not always win, but at least you didn’t take it laying down.

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