The Old Washed Up Failures Club

Troy, hon, we know how it works. Tabetha trolls this blog, pores over every word, then pitches fits about it. She yells, screams, bitches, pisses, moans, throws things, breaks stuff, and doesn’t stop until ‘somebody’ comes running to her defense, whether it’s somebody real or somebody she makes up. We get it.

We also know that, even if it’s your fingers on the keys (this time), it’s Tab’s words you’re writing. She stood over your shoulder – when she wasn’t pacing behind you, foaming at the mouth – telling you what to say. And how to say it.

How do we know? Because we’ve been around longer than you have. Because we’ve known her longer. Because we know her better than you do. Because some of us have been you. Yeah, the guys she’s used briefly, just like you, they’re here too. Friends that have sat in the exact same chair you sat in when she stood behind them, telling them what to say. They’re here, too. And people who have helped her figure out how to reply to us coherently because she can’t string a sentence together on her own, going back more years than you’ll know her, they’re here, too. Yeah. We know her. We know how she works. 

Nice try, dude. I hope it got her off your back for a while, posting in her defense. I hope you got a few minute’s peace from her temper tantrums by giving in to her obsessed demands. But don’t fool yourself for a minute. We know how she works.

Do you want to know how else we know? Because of what you she said. With all of the serious allegations going around about her, look at what she chooses to address. 
1) That you write your own posts. We know better. We know what she talks about and how she says it. We know that she has a penchant for defending herself using other people’s voices (real or imagined). Give it up.
2) That you’re not leaving her. She kicks up the biggest “We’re really HAPPY together! HONEST!” fuss the most when she knows that the end is near. So this proclamation of your undying love for her reads like so many others before you. I hope this means that you’re coming to your senses. Your life will be so much better without all that drama, manipulation, and potential for federal charges.
3) That people are “telling lies.” You must know by now that these truths are only “lies” because they fly in the  face of her delusions. She spins a great yarn about how everybody hates her, is jealous, whatever, but it’s flimsy. Take a good look and you’ll see right through it.
4) Tweety  Bird. Dude, our little Birdy is a target for Tab because s/he gets it right. S/he knows Tab MUCH better than you realize, and if you’re a smart man, you’ll realize that the only reason Tab’s bitching about him/her is because s/he’s right on the money when it comes to your Queen Dragon, light of your life, soulmate, princess, whatever she’s calling herself this week. 

Then again, if you’re a wise man, you’re realize that there are scant few reasons you’re in her life to begin with. 
1) First and foremost, your disability check. She’s gotta pay those bills.
2) Secondly, you’re a hand-picked patsy. With your criminal history, you’re the perfect fall guy for whatever she wants to pin on you. Fraud for her business, check-cashing federal offenses, anything she can pin on you, she will. Watch.
3) Sympathy. After you come to your senses and leave her (and you WILL leave her), she’ll claim that you abused her. She was too terrified for her safety and the safety of her precious little girt to tell the truth, but you abused her in such horrible ways. And with your past, don’t you think people will believe her? Of course they will. She’s counting on it. That’s what she does. She’s accused every single guy she’s lived with of abusing her. You want to play the “ask me” game? Well, ask THEM. She said that James tied her down and whipped her with straps, beat and raped her. in front of her daughter. That he kidnapped both of them, locking them in a room and only let them come out to eat and use the bathroom. She said that Eric beat her in front of her daughter.
She said that Josh tied her up and choked her. Said that he shoved his manhood down her throat until she choked and vomited. I, personally, wouldn’t broadcast it if I couldn’t give a proper blow job, but she was going for sympathy. It backfired. All she accomplished was proving that she can’t even give good head. I feel for ya, dude. She posed for pictures displaying bruises that she would later claim were abuse. Too bad he was smarter than she gave him credit for.Josh was ahead of her, getting her on tape agreeing to play bondage games. So her claims that she abused him were nullified.
And, don’t forget her claims of being a biker bitch who’s affiliated with a 1% motorcycle club. Yet not one of the guys that she says abused her have stopped breathing. They don’t have a mark on them. Are we supposed to believe that her biker buddies would let one of their own get treated like that without any repercussions?

I hope you’re smarter than she’s giving you credit for, too, dude. I really do. Because with a history like yours, cries of abuse lean seriously in her favor. Her past of crying wolf goes against her, but why take that chance?
4) To threaten us. She picks up bad boys that she uses to threaten her “haters” – people that dare tell the truth about her. Eric was an ex marine Special Ops sniper that could take us out and we’d never see it coming. Josh was a bad-ass biker with ties to bikers that could/would come take care of us if we didn’t back off. And when she didn’t have a real swinging dick to pin it on, she made ’em up. At one point, she sicced her fantasy strippers on us, along with their boss who has ties to the Russian mafia. And let’s not forget the famous leg-breaker, Bo. The guy she made up to try to enforce a failed contract with Salena. The guy she screamed to her six year old daughter that he was going to put a bullet in mommy’s brain so she might as well kill herself. Tab’s words. Not just in front of her kid, but to her.
And with you, she’s already dared us to Google your criminal history, letting us know in no uncertain terms that something bad could happen to us if we didn’t back off her.
Are we sensing a pattern, yet?
5) To show off. “I have a man! I’m so fabulous! I’m such a great wife and mother!” That’s right, dude. You’re window dressing.
6) A wild goose. More about that in a minute.

7) Bed-warmer. I put this one last, because that’s the least important thing you do for her. If she tells you you’re the best she’s ever had, that you’re the only man that makes her feel like a real woman, things like that, you need to realize that she’s reading from a script. It’s the same thing she says to every guy, appealing to his manhood and string him along. Yeah. We know the script. Too many guys have heard it before. You are so easily replaced in both her bed and her heart, that it’s not funny. After you hit the bricks, she’ll have another guy in her bed before the sheets even cool off. How long did it take her to hook up with you after Josh came to his senses?

I know what you were trying to say, but, just so you know, dissolution means the ending of a relationship, either business or personal. Freudian slip? A hint? Or just Tab throwing in a big word she doesn’t understand? Either way, it’s telling.

And take a look at the likes.
Why would Troy “like” his own post? Was she behind it, after all? Did she type up the post herself after all, and then like it, making the mistake of not checking out of his account and back in on her own? Or, is it like usual, where the whole world has to go to her, but she reaches out to none? He likes some of her posts (or, more likely, she likes them herself using his account), but how often does she like his? 

It’s no coincidence that she’s got you posting about the topics of her choice when the very real revelation about that payday loan and identity theft came to light. That’s her script, too. When something real and serious comes to light (that she’s a fraud, scam, thief, etc) comes out, with PROOF, she throws a hissy fit to try to change the subject. She’ll throw her sick mother under the bus – well, not anymore. She’ll throw her kid out on the internet to hide behind. She’ll even get her sister to fake a suicide attempt.

And, make no mistake, she’ll use you, too. This is where the wild goose comes in. Just like anything and everybody else in her life, she’ll use you to kick up a fuss to try and throw the scent off her. Just look at the timing. She threw fits and got you to post your assertion not even a whole day after it came out about that identity theft payday loan. You don’t really think that it’s a coincidence that she got a bug up her ass and cooked that up ? Of course not. It’s her trying to cover her ass with you. I hope you’re smart enough to see that.

The biggest tell of all that she dictated that post is the fact that you she called her(self) “Tabetha Willis Jones.” That’s what she calls herself to be daddy’s badass biker chick. I pretty much guarantee that you don’t call her by all those names. Only she does that.

Finally, that old, washed up failures crack? Yeah. That’s all Tab, too. You frankly don’t know us well enough to hold such a grudge that you’d take such a personal dig and try to call us failures. Or old. Or dried up. As a guy, you don’t care about any of the above. Only a woman holds such a deep-seeded grudge. E for effort, dude, but we know better.

Old? Maybe. Some of us. But none of us are ashamed of our ages. I’m not, anyway. I’ve fought for it. I’ve earned every minute. My age isn’t an insult. It’s a victory. Calling me old isn’t going to do anything but make me smile. Yup. I’m old. And?

Washed up? Hardly. Tab’s former victims are carving out their own niches in the literary world. More than one have created their own publishing ventures, and more still have carried on publishing their own works.

It takes time to recover from the particularly brutal brand of abuse Tabetha dishes out to friends, family, authors, boyfriends. You’ll find out. Some authors bounced back pretty quickly and carried on. My daughter published her book successfully after Tab dumped on her. So have others that thankfully dodged the bullet I, personally have projects coming up. So do others I could name. But I won’t. If they want their business made public before the fact, they can say so.

There are different definitions of failure. Tab’s definition may be “people who know the truth about me and have moved on to happier lives” as failures. But the rest of us more likely define success as:
People who live happy, happy, healthy lives, physically and emotionally.
People who work hard to  take care of the people in their lives.
People who lift others up with love and support instead of dragging others down.
People who take care of themselves, their homes, their cars and everything else.
People who treat others with honesty, dignity and integrity.
People who work hard to earn their money.

Whatever your definition is, none of that last list above describes Tabetha Jones. So when she tries to label somebody else as a failure, hand her one of two things. A Mirror, or a picture of a pot and kettle.

Here. I’ll help.


16 thoughts on “The Old Washed Up Failures Club

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  2. Troy darling, if she’ll bitch about other men to you, she’ll bitch about you to the next guy, too. You look like a fool defending her.

  3. How does she find these men that let her play with their lives and futures?
    I’d expect ppl to talk about her around her neighbourhood and warn each other…

    • They do talk. A couple of ’em went fshing together with their wives last week.

      She imported this latest one from Florida. I can’t imagine there’s a guy left in Texas that hasn’t either heard about her antics or had a turn at that doorknob themselves.

      The thing to remember is that we’re talking about guys, here. When it comes to sex, they don’t care if a woman is fat or thin, clever or dumb as a post. All they care about is getting some. And if they’ve got somebody throwing it at them like a frisbee, they’re going to catch it. She talks them up like they’re the greatest guy ever, best lover on the planet, gives them a place to live, treats them like a king (at first) -her king dragon.
      The quickest way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach. It’s straight up his crotch, and that’s what she leads ’em around by.

      She starts off like Suzy homemaker, telling them not to worry, she’ll take care of everything, laying on that sweet southern charm. In more ways than one.

      She makes sure to get a ring and a commitment out of them as fast as she can, and then she’s got ’em on the hook.

      That’s when the true colors start to leak through. Not all at once, but with her first starting to stay up all night partying. And, hey. What good old boy doesn’t like a party girl?

      Then she sleeps all day. Suzy homemaker becomes Rip Van Winkle. Housework doesn’t get done, and slowly but surely, he’s not only paying for everything, he’s doing everything, too. Picking up, throwing something together for supper, getting his brand new daughter off to school. And that’s fine, because it’s a partnership. Give and take. And that’s what a real man does, right? Takes care of his family.

      And then the temper shows up. Throwing things, screaming when she doesn’t get her way, smashing dishes, breaking furniture. Busting out a guy’s teeth? Giving him black eyes?

      And those famous spiritual battles she fights, fending off some spiritual malevolent demon of her own invention, whether it’s from her own past or somebody else’s. I can only imagine the spectacle she makes of herself, writhing around, foaming at the mouth, screaming her nonsensical incantations that don’t mean anything. Trying to make a person feel like they’re set upon by some spirit that wishes them harm, and only she can ward them off. She pulled it with Jackie, sending her “blessed” items, then later trying to intimidate her by saying that those blessed items could cause Jackie harm if she turned on tab.

      She tried it with Salena, too, waging a nightly spiritual battle against some guy from Salena’s dream and spending the next day exhausted from the bitter, harrowing battle.

      I can only imagine what poor Josh went through. What spirit plagued him that she had to battle against for him? The spirits of boyfriends past, trying to get at him for taking their girl?

      I wonder what story she shovels at Troy. Lord knows he’s got demons of his own. Has she made him feel, with her entertaining floor show, that she can keep his demons at bay? Has she told him that the power of the dragon can protect him? Or her gifts from her guardian “arc” angel? Both?

      Point is, when her skill in the bedroom doesn’t live up to the promise of her willingness in the begining, and the luster of something new wears off, she’s got to find some way to keep a guy thinking he needs her. All accounts say that she does it by making them think that she alone can fight for their spiritual safety and even their immortal soul, if they believe in such things.

      But, without fail, they open their eyes and see it. She’s not a housewife. She’s not even a passable whore. She’s not gifted by the angels. She’s not some spiritual warrior battling to protect them. All she is is a lying, cheating mental case that’s been beating them up (physically, emotionally) and emptying their wallets. Destroying their credit ratings. Taking them for everything she can get before they wise up and hit the door.

      And then the full spectrum of her true colors shine through, blaming everything on him. Accusing him of abusing her (pot, kettle), pinning whatever crimes she can on him so she can come out smelling of roses. Painting herself as the poor little victim for sympathy and show.

      Authors will recognise this as the same way she treats them, from the sweet-talking start to the battered and bruised end.

      I don’t know where she finds these vulnerable, gullible people. I only know that nobody deserves that. Nobody.

  4. I will tell you that she is definitely a predator. When I first started even thinking about publishing she bad mouthed the person who asked me to participate in an anthology. When she found out, by my own words, that I had promised a dear friend the very night he died in my arms to try and publish, she was relentless.

    My stupidity, but it was disguised as an innocent question. A very simple ” After all the years of you writing and not trying to publish, why now?” From then on it was gimme a chance, we have learned and I promise we will rise from the ashes of my mistakes and fly. When I vaguely told her about my childhood she pushed for a book on my abused past. I was toying with the idea to help heal, she pushed.

    And if that wasn’t bad enough she started demanding erotica type poetry. I did write one, but she couldn’t grasp the concept of you DON’T release an erotica RIGHT AFTER you publish a book about abuse. Uhm hello, that makes no sense. She got pissy with me, even as far as the book release, which I called my buffer book, I had to do ALL the work to get it set up.

    Y’all belive what you want coming from her tainted lying lips, when you want the truth come talk to me.

    • And in addition (I almost mis-typed that as addiction, but that would have fit, too, wouldn’t it?) to being a clueless publisher, she’s also an identity leech.
      After you told her about your abused childhood, your promise to publish, certain bad-ass people you know, your affinity for skulls and use of the word Sin in your signature, how you’ve kept journals since you were a kid, how much of it did she steal to pass off as her own story?

      If the first thing somebody does when they talk to you is badmouth somebody else, that tells you what kind of person you’re dealing with right there. And that’s all she does. Not a kind word to say about anybody she’s ever dealt with. And why? Because they found out what she’s like, so she’s got to try to trash them to discredit any truth they might tell about her.

      Authors, take heed. CFW was very close to Tab, a treasured author, a dear friend and “sister” until she (CFW) found out for herself that Tab wasn’t who she thought she was. Then (and now) CFW is public enemy number one. Tab posts skulls or some other tidbit every other day just to get a rise out of CFW, knowing that it very likely affects her health to get upset. Trying to put her old pal in the grave with her taunts, to shut her up and bury the truth.

      THAT’S who Tab Jones is. Deal with her at your peril, because you will, without fail, regret it.

      Same goes for you, Troy. And any other guy giving her a thought. Think with the head on your shoulders. You’ll thank me later.

    • JT has the truth right here from you and all the rest of them. She tells people oh it’s just hate don’t read that blog or she even tells them that if they do it’s breach of contract to keep them away. She’s a preditor and a manipulator that’s why she doesn’t have any friends anymore. If they would of only read this blog first they would of spared themself a lot of pain. I use to write for her because she made alot of promises but she took over everything of mine and made me work like a slave, she never wanted to do anything she gets everybody else to do it. All she does is drink alot, and talk about drugs she takes for her pain so I don’t know if she’s a junkie she’s got a prescription. But she stays up all night drinking and sleeps all day and then all she doews is make up people on the internet and bitch about Le’s blot. I been on the phone with her when her child said she was hungry and she told her to go away she’s busy and all she was doing was talking on the phone with me bitching about Leps blog. I felt so bad for her I hung up. She’s a liar because her book is about La bare she said it alot of times but then she lies and says its not. She’s a liar and a preditor that’s for sure.

  5. What’s really funny is that both Tabby and Troy are both talking to other bae’s and there both lying to the other about it. He’s talking to a ho he use to no and she’s talking to a guy where she’s talking about moving to so when she get’s there she already has him lined up and waiting for her. I already got the answers bitch believe it. But I do got one question, your posting pictures about how Rylee is your little girl and how she calls you daddy and stole your heart well tell me this. What kind of daddy let’s there baby girl there little sweetheart go thru the fight you guys had where she was screaming and punching you in front of her kid and pushed her to, what kind of daddy let’s there kid live with that kind of violents? Answer that asshole.

    • No fight ever took place don’t put words in my mouth.What”ho”are you talking about?There is no violence from us ,y’all need to chill.As for her moving ding ding ding it’s with me Alex Trebek.In other news never has beens trying to be smart and witty.

      • Take all the pot shots you want, kid. Joke’s on you in the end. Because we all know the day will come that you realize every single word we’re saying is true. I only hope you’re not sitting in federal prison doing time for her crimes when it happens.

      • ” in other news never has beens trying to be smart and witty”? Is that even a sentence structure or more incoherent ramblings from Ms. I’m so full of shit I stink Jones. If it really is the fall guy Troy, of course that is dubious, you are as dumb as they come boy! You say no violence UNTIL she’s tired of you, or your dumb ass wakes up and leaves that swamp moose. Hey man I get it, you were convinced by her bullshit southern charm, and fell for her lies. Now you see what her child has to endure and you feel for the kid. Ok, so yeah you may have a heart, or your ass is too fucking stupid to see the forest for the trees. I’ll tell you what boy, if this is really you, untie that board from your ass and run. Report that bitch for her actions and protect the child you are claiming to care about. If not then you deserve every damn thing that bitch does to you. The possible jail time, federal charges and oh you bet your rebel ass she will say that THERE WAS violence but she was too afraid to say anything. The same shit she said about Eric, Randy, Josh and her pretend enforcer, you know the guy who came on this very blog stating how that cunt was his love, that they were star crossed lovers, and that destiny will eventually bring them together. Yes the same guy who threatened to put a bullet in her head over supposed money he forked out to cover her “debt” she claimed was all salena’s fault. Notice the pattern? If not boy you are stupid.

      • Now we know your a liar too because she fights all the time if you say there’s no fights your a liar like she is. So if your willing to go along with her lies I hope you go to jail with her for taking out a payday loan in Jacqueline’s name, you both deserve to rot in jail. Your just a loser that beats up elderly and you let a little girl get nocked around and neglected your no man. You should go to hell.

  6. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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