New book

You can jump over to the Depplady blog to see information about History Fair, a new book available from Jeannie Depp.


5 thoughts on “New book

  1. So wait hang on you rip Ms Jones for using a pen neme than you turn around and do the same thing? That shows how jealous you are of the beautiful and talented Ms Jones so you copy her, what a hypocrite you are saying one thing then sneaking around copying her greatness your just a fraud and a dried up old cunt. You showed your true colors copying the fabulous talented Ms Jones ha ha ha ha! Your the sad wannabe not her. Stupid fucking washed up old cunt!

  2. I was almost tempted to believe this comment was a parody of a “fabulous Ms Jones” fanatic.

    Lepplady has criticized the way that Ms Jones has used pen names, not the fact that she has used pen names.

      • I think you are correct in using pen names to “brand” work in different genres. I do not think it should be mandatory, but authors should think about it. From my childhood I remember Roald Dahl from his 1961 TV series “Way Out” (I called “Way Out” one step beyond the outer limits of the twilight zone, deliciously scary for a 13 year-old). Later as a parent I became aware of Roald Dahl’s children’s books like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. If a parent bought Roald Dahl’s “Someone Like You” and started reading it to the kids based on assumptions, the kids would be terrified and maybe in need of therapy.

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