There’s a reason Tab published all of your books on Createspace and Smashwords using her own account. Because there are no publisher’s accounts. Only indivicual ones. So she slapped your books on Createspace, put your names as the authors, and had all of your pay sent to her personal account.

That’s not publishing, folks. It’s just not. That’s her pirating your work WITH YOUR CONSENT. That’s why, when she prints out ‘sales’ reports, she has to block out other people’s information. And, on face value, that makes sense. One account means that everybody’s names show up on HER account, because that’s how she published.

But, as long as you consent for her to publish your work that way, it’s not illegal. That’s not the dodgy part.

What IS dodgy is that those sales reports aren’t just blocked out. They’re doctored. They’re altered. There’s absolutely no reason for an author to believe that the information is fair and accurate on any level, considering that their publisher is neither.

What’s dodgy is that all of that money goes into her PERSONAL account, not a business account. That should never happen. Not even for a sole proprietor (which she is not, btw. Not as long as she has partners and/or hires employees – both of which she did continuously while she was at least pretending to run a company). Even a sole proprietor has to keep business money separate from personal money. Ne’er the twain should meet. And if your ‘publisher’ is a corporation (fake LLC or otherwise) it’s ILLEGAL to mix business and personal monies.

Personal money and business money should never mix. Just like personal matters and business matters should remain in two different compartments. Authors aren’t buddies, they’re business. If their publisher’s kid needs new shoes, doesn’t have clothes for school, needs a tonsillectomy or (my favorite) won’t have a Christmas because those pesky authors demand to get paid, that’s PERSONAL. The author should never hear about it. The author writes a book. The publisher publishes it. The author gets paid. Period.

How often do you think Stephen King hears about it when somebody at Dell or Bantam’s kid has the sniffles? Right. Zero. Because that’s how PUBLISHING works. Not scams.

But I digress.

The point today is to tell you to ignore my previous post.

That’s right. Don’t go to Createspace and Smashwords and tell them to turn off those distribution channels. Tell them to un-publish your book. Period. I’ve been saying “Yank them” for ages, but that’s a general term. Here, exactly, is how easy it is to un-publish a book, on both Createspace and Smashwords.

Just like with marketing channels at both publishing services, publishing (and un-publishing) a book is a matter of a single click.

Here’s what your book summaries look like on your dashboard at Smashwords:
(except for the arrow. I added that.}
See that arrow? It points to the word UNPUBLISH. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. But I’ll explain it anyway. If I want to unpublish History Fair from Smashwords and ALL of the sales channels through which it’s sold (by Smashwords), all I have to do is click that link. It’s that easy. Doesn’t take a genius.

Createspace takes a couple of steps, but it’s still not rocket science.
Here’s the Createspace dashboard:
Click to go to your distribution channels, and it looks like this:
Each of the blue arrows is a channel through which I’ve elected to distribute History Fair.
Notice that I did NOT select CreateSpace Direct. That’s the channel that allows third parties to sell your books. No thanks.

If you simply click on each blue arrow, it will turn white, like the CreateSpace direct arrow is. When all o the arrows are white, that means that you’ve chosen not to make your book available at all.

When all of the arrows are white, go to the bottom and save.
That’s it. You’re done.
No sales channels means no book. It might still appear on Amazon, but it will be listed as ‘currently unavailable’ for purchase.

And there again, you see how easy it would have been for your former publisher to remove your books from circulation COMPLETELY, as well as disabling those third party sales. Especially since all those options are on the same page.

If her intention was ever to protect your best interests and remove your book from circulation, as she claims, she could have done it at any time, as simply as this.

So, one of two things has been going on. Either she’s keeping your work available on purpose so that she can keep making money off of you, or she’s simply too inept to figure out how to do it. Even though she’s been publishing your books for… how many years now? Either one is possible, but I think you can guess which way I’m leaning.

Take matters into your own hands, folks. Contact both Createspace and Smashwords to make sure that your work isn’t being sold by anybody but you. Give Ingram a call, too, in case she’s decided to scare up the money to buy proper ISBN numbers to scam you there, too. It’s your work, folks. Those are your words, your dreams.

Don’t let her keep stealing them.


7 thoughts on “Unpub

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  2. Nobody is stealing nothing cunt those books were all removed by the professional talented beautiful businesswoman you WISH YOU COULD BE!!!! Why don’t you go finer your dried up old cobweb cunt sence you can’t get a man in that dusty old cave while Ms Jones marries the love of her life who stands beside her while she has surgeries what does your man do for you? Oh that’s right you DON’T HAVE ONE BECAUSE YOUR SUCH A STUPID CUNT!!!!

    • Beautiful? Talented? Businesswoman?

      Hang on while I shake my head and roll my eyes, alternately. Might throw in a few fits of incredulous laughter while I’m at it.

      I don’t WISH I could be successful. I WORK at it. What a concept. You should try it sometime. Don’t rush out to get a job, though. We wouldn’t want you to chip a nail.

      Dried up? Cobwebs? Can’t get a man? Ah, dear, delusional troll. I just celebrated my 14th anniversary with my Tall Guy. He and I have stood by each other through thick and thin. Surgeries and good health. Good times, and bad. You know, mutually. Not the sort of ‘relationship’ you have, where the world has to come to you because you can’t be bothered by anybody’s needs but your own. Selfish to the end, it’s all got to be about you.

      I’ve gone with my Tall Guy to bury our departed. I’m not the type that would refuse to spend the money to let my man travel to bury a beloved member of his family. My world revolves around people. Not money. When you can say the same (and mean it), you can talk about me. Until then, mind your own business. If you can manage to create one that isn’t illegal as hell.

    • Are you serious? The only fool dumb enough to spout praises like that are nothing but self-centered, addled brained, narcissistic, desperate individuals. Shall we say hello to yet another alt from the crazed mind of Tabetha Jones.

  3. Let me say this, I know the whole story of Tabetha Jones, and I think we can all agree she’s a dumb bitch, who has fucked people over, can’t raise her kid and is a pretty big hoe. Everyone will have something to say to this comment but I’ll say it anyways, this has been going on since 2012, it’s 2016, why are yall still going on and on about the same shit? I don’t like Tabetha but why argue and talk mess over something that won’t ever change?

    • You’re exactly right about all of the above.

      There’s only one reason to keep talking about her: Because she’s still ripping people off. As we speak, she’s gathering whatever real authors she can get her grubby paws on to contribute stories for Wicked Souls. Only now, she’s not even bothering with the facade of an illegal company.

      We only keep posting so that she can’t con people with her “It’s all in the past” “I’ve learned from my mistakes” or “Everybody deserves a second chance!” claims. It’s not in the past. It’s ongoing. And what everybody deserves is to know what and who they’re dealing with.

      Believe me, if she’d truly give it up and go honest, I’d be the first one to raise my hands to heaven and scream Hallelujah! But she’s still out there, still selling authors’ books on foreign markets, still putting together those bogus anthologies.

      We’ll stop when she does.

  4. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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