The other day, I announced the publication of a new book and invited folks to read about it on the Depplady blog.
And then, today, this shows up in the comments here:

First, I “rip Ms Jones” for using not just one, but dozens of fake names. And, second, I am not doing the same thing. She makes up not only fake names, but fake lives to back them up, as if they’re real people. She makes them up to scam real authors who submit material for her anthologies – telling them that all of the authors get an equal cut, and that the publisher won’t take a cut. How generous! But what she doesn’t tell them is that there might be one, two or three real authors, and all the rest are she, herself, under all of these different names. So, if an anthology earns ten bucks, each real author gets a dollar. But if 7, 8 or 9 of the authors are her using fake names, she keeps 7, 8 or 9 dollars. Still seem generous? Nope.

In short, I’m not making up a fake name to scam people. I don’t make up fake backgrounds to try and flesh people out like she does. Anybody remember leg-breaker Bo and the beautiful Sky(lier) Wicker(son)? Right. Two ‘people’ that she insisted were real. She still insists that they’re real, and that the beautiful Sky is dating her sister. Bo met his untimely demise on the day of the Waco shootout involving the Bandidos. Though, when pressed for details about his death – names of the decedents were produced and she was asked which one he was – she backpedalled saying that just because he died that day, it didn’t mean he was involved in the shooting.

Uh huh. Right.

The point, here, is that I’m not using a fake name to scam anybody. I’m not trying to bolster a  flagging roster of authors or pad the content of a bogus book with fake names churning out the same crap to scam any real authors that might be caught in the trap.

To be clear, I will be writing under two names. Jeannie Depp is the name I assign to my adult literature. And, by adult I mean grown up. Not erotica. I don’t write erotica. I’m talking about everything except children’s books. Not spank.

For children’s books, I’ll be using the name Jeanne Gonser.

And here’s why. If my grown up books are successful, I don’t want a fan of that literary readership to pick up a book one day, open it and discover that it’s a kid’s picture book about my pet cat, Stumpy. Conversely, I don’t want a mother of two toddlers to pick up a book by me thinking it’s a kid’s book and discover that it’s about kidnapping, bondage and torture. So. A different name for kid’s books, and another for the grown-up stuff. It only makes sense.

Unlike the mouth of the south, I’m not trying to be dodgy or deceitful.

“But my pen names are for different aspects of my personality, my different moods, different genres! It’s the same thing!”

No. It’s not. Her argument might be valid if her writing fell into genres. But all of her stuff is the same horribly written Mary Jane spank, cranked out over and over, without the benefit of any proper editing or formatting. She spews it out like she’s taking a dump, and with roughly the same consistency and odor. There’s no mood or genre to it, unless the genre of CRAP has been added to the list. If it has, her picture appears in the definition.

It’s also not the same because she actually tries to make these people real, with stolen pictures and fabricated bios that mirror her own, making her the star of the show. That’s not even on the same planet as what I’m doing. It’s not even in the same universe.

Ordinarily, I’d say that it’s nobody’s business what names I choose to use or why. But  I don’t mind setting the record straight. I, for one, have nothing to hide.

Why do I need a different name? Well, I don’t need one. I’m choosing to use one. There’s a difference. And the reason I’m choosing to do so is pretty simple. Larson is who I was for the past 33 years. It’s not who I choose to be now, and certainly not who I want to be in the future. I want to evolve and grow into my own person, the person of my own decisions. My own choices. Not just somebody’s ex-wife or somebody’s mother. I love that last role, and it carries with me no matter what name I put on the front of a book. I’ll always be a mother. Using a different pen name is simply what I choose. I need no other reason.

If anybody has any questions for me about my decisions, please feel free to voice them. Like I said. I have nothing to hide.

But if you, up in the cheap seats… yeah, you. The one getting your third hysterectomy, have anything snarky to say, stuff it up your butt sideways instead. I’m sure there’s room for it, even with your head blocking the way.


17 thoughts on “OFFS. SMH.

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  2. Seriously when is the witless wonder going to realize that BEFORE anything she spews has merit, she should make sure that it is coherent. Again you simpleton SPELL-CHECK. I know that the technology is only as smart as the operator, but DAYUM you are stupid.

    Are you for real? Jealous much??? Is it possible that you can’t stand the fact that people are and have moved on? Is it that you are upset that you aren’t center stage, you aren’t worthy to be on anyone’s lips or thoughts? Get over yourself little girl, unlike you who desperately try to be like everyone you come in contact with, no one would dare to want to be like you. We value our GOOD reputations and character, to ever sink to want to be like you.

    If you want to talk about copying someone, please explain it to me as if I were a 6 year old, why are you accusing JT when you have COPIED ME. If you don’t comprehend let me explain in a way you addled brain will understand. You never used your precious dad’s name before I USED MY maiden and married name on my books. And before you dare say it is in a tribute to your father, remember bitch that is what I said as to why I decided to use my first, maiden and last names.

    Now again there is nothing great about you Tabetha except your ability to slither away from your bullshit and lies, unless you want to include you ability to manipulate every damn person you come into contact with.Outside of that you are nothing but a huge pimple on the ass of society. There is not anything special about you, you have no powers, you were NEVER graced by an “arch” angel, there is no long kept journals or spell book handed down by dad, who just so happened to be some bad ass biker. Toots you have 0 affiliation with any 1% motorcycle club, you ain’t shit.

    Get a damn life.

    • Let’s not forget that she waited to have her “wedding” in April, my anniversary month. I wonder if she’ll ride her daddy’s Harley down the aisle for this one, too. You know, the bike they both wiped out on doing 60 (70?) on the highway and walked away with nothing more than road rash (even though the bike landed on her thighs – and she was wearing Daisy Dukes)… the bike that crashed because of the windshield, but when she shows pictures of it, there’s no windshield on it. Yeah, right. Sounds like a load of malarkey to me, too.

      You know she can’t talk about that 1% motorcycle club anymore. They take terrorist threats very seriously in this country. Even in her city where she seems to get probation violations and CPS charges to slide off like Teflon. Her local drug buddies connections can’t help her at the federal level. So, hush her mouth. Daddy’s bad-ass little biker bitch won’t dare even speak their names anymore for fear of catching a charge she can’t buy or blow her way out of.
      Yeah. Real bad-ass.

      • A smart person wouldn’t have been flapping their gums about things they knew nothing about. Then again I did say smart, not shady. I don’t get it, is Tabetha’s self image so pathetic that she needs these alts to build herself up? I guess growing up a spoiled brat and having to wake up to reality, having to be an adult and mother, was way too much for her sad sensibilities.

        I mean come on she can’t be the spoiled baby princess, when she has her own to take care of. Oh wait she doesn’t. She is too selfish too care about anything or anyone but herself. She has a what’s in it for me mentality.

        There is nothing beautiful or talented about an abusive person. And don’t get it twisted no matter if it is physical, sexual, or mental abuse it is ALL abuse. If you know something about a person and use it to your advantage then you are an abusive person. And that is Tabetha Jones.

      • She is still spoiled, to a degree. She does whatever she wants and walks away fancy-free. She violated probation wantonly and never paid the price for it. She gets multiple visits from CPS (child protective services) yet never faces the consequences of being such a horrible parent. She does have somebody in her pocket. Never mind who, for now. We know who it is. I hope they know that. And, while s/he’s pretty impressive, s/he needs to realize that even s/he has a boss. S/he has people to answer to, and the longer s/he keeps protecting her, the harder s/he’ll fall. Being a family friend is one thing, but the family’s gone now, except for Tab, and she doesn’t tell her guardian angel everything. S/he’s completely unaware of being an accessory to federal tax fraud, evasion, theft. Well WASN’T aware of it. S/he knows now, after perusing this blog from start to finish.
        I’m pretty sure s/he’s done after bailing our favorite Scam artist out of terrorist threat charges related to that 1% motorcycle club she likes to mouth off about. That’s major.
        Miss Thang isn’t just keeping a low profile due to health reasons or her happy wedding day. And she certainly hasn’t turned over any new leaves. She’s keeping quiet most likely because that was the last favor she gets, and she knows it.
        The world must be a scary place, knowing that there’s no more safety net.

    • When she made that nonsense about her “arch”angel up she showed the full extent of her ignorance!
      Disgusting woman!

      • Expecially since she didn’t even know enough to call it an “arch” angel. She called in her “arc” angel.
        Yeah. Not the brightest bulb in the box.

        But what’s even worse is that she’s filling her kid’s head with this nonsense.

      • Phoeneticly it’s pronounced arc or ark angel. I would expect that someone who promotes herself as an author/editor/publisher (and claims mystic powers to boot) should know that the correct spelling is archangel.

      • It can’t take much longer, she will get what she deserves, all this committing of abuse and crimes can’t slide off her like water off a duck’s back forever!
        Just thinking of her makes me cringe!

  3. Oh my, so it’s an arc angel in tabby’s world?
    She claims all the juicy bits from all these different religions and belief systems but is so ignorant and disrespectful about all of them!
    Disgusting woman!
    I bet she stole the ideas from somebody who was her friend at the time, as per usual…

    • What she chooses to spout for her own beliefs is one thing (laughable as it is) but it becomes a tragedy when she fills an innocent child’s head with the same nonsense. What’s going to happen to that poor kid when she gets a little older and realizes what a fruitcake mom is? At her age, I suspect that the revelation is already dawning. How many birthdays have there been where the only people there are mom, whatever boy-toy mom’s milking for money that month, and/or one or two of mom’s friends? No school friends, no real friends at all.
      And when that kid’s old enough to see for herself online what a spectacle mom makes of herself, how she (the kid) has been used by mom, sees sweet pictures of herself side by side with photos of mom half-naked and bathed in blood. When she sees all of those photos of mom naked, half-naked and trashy as hell. When she’s old enough to read this blog (and others) and see what a liar and theif her mom really is/was, all the hurtful things she’s done to people, ripping them off, abusing them, tearing families apart. What is that poor kid supposed to think?
      If she’s half as smart as her egg doner says, she’ll be horrified, and I feel sorry for her. She’s got not one single person in her life that has ever cared enough about her to step up and do the right thing by her. Neither one of her parents, none of the (many) men that have gone through the rotating door to mom’s bedroom, nobody. Anybody that did care has been driven away by her mother’s temper and venom.
      One of two things is going to happen. Either that kid will hit the ground running and live her life using mom as an example of what NOT to be, or she’ll grow up to be the same trash-talking, male stripper-chasing, lying, scheming, life-sucking mini-me mom claims she is. And that, my friends, would be the real tragedy of it all.
      Any mother that cared for her child would move heaven and earth to make sure that she was never exposed to the things we KNOW that kid has seen. But, look who we’re talking about. A narcissist that only shows care for herself.

  4. She just loves to steel people’s writings because the arc angels and demons things she is talking about she got from a story I am writing and have been working on for 5+ years now and have witnesses to prove it.

    • Of this I have no doubt.

      Her Voodoo comes from a visit to a shop in Waco. Her “mentor” ran the place, all too happy to sell potions, Juju bags, dolls and charms to such a willing customer. There was never a mentorship. Just a saleswoman doing her job.

      Her Badass Biker Bitch persona springs from a single rally in Texas. No visits to Sturgis, no affiliation whatsoever with the Bandidos, as she claimed. No wipeout doing 70 down the highway wearing Daisy Duke shorts and not so much as a road rash to show for it. None of it.

      Her “I’ve been writing since I was 12 and found my outlet in writing poems and stories in journals” bio is ripped off from Cindy Franks-White. So was using her father’s name along with her own to honor him. Cindy has shown proof of her journals. The world’s most pathetic wannabe never did. She can’t.

      Her goth persona and many, many pictures of herself drenched in blood are ripped off from Salena, a true goth queen.

      Her angels and demons are ripped off from you, I’m certain of it.

      Too bad she never tried to copycat a successful writer, doting mother or loving housewife. She might actually get somewhere.

      Or maybe she tried, but failed as badly about that as she has about copying everybody else.

      • And the whole power thing she ripped that off from me to. Because unlike her I got my gifts the right way. And she dose not know anything about magic and herbs she wanted to mix to very non mixable herbs for a spell to fight someone she said was their right in front of us.

      • Was she seeing people again?

        That woman, I swear. Whether she’s fighting a guy from someone else’s dream, or flinging herself around in fits battling against the “spirit” of some unseen enemy, she’s nothing but a joke.

        I have no doubt that she hasn’t got a clue about herbology, or anything else to do with real magic. She’s nothing but a pretender.

        I only hope she isn’t really filling her kid’s head with all of that nonsense that she calls religion. From patchwork ideologies about voodoo, Catholicism, angels, demons, dreams and nightmares, she’s a Jill of all trades and master of none. She’s not fit to even TRY to teach any of it to an impressionable young child.

  5. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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