If you’ve ever dealt with a scam artist, it’s a very good idea to make sure your identity hasn’t been compromised. Even if you haven’t dealt with a scam artist, it’s still a good idea to check yourself.

The Federal Trade Commission are the Social Security watchdogs. They monitor Social Security number activity and can tell you if and how your #SSN has been accessed and used. They’re the people you want to talk to.

There are several ways to get started checking yourself out. You can call them at:

Go online at FTC.gov
The front page points you at reporting a scam, but they can also tell you if your information has been compromised and how it’s being used if it has. Create a free account and navigate to the proper place to ask them to have a look and make sure your personal information is secure. They’re not one of those identity protection companies you see on television. They investigate upon request.

If they do find suspicious activity, they can help you create a recovery plan and present you with any evidence you need to pursue civil legal action as well as state and federal authorities. There are multiple actions you can take to remedy the situation

If you do find that your information has been compromised, visit identitytheft.gov to see more options as well.

The days of schemes and fraud are over, my friends.

You’re welcome.


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      • I’m trying to remember as it’s been so long! I believe I contacted all three credit bureaus online and froze them that way. It costs about three dollars per bureau to freeze your credit.

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