On the move?

SOMEbody has been viewing this blog from assorted spots throughout Texas, not to mention the usual proxies (unless somebody really is looking at us from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India). Makes me wonder if she’s on the move.

I realise that certain other interested parties in TX are keeping track of her activities as well (wink, nod), but she’s got a pattern that I know pretty well. When she looks, when she switches to which proxy so that she can try to make it look like she’s not looking, in the wee hours of the morning – and on school days, no less.

She’s been keeping a low profile, but she’s still transparent. She’s still looking, and she’s cooking up her next move. Both literally and figuratively.

Our little birdie might have finally been found out, because that source has been pretty quiet for a while now, too. But there are whispers. There are always whispers. And if half of the whispers that are drifting this way are true, we’re in for a DELIGHTFUL spectacle. I can hardly wait.

You just won’t believe it.


18 thoughts on “On the move?

  1. She is hiding her posts on Facebook again, yet says she has nothing to hide….um then why hide posts, she also is stealing people’s lives, believes, and story’s from past to present life. She is a scam artist a con a phyco and many other thing but none of these is what she claims to be. She claims powers that are not hers and has no idea how powerful some of the people she is messing with really are like lady lepp here or the unseen forces she claims to fight I know for a fact that BS because some that she claims to be fighting is a thousand time the power she could ever claim to have and let’s just say little pinky could do that trick. If any catch my drift. Her so called hubby to be and her herself have been ripping off poses and other things from some of the great people on here. As well as Facebook. Well one day she will have to answer for all that she has done and karma does not play. I wish her no I’ll will or harm but as I said karma does not play. Sorry long winded and slightly jumppy sleep deprived and suffering from a real back injury has me a bit on the weeeee pretty color side. Thank you lady lepp and all who have been following the blog maybe together we can put a stop to the lies and theft and all other crimes.

    • Right, because hiding her posts is exactly how somebody behaves when they have nothing to hide.

      She’s telling people, I’m sure, that she HAS to hide because we stalk her, turning herself into the victim. “Just look at how they talk about me when they can’t even see my posts!” Sob, sob. By now, I’m sure that even the blushing new husband doesn’t buy it.

      They have to hide where they’re moving to because we stalk them and they fear for their precious little girl!
      *insert eye roll* That’s why they had to move in the first place! *victim, victim*

      Who wants to take bets that she’s changing her name to yet another alt so that she can open yet another fake, illegal company to rip off even more authors? Anybody?

      I wonder what she’ll name this one? Hmmm.

      • Lol true and who’s looks life stories and memories she will have next. She thinks she can accomplish something by all this when what’s she needs to do is stop plagiarizing other peoples lives and stories and just make her own life better by following the laws of god(s) and man maybe then she would not have to do so many copping spells to make herself look powerful and what not. Maybe then she can escape all the drama. Then again that is what she feeds on. Oooo oooo I know what she is she is a trickster and a sukubus maybe we can call Sam and dean and they can deal with it lol oh wait that’s right they are characters they are not real. But I bet she thinks they are maybe that’s who’s stalking her lol.

  2. Personally she can hide her posts I don’t give a rats ass about her or her sorry excuse for a life. She tried to push buttons and piss me off, sorry but I have to care about you or your opinion for it to matter. And to be honest I don’t give the witless wonder a thought let alone want to waste time looking at her page.

    I have no problem pointing out her many failures and desperate attempts be noticed. But what’s the use? Seriously if she is moving it has nothing to do with this blog, as it has everything to do with her stealing from, using and abusing people. I’d bet dollars to donuts that she ran her mouth to or about the wrong person and it is a flight for her life situation.

    Tabetha just needs to realize that the real survivors are better and stronger than she could possibly dream about. I myself have a few real amazing friends assisting me to get my books out there. That is something Tabetha will never have, real 100 people in her life.

    • I’m sure it’s a disappointment that she couldn’t get under your skin. She tried so hard, but the world doesn’t revolve around her.

      Look at the timing. She fell off the radar (and is moving?) Immediately getting out of making terrorist threats involving a 1% motorcycle club.

      Maybe she’s pissing down her leg because her legal safety net is gone.
      Maybe she’s afraid that her bragging and threats involving those bikers got back to them.
      Or maybe she’s pissing down her leg because she knows they have. Maybe she’s afraid that things that go bump in the night will visit her, the way she promised that those gators would come after me.
      Maybe she’s moving because she’s got more charges breathing down her neck.

      She copies other, remember. And her husband moved out of state after getting out of some pretty serious charges. The only question is where they plan to move, taking into consideration that her daughter has a father that’s got visitation. I’m not sure how that works in Texas, but in most cases, the custodial parent can’t move the child out of state without facing kidnapping charges. So is she moving somewhere in-state? Dallas, maybe, so that she can stalk her beloved strippers? Dallas is in a different country, after all.

      Maybe she’s planning to change her name and pick up where she left off.
      Maybe she’s just laying low.
      Hell, maybe she’s writing up a piece for Chicken Soup after reading about it on this blog. Some delusional bit of fiction about embracing her curves and her modeling career. As if there’s anything inspirational about her rolling around naked in buckets of blood.

      Whatever the scenario, you can bet she’s scheming. It’s who she is.
      It’s only a matter of time before she surfaces. A stench that foul can’t hide for too long.

        • Not in a real wedding. That’s not what she does. She has a “hand-binding” ceremony where the two dedicate themselves to each other (as dragon king and dragon queen. Or Angel and “Arc” angel) spiritually. That way, without a wedding ceremony, they don’t think that her income will affect his disability check. Can’t cut into sugar-daddy’s paycheck, now can we?

  3. She is so freaking DUMB, a handfasting ceremony can ONLY be preformed by a practicing Wiccan, and said Wiccan has to be an elder. A bit of history Handfasting was a Scottish tradition. The premise is that at ANY given time within 1 year they can separate without consequences. At a year and a day the couple MUST bind themselves in HOLY matrimony or part ways.

    • Oh, but SHE’S qualified to do whatever she wants! *insert eye roll*
      You know how it really works, and I know how it really works. But how she convinces HIM it works is what matters to her.

      Doesn’t matter anyway. Her relationships don’t last that long. It’ll be another swinging dick in a month or three.

        • That’s the thing. She doesn’t have a life, outside of lusting after strippers and whatever chemical romances she might have going on. I’m not even going to include motherhood to her list because by all accounts, from people who have been in her life (and in her house), that little girl isn’t a priority for her. According to eye witnesses, somebody else makes that child’s meals, or it’s sandwich city – somebody else gets her up and off to school most days because mom’s up all night. I can tell you that hits to this blog support that claim, showing up at ALL hours of the night.

          There’s nothing even remotely interesting about her, and she knows it, so she steals interesting aspects from other people’s lives, whether it’s religion or horrors that other people really have experienced, from rape to kidnapping. She plays the victim for sympathy, when the truth is that she’s the bully. She abuses her former associates, even went so far as to cause a mother to lose her child with wild accusations. How dare she claim victim when she’s done that?

          Nah. If she respected motherhood in the lease, she never would have done such a horrible thing.

          Her entire life is fiction. I just feel bad for these guys that believe a single word that comes out of her mouth.

      • I do not wish her ill will or manner because that’s not me but she needs therapy big time or all the lying cheating and all the rest is gonna come back 3 fold on her and karma is gonna set in and it will not be good.

        • That’s right. She’s had an “angel” in her pocket for a long time, but not the “Arc” angel she claims. Now that that safety net is gone, that Karma may come quicker than she thinks when her crimes catch up to her. And something tells me it will be more than threefold for her.

  4. Update:

    As of June, 2016, Tabetha Jones has no publishing companies in operation that we know about, so our investigation of her has been halted. The point of examining her in the first place was to advocate for authors that reported no royalties and other related abuse from her. If she’s not involved with publishing anymore, that job’s done.

    The posts about her remain in public view in case she starts a new one in the future.

    If more publishing concerns about Tabetha Jones (Willis, Farmer Hoover, Saulters, etc) – AKA Zooey Sweete, Emerald Rai Fleurs, et al – arise in the future, we will post relevant updates. But for now, we’re focusing on happier topics.


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