Proxy Punny

Since I mentioned how many proxies SOMEbody’s been using to view this blog in her usual patterns, SOMEbody got all punny and hit this blog with a barrage of proxy visits yesterday.

I don’t know which is worse, when she trolls using her own IP or when she takes even more time going from proxy to proxy to do it with, just to TRY to be funny.



8 thoughts on “Proxy Punny

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      • I live in the uk but I visit my family in Mannheim, Germany quite often.
        I got all the interesting blog addresses saved and check them for new posts every few days. I translate articles into different languages so I started reading up on publishing, I just find it very interesting and it is a nice change from my day job in social services. I landed here by way of Nicky and tabby. 😀

      • I think the you are making a real impact on tabby with your blog, you prevent her from stealing more money from ppl by informing prospective victims!
        Nothing else seems to work, she has been reported to various agencies but nothing ever happens. I got really upset and worried about that poor daughter she has involved in her mess and I wrote a letter to child protection in Waco, do you think they ever got back to me? NOPE!
        At least you take the wind out of her smelly sails by warning authors away from her thieving and greasy fingers.
        You are doing great work!

      • If only something could be done for that poor child. But going through her lical authorities hasn’t done any good because she’s had somebody watching her back. But I have a feeling that sliding on charges of terrorist threats might be her last favor. THAT’S probably why she’s gone radio silent.
        I’m glad for anybody that’s been helped by this blog. That’s what we’re here for.

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