Depp Heard Hamstring

We’ve been talking about Amber Heard doing her level best to gain sympathy and manipulate the divorce process in her favor by accusing Johnny Depp of abuse.

But there could be more sinister motivations for her accusations. Not only is she making a grab at his wallet, it also looks like she’s trying to ruin him, and his career, in the court of public opinion.

Johnny had a film release this weekend, a week after Heard’s allegations got fired at him. It comes as no surprise that amid all of this drama, the film’s debut weekend didn’t go so well. It took in $28.1 million when it was estimated to bring in $35 million.
Nobody expected Alice to compete with the X-Men, I’m sure, but it probably would have done much better without all of Heard’s drama hanging over it.

Did she do it because she knows that she doesn’t get any part of whatever the film earns? Since she filed for divorce, she doesn’t benefit financially from anything he does from now on. It’s his career, and his money. So did she do it as one last financial crotch-shot? “I can’t have your money, so I’ll make sure you don’t earn any”…?

And never mind all of the other people that have put their blood, sweat and tears into the production, from the writers, producers and actors all the way down to whoever sweeps the floor in-between takes. There are a whole lot of people that work on a film. Not just the guy who gets his face on the Marquee. They have families. They have bills to pay. They have lives that they have to finance through their hard work, and MOST of them don’t have millions in the bank to fall back on like she does.

A couple million here and there isn’t going to hurt Johnny. But the everyday people that put in their time to try and earn a living, they’re the ones that get hurt. It’s the little guys that suffer. And it looks like she doesn’t care in the least. As long as she can get parting shots in at Johnny, never mind the collateral damage.

I thought she was petty and trifling when she started throwing accusations around to benefit herself. But now, seeing that she’s willing to do damage to people and families she’s never even seen just to wage war with her ex, she seems more monumentally selfish and horrible than even I originally imagined.

What a spoiled, selfish brat.

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What Depp Heard

Reports are emerging that Amber Heard is accusing her soon-to-be ex husband Johnny Depp of domestic violence. There are pictures popping of of Heard with minor abrasions on her face, around her  right eye.
The news calls them bruises, but they don’t look like bruises to me. Bruises are dark, beneath the skin. These look very superficial. And I have yet to see any other ‘evidence’ that he abused her in any way.

I’ve got several thoughts about this picture, and her allegations.

1) Those marks are on the right side of her face, and Johnny isn’t left-handed. It’s awkward, at best, to think that he would have struck her with his odd hand.
2) She claims that he slammed his Iphone into her face, causing that “bruise.” I’m no expert, but that doesn’t look like an Iphone. It looks like a slap. And the mark under her eye looks like a scratch. Last I heard, Iphones are smooth.
3) Johnny has absolutely no history of domestic violence, while his soon-to-be ex wife has a long history of dubious motives.

Heard is throwing around a piece of paper as PROOF that there’s been abuse in the past, but the best she’s got is a hand-scribbled note, presumably by a police officer.
On it, the claim is that the police were called over a DISPUTE, not abuse. And she refused to file charges. From the look of it, she refused to even file a report.

Take a look at the date on that paper. May 16, 2016. Isn’t it convenient that the police would start getting called just a week before she files for divorce? And that pictures only start showing up after?

I don’t know about you, boys and girls, but if my guy hit me in the face, one of two things happens. He goes to jail for battery, or I do, for putting him in the morgue.

Divorces don’t pop up out of thin air. They simmer over time. Sometimes it takes one straw too many to break that camel’s back, but they’re never sudden. This has been coming for some time. My cynical nature says that it’s been coming since the day she pretended to leave her girlfriend for him. But that’s just me.

So she knew she was leaving him at some point in the foreseeable future. Why, then, wouldn’t she lay the groundwork for divorce as carefully as she laid the groundwork for the relationship? Heavy on the lay.

If she’s leaving him over her allegations of abuse, then why isn’t abuse even mentioned in the divorce? She filed paperwork citing irreconcilable differences. Not abuse. Not even a whipser of abuse anywhere in the divorce.
Yet, days later, Heard appears in court,  begging for a restraining order from her monster of a husband, devoid of her usual glamour. No hint of makeup, pushup bra or expertly coiffed hair. And she’s dressed all in black, right down to little flat black granny booties.
The only thing missing is the four-foot crucifix she should have been carrying. It’s THE accessory for martyrs.

“I live in fear that Johnny will return to (our house) unannounced to terrorize me, physically and emotionally,” Heard wrote in a sworn declaration.~
But not fearful enough to move out. Right.

I don’t think so.

Here are the facts, as I see them.

Heard filed for divorce from Johnny just days after his mother died. With not a single word about abuse. Not even a squeak.

A wave of outrage erupts about what a black-hearted bitch she is for dumping on a guy just days after his mother died. Especially when the entire world knows how close he was to his mom. Who does that?

Heard needs some damage control, so she accuses Depp of abuse. Enter that picture of her face with abrasions around the right eye, AFTER the divorce papers get filed. Not before. The desired effect: to create herself as the sympathetic victim, both to the public, and, I’m guessing, to the courts.

She got some of the things she asked for in court.
She got the temporary restraining order, requiring Johnny to stay at least 100 yards away from her.
She also gets to reside in the marital home, meaning he can’t go within a hundred yards of his own house, which he owned long before she wiggled her way into his bed.

She didn’t get everything she asked for, though, even as pitiful as she tried to make herself look. She asked for restraining orders to force him to stay away from (at least one of) the dogs. But there was no cause to believe that was necessary. Denied.
She asked for ownership of the Range Rover, and that was denied, too. Nope.
She also got shut down on her request for spousal support and attorney fees.

Good. I hope that’s a sign of things to come.

It looks like she’s already trying to make off with every asset she can get her hands on while he’s in Europe promoting his latest Alice movie. One can only imagine what she’s funneling away while he’s gone. Lord only knows how many millions she’ll ask for in the settlement. How much of his fortune will she stroll away with? Whatever she gets, it’ll be quite the payout. Not many hookers get rewarded with millions for just one year on their backs. Her acting might be questionable, but there’s no doubt she’s got some talent.

How many of his properties will she be awarded, even though he owned them all before she came along? They bought a ranch while they were together, for her to have horses. She should get that, and that’s it. If she wants to support her lifestyle, let her sidle up to some other rich, horny sap and soak him for it.

He should pay for not having the foresight to draft up a prenup. He should pay for making such a fool of himself with a beautiful gay midlife crisis that’s half his age. He should pay for thinking with the brain hanging between his legs instead of the one between his ears.

But he should not have to suffer accusations of abuse that didn’t happen.
He shouldn’t have to sell or forfeit properties that he owned before they ever met.
He certainly shouldn’t have to sell or give up Fuck-Off island. He’s owned that for a long time. That’s been his sanctuary for ages. She shouldn’t be able to take it.

Amber Heard has never, in my opinion, been a very good actress. This performance of a poor battered victim is as flimsy as any I’ve seen. Only this time, she doesn’t have her glamour and makeup to hide behind. A little wink and flirt isn’t going to sail this one through. I hope she gets called on her ploy to soak him for more than she deserves.

And I hope she gets her chain yanked for accusing him of abusing her if it didn’t happen.

Let’s be clear, here. I cannot STAND any man that puts his hands on a woman. Any man that would do that is a low-life piece o shit scumbag that deserves everything he gets.

The only thing I hate worse is a conniving, scheming cold-hearted bitch that lies about being abused in order to make  a guy look bad. There’s a special place in hell for a woman that does that, where I hope she rots for a very, very long time.


Thank You!

I promised that I would update you when there was anything new about Tabetha Jones and her sneaky dealings. Well, here you go. From Cindy Franks-White:

She had my 3 books in amazon markets, at astronomical prices. But thanks to someone with a brain at Amazon, finally, those ships have sunk. Yep, I have her publishing company/companies names removed along with her taint.

Any and ALL sales from any remaining 3rd party affiliates will revert to me, the REAL OWNER, of my works and my life. And within 5 days that won’t be an issue either, because anything linked to Tabetha Jones and any of her farce companes will be FLAGGED.

Yep, Amazon is launching an investigation into copyright infringement and theft of sales. I guess she can consider this a warning. After they figure out royalties owed, and now have proof, provided by Tabetha herself, unknowingly of course, there is the problem of her CONTINUED sales of my books. She seems to forget I kept all our conversations, and funny how a “go fuck yourself, I don’t need to be your publisher” and of course all the lies of how she removed said sales channels will now bite her in her massive ass.

And since NOTHING was published under a business name, but in her name into private accounts, well this goes beyond a civil matter it is now on the federal level. Any and ALL findings will be sent to all of the proper authorities.

She can move, jump ship, or whatever she thinks to hide that’s fine. Just a word to the wise..
Sooner or later we all pay the piper

I’ve said it for a long time, folks. They’re your stories. It’s your work. You need to take ownership of it back.

It’s WONDERFUL that so many of you have gone on to publish successfully, happily, without the drama and stress that was  Tabetha Jones. Nobody needs such a toxic person in their lives. Writing and publishing should be a joy, a fulfilling business. A labor of love.

But it’s not quite enough. As long as she still has access to any of your work, she still has her hand in your pocket. Ignore her as you might, she’s still in your life. You can ignore the blood-sucking, disease-ridden mosquito all you like, but it’s still going to drain you dry and inject you with its poison. You need to swat it, once and for all.

Cindy paved the way for you. Amazon has her flagged. Do yourselves a favor and follow in her footsteps. Contact Amazon and tell them about your association with Tabetha Jones as it relates to your work. Tell them everything you wrote that she “published” on her personal account so that, like Cindy’s, they can identify your work and your royalties can revert back to you. As it should be.

That includes anything you submitted to anthologies as well. You’re not with her anymore. You can force Amazon to pull any book on the market that has your work in it. It’s YOUR work, even if it’s part of a book to which others have contributed, and she doesn’t have the right to earn money from it anymore. Get the crook’s hand out of your pocket, at LAST.

Even if you do as I suggest and Google yourself, you still might not catch what’s going on with foreign markets. Your book could be fore sale in Japan, France, Italy, Spain, etc, and you’d never know it. Just like Cindy found out.

Only when you take care of your past work is yours again can your future work truly be free. Contact Amazon and take back your work. ALL of your work, whether it’s a full book, short story, poem, picture or anything else. Don’t let her earn another penny at your expense. Take back your work. Take back your power. Take back your past, present and future. It’s yours. Own it.

I often close out my posts by saying “You’re welcome” for the information I’ve passed along. This time, though, I’d like to bow and blow kisses in Cindy’s general direction and say…


It’s been a year since the shootout between the Bandidos and Cossacks at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. It almost seems like it’s been longer than that, so much has happened since. I posted about it HERE.

I remember hearing the news with horror, like everybody else in the country. That’s a terrible loss of life under brutal circumstances.

I also remember a certain Waco flake-O trying to get us to believe that her bone-breaker buddy Bo died in that scuffle, as well as three of her closest friends, one of whom was like a father to her. But when presented with a list of names of the fallen (thank you Naaman-Brown) and asked to identify which one was Bo, she backpedaled. She never said he died in the shootout, she insists. She just said he died that day.

Uh huh.

The fact is that she’d threatened so many people with the fictitious Bo that it was either put up or shut up. She couldn’t produce him, of course, because he never existed. But she did what she always does, threatening people. When she didn’t have a real man to do it for her, she invented one. Ever the bully, Bo threatened everybody, including former authors, models and associates – he even wrote a scorching email to me. But that was a mistake. It took me about 5 seconds to expand the header and identify that it came from her own IP.


The only thing she could do at that point was kill him off.

I’m not going to say that it’s lucky that shootout happened. Too many people died and were injured for it to be lucky on any level. But being the opportunistic wretch she is, she jumped on it and used it to her own advantage as the perfect way to kill Bo off. Even though she had previously established that he was out of the country on some covert opp. I think that’s how she originally intended to kill him off. But when the Bandidos, the club she keeps insisting she’s a member of by way of her daddy, were involved in such a public event, she couldn’t resist injecting herself (and her fictional Bo) into the mix.

To me, that truly disrespects the dead. She wanted us to “show some respect” but she, herself, used them to further her own personal agenda.  Disgusting.

Now, a year later, CNN looks back. CNN’s Ed Lavandera gains exclusive access to major figures of the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs – including Jeff Pike, President of the Bandidos. There will be graphic footage and in-depth surveillance video that you won’t see anywhere else. So if you want a look into what REALLY happened, rather than some whack-job’s selfish agenda, the show airs tomorrow night (May 16, 2016) at 9pm est.

I’ll be watching with interest to learn the real story.

I dunno

I’ve been watching Little People, Big World since it first started. The Roloffs were such a charming family, and it was a privilege to feel including in their daily lives. Amy is a marvel in the kitchen, whipping up meals for her family of 6 and branching out into different aspects of her life as the kids grow older. And Matt is a delight, building projects on the farm that have brought the farm and the family international attention. He made that farm and family famous. Good for him.

And the kids were such fun to watch. It can’t have been easy living in a fishbowl, but they seemed to stay genuine, whether they were having good days or bad, rain or shine. It was neat to see how well-versed the boys were in how things work on the farm, handy with tools and capable of doing just about anything the farm needed. Lots of kids don’t get that kind of hands-on experience. Even in shop class. And Molly is such a smart cookie, doing so well in school and moving on to college. Good bunch of kids. Refreshing to see some wholesome in a world full of Kardashians and Hiltons.

However, as the series progressed, it became less charming and more acrimonious. Amy seemed to come across as more and more disrespectful toward Matt, rolling her eyes and treating him like he’s a flighty idiot, completely ungrateful for everything he’s done to provide for his family. It’s not just the show he’s pulled off. He was a successful businessman prior to the show, he started a step-stool business to sell to hotels and homeowners around the world to accommodate little people, and, yes, the show. All of the above have brought financial security to the family. He’s not just some mad scientist building crazy things on a farm, the way he is sometimes presented as.

I know that Amy absolutely has contributed to the family as well. It’s not easy for any woman taking care of a large family and trying to retain her identity. There are a million un-celebrated intangibles a wife and mother has to deal with, from shopping and physically managing a household to being the family cheerleader, nurse, housekeeper, pet care specialist, and taxi service. It can only be more challenging for a little person.

I also realize that footage is heavily edited for TV, and it’s possible that those negative impressions are wrong. But she really does come across as being insultingly sarcastic and kind of egocentric. Maybe a wife can feel unappreciated. But a wife also needs to realize that the unappreciated switch flips both ways. Maybe that attitude is on purpose, for show. That’s possible, too.

Matt moved out of the main house into another house on the property.

The new season has been heavily plugging the fact that Matt and Amy are divorcing. One commercial even says that they’re planning to sell the farm, sign the papers and go their separate ways.

I’m not quite sure what to make of it all. On one hand, it would be a shame to see such a long-standing, well-loved family fall apart. They always seemed like they could take on the whole world together.

On the other hand, they are public figures with a show to keep interesting and bottom lines to meet. Is it possible that this whole divorce scenario is a publicity stunt? They’ve gone so far as to file divorce papers. I haven’t checked public records, but I’ll assume that they have.

But here’s the kicker. The Roloff Farm website says nothing of it. No mention of divorce or turmoil. Quite the opposite. The website says how much they’re looking forward to pumpkin season on the farm. There’s still the plug for their Pumpkin jam, with both Matt and Amy featured front and center as inspirational speakers. Side by side. And the copyright at the bottom is dated 2016. This year. So it has been maintained.

Likewise, their family Facebook page shows no signs whatsoever of this dreadful, ominous, looming divorce. The last post, just hours ago, was all like “Hey! Check out the new season of our show!” Like business as usual. And birthday greetings for the twins, of course. Their oldest sons are non-identical twins, one of average height, and one that’s little.

I don’t see a personal Facebook page for Amy, but her charity has one. There’s nothing about personal drama on their, either, but that’s as it should be. Personal matters and business should never mix together. It would be highly unprofessional.

Same thing with Matt’s Facebook. It’s all about vacations and travel, and even picking up a few tons of decorative boulders for the farm.

Still coming up with (and buying materials for) projects for the farm? Does this sound like a guy that’s poised to walk away from it?

I dunno, man.

But why would they lie? Could it be that they’re throwing out all this drama about divorce to keep people watching the show? Would they do that? Is it possible that they’re going through a divorce facade so that fans will cheer when they change their minds and reconcile… a true-life modern day fairy tale of true love winning out?

Or could it be something else?

I came across this article about a woman suing the Roloffs for injuries incurred while visiting the farm. She fell off a pavilion and broke her leg, as well as suffering related tissue damage. She’s suing them for failing to put up a protective rail around the open ends of the pavilion.

In their answer to the charges, the Roloffs maintain that the woman is responsible for her own injuries “in failing to exercise a reasonable lookout for her safety” and “in failing to exercise reasonable control over her bodily movements.”

The case was settled out of court.

In my vast dealings with people who have something to hide, I’ve learned that the more somebody has to hide, the bigger the smoke and mirrors they kick up to try and cover it up. Is it possible that this divorce action is a ploy to keep attention off of that kind of negative publicity? Probably not, but a cynic like me has to wonder.

Who knows.

All I know is that the duality of their public information smells a little fishy to me, divorce and drama on one hand, but “Hey, come pick some pumpkins!” and everything’s peachy on the other.

It’s entirely possible that their websites and personal Facebook pages are being left out of the drama pending the legal outcome. Absolutely.  It’s also possible that these people are just going through some hard times in their lives, just trying to do their best.

Whatever the case, time will tell. Let’s hope that the situation works itself out to everybody’s best advantage.