Rick Simpson Oil

Cannabis oil is a subject that’s very dear to my heart. Also called Rick Simpson oil, after the man that (re)discovered the curative properties of this essential oil, cannabis oil cures cancer. Simple as that.

I’m not talking about recreational use, here. I’m not talking about smoking, toking, or eating “special” brownies. Cannabis oil is the essential oil extracted from the bud of the marijuana plant.

In 1974, Rick heard a report on the radio about how the government had commissioned the Virginia Medical College to prove that Cannabis causes cancer. Instead, they proved the exact opposite. In oil form, cannabis cures cancer.


Big pharma found that the curative properties cannot be synthesized, so the study was quickly hushed up and the plant remains illegal. Go figure.

Years later, Rick Simpson suffered a head injury that caused him a great deal of pain. Naturally, his doctors threw heavy duty pain killers at him, opiates, you name it. But nothing worked well enough, so he turned to Marijuana. That gave him some relief.

Simpson asked his doctor for a prescription for medical MJ. The doctor refused, saying that smoking anything causes cancer.

Fair enough.

Simpson asked about ingesting an essential oil extracted from the plant. That wouldn’t cause cancer, right? The doctor agreed, but still refused to write a prescription.

Undaunted, Simpson secretly grew his own and extracted the essential oil from the plant. Ingesting that, Simpson quickly discovered that it provided such amazing pain relief that he no longer needed opiates.

Some time after that, Simpson developed skin cancer. Remembering the long-ago report he heard on the radio, he figured, “What the hell” and dabbed some oil on the spots.

The cancer went away.

Simpson excitedly approached the government about the subject, certain that they’d want to know about the cure for cancer. I mean, right? They arrested him for possession. So, instead of bothering with the government, Simpson gave the oil to friends of his that suffered from different types of cancer. Whether the cancer was internal or external, the oil invariably worked.

The authorities found out what he was up to and burned down his crop. They arrested him again and threatened him with serious jail time. They didn’t prosecute, in light of how many people he had helped, and the outrage that would have ensued. But the message was clear. Simpson could no longer treat or cure people with cancer or else he’d keep getting busted and face time for it. So he did the only thing he could do. He left the country.

More than a decade later, Simpson continues to inform people about how they can  cure themselves. He’s put this information online, for free, to spread the word. Not to make any profit, but so that people can use his method to cure themselves.

I became an instant advocate the minute I found out that this cure really does work. I maintain a FB page about it and do as much as I can to spread the word about this amazing oil that doesn’t just cure cancer. It also treats Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, COPD, topical skin disorders, neurological disorders (including seizure disorders) and so much more.

If you or anybody you know suffers, I strongly urge you to seek information about how Rick Simpson oil can help.


3 thoughts on “Rick Simpson Oil

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  2. Because of the ignorance of most people, including law enforcement, I need to be anonymous for this post. I did not purchase any Rick Simpson oil, or get directions to make it, but I have recently been taking cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil. In just one month of using CBD oil, I’ve been able to lower three of my medications, and COME OFF OF two others.
    Simply Googling CBD oil can give many results to look into.
    Currently, I’m waiting to find out if, how and when I can order “Dynamite Stix;” a THC Vape product offered via Killah Priest and Ghostface Killar of Wu-Tang Clan.
    The FDA and government do NOT want a cure cancer, just as they don’t want people to have access to things that really do get rid of pain, anxiety, and scores of illnesses and symptoms – they’d LOSE money in the end, and they care more about being “a successful business” (money) than about giving people TRUE medical help.

    • Exactly so. Big Pharma is big business. Billions of dollars. They don’t want people to know that they can cure themselves with a plant that grows out of the ground for free.

      That’s good advice about CBD oil. That’s the unleaded version that is COMPLETELY LEGAL EVERYWHERE. It contains no THC, so nobody’s going to knock on the door and arrest people that take it. Even without the THC, CBD has curative properties on its own.

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