It’s getting deep

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of (late Def Leppard guitarist) Steve Clark’s ex girlfriend Lorelei Shellist. He kicked her to the curb and was poised to marry a girl named Janie when he died. Sadly, Janie died not long after.

Since then, Steve’s ex girlfriend has been selling herself as Steve’s one true love, his soul mate, his star-crossed lover. In her book, she refers to herself as his only lifeline to reality, his princess in the ivory tower. She didn’t try that nonsense when he and his wife were alive, but since he’s not around to defend himself, Lo’s been running riot.

By itself, that’s just a pity. But with her poorly written, self-glorifying book, she’s not just painting herself in a sympathetic light so that his fans will rush to sympathize, she’s also making money off ’em.

TONS of Steve’s fans have swallowed her sob story hook, line and sinker. They do her any favor she asks for, they go out of their way to fan her ego, and they defend her fiercely out of their love for Steve. Worst of all, they give her money.

First, they gave her money for her POS book. Then they gave her hundreds, maybe thousands by way of a Gofundme project that she started. She’s making a film, you see, all about her life. Her own egocentric, Mary Sue version of the world.

I’ve talked about that Gofundme project before, as well as the movie, HERE. In my opinion, it looks like Steve’s fans throw money at her so she can fly back and forth to Paris. Sure, there will be a film, but that’s just a screen version of her “I’m a world-famous supermodel muse” ego-trip. And I’m sure it’s completely true. As she sees it.

In my opinion, the only thing that’s sadder than her delusional view of her place in the world is that she actually believes every word of it. She was Steve’s true love, she says. It was other people that made Steve leave her (the other woman – you know, his wife. The band. Steve’s ‘handlers’ as she called them). Every reason in the world except perhaps that she was a selfish, controlling, spotlight-hogging, vain social climber that smothered and manipulated him to the point where he couldn’t stand it anymore.

No. In her version of events, she’s the poor, sweet, innocent little victim that tried her hardest to save him from himself. She had to walk away, she says, to save herself from his destructive addictions.

Um, no. He kicked her to the curb. She even admits it in her own book, twisting it around to her best advantage. But try as she might, facts are facts. He served her with restraining orders to keep her from contacting him. He was totally over her.

She called that wretched book HER story, but the whole thing revolved around Steve, starting and ending with him, and everything in between, including a Def Leppard pass on the cover. There are bits about her petulant runaway teen years, her sky-high days as a model, and her sleeping with at least one other rock star. Well, I guess some groupies are more successful than others.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that she should leave Steve and his band out of her story. She was, in fact, involved with Steve for many years. That’s true. What sets off my gag reflex is that she describes herself as the only real love of his life, carrying on as if she’s the grieving widow. I think that’s carrying it WAY too far.

I don’t know how the guys in Def Leppard feel about her, but I understand why they wouldn’t speak up. Whatever they think of her, anything they say would likely fan her fire. If they spoke up about what great friends they still are with her, they would be writing her a carte blanche to soak their fans for even more money.

Even if they said they couldn’t stand her, it could still give her all the ammunition she needs to paint herself as the put-upon little victim and turn it around to her own advantage. No matter what they say, she could spin it into gold by getting sympathy from Steve’s fans. More books. More favors. More money.

It’s probably best for them not to say anything about her either way.

I mentioned in that previous post that she’s calling her ego-stroke film “Skin on Skin” after those Def Leppard lyrics in the song Women. I even posted the video for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

Well, to add a little more hilarity into the mix, Lorelei recently posted about what the title of her film really means. She tries her hardest to explain it away with a long rambling crock about insecurity, self-esteem, fear, anger, insecurity, not listening to our inner voice nor going after our dreams. Her film, she says, is about finding out what lies beneath, rising above, our raison d’etre.*

My ass.

If the film was about “what lies beneath,” going “after our dreams,” “Rising above,” or our “Raison D’etre,” she could have, would have, and should have used those words. In all honesty, any one of those would have been a perfectly serviceable title, and would have made the movie about herself alone.

She didn’t do that. Why? Doesn’t she think that the film would be interesting enough without some tie in to Def Leppard? Steve isn’t mentioned in her description anywhere, and I think that’s great. Maybe she really is moving on. I hope that’s the case. I really do. Nobody will be happier than me if she actually does manage to make tell the story of her own accomplishments without leeching the spotlight from her dead ex boyfriend.

Too bad she couldn’t manage to come up with a title that didn’t continue to tether her to Def Leppard. Maybe one day she’ll grow beyond the need to identify herself (and potentially earn more money) through them. Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “It’s getting deep

  1. I don’t think they like her anymore. She’s never seen with them and you know if she was with them she’d brag about it.

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