I dunno

I’ve been watching Little People, Big World since it first started. The Roloffs were such a charming family, and it was a privilege to feel including in their daily lives. Amy is a marvel in the kitchen, whipping up meals for her family of 6 and branching out into different aspects of her life as the kids grow older. And Matt is a delight, building projects on the farm that have brought the farm and the family international attention. He made that farm and family famous. Good for him.

And the kids were such fun to watch. It can’t have been easy living in a fishbowl, but they seemed to stay genuine, whether they were having good days or bad, rain or shine. It was neat to see how well-versed the boys were in how things work on the farm, handy with tools and capable of doing just about anything the farm needed. Lots of kids don’t get that kind of hands-on experience. Even in shop class. And Molly is such a smart cookie, doing so well in school and moving on to college. Good bunch of kids. Refreshing to see some wholesome in a world full of Kardashians and Hiltons.

However, as the series progressed, it became less charming and more acrimonious. Amy seemed to come across as more and more disrespectful toward Matt, rolling her eyes and treating him like he’s a flighty idiot, completely ungrateful for everything he’s done to provide for his family. It’s not just the show he’s pulled off. He was a successful businessman prior to the show, he started a step-stool business to sell to hotels and homeowners around the world to accommodate little people, and, yes, the show. All of the above have brought financial security to the family. He’s not just some mad scientist building crazy things on a farm, the way he is sometimes presented as.

I know that Amy absolutely has contributed to the family as well. It’s not easy for any woman taking care of a large family and trying to retain her identity. There are a million un-celebrated intangibles a wife and mother has to deal with, from shopping and physically managing a household to being the family cheerleader, nurse, housekeeper, pet care specialist, and taxi service. It can only be more challenging for a little person.

I also realize that footage is heavily edited for TV, and it’s possible that those negative impressions are wrong. But she really does come across as being insultingly sarcastic and kind of egocentric. Maybe a wife can feel unappreciated. But a wife also needs to realize that the unappreciated switch flips both ways. Maybe that attitude is on purpose, for show. That’s possible, too.

Matt moved out of the main house into another house on the property.

The new season has been heavily plugging the fact that Matt and Amy are divorcing. One commercial even says that they’re planning to sell the farm, sign the papers and go their separate ways.

I’m not quite sure what to make of it all. On one hand, it would be a shame to see such a long-standing, well-loved family fall apart. They always seemed like they could take on the whole world together.

On the other hand, they are public figures with a show to keep interesting and bottom lines to meet. Is it possible that this whole divorce scenario is a publicity stunt? They’ve gone so far as to file divorce papers. I haven’t checked public records, but I’ll assume that they have.

But here’s the kicker. The Roloff Farm website says nothing of it. No mention of divorce or turmoil. Quite the opposite. The website says how much they’re looking forward to pumpkin season on the farm. There’s still the plug for their Pumpkin jam, with both Matt and Amy featured front and center as inspirational speakers. Side by side. And the copyright at the bottom is dated 2016. This year. So it has been maintained.

Likewise, their family Facebook page shows no signs whatsoever of this dreadful, ominous, looming divorce. The last post, just hours ago, was all like “Hey! Check out the new season of our show!” Like business as usual. And birthday greetings for the twins, of course. Their oldest sons are non-identical twins, one of average height, and one that’s little.

I don’t see a personal Facebook page for Amy, but her charity has one. There’s nothing about personal drama on their, either, but that’s as it should be. Personal matters and business should never mix together. It would be highly unprofessional.

Same thing with Matt’s Facebook. It’s all about vacations and travel, and even picking up a few tons of decorative boulders for the farm.

Still coming up with (and buying materials for) projects for the farm? Does this sound like a guy that’s poised to walk away from it?

I dunno, man.

But why would they lie? Could it be that they’re throwing out all this drama about divorce to keep people watching the show? Would they do that? Is it possible that they’re going through a divorce facade so that fans will cheer when they change their minds and reconcile… a true-life modern day fairy tale of true love winning out?

Or could it be something else?

I came across this article about a woman suing the Roloffs for injuries incurred while visiting the farm. She fell off a pavilion and broke her leg, as well as suffering related tissue damage. She’s suing them for failing to put up a protective rail around the open ends of the pavilion.

In their answer to the charges, the Roloffs maintain that the woman is responsible for her own injuries “in failing to exercise a reasonable lookout for her safety” and “in failing to exercise reasonable control over her bodily movements.”

The case was settled out of court.

In my vast dealings with people who have something to hide, I’ve learned that the more somebody has to hide, the bigger the smoke and mirrors they kick up to try and cover it up. Is it possible that this divorce action is a ploy to keep attention off of that kind of negative publicity? Probably not, but a cynic like me has to wonder.

Who knows.

All I know is that the duality of their public information smells a little fishy to me, divorce and drama on one hand, but “Hey, come pick some pumpkins!” and everything’s peachy on the other.

It’s entirely possible that their websites and personal Facebook pages are being left out of the drama pending the legal outcome. Absolutely.  It’s also possible that these people are just going through some hard times in their lives, just trying to do their best.

Whatever the case, time will tell. Let’s hope that the situation works itself out to everybody’s best advantage.


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