Depp-Heard timeline

May 2oth: Johnny Depp is devastated by the death of his mother.

May 21st: Heard threatens to blackmail Johnny with allegations of abuse if he doesn’t give her everything she wants. He calls her bluff and refuses. Heard plays her hands and stages a call to the cops, claiming that he threw a phone at her, pulled her hair and violently grabbed her face.

The cops come, take a good look at Heard, and conclude that there’s no evidence of violence and no arrest is made. There’s not a mark on her. Heard declines to file a police report.

May 22nd: Johnny leaves the country to tour with his band, Hollywood Vampires.

May23rd: The very first business day after the death of Johnny’s mother, Amber Heard files divorce papers, stating “irreconcilable differences” as the reason.

May 24th: Due to an overwhelming backlash, Heard releases a photo of herself with ‘bruises’ on the right (our left) side of her face.
New Photos Show Amber Heard's Injuries Allegedly Caused by Johnny Depp in Another Domestic Violence Incident| Breakups, Crime & Courts, Divorced, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
I say “bruises” in quotes like that because I don’t see bruises. If anything, I see abrasions. And, frankly, I don’t see anything here she couldn’t have painted on herself. Some red marks with not a bit of swelling underneath.

May 25th: Heard appears in court wearing a black sack of a dress, black granny-flats, no glamour makeup, and a bruise (painted?) on her cheek, the very image of a poor, victimized martyr.

Who says she can’t act? She was seeking a restraining order from Johnny, who she says has terrorized her for years. Even though he’s off in Europe, she sobs that she’s afraid he’ll come back and “terrorize” her some more.

The restraining order is granted. So was her desire to remain in the downtown LA apartment they shared. But Heard’s request for $50,000 in spousal support was denied. So was her request for ownership of the Range Rover.

“I’m terrified of my husband! …But make him give me tons of money, his house and his car.” Sounds legit.

May 27th: Photos show heard arm-in-arm with a girlfriend, laughing it up on the way to meet with her lawyer about going for a $20 million settlement.
Amber Heard, Raquel PenningtonAmber Heard, Raquel Pennington
Looks positively SHATTERED, doesn’t she?

May 31st: court papers are released showing Heard’s “dire” financial crisis. She ‘only’ earns $10,000 a month, but spends almost $40,000 on “necessities” like eating out and clothes. Documents show she spends 2 grand a month on her car. Poor, derelict baby. How can she possibly live on a mere $10.000 a month?

May 29th: People who have known Johnny longer than Amber has come forward describing him as a kind, gentle, loving man. These include his exes, who insist that he’s never been abusive with him. Even Vanessa Paradis, the mother of Johnny’s two children, the woman he left for Amber, spoke up in his defense.

Heard manipulated and victimized Johnny from the start, they insist. She’s the one that flies into rages and throws things.

May 30th: A longtime friend of Heard’s steps forward to testify to the abuse on Heard’s behalf. She’s seen and heard the abuse herself, she says, supporting Heard’s claims.

Convenient that the only person who supports Heard’s accusations is a friend of hers, isn’t it? The police investigated and found nothing. But never mind that. It happened because Heard says it happened. Isn’t that good enough? “They’re lying!” she sobs, accusing them of being dirty cops, in Depp’s “hip pocket.”

Trauma experts confirm that if Johnny had thrown a hard-case phone at her face, pulled her by the hair and/or grabbed her violently by the face the way she describes, there would have been instant swelling and marks. Bruises can grow worse in the following days – though Heard’s seemed to disappear the instant after they were no longer needed for court. But there’s no way that those incidents happened if there wasn’t any mark on her.

And if there had been a mark on her, Depp would have been arrested on the spot, despite her accusations that the cops lied to cover for him.

She’d better be careful. Even in such a delusional world, slander and defamation only go so far. It wouldn’t exactly be the wisest thing to do, pissing off the boys in blue that would come to her defense if anything ever really did go amiss for her.

May 31st: Witnesses place Johnny more than 6 yards away from Heard when she started screaming “Stop hitting me!” She was in the living room and he was in the kitchen, nowhere near her.

June 1st: There are more pictures released of Heard bearing marks of physical abuse. Another bruise, with a bloody lip this time. Both on the right (our left) side of her face. Because, you know, a right-handed guy goes out of his way to 1) stand off to the side and strike her on the other side of her face. Or 2) strike her with his awkward hand.
New Photos Show Amber Heard's Injuries Allegedly Caused by Johnny Depp in Another Domestic Violence Incident| Breakups, Crime & Courts, Divorced, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
Even made the cover of People. What a coup! I hope she enjoys the two minutes of attention she’s getting right now. She has neither the character nor the talent to carry her any further without the drama, in my opinion. Sure, she’s got a pretty face, but that only goes so far. Especially after the way she’s portraying it right now. And I don’t think any other A-lister will come within a mile of her after what she’s done to Johnny.

I have no doubt that there’s going to be a LOT more dirt flung around throughout the course of this dissolution. She’ll keep playing the victim, trying to soak him for every little million she can get out of him.

And it’s not enough for her to take the millions and walk away. No. She’s got to raise a stink and try to ruin his career at the same time, just like any childish shrew would. In my opinion, all she’s doing is ruining her own. She’s lying, and He’s Johnny Depp. He’s not going anywhere.

But you can’t buy the entertainment of watching a money-hungry liar play the victim for money. Seen it before, haven’t we? Heard can say whatever she wants and paint on all the bruises in the world. I’m over here like:


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