Laying it

Apparently, Depp isn’t the only thing Heard’s been laying for the last couple of years on a quest for his money. No, I’m not talking about infidelity – though I remain unconvinced about her continued relationships with women (including, possibly, her ex).

It’s groundwork I’m talking about.

Now, it looks like her attempts to nail him for alleged abuse last Friday are failing miserably, and nobody’s jumping on a bandwagon of sympathy over pictures of alleged prior abuse from December, 2014, either. Those “bruises” look just as fake and made-up as her most recent attempt. Maybe that’s because she failed to report that incident either. No police called, no charges pressed.

How dare I accuse that poor girl of faking abuse? Have I no heart?

Sure, I have a heart. I also have a pretty good nose for bullshit. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen somebody go to extraordinary measures to garner sympathy by faking injuries. I’ve seen the most ridiculously faked photos much more horrible than Heard’s. Compared to the truly insane, Heard’s feeble attempts to fake an injury are downright yawn-worthy. Let’s see her fake a fall off Johnny’s motorbike with fake stitches to the back of her head and then she might be interesting enough to point and laugh at.

But Heard isn’t just relying on staged photos to prove what a monster her ex is.

I’m quite sure Heard has known from the start that the gravy train with Depp was going to end. And no fool she, Heard was careful to lay the groundwork all along in case it got ugly. Now that the faked photos fell flat, she’s calling up the next wave in the arsenal: Texts.

Now, she’s releasing texts she sent saying “He kicked me!” Again, with no police reports, charges, or hospital records to back up her claims. This one doesn’t even have photos.

Heard texted Johnny’s assistant saying that Depp had kicked her. The assistant wrote back saying that when Johnny was informed that he kicked Heard, he was horrified and remorseful. He had no memory whatsoever of doing it.

That means one of two things. 1) Johnny was so blackout drunk that he didn’t remember doing it. Or 2) it never happened and Heard is hoping to convince Johnny that he was so blackout drunk that he kicked her and doesn’t remember doing it. My vote is for the latter. Sure, Johnny drinks, so it’s possible. But there’s never been any evidence that he blacks out or commits acts of violence. And, without any photos, police reports or hospital documents, there’s absolutely nothing to back up this latest claim.

But… but… the she has PICTURES! Her face was bruised!

Oh, really? Was it?

Other residents of the building she lives in saw Heard THE SAME DAY she went to court, and there wasn’t a mark on her. Not before court, and not after. So, she showed up for court, and all those tv cameras, with a bruise on her cheek. But it was apparently just for show. Amazing what a little soap and water will do, isn’t it?

A smarter woman would probably paint on a bruise and LEAVE IT THERE if she wanted people to believe that she was being abused. I mean, come on.

Fortunately, courts are smarter than (some) reporters, sensationalists, and certain chunks of the private sector. If Heard is foolish enough to pursue these abuse tactics, the histories of both parties will be investigated, along with each and every claim. Does Depp have a history of abusing women? Nope. Have any of Heard’s claims been substantiated? Not yet. Is Heard a credible complainant? Not likely. Is it possible that Heard will walk away with a single penny more than the millions she already stands to take? Probably not.

According to California common law where there’s no prenup, the couple will divide whatever they earned during the marriage 50/50, minus expenses. That means that if he earned 20 million during that time, but spent 20 million on their upkeep (houses, cars, her shopping trips – you know, those ‘necessities she claimed), then she’s shit out of luck. She can’t touch the millions upon millions he earned before she married him. ONLY what he earned during the marriage.

And let’s not forget. She’s no pauper herself. She earned money too, from acting projects like Magic Mike XXL, The Danish Girl, and the Justice League. It’s entirely possible that, taking into consideration her own earnings and expenses that he paid for during that time, she’ll walk away with absolutely nothing. Zip. Nada.

No wonder she’s trying so hard to milk him with an abuse scandal. She might not get paid as much as she’d hoped for all that time on her back, after all. Poor thing might have to settle for earning her own paycheck.

Now THAT’S what I’d call karma.

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2 thoughts on “Laying it

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  2. The assistant with whom Heard allegedly had that text conversation insists that her presentation of it has been heavily doctored. What a shock. He never had a conversation with her about physical abuse by Depp.

    That makes a lot more sense than thinking she had the foresight back then to plan that far ahead.

    The assistant is prepared to testify and provide proof in court.

    Looks like she’ll have to try a little harder to come up with something people will believe. Perhaps if she had a claim she could actually substantiate…

    What do you think, girls? If a guy was abusing you, would you marry him after years of that? Would you stay with him at all?

    Me… a guy’s got ONCE to hit me, and he’d better make it good the first time. There will not be a second.

    And, yes. The police would be called on the spot. He’d call them, begging them to come save him. Because when I get back up, he’s fucked. None of this “oh, poor me” victim shit from THIS girl.

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