Amber heard will not file assault charges against Johnny Depp. Probably a smart move, since filing a false police report is a federal offense. If found guilty of such a crime, she could face some serious time.

But it’s not keeping her from stomping her little foot and filing butthurt charges against a friend of Depp’s, who spoke out in his pal’s defense.

On May 30, 2016, Doug Stanhope spoke out in defense of Depp, saying that Amber Heard threatened to blackmail Johnny if he didn’t give Heard what she wanted. When Depp called her bluff, she accused him of causing her physical harm by throwing an iPhone at her.

That didn’t wash. Too many people saw her without bruises within hours of her appearance in court, without a mark on her.

So it looks like she’s throwing more accusations against the wall, hoping one will stick. She’s accusing him of a violent encounter last December. And is also saying that he’s been violent “the whole time,” boozed up and stoned, violent and controlling. Upping the ante with increasingly severe allegations that he hit her, kicked her, threw things at her, and verbally abused her.

Sure, because if a drunk, stoned guy abuses you for three or four years, the natural thing to do is marry him.

So, now that nobody’s buying the little girl that cried wolf act, Heard is suing Doug Stanhope for civil damages, claiming that his comments constitute defamation which have caused her extreme harm. She’s seeking the maximum jury award.

Translated: a direct assault against Depp didn’t work, so now she’s attacking his buddies to throw the scent off the fact that her claims are completely and utterly unbelievable. It’s what can only be the beginning of an elaborate smoke and mirrors campaign to kick up a dust storm.

Hmmm. Where have we seen that tactic before…?

Didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. There’s no amount of smoke and mirrors that can completely cover up a bold-faced like.

Heard’s most recent accusation is that Johnny smothered her to the point where she feared for her life. I haven’t seen a date for that act, so I don’t know if it happened before or after she married him. Either way, it’s before the iPhone-flinging accusation.

Call me crazy, people, but if somebody suffocates me to the point where I fear for my life, I’m outta there. But it wasn’t until he allegedly threw a phone at her that she left. So… he suffocated her and she stayed, but left over an iPhone? Well, I guess a girl’s got to have her priorities.

Naw. I don’t buy a word of it.

And now, she’s accusing HIM of trying to blackmail her.

Pot, meet kettle.

It’s been my experience that when a guilty person wants to make an innocent one look dirty, and look better themselves, they accuse their enemy of things that they, themselves, are guilty of. The problem with that, and I’m sure that Heard will discover this promptly, is that the matter then becomes a question of character.

Who is more believable, the accuser or the accused?

In the Depp/Heard drama, the scales tip in favor of Depp. Not just because he’s so famous and people the world over love him. But because he has absolutely ZERO history of violence against women. None. He’s got a lot more time on this planet than Heard, so he’s got a longer, more storied, romantic history. And never, throughout his entire adult life, has one person ever accused him of violence against them. Not one.

Depp’s former partners (and wife), the people who could easily and readily throw him under the bus if they had an ax to grind, spoke out in his defense, saying that he was a gentle and loving person, and never abused them in any way. Why would they do that, if it weren’t true?

Heard, on the other hand, has no substantiation at all for a single claim. She cites incidents in the past when he trashed a hotel room, or punched a wall, but she can’t produce a single account of when he has ever put his hands on another person in violence. Not a single one. She can make all the claims she wants. But unless she starts coughing up some proof, she’s shit out of gas. All she’s proven, with her own testimony, is that he has a history of not putting his hands on women.

Heard has claimed that she’s got a video of Depp’s abuse, but has yet to produce it. Not even for the authorities. She is saving that particular morsel, if it exists, for court. When she can profit the most from it.

I would LOVE it if Johnny turned around and sued Heard for defamation. She’s accusing him of horrible things that she hasn’t (and likely never will) prove, even in the smallest measure. She never filed charges and never sought medical aid. She’s got nothing.

I’m not suggesting that he should sue her for money. That would be petty and pointless. They both have lots of money. That’s not the point, here. If he counter-punches with a suit of his own, he can at least force her to put up or shut up. She wouldn’t be able to smear him in the media.

I can think of 2 reasons why he wouldn’t sue. First, he probably hasn’t been a saint. He might have been drinking or chemically altered. But that doesn’t make him a wife beater. He might be worried, though, that if he was drinking or using, that it would cast light in her favor, even if he never touched her.

The second reason that I can think of that he wouldn’t sue her is that he’s a gentleman. He doesn’t abuse women, and that includes taking pot-shots at her in court. Not even to shut her up. By not suing her, Depp proves what she’s trying to sully: the fact that he doesn’t hurt women, for any reason, in any way.

Me, I’d stand up and cheer if he did sue. Make her prove it or stop accusing him of it.

Whatever happens, I’m sure this little drama fest isn’t even close to being over. I’m quite sure there’s a lot more smoke and mirrors to come.


4 thoughts on “Sidestep

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  2. This lying tramp is almost as bad as Sabby Assy with making up more and more lies about met beating up on her. She could be taking lessons from the world’s other biggest attention whore only differense is this one is pretty and a quarter of Scabby Assy’s massey but that only makes her a pretty little liar I hope the judge throws the book at her.

    • So do I, if she’s lying. I hope she walks away with only her own earnings, the same way she walked in. And maybe the ranch. He did buy it for her after all.

  3. Heard is calling statements made by people supporting Johnny Depp a “coordinated, malicious campaign” “disparaging Heard and harming her public reputation and career.”

    Well, what exactly would she call all of the allegations she’s making about Johnny, except a a “coordinated, malicious campaign” “disparaging Depp and harming his public reputation and career.”

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