The tech factor

Today, a tech expert has claimed that text messages between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp ‘s assistant discussing Johnny’s abuse of Heard, are authentic. They haven’t been tampered with at all, they say.

But if you read the article, you find out that the tech only reviewed ‘imaging’ of the time stamp of backups of any reported text messages. Not any of the original texts, and did not have a single peep at the other party’s phone records. Just the backups Heard claims she made of them.

So an expert that Heard bought and paid for can unequivocally say beyond any doubt that those texts are authentic, haven’t been tampered with, and prove that Johnny abused Heard. Even though he didn’t examine the original texts.

Sounds legit.

Because, you know, stuff can’t be messed with at all BEFORE it’s backed up. Or backed up, tampered with, then backed up again.


4 thoughts on “The tech factor

  1. If these are the ones I have seen in the media, these are supposed texts from Amber Heard to Johnny Depp’s personal assistant and the assistant’s responses to Heard. I am trying to figure how they could prove anything happened between Heard and Depp, edited or not, other than Heard made allegations to the assistant and the assistant responded to Heard. Is this any more substantive than her here-this-morning-gone-this-afternoon “horrific” “gruesome” bruises?

    • She’s saying they’re proof BECAUSE he responded to them, saying (third person) how remorseful Johnny was. And junk.

      I’ll wait until I see her “ace in the hole” video that PROVES what a monster he is. She’s doubtless saving that one for the point in time where it will make her the biggest profit.

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