Amber’s Apaths

Amid allegations of domestic abuse, I do feel bad for Johnny. It really looks like he’s being falsely accused. But I’m pretty sure he’ll come out of it okay.

The person I’m worried about right now is Depp/Heard friend iO Tillett Wright, the friend that called the police the night of the famed iPhone allegation, the night Heard refused to file a police report. Wright has been a friend of both Depp and Heard, and also describes Johnny as a gentle person. Same as every other person that’s ever met him.
iO Tillett Wright and Amber HeardBut Wright has been fed story after story by Heard of alleged abuses. A kick on the private jet, alleged incidents of Johnny pushing, punching, head-butting and choking her. Wright has never actually seen a violent incident take place, but rather has seen the “aftermath” of (some of) these ‘attacks’. A bloody pillow the next day, an almost-broken nose (that wasn’t sought medical attention for), a fat lip, bruises, etc.

“I was on the fucking phone when he hit her!” Wright insists in a passionate essay about why she called the police that night.

But let’s remember witnesses who rushed into the room when Heard started screaming “Stop hitting me!” but Johnny wasn’t anywhere near her. So, is there even the slightest possibility that Amber staged the scene for iO, an “ear” witness on the phone? Sure it is. Just like it’s possible that the bruises and fat lip were staged. Painted on or self-inflicted.

In other words, Wright has seen exactly what Heard wanted her to see. And hear.

Here at the Lepplady blog, we’ve seen this sort of thing before. A vindictive shrew wants to make an ex look bad, so she accuses him of abuse. Even staging bizarre scenes to make it look and sound convincing.

We’ve also seen somebody here on the blog suck in other people to do their dirty work for them, enlisting the aid of others, referred to in the sociopathic triad as Apaths, to shovel dirt, take the heat, and throw the scent off. And that looks a LOT like what could very well be going on in this case.

Tillet looks like an unwilling, unknowing Apath, sticking up for a friend that she thinks deserves it, when, in fact, it’s very possible that she is being used.

We’ve also seen the willing Apath at work here, too, haven’t we? The sidekick that knows exactly how dirty the liar is, but backs him/her up just the same. Either for giggles or because he or she just doesn’t care what happens to people. Sometimes for money. That could be what’s going on here, too.

Not with Tillett, though. I think that poor kid is just a good person who’s being manipulated.

No, who I’m talking about, here, is Heard’s (ex?) girlfriend. You know, the one that Heard (may or may not have?) left to hook up with Depp.

Tasya van Ree is the lover that Amber Van Ree was living with before hooking up with Johnny. Yes. Amber legally changed her name to take that of her long-time lover during their 5-year relationship. That’s who Amber was arrested for grabbing and hitting during an altercation at an airport. Amber was arrested and booked for it. She wasn’t officially charged and taken to court, but she had to mind her pints and quarts for awhile to keep prosecutors from reinstating the charges.

Like I said before, there’s nothing saying that an abuser can’t also be a victim. It’s possible, absolutely.

But when an accuser has a history of committing domestic abuse, and the person she’s accusing does not, it looks like a classic case of the pot and the kettle.

Van Ree has stepped forward now, saying that the domestic charges against her girlfriend were over-sensationalized and spurred by homophobia. “Amber is an honest person!” Van Ree insists. Never mind that these assertions about Heard’s domestic abuse charges haven’t been spoken before. Not at the time that they happened, and not since. Only now, when her (former?) girlfriend has millions hanging in the balance.

“We shared 5 wonderful years together and remain close to this day.” Says Van Ree.

Of that I have no doubt.

I could be wrong, but I’ve suspected from the beginning that Heard and Van Ree didn’t completely split. I think it’s very possible that Heard and Van Ree are still involved with each other, and have been the whole time. If that’s true, then of course Van Ree would leap to Heard’s defense. After all, if that’s the case, Van Ree has those same millions on the line. She’d be the one spending them too, right?

Somebody’s lying, here. Both Johnny and Heard are pointing fingers at the other, each claiming innocence.

And each has people leaping to his/her defense. One side has good friends and family sticking up for an innocent victim. The other has accomplices that have either willingly or unwillingly helped somebody perpetrate lies and spread manipulation. We’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out.

I think you can guess which way I’m leaning.

Whoever turns out to be the lying, scheming piece of shit, I feel bad for the unwitting friends that believed and put themselves on the line for the world to see, on behalf of a lying, scheming piece of shit.

The ones who know what’s really going on and lied anyway, they can get whatever they deserve. See ya. Whatever.

But somebody like iO Tillett Wright, who seems to be an innocent bystander just trying to do the right thing… If Heard’s the liar, that’s who I feel sorry for. That kind of friend really does have a good heart and deserves so much better.


3 thoughts on “Amber’s Apaths

  1. At Refinery29 Heard’s and Depp’s friend iO Tillett Wright wrote that she was on the phone with Heard. Wright called LAPD because she believed Heard would not. This would be the same 21 May incident where the security guards heard Amber yell “Stop hitting me!”, rushed in and saw Heard and Depp at least 20 ft apart. The security guards saw no injuries. The responding LAPD officers saw no injuries when they arrived and Heard refused to make a report.

    Another incident where someone wrote that they heard Amber say that Depp did something. Except Wright wrote she heard Depp say “What if I pulled your hair back?”

    Hmm. That could be taken to mean she pulled his hair first or Depp was going to pull her hair backwards..

    • I’m inclined to think it’s the former. That’s what somebody would say if it was first done to them. We’d have to hear a recording of the call to hear the context and inflection of his voice. EVERYBODY has call recording these days. But even if Wright did record it, we won’t hear it. California’s an all-party consent state. Without Heard AND Depp’s permission, recording a call would be a crime.

      IF Wright recorded it, I’m sure we’d only hear the call if she were granted immunity for the crime of recording it. Otherwise, the innocent bystander would be the only one going to jail.

      If you examine that statement about hair-pulling closely, it’s more proof of Johnny NOT touching Heard. If anything, he was SAYING IT. Not doing it. I mean, if he was going to DO it, would he announce it first? With a witness on the phone? I doubt it.

      Just like with the “Stop hitting me!” incident, It sounds like a matter of Wright hearing a staged scene. Hearing what Heard wants her to hear, so that she (Wright) will have those gut-wrenching protective feelings and want to leap to her (Heard’s) rescue.

      I’d bet even money that we’ll find out that Heard’s putting on a performance for Wright, hoping to benefit by millions.

  2. I posted a message to iO Tillett Wright’s FB page saying this:

    It’s admirable to stand up for a friend with every fiber of your being. That’s what friends do.

    The problem is that not every friend deserves it.

    I advocated against a scam publisher who was defended vehemently by authors that accepted her version of events at face value as she told it to them. She’d never do such a thing, they insisted, while she stood back and let them take the heat for her.

    Right up until they discovered for themselves that the truth she told them was the version she wanted them to believe. The evidence she presented to them was fabricated. Convincing beyond doubt when combined with her version of events, her charm and her put-upon vulnerability. But fake just the same.

    Be careful that the friends you’re defending are deserving of your loyalty, and not using you. I’ve seen good people with kind hearts and the best of intentions badly used by shady people with personal agendas.

    Peace and blessings.

    I could be wrong, but my gut tells me that Wright’s being manipulated into being Heard’s go-to witness, hearing the alleged “abuse” on the phone. Heard screaming “Stop hitting me!” on the phone with Wright, but when people rush into the room, Johnny’s nowhere near her? If so, then yeah. That’s maniuplation.

    I don’t hold it against Wright. She thinks she’s doing the right thing. And, if Heard’s accusations turn out to be true, she is. It’ll take some SERIOUS proof, though. Not third-party hearsay, to convince me, though.

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