Baby Bombshell?

There are rumors floating around now that Amber Heard might be pregnant. This one’s sketchy. In none of her statements did Heard say anything about fearing for the life of her baby. Only herself.

If that’s the case, not only will Johnny never see the end of her, she’ll have the rest of that kid’s natural life to suck Johnny dry financially and yank his emotional chains forever. Johnny is a wonderful father. His kids are his life. If he has a child by someone who is so emotionally manipulative, it would be lifelong torture for him. Battles about visitations, with the kid being used as a power play against him. It would be hell.

I hope for his sake that she’s not pregnant by him. I really do. Nobody deserves a life sentence to somebody who, by all accounts is after nothing but money. I mean, if she just wanted away from him because she fears for her safety so much, she’d take his $50 million offer and go away. She certainly wouldn’t still be living in his house, spending money out of his accounts, and socking it to him for all he’s worth.

It’s not fear that’s guiding her. For all appearances, it’s greed, pure and simple.

Mostly, I hope for a child’s sake not to be brought into the world amid such nasty circumstances. A baby is supposed to be a wonderful blessing, a gift, a confirmation of its parents’ mutual love. Not a bargaining chip.

Could this baby business be just another emotionally manipulative ploy to try and break Johnny? It’s entirely possible.

All I know is that this story is rapidly reaching the point of turning my stomach. At first it was all fun and games, seeing who was going to say what about whom next. But with talk of a possible pregnancy thrown into the mix, that takes it to a much deeper level. That’s not just hitting a guy in the wallet. That’s hitting him where he lives.


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