Deposition Denial

A judge denied Johnny Depp’s lawyer’s request to depose Amber Heard and  to provide all of her communications (writing, documents, texts, etc.) from Dec. 15 to present, including with her friend, Tillet Wright.

Heard attorney Samantha Spector says:

“Amber has not been given sufficient time to locate the requested documents.   The request requires Amber to review over six months of personal communications with potentially every person she has spoken with, to search for any passing reference to the incidents in question. This is unduly burdensome.”

Aw. Poor thing might sprain a thumb scrolling? Maybe crack a nail?

When the courts and all concerned legal counsel do review Heard’s correspondence, I hope they request originals straight from the phone company. That way, they know it’s less likely that anything’s been tampered with.

At least Johnny’s still got Fuck Off island. For now.


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