Depp wanted a restraining order first

Turns out, Amber Heard isn’t the one who requested a restraining order first. Turns out that Johnny Depp offered Heard a support settlement that included a restraining order against her. I don’t have the exact wording of the documents, but it looks like reports of her being the abusive personality in the relationship might be correct, after all.

Maybe if he’d made the request wearing some painted-on bruises, his restraining order request would have worked as well as hers did.

Needless to say, Heard rejected his offer for support. I guess it wasn’t enough to suit her.

The way I see it, a battered woman would take spousal support, settle for half of the asset s accrued during the marriage and be done with it. Done with him. Especially if she’s worth millions herself, and he’s some abusive shmuck she’s so terrified of that she’s got to take her (fake?) bruised face to court and get a restraining order to make him stay away from his own house.

Heard’s not doing that. She’s got herself settled in their house – even though she’s got property of her own (the ranch) to which she could easily retreat safely – increasingly outrageous photos and stories continue to get ‘leaked’ to the press about what a monster he is, and for all appearances, she’s trying to gouge him for millions more than they earned together during the marriage. When is it going to be enough for her?

While all these histrionics are taking place, Johnny’s cooling his heels on Fuck-Off island. The media is having a field day noting that it’s the site where Heard and Depp married. They seem to forget that Depp bought that island  in 2004, when he was happily domesticated with Vanessa Paradis, raising their two children together, and Heard was still a teenager. Long before Heard came into the picture. That’s HIS island, and has been for a long time. There are many more memories if his family there than there are of his (not soon enough) ex wife, I’m sure.

I only hope that he’s using the time there to dry out and shape up. The last few years with her haven’t been kind to him. I know this is a miserable situation, but I hope that he can rise above it, regain his dignity and come out the other end a better man, healthier and fit. Ready to get on with the business of his life with a fresh, new outlook.

The stink will only last as long as he lets it. Scrape the shit from his shoe and he can put a much happier foot forward.


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