The police have been called yet again yesterday to the home Johnny Depp once shared with estranged wife Amber Heard.

What dastardly deed could Depp have committed this time? More abuse? Did he show up brandishing Captain Jack’s gold teeth with the promise of chattering her to pieces? Did he come home drunk, brandishing a phone with the threat of another flying phone incident?

No. Nothing. He wasn’t even there. He’d sent somebody to collect his personal belongings from the hoe. He wasn’t even there.

Could a new call to 911 be a ploy by Heard to keep him out of his own home, while she continues spending money hand over fist at places like Tiffany’s? Will she say that before the police showed up, Depp’s associates threatened or intimidated her on his behalf? It’s entirely possible.

Statements from the police maintain that the action of having representatives collect his belongings on his behalf in no way constitutes any violation of the restraining order. Johnny didn’t do anything wrong, and wasn’t even there. But the police got called anyway. Ah, the drama.

The pair have a court hearing on Friday to see if the judge will extend the restraining order she requested against him. It is uncertain whether or not Depp will appear.


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